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At Kitchen Home, we care about your home and your home needs. We keep our reviews honest, informative, tried, tested, and up to date with the latest trends and technologies available in the space of kitchen and home care needs. We can help you get the best value for money from our reviews since you can make an accurate comparison of all the products available for your home care needs. Whether it is artificial grass, pillar drills, recliner chairs, TVs, lawnmowers, and many more, we can help you make the correct choice.

You can count on us to offer honest reviews about all the products that you see on our site.

Since our inception, we have seen a steady growth rate in the quality of information that our readers require. We reach several million people daily through our site, and we want to create a change in the way people are living their lifestyles so that they can provide better tools, techniques, and appliances to their families and loved ones. We offer unbiased reviews about the products that modern Britishers use to improve their homes, their lives, and their standard of living.

Our Ethos:

We have a dedicated team of ideal-focused individuals who enjoy trying out the products mentioned on our site. All our products displayed have been tried, felt, tested, and sampled before we publish the reviews.

Please also note that we are entirely responsible for our reviews, and do not depend on third parties to conduct our surveys for us. We also do not claim to have the same results for our products that others might or might not have. Other individuals and review sites may have different effects.

Once the products are delivered to us, the writers and testers, check the physical make, model number, packaging, and quality of each item. We test each for weight, consistency with the brand claims, and then start the comparisons with each other. The parallels are made on the points of quantity, quality, efficiency, the time taken, and durability.

Meet our Writers!


Mia Cohen

Mia Cohen is one of the owners of Kitchen Home. She has bought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Mia has been in the home and kitchen space before shifting to online retail stores. Having worked with some large companies in the home improvement, lifestyle, and gardening sector, she decided to use her knowledge and her skills to start her own review guide page. She has been a part of the team that conducts and compiles reviews and has also been instrumental in guiding consumers towards better lifestyle, DIY, and home improvement sectors.

A big believer in family values, Mia grew up with her father and mother in a beautiful town where everyone did their own work. After moving to the city, she was surprised by the carefree lifestyle, and dependency people had on others. She decided to make it her life’s goal that families spend more time together sharing and passing knowledge from one generation to the next.

Creating this online platform is her way of ensuring people get back to their roots, spend time at home, and impart life lessons to the kids.


Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller was Mia Cohen’s assistant in the last company that she worked in, and when she exited, Charlie also decided to take the plunge into the world of online commerce with her. Starting out as a writer, and coming from a similar family background as Mia, Charlie realized the importance of spending time with his kids, and his wife.

His contribution to Kitchen Home comes in the form of content strategizing and communications. An extensive social media buff, Charlie has a degree in Communications from a prestigious British University. He has honed and used this knowledge to create and curate content that has been useful in changing the lives of several thousands of people, whether in the form of medical writing, home improvement writing, or giving information in the way of current affairs.



At Kitchen Home, we believe in keeping our information honest, up to date, ethical, and trendy for our readers. We also endeavour to keep out content free of conflicts.

If you have any concerns regarding our information, content, gender equality, or ethics, please feel free to write to us at mia@https://kitchenhome.co.uk/

We also welcome constructive feedback from our readers and would love to get to know you better.

If there are any products that you would like us to review, please let us know, and we would do our best to comply with your request.