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9 Best Divan Beds in 2020

Published 09:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 09:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Modernique Ottoman storage bedGas lift-up with metal frame, faux black leather£
Caspian Ottoman bedSprung wooden slat base, twin gas-piston lift, and faux leather upholstered£
Reliance Ortho Divan bed4ft6 bed with 2 storage drawers and faux leather fabric££
Just Beds Divan velvet Bed2 storage drawers, memory foam mattress, and velvet upholstery££
Bed Centre Divan Ottoman BedSide lift with 14 inches deep storage and Chenille fabric££
happy beds Grey OttomanGas-piston lifting system, wooden frame, and slats, 27cm storage depth££
Aspire Beds ottoman bedSteel frame with wood slats, gas-powered lift mechanism£££
Tranquil Beds AlabamaSleigh design with a wooden slatted base and 2 drawers£££
Happy Beds Yorkie Grey Fabric Modern BedSolid hardwood and timber made, gas-powered lift-up system£££

Best Divan Bed UK

Restful sleep is important for everyone to keep a balance of your mental and physical health. The right type of bed definitely plays a vital role in a good night’s sleep. Out of so many bed options, a divan bed is something that has many advantages over other types and is ideal for those who want peaceful, comfortable, and relaxing sleep every night. Moreover, extra storage space is bliss when you have limited space.

A divan bed is 2-in-1 bedroom furniture that not only offers a safe place to sleep bed but also great for storing anything that includes bed linens, towels, clothes, luggage, and much more. It features a wooden hardboard platform top for sturdy support to place bed mattresses and many deep storage drawers at bed’s base. The ottoman style comes with an easy lift-up mechanism with hallow storage space. To choose the best divan bed for your place, scroll down to look for the most practical, comfortable, and durable ones.

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This new auto front lift storage bed by Modernique is equipped with captivating features and technology that will truly amaze you. The bed with beautifully tailored design complemented by its versatile functions will make a wonderful addition to your bedroom. Featuring hydraulic gas lift-up system makes the lifting mechanism way more easy and convenient. This reveals a vast amount of storage area at the base of the bed.

The 810 litres of storage space under the bed is perfect for all sorts of everyday and occasional items; luggage, shoes, bedding, books, or anything you want. Plus, 31cm storage depth is enough to store almost 4 suitcases.

This easily accessible storage compartment right under your bed is a great way to reduce clutter in the bedroom. To make it more durable and sturdy, the bed features a solid metal frame to support the 4ft6 mattress of any type. Moreover, finished with PU faux black leather gives it a very elegant and stylish look.

Key features:
  • Faux leather
  • Gas lift-up
  • Metal frame
  • 31cm storage depth
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Give yourself convenient access to a large storage area right under your bed. This lift and storage bed by Caspian is designed to offer you a 2-in-1 function. Built to be a tight fit to ensure this bed takes up a minimal footprint while still looking fantastic. It is finished with soft white scratch-resistant faux leather and built with the modern Italian design with a flat headboard. The bed opens and closes smoothly with the hydraulic gas-piston lifting method. With high-quality hardware, it easily lifts so that you can have access to the storage area where you can keep clothes, sports gear, folding chairs, pillows, or whatever you want. This lift system allows for easy access to the large storage area inside the bed even in a small space where a traditional bed drawer can’t open.

Moreover, the soft padded faux leather headboard not only finishes off the bed with a striking style, but it also offers a great back and head support while reading a book or using a phone. The base made of hard sprung slatted wood; it acts as box spring and allows great airflow. Plus; it’s available in a wide range of colours and sizes that include single, double, and king-size. Besides, it supports every mattress type so you choose from soft to firm according to your comfort level.

Key features:
  • Sprung wooden slats
  • Faux leather
  • Gas-piston lift
  • 1-year warranty
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If you have a small space bedroom, this reliance divan bed is a must-have. This unique and stylish bed comes with under-bed storage drawers. The stylish furniture item comes in 4ft6 double size with an orthopaedic mattress so you get a comfortable night’s sleep with the right amount of support needed. It has a classic black colour finished with faux leather that makes it look classy, neat, and luxurious. Under the bed are 2 roll-out storage drawers on both sides. These spacious drawers can be used for extra storage for your pillows, blankets, clothes, books, or even luggage bags.

When you buy this 2-in-1 furniture product, it’s like having a drawer and bed at the same time for the same value. What’s more about this divan bed is the upholstered faux leather headboard that adds to bed’s beauty. You can rest against the soft padded headboard for ultimate comfort.

Plus, the faux leather finish is not only elegant looking but also durable and easy to clean. Unlike other leather fabric, this material doesn’t peel off and can withstand scratches. To make this divan bed sturdy and strong, it is equipped with metal sides, centre rails, and centre leg.

Moreover, the wooden slats platform holds the mattress well-ventilated and free from unpleasant smells. Also, these provide enough back support making this bed more comfortable and sleep worthy.

Key features:
  • Faux leather fabric
  • 2 drawers
  • Padded headboard
  • Orthopaedic mattress
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If you are looking for a divan bed that not only provides storage but also adds royalty to your room, then this luxury bed by Just Beds is for you. This contemporary style bed is available in all sizes ranging from single to king-size. To store extra stuff, it features 2 large drawers at the base of the bed, one on each side. The roll-out drawers have metal ball bearings for a smooth glide and are fully finished, stained from inside. 

This royal-looking bed is durable and sturdy due to hard wooden slats that support the quilted memory foam mattress. What’s made it unique is the crushed velvet silver upholstery and diamantes fitted on the padded headboard.  In addition, the mattress provided is made from open-coil Bonnell spring with a layer of high-density memory foam of 2.5cm. This ensures that you sleep peacefully and comfortably without any disturbance. Plus, the bed is hypoallergenic and free from fire-retardants. If you sleep on your side, choose from the mattresses for side sleepers.

Key features:
  • Luxurious feel
  • Spacious drawers
  • Comfortable support
  • Memory foam mattress
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This contemporary Ottoman style divan bed by Bed Centre comes with easy access side lift. You can choose to install the lift either to the left or right depending upon your preference. It has a deep 14 inches storage which is 50% larger than typical divan beds in the market. This means you will get plenty of space to store bed linens and other stuff. Moreover, it allows you to store larger items like suitcases and boxes without limitations of height. If you have limited space in the room, this 4ft6 divan bed is the right for you. It also accepts mattresses of your choice that rests on the top of sturdy wood slots which not only offers great support but also increased air circulation. This allows you to have a great comfortable sleep at night.

Plus, it’s easy to lift with one hand to the side and is supported with side holders to your mattress don’t fall off. It not only a great storage item but also a beautiful bed. Finished with premium-quality Chenille fabric and chrome feet, it surely compliments your room. Moreover, you get to choose from a wide variety of colours.

Key features:
  • Side lift
  • 14 inches deep storage
  • Chrome feet
  • Chenille finish fabric
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The divan Ottoman bed from happybeds comes with a massive storage compartment divided into 3 equally spaced sections to store different things. The 106cm tall headboard exudes luxury and well-built flat with vertical line spaces in between to save space. This lift-bed is great for organization, the inside storage is 27cm deep with 3 partitions. Plus, the base has square corners so that the mattress is snugly held in place for a comfortable sleep.

Easily lift and lower the bed with very little effort, thanks to a gas-piston easy lift mechanism that allows raising bed with just one hand. For strong support and sturdy built, the mattress rests upon the wooden slatted base and offers plenty of flexibility and ventilation. Moreover, it has an appealing appearance and style with the adaptable design of a beautifully wooden crafted frame in 4 colour combinations. With the soft firm comfortable mattress on top, this bed offers you the best sleeping system money can buy. Grab a mattress for back pain to get the best sleep experience ever if you suffer.

Key features:
  • 27cm storage depth
  • Gas-piston lifting mechanism
  • Wooden frame
  • Supportive strong slats
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A modern and stylish Ottoman bed by Aspire Beds for your room that offers 2-in-1 functions. It’s is not just a bed but also acts as a storage compartment to place clothes, sports gear, foldable furniture, bags, luggage, shoes, and much more. Thanks to the easy access storage area under the mattress, you can organize your stuff in a tidy manner. The hydraulic gas-powered system raises the bed platform and mattress with ease.

Moreover, it features premium plush velvet hand-made in the UK upholstery all around the bed which is available in a wide range of vibrant colours like berry, blush, ochre, silver, navy, and many more. With 8 solid sprung wooden slats and steel sturdy frame, the mattress is well supported to offer you a comfortable sleep. To make sure the mattress stays in place, a steel rail between the centre of the slats.

It lies close to the ground with its attractive same coloured polished feet. This model comes in all sizes; single, double, king, and super-king. For additional comfort and support for your head and back, the headrest is fully padded features tufted classic buttoned pleats.

Key features:
  • Padded headboard
  • Gas-piston easy lift
  • The UK made
  • Plush velvet fabric
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The Tranquil beds Alabama divan set features an imposing sleigh design and built with solid wood for durability and support. It comes with 2 spacious large wooden storage drawers on each side to keep essential stuff. Moreover, these drawers have easy roll-out design with wheels so they don’t damage or scratch your room floor. To support every type of mattress from pocket sprung to memory foam, the bed has sprung wood sturdy slats that hold the mattress. Moreover, the strong wooden construction also holds your body weight evenly without any motion interference and offers great air circulation for a peaceful sleep experience.

The bed has a 190cm width and a total length of 234cm including the headrest. Plus, this stylish Alabama bed has a scroll-top style and soft upholstery fabric. For additional neck and shoulder support, check our comprehensive guide on memory foam pillows.

Key features:
  • 2 large drawers
  • Wooden slats
  • 115cm headrest
  • Imposing sleigh design
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Save your bedroom space and bring modern style divan bed by happy beds to your room. Those traditional bed drawers are thing of the past as they aren’t easy to open when you have limited or restricted space. So, Happy Beds uses the hydraulic gas-piston lift up the system to raise the bed and mattress easily with one hand via a lever. This contemporary luxury style ottoman bed offers both storage and a luxuriously comfortable sleep surface. Plus, it’s built with durable material and a strong solid wooden slatted base that can accommodate any mattress type. It also offers great air circulation to regulate the temperature of your body during sleep.

The premium quality solid hardwood and timber used for bed construction keeps it intact, sturdy, and functional. What’s makes it stand out is the striking upholstery of enchanting and posh grey-coloured Yorkie fabric. Since comfort and support are crucial for a bed, this modern divan made is constructed keeping many focus points in mind. Though it features an innovative design, the assembly is simple and easy.

Key features:
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Grey upholstery
  • Spacious storage
  • Wooden legs

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