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8 Best Wool Mattresses in 2021

Published 12:56am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 12:56am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Silentnight All-Natural Wool Mattress.Possesses a double layer of 2000 individually strewn springs for ultimate comfort.££
Comfy Living Sprung’s Wool Mattress.It is safe to be used by everyone –it is anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and anti-microbial.£
Novo Natural 5000 Pocket Sprung Mattress.It has various air vents that help to circulate the air around the mattress.£££
Silentnight 2800 Pocket 100% Natural Wool Mattress.Embraces Mirapocket spring system which ensures there is no pressure build-up around your backs, hips, and shoulders.£££
Hypnos Wroxham Natural Comfort Double Mattress.It contains cotton fillings as well that help to absorb body heat and give you a cool feel as you sleep.££
Hypnos Premier Bedstead Wool Mattress.Has hand side stitching that creates firm edges for the pocket mattress.£££
Sealy Posturpedic Pearl Wool Mattress.It comes with a knitted cover that is soft, comfortable and allows air circulation.££
Home of Wool’s Handmade 100% Wool-filled MattressIt is a non-toxic, all-natural wool filled mattress.££

Best Wool Mattress UK

Wool Mattresses have been scientifically proven to provide you with a better sleep as compared to memory foams or cotton foams. They are not only supreme due to the extra-firm support that they provide but they also are entirely biodegradable. Furthermore, the wool fibre can help to regulate the temperature throughout the mattress which gives you the optimal sleeping experience whether it is the summer or the winters. Combine with a mattress topper or protector to prolong the life.

Did you know that wool can ‘wick away moisture’? Yes! Just as the candlewick draws the wax to the flame, wool draws the moisture to the exterior of the material from where it evaporates into thin air. This in return will help to keep your mattress free from bacterial, microbes, mildew and mould! Last but not the least, wool mattresses are usually covered with a protective covering of lanolin which makes it fire-resistant.

Now, where can you find a wool mattress from? Which one is the best? Well, hold your wheels! In this article, we have included eight of the best wool-filling mattresses you can find in the United Kingdom to date. To find out, read below!

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Silentnight provides you with a wool mattress that has double layers of 2000 individually placed and fixed springs whose sole purpose is to provide you with paramount comfort and support. Wool is also known to have a longer shelf life which makes it an extremely convenient and durable material.

The mattress also contains a mirapocket spring system which helps to alleviate the pressure that usually builds up around the hips, spine, neck, and shoulders. The wool in the mattress helps to give you exquisite sleeping experiences and regulates the temperature around the mattress so that it does not overheat in summers or remains cold and chilly during the winters.

Being hypoallergenic gives you a clean, soft, and relaxed sleep at night. It has an astonishing depth of 30.5 with the firmness of the mattress ranging from soft to mild. Thus, if you like a mattress that provides you with a not too soft or too hard firmness, then this product is just for you! You can buy it together with the best divan beds for great, comfortable sleep.

Key features:
  • Has 2000 Mirapocket springs.
  • Hand-tufted mattress.
  • Has hand stitched side handles and borders to hold the springs firmly in place.
  • Safe to be used by anyone.
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Containing 13.5 gauge Luxury Bonnell Springs surrounding the deep layers of cotton and wool, Comfy Living Sprung’s Wool Mattress gives you unparalleled comfort and contentment. It has a depth of 23 centimetres and can be rolled which makes it convenient to transfer from one place to another.

Embracing a luxurious knot sleep surface finish which will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, the mattress is also resistant to moisture as well as different allergens like bacteria, mildews, microbes and dust mites which further ensures that the environment you sleep in is fresh and healthy. Not only is the mattress anti-bacteria but the cover, as well as the fillings, are repellent to bacterial growth. Furthermore, it also stops different odours from polluting your bedding.

If you have asthma or other breathing problems and you are looking for a mattress that does not aggresses your allergy, Comfy Living Spring’s Wool Mattress needs to be on the top of your list! For reducing neck pain, check out these pillows for neck pain in our other guide.

Key features:
  • Environmental friendly mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic in nature.
  • Has a knit sleep surface finish.
  • Resistant to bacteria, mite, microbes, and odours.
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With 5000 Pocket springs inculcated into the cotton and wool fillings, you can be sure that Novo Natural does not mess around when it comes to providing an ultimate comfortable sleeping experience to its customers.

The pocket springs provide the optimum support and an ideal middle ground when it comes to firmness. It is not too soft or too firm. Plus, the springs rebound back to their original positions which make the mattress adaptable to the way you sleep.  The layers in between help to relieve the additional stress that builds up in your pressure points especially while sleeping in the same position throughout the night.

The fillings consist of not only wool but also cotton. While the wool makes the mattress durable, breathable, promises sustainability and makes it resistant to different allergens, the cotton helps to make it soft. Both materials are also excellent repellents against moisture.

The mattress is 36 centimetres and is hand-tufted. Also, it is covered in a well-crafted damask cover which is breathable just as the cotton and wool fillings are! The unit comes with a pillow top that further enhances the comfort level. The mattress is made in the United Kingdom and comes with a five-year warranty. Back pain can put a damper on your day, check out our guide on the best mattress for back pain for a solution.

Key features:
  • 5000 Pocket springs cradle you into the ultimate sleeping experience.
  • It offers enhanced air circulation.
  • Side handles make portability easy.
  • Convenient and ready to use.
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Silentnight has various wool mattresses, all of which give you the ultimate hands-down best sleeping environment. This particular mattress has 2800 pocket springs individually sewed which ensures that you have a sufficient sleeping space without any compromise to the ease that the mattress gives.

Being the best when it comes to supporting and durability, it also has enhanced pressure relief technology. The mirapocket springs help to minimize any kind of pressure that might build at various points of your body during your sleep. Thus, the mattress makes sure that you do not wake up in the morning with any sore. Moreover, the springs have been carefully picked and fixed so that they don’t squeak when you change your position at night.

The 30.5-centimetre deep mattress has wool filling which helps to provide you with the ultimate comfort level when you fall back on the mattress. Furthermore, the material is ideal when it comes to regulating the temperature around the mattress whether it is summers or winters.

The mattress has been tested as well as tried to ensure that you get the best quality without any trade-off of safety. It is resistant to all types of allergens and moisture. You might be also interested in our other home items such as the best stove fans.

Key features:
  • Possesses 2800 Mirapocket springs.
  • Regulates the temperature effectively and efficiently.
  • Retardant to allergic microorganisms.
  • It relieves pressure and stress that builds up across different parts of our body.
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Hypnos Wroxham All-Natural Mattress embraces 1000 pocket springs that lie at moderate distances from each other and surround the fabric. The springs adapt to the way you sleep without any creak or squawk.

The mattress provides a medium level of firmness that is suitable for people belonging to all-age groups no matter their weight. With a depth of 23 centimetres, the cotton and wool fillings make sure to regulate the air around the mattress all along providing you with a high-quality, satisfactory comfort level. The air vents are located near the border of the mattress to release the air as well as moisture into thin air.

The mattress adorns hand-tufted buttons that not only keeps the wool and cotton firmly in place, but it also gives the much-needed tension that one’s need for unparalleled comfort. Handles have been sewn at the edges of the mattress so that you can easily rotate it as well as transfer it from one place to another. Having two sleeping sides, the handles are convenient. Get a memory foam pillow to enhance your sleeping experience!

Key features:
  • Great Absorption quality.
  • Hand-tufted buttons make the mattress comfortable.
  • Embraces air vents for circulation and dissipating heat.
  • The mattress contours to your body shape.
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Hypnos Premier Bedstead Wool Mattress has 1200 individually fixed springs among the wool fillings which makes it one of the cosiest and restful mattresses out there in the market. The fillings also contain polyester which makes the mattress durable and accommodates the springs to rebound quickly.

It is 24 centimetres in-depth and both sides of the mattress are functional. Thus, once you feel like the mattress needs to be changed; just rotate it and you get a fresh, new and clean function side! The sides are stitched by hand to maintain the mattress’s firmness. Along with the sides, you will find various vents at considerable distances which help to regulate the temperature and moist air around the mattress.

Wool is known to wick away any kind of moisture which further helps to make the material resistant to all kinds of allergens. Thus the vents accommodate this natural property of wool and remove moisture from the mattress as quickly as possible. This property also helps to make the mattress sustainable in the face of any bad weather conditions as well as maintains its long life.

The hand-tufted buttons further enhance the sleeping experience by firmly holding the interior of the unit together. The company gives you a 10-year guarantee on this mattress against all sorts of workmanship and material faults.

Key features:
  • The mattress does not allow body moulding.
  • It allows natural warmth and ease.
  • Handles are attached to the border for easy rotation.
  • Air vents reduce the chances of moulds and mildew from attacking the unit.
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The wool mattress presented by Sealy Posturpedic Pearl is micro-quilted which means that it is stitched with precision and has sewed the fillings and fabric together to create an exquisite comfortable quilt layer.

 The mattress is only 26 centimetre deep and has medium firmness. Being anti-allergic in nature, it is ideal for people who have asthma or other breathing conditions. The mattress also has integrated Bonnel springs in the shape of an hourglass which is joined together to create an open coiled mattress.

Convenient handles have been sewed to the side of the mattress to help you rotate the product when you deem it necessary. The company also provides a free of cost knitted cover that stretches across the mattress. The cover has great elasticity and is breathable which further enhances the natural air regulatory properties of a wool mattress.

The wool filings further accommodate providing you with a warm yet comfortable sleeping experience all the while making sure that the mattress does not get overheated. You get a 5-year long warranty on the product against any technical faults in the product. It is ideal for side sleepers. To know the best kind of mattresses for side sleepers, check out our handy guide.

Key features:
  • Have Bonnel springs that complement the firmness of the mattress.
  • Easy to transfer.
  • Resistant to bacteria, mould, mites and mildews.
  • It offers great support.
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Mixing expert craftsmanship and exceptional comfort, the Home of the Wool give you the one of a kind all-natural mattress made from the best type of wool. It is available in various sizes –single, single XL, Double, and King. The best thing about this particular mattress is that it can be manufactured according to any custom size!

The unit is not toxic and is hypoallergenic. To further ensure the safety of its customers, the company has made it resistant to fire as well! Thus it is safe to be used by anyone anywhere. The mattress is made from 100% wool and contains no synthetic components.

The springs are flexible with excellent rebound ability. The fillings and the springs maintain the ultimate firmness of the mattress and make sure that the springs do not make even a single sound while you sleep during the night. Furthermore, the mattress does an excellent job of regulating the temperature around the interior for a fresh, clean and comfortable finish. To find out different mattresses for heavier people, check out our other guide.

Key features:
  • Biodegradable
  • Resistant to fire and allergens.
  • Customizable size.
  • Regulates airflow around the mattress.

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