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10 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers in 2024

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Simba Hybrid Mattress

Very thick, health-friendly, comfortable and durable. If you have extra cash to splash, this product is superb.

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Silentnight Sprung Mattress

Uses high-quality and health-friendly materials and comes with a five-year warranty. Ideal option for couple on a budget

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EVERGREENWEB Orthopaedic Mattress

This mattress focuses on your convenience and safety. It is firm and soft. It also keeps away germs.

Published 08:09pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 08:09pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Vesgantti Lavender 3FT Single MattressSingle mattress, fire-resistant, hypo-allergenic materials used, polyester mesh.£
Ej. Life Pocket Sprung MattressKing size, sprung mattress, anti-allergenic materials used.£
BedStory Double MattressDouble mattress, has cool breathable fabric, spring mattress.£
Silentnight Sprung MattressDouble mattress. Thickness of 21cm. Makes use of zoned spring support. It has a relatively large sleep surface area.££
Nytex LIFE Memory Foam MattressHas a thickness of 20cm, reduces risk of infection, produced from non-allergenic materials.££
Inofia Double Memory Foam and Sprung MattressMesh side cover, hypoallergenic covers for added protection for the mattress.££
EVERGREENWEB Orthopaedic MattressErgonomic mattress, king-size, hypo-allergenic materials used.££
SIMPUR RELAX BioPure Graphene ® Memory FoamHypo-allergenic treatment, high-density mattress, double-size mattress, multi-layered.££
Emma Original Double MattressSingle mattress, designed with springs, has quilted fabric, soft and comfortable.££££
Simba Hybrid MattressKing size, sprung mattress, anti-allergenic materials used.££££

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers UK

A staggering proportion of the human population is made up of side sleepers. While there is nothing bad in this, care should be taken so that the right mattresses are used. Certain mattresses are suited for side sleepers. And if you have been picking your mattresses randomly without recourse to your sleeping position, it is high time you had a rethink.

A lot of side sleepers go for soft mattresses because the shoulders and knees are cushioned, which is necessary for proper alignment. Heavier people who sleep on their hands, though, may choose a firmer mattress that will not fall too deeply. Also important is the product quality, as some mattresses provide more cushioning and better support than others. For more guides see our picks for mattresses for heavy people and mattresses for back pain.

Choosing a great mattress is not a straightforward task. However, we have examined several mattresses before arriving at the best 10 listed here. If you are a side sleeper, it will benefit you to go through this review so that you can know the appropriate mattresses that are available for you.

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The Vesgantti Lavender 3FT Single Mattress is a three zoned wavy cover mattress. It is a versatile mattress that works well for all kinds of sleepers, including side sleepers. It features an innovative polyester mesh on the side. This polyester mesh has air holes that afford more breathability and reduce heat, thereby providing you with a great sleep experience. 

Furthermore, the wavy line design of this mattress helps to lull you to sleep without wasting time. It also creates a cooling sleep environment and you will no doubt enjoy your sleep with no interruptions thanks to this wavy line design.

This mattress is made with hypo-allergenic materials. It is important to note that these materials are strongly resistant to fire too. There is a 100-night trial option for you if you purchase the Vesgantti lavender 3Ft Single Matress.

Key features:
  • Polyester mesh for more breathability
  • Wavy line makes it easy for you to sleep
  • Durable, health-friendly materials used to produce the mattress
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Let’s take a quick look at the basic attributes of the Ej Life Pocket Sprung mattress. The Ej Life Pocket Sprung mattress is a sprung mattress, with several springs acting as shock absorbers to ensure that it is firm. This helps to reduce bounce, which in turn enhances your comfort. Also, this mattress is orthopaedic, meaning that it offers proper support and balance to your skeletal system so that you don’t wake up with pain or discomfort.

You are going to like the large size and the eco-friendly materials from which it is made. This mattress is quite durable and purchasing one would be a good long-term investment.

Key features:
  • Soft and convenient
  • Contains several springs that make it firm
  • Made from durable materials
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The BedStory Double Mattress is 14cm thick. It is designed for two people to use at once, allowing you to enjoy the companionship of your partner. This breathable mattress has an ultra-soft surface that is devoid of chemical smell and odour. You won’t get any allergic reaction even if you are the most sensitive person on the planet. The soft surface makes this mattress really attractive for side sleepers. In addition, this mattress is designed to provide targeted support to the body and if you are a side sleeper, you will enjoy this mattress.

The BedStory Double Mattress lasts long. It is produced from materials that are quite resistant to fire. These materials are also health-friendly and ensure that sleep safely and soundly without any interruption.

The pocket coil technology of the springs sees the mattress produce localized bounce, ensuring that you can move while sleeping without disturbing the sleep of your partner.

As a side sleeper, you will really enjoy using this mattress. It comes with a ten-year warranty.

Key features:
  • Makes use of breathable fabric
  • Mattress is non-allergenic
  • Durable and healthy to use
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We can confidently assert that the Silentnight Sprung Mattress will guarantee your comfort. It has a thickness of 21cm, which is quite generous. In addition, the mattress is hypoallergenic and you can sleep on it for long periods without developing any reaction.

Moreover, this mattress is quite firm and is suitable for heavy side sleepers. It makes use of a Silentnight patented Miracoil technology to ensure that you get quality sleep. There is a zoned spring support while the quilted cover helps to increase the luxury and comfort that you stand to derive from using the mattress.

The Silentnight Sprung Mattress ranks among mattresses of the highest quality and will last you for a very long time. There is a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. If your room gets too hot consider getting yourself a portable air conditioner.

Key features:
  • Eco-friendly and non-allergenic
  • Quilted cover enhance your comfort while sleeping
  • Very thick mattress
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The Nytex LIFE Memory Foam Mattress is a little expensive. Nevertheless, you will get your money’s worth from this mattress. It is a great mattress that provides soothing relief and comfort, allowing you to rest properly and keeping you refreshed after a long day at work.

This mattress has a depth of 20cm and makes use of a fresh cover that keeps away moisture, thereby preventing the mattress from mites’ invasion as well as bacteria. This not only ensures the longevity of the mattress but also keeps you safe and protected from infection.

The materials used to produce the Nytex LIFE Memory Foam Mattress are not only odour-free and non-allergenic but they are also resistant to fire. Moreover, the manufacturer provides you with a period of 21 nights to try out the product. If you don’t like it, you can return it. Conversely, should you purchase this mattress; there is a ten-year warranty on it.

Key features:
  • Produced from odour-free and non-allergenic materials
  • Reactive cover prevents bacteria and microbes
  • Comes with a whopping ten-year warranty
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Another option for you if you are a side sleeper is the Inofia Double Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress. The mattress is firm, yet soft. You won’t feel any discomfort while sleeping on it for extended periods. This mattress makes use of a mesh side cover, rather than knitted fabric. This is the reason why this mattress provides higher breathability. In addition, this mesh is capable of absorbing perspiration and sweat. And, even if you go to bed still dripping, the functional mesh will dry you efficiently.

The Inofia Double Memory Foam and Sprung Mattress features an incredible pocket oil technology that does well to provide back support in case to switched to your back while sleeping. To complement this, there is the zoned coil support that blends with parts of your body in order to adequately support that particular part. This is the reason why it is useful for side sleepers.

The manufacturers of this great product are so confident in their ability that they have included a ten-year warranty on the product. It is unlikely that you will need it, however. Such is the high-quality provided by the mattress.

Key features:
  • Uses mesh as side cover for enhanced breathability
  • Features unique coil technology and zoned coil technologies to suit your specific needs
  • Comes with a ten-year warranty
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The Evergreenweb Orthopaedic Mattress is one of the best mattresses available for side sleepers. This mattress is flexible as it can adjust to the structure of your body and reduce pressure points throughout the skin. Being an ergonomic mattress with several defined mobility areas, it is particularly suitable for side sleepers

This king size mattress has dimensions of 150 x 200cm and comes with two extra packs of memory foam pillows as add-ons. The mattress is made from ecological polyurethane foam and no potentially health-threatening chemicals were used. Apart from this, the breathable knitting fabric is manufactured from sanitized fabrics that provide hypoallergenic and anti-staub properties that make it perfect for people with allergies and asthma. If you are a side sleeper, you don’t want to miss out on the Evergreenweb Orthopaedic mattress. For more home products see our top choices for gaming chairs.

Key features:
  • Non-allergenic
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Adjust to your shape to provide relief
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SIMPUR Relax allows you relax without any effort. This twelve-inch thick mattress does a wonderful job. If you are a side sleeper, you will like its attributes. It is a double mattress and its large size provides you the opportunity to sleep in any posture, including on your side. 

The BioPure Graphene ® Memory Foam Mattress is actually a high density, multi-layered mattress that measures 30cm thick. This mattress is designed with special stretch fabric that serves medicinal purposes that go a long way to provide relief from stress and keep you refreshed when you wake up

In addition to this is the graphene therapy, a special feature that allows you to sleep soundly without any interruption during the REM phase of sleep. 

The materials used in producing the SIMPUR RELAX BioPure Graphene ® Memory Foam mattress are health-friendly and won’t cause you any harm. It comes with a five-year warranty. Also get yourself some nice memory foam pillows to go with your new mattress.

Key features:
  • Made from soft natural fabric
  • Materials are safe and non-allergenic
  • Mattress provides a high comfort environment for sleep
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There are many advantages attached to using the Emma Original double mattress. One of these is that you get to sleep on carefully produced foam that does not reek of deadly chemical or any other allergic substances. This is especially good if you are very sensitive.

The design of the Emma Original Double mattress sees it feature a layer of memory foam and a quilted fabric. It is equipped with several springs so that your weight does not compress it. Moreover, the mattress is quite wide and you can stretch while sleeping. It is soft but firm, and provides a very seamless sleep experience.

Key features:
  • Soft but firm
  • Springs help to keep the shape of mattress
  • Safe and anti-allergenic
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The Simba Hybrid mattress will support your skeletal system while you sleep, ensuring that you don’t wake up with pains due to improper sleeping posture. It is equipped with springs that can adjust to suit your body shape in order to provide you with maximum comfort during your sleep. You can sleep soundly and comfortably because this mattress is very effective at keeping away unwanted heat. in addition, the sleep surface of this wonderful mattress is made up of a layer of extremely soft hand-knitted fabric that provides utmost comfort.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress is a safe option, and even if you are in doubt, you have nothing to lose as the mattress is fully covered by a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer. For more home products, see our top picks for stove fans.

Key features:
  • Breathable and convenient sleep surface
  • Produced from health-friendly materials
  • Designed with several springs that help to enhance your comfort while sleeping.

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