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10 Best Sofa Beds in 2020

Published 06:03am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 06:03am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Gilda | Futon Z Double Adult Sofa BedThis budget-friendly sofa bed is soft, snuggly, apt for average built people and is available in four soothing colours£
Comfy Living Single Faux Leather Sofa BedThree-seater sofa bed with faux leather is an apt choice for small spaces££
7 star Click Clack faux leather Sofa BedAn ultra-luxurious sofa bed made with faux leather£
Cherry Tree Furniture Black ACRUX 3-Seater Sofa BedAn attractive sofa bed made with faux leather and facilitated with a cup holder£
Yaheetech 3 Seater Faux Leather Sofa BedThis sofa bed is stable, durable, stain-resistant, luxurious
and easily convertible into a recliner bed
D&G Sofas Venice Click Clack Faux Leather Sofa BedThis sophisticated sofabed covered with faux leather has larger dimensions and base zipper to store arm pads and legs££
Home Detail Unmatchable Stunning 3-Seat Designer Sofa BedThis sofa bed is slightly larger than any other available in
the market and is very soft
Home Detail Luxurious Modern Fabric Sofa BedA stylish, faux-leather covered sofa bed with extra
Unmatchable Duo-Contrast 3 Seater SofabedThis fantastic sofa bed has chrome legs that are slightly
curved to look stylish
Abakus Direct Oslo Corner Sofa BedA luxurious corner sofa bed with a storage box, covered with linen and more massive than any other£££

Best Sofa bed UK

Most people enjoy socialising guests at home. Some people also love playing host and taking care of guests and ensuring they have a great time. However, many homes today have a space constraint for overnight guests and relatives. If you face this issue, you should consider a sofa bed. A sofa bed would be a wise purchase to welcome guests with the utmost comfort and hospitality. A wide range of stunning and highly functional sofa beds are available in the UK. Users need to employ easy-to-use mechanisms such as a pull-out/push-in model or a button to transform a sofa into a bed and vice-versa.


How to Buy

To buy a perfect sofa bed, one needs to keep the following points in mind

  •      Space – Measure the space in your house and order accordingly
  •      Budget- Sofa beds are available at various prices
  •      Material required- Choose a fabric that is comfortable and is non-irritant to family members.
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This outstanding sofa bed is manufactured in the UK and is available in cream, lime, charcoal and aubergine colours. As a sofa, the dimensions are 113cm width x 73cm Length x 39cm height. Whereas, as a bed, the dimensions are 113cm width x 170cm Length x 13cm height. A slight variation in size is possible due to the manufacturing process. The Gilda sofa bed is crafted out of fabric instead of any synthetic leather.

Jazz cushions impart the unique look it possesses. It can be folded out to transform it into a bed and vice-versa. The Gilda sofa bed is appropriate for most average height people. Tall people face

a problem since their legs would dangle off the edge. The back of the sofa bed needs to be propped against a wall since it is not very strong. Position your sofa bed opposite a quality electric log burner for warm sleeps.

Key features:
  • Ultra-soft and snuggly to use
  • A wonder product at low cost
  • Doesn’t smell like chemical even when it’s new
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Manufactured by Comfy Living, this spencer sofa bed is apt for the smallest of spaces. A black high-quality faux leather covers the high-density foam pasted on a wooden frame. A simple click easy to use mechanism converts the sofa into a single bed. It measures 75cm (height) x 165cm(width) x 50cm (depth) approximately.

While in a bed mode the height is 37.5cm, length 165cm x Width 97cm approximately. The depth of the seat is 49cm while the height is 34cm approximately. In sofa mode, the height is 49cm approximately. The stitches are in white to help with the natural contrasting shade. This sofa bed requires minimal assembly where you only need to screw the legs. The shipping weight is just 16 kgs.

Key features:
  • Three-seater spencer sofa bed
  • Sturdy stitching done with white thread
  • Budget-friendly
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The Click Clack faux leather sofa bed is manufactured by 7star furniture and is available in a shiny black colour. As a bed, the dimensions are 178 cm (length) *90 cm(width)* 30 cm (seat height) while as a sofa, the measurements are 178 cm (length)* 70 cm (width) * 30 cm(seat height). The shipping weight is 30kg.

7 star Click Clack faux leather sofa bed is crafted out of PU, foam, and wood that makes it sturdy and attractive at the same time. It has a white thread with firmly stitched borders. It can accommodate three adults when as a sofa. The transformation to a bed is super easy. Some additional padding is also available to provide extra detailing for softness. Consider a portable air conditioner to make the room cosy for sleeping.

Key features:
  • Compact enough to be accommodated comfortably in the house
  • Leg packets used to cover the legs of the sofa are easily detachable and can be stored in the back zipper
  • Is easily affordable
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Cherry Tree Furniture manufactures a versatile sofa bed, that can be transformed into a bed with just click and clack. Cherry Tree sofa bed is a 3-seater sofa that has two sidearm pads and a foldable centre arm that can be opened to work as a small table with cup holders. As a sofa the dimensions are 180 cm (length) * 80cm ( full height) * 38 cm ( seat height). Whereas, on being converted into a bed, it measures 180cm ( length)* 98 cm ( bed width) * 48 cm ( bed height).

The item weight is 40kg when shipped. It is upholstered by black faux leather or linen fabric. Some variants also come enabled with Bluetooth speakers. The item’s feet are made out of metal chrome that accounts for its durability.

Key features:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost-effective
  • Centre arm with cup holders
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Accompanied by a superb design that is ultra-contemporary, this sofa bed imparts a modern look to the standard of living. The dimensions of this sofa bed are 180cm* 55cm* 83cm as a sofa, while as a bed the measurements are 180cm* 110cm * 35 cm. There are two side pillows of 42cm * 25 cm. The shipping weight is 36.5 kg.  The Yaheetech 3 seater sofa bed is covered with faux leather and deep padding to make it comfortable. It comes with two detachable side arm pillows.

It can bear a maximum load of 500kg. It is also equipped with a foldable centre armrest to hold glasses. The Yaheetech 3-seater sofa has  hrome feet that are polished for a luxurious shine.

Key features:
  • Highly durable owing to its steel frame and high-quality woodwork
  • Available in red, brown, and black colour
  • Stain-resistant due to the faux leather cover
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A classy, comfy, and trendy sofabed manufactured by Express Furniture Warehouse, is available in 3 different colours, i.e. black, brown, and red. The dimensions are Length 182 cm Depth 88 cm Height 38 cm as a sofa. As a bed, the sides are 182 cm x 105cm x 38 cm ( seat height). This is covered with quality faux leather.

The Venice sofa bed, when shipped, weighs 44kg and is in the bed position. It needs to be assembled with the placement of the legs and armrest. The arm pads are removable and facilitate a larger sleeping space. See our dehumidifier picks for reducing room humidity.

Key features:
  • Faux leather makes it stain-resistant
  • Larger dimensions than any other bed
  • Removable arm pads facilitate extra sleeping space
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As the name suggests, this sofa bed is truly unmatchable and is crafted by Home Details into a unique design for a highly comfy experience. The 3-seater sofa bed has three positions – upright, recliner and sleeping. A simple click-clack mechanism does it all.

The dimensions as a sofa are Width: 183cm – Depth: 85cm – Height: 79cm while as a Bed, Width: 183cm – Depth: 108cm – Height: 36cm. The Unmatchable 3-seater sofa bed is flat when delivered and needs to be assembled with its chrome feet and soft side arm pads. The sofa bed doesn’t have holes for legs to be fitted, so these need to be screwed on the placement. It comes with one year warranty and 30-days money-back policy. It is covered with faux leather and is available in three colours – cream, brown, and black. Check out our picks for mini fridges for more great home items.

Key features:
  • Easy to clean
  • Chrome feet impart shine
  • Faux leather covered with chrome legs
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Upholstered with a cube design, this sofa bed manufactured by Home Detail is a stylish addition to your home. Available in five colours and two sizes – Blue, pink, cream, charcoal and brown are the colour variants. The sizes available are 93*89*84 cm and 180*89*84 cm in sofa mode. As a bed, it measures as 180cm* 108cm * 42 cm.

The Home Detail luxurious modern fabric sofa bed or recliner is extra padded to impart increased comfort both at the seat and backrest. ith a click-clack system, it can be transformed into three modes- upright, recliner and a bed. It is supported with sleek chrome legs fitted in slanting position, this, in turn, accounts for its stylish look.

Key features:
  • A 3-seater sofa
  • Covered with faux leather
  • Stains can be easily removed
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Manufactured by Home Detail, this stunning sofa bed has a contrast of two colours. The base colour is different from the extra padding provided at the backrest and the seat. Buyers can choose from either fabric or faux leather. The colours available are duck grey or charcoal (this is the colour of the uppermost layer).

The duck grey sofabed is made out of fabric while the charcoal sofa bed is covered with faux leather. The dimensions of the Home Detail Unmatchable Duo Contrast three-seater sofa bed are Width 190cm, Depth 92cm, Height 82cm, whereas the dimensions as a Bed are Width 190cm, Depth 113cm, Height 36cm. The shipping weight is 40 kg. Its feet are detailed with chrome and are curvy, which inturn, make it uper stylish. To assemble the feet, holes need to be drilled into the base. Consider a recliner chair to compliment your new sofa bed.

Key features:
  • Comes in dual colour contrast in a single piece
  • Has curved chrome legs
  • Available in two types of fabric
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The Abakus Direct Oslo is a stunning and uniquely designed corner sofa bed with an extended L-shaped corner provided at either side. It is a three-in-one product that acts as a sofa, bed and a storage box (below the seat). The Abakus Direct Oslo corner sofa bed is available in four colours – grey, brown, black, and cream.

The fabric used is pure linen. The dimensions are pretty large with an overall size of 224cm(W)* 140cm(D)* 76cm(H) when used as a sofa. While in the bed position it measures 200cm(W) *125cm(D)* 45cm(H, floor to seat). It comes with a two years warranty and three cushions covered with the same coloured linen fabric. Check out our guide for home safes for peace of mind when sleeping.

Key features:
  • Upholstered with linen fabric over foam stick to a wooden frame
  • A storage box below the seat
  • Larger than any other sofa bed
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