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Best Air Beds in 2022

Updated 04-08-2021 – Mia Cohen

Comfort and luxury spelled out in the same sentence are quite unbelievable but modern inventions have made it possible. Relaxed sleep for a productive and healthy life has only been made possible with Air Bags. People are always trying to improve their standard of living and airbag mattresses are one-stop solutions for families who crave better lifestyles but do not have enough space to keep large furniture.

For a stressless night’s sleep, it is important to have a deep, comfortable sleep and this can only be possible with Air Bags. An easily available commodity that adds value to your home. Sick and tired of waking up in the middle of the night due to uncomfortable mattresses and back pain, decide smartly and invest in Air Bags for long term benefits both financially and medically.

Moreover, airbags are perfect for travel freaks who are adventurous and frequently move between places. These small, folding mattresses can be moved without any effort. Time and money, both scarce resources are used efficiently if traditional, wooden and heavy beds are replaced by less expensive, portable Air Beds.

Now, let’s read in detail about the best razors for women below:

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Best Best Air Beds UK

Premium Pick – Active Era Air Bed
Value Pick – Deeplee Air Mattress
Best Pick – Intex Air Bed

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Active Era Air Bed
Active Era Air Bed
Electric, durable and full-body support bed.££
Yawn Air Bed
Yawn Air Bed
Tr​aditional headboard bed for couples.£££
Intex Airbed
Intex Air Bed
Dur​a-beam comfort with dual sizes.££
Intex Kidz Travel Air Bed
Intex Kids Travel Cot Air Bed
Protective bed for Children£
S​able Air Mattress
Sable Air Mattresses
C​amping bed that can hold massive weights£££
Deeplee Air Mattress
Deeplee Air Mattress
Time-efficient inflation with skin-friendly fabric.££
Dreamcatcher Inflatable Air Bed
Dreamcatcher Inflatable Mattress-Air Bed
Manual as well as Electric Pump filling the comfortable bed.££
Crystals Inflatable Air Bed
Crystals Inflatable Air Bed
A quick and efficient way to transform your home in a better way.££
Bestway Tritech Single Airbed
Bestway Tritech Single Air Bed
Single Air bed best for traveling£

1   Active Era Air Bed

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A perfect sleeping gear that is liked by a lot of customers around the world. Premium luxury that comes in a single sized Air bed that stretches to 99 x 187 x 53 cm.  Easy to use because it has a built-in electric air bed pump that inflates this mattress in less than 2 minutes for a peaceful sleep. Moreover, this product is designed in such a way that the air bed has an integrated 7cm high pillow that provides just the right amount of support to the back and neck keeping the body in equilibrium. 

One of the medically proven advantages of an Active air bed is that the bed contains 21 advanced air coils that act as a supporter for the whole body keeping body and spine aligned during sleep. The top layer of Active Era Air bed increases its durability incorporating a 5 gauge puncture-resistant material that is hard and waterproof. This CE approved product is what should be in the house. Worried that this air bed may damage due to your weight? No need to worry as these mattresses for heavy people are best. Moreover, you can get pillows for neck pain for harmonizing the muscles and releases tension.

Key features:
  • Soft, waterproof, puncture-resistant layer
  • Built-in electric Inflator
  • Full body support
  • Raised integrated pillow

2   Yawn Air Bed

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Self-inflating beds are trending nowadays. Yawn air bed, giving a traditional look as most sofa beds but paired tradition with technology. This electric pump has put life to ease.  Recommended by most of the users, it is a lightweight folding bed with large back support. The support keeps the pillow in its place throughout the night. Yawn Airbed features a unique 2-in-1 motor that inflates and deflates mattresses within 5 minutes making it a viable product. The bed has an anti-roll rim that restricts rolling off from bed during slumber. 

Moreover, the bed has a flocked top that keeps the bed sheet in its place at night. Even Though, it’s inflated it is still designed to perfection so that it can hold weight up to 250kg. The comfortable fabric made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton making it a moderate temperature bed that is excellent for deep sleep. 

Lastly, this double-sized bed with a 208 x135 x 45cm dimensioned bed with a raised height of 36cm is perfect for couples. For more outdoor gear products, check out our guides on the best metal detectors.

Key features:
  • Traditional Self-Inflating bed​
  • Headboard for pillow support​
  • Anti-rolling rim
  • Circled flocked top layer​

3   Intex Air Bed

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Intex is ready to target a large customer base with differing needs combining it with state of the art technology.​ Product delivered with a complimentary folding bag to make travelling comfortable with necessary items. This air bed comes in two sizes targeting all types of consumers. Queen sized mattress is inflatable to 152 x 203 x 46cm whereas single twin size has dimensions of 39 x 75 x 18cm, perfect for single users. 

Intex used the latest Dura-beam technology to combine durability and comfortability with their product. Like ​most air beds, it also has an electric pump but unlike others, it has a 3 pin plug that can fill up the bed in 3.5 minutes. In addition, there are dura-beam mattresses for back pain that are excellent to minimize back pains and other back problems.

Key features:
  • Dura-beam ultra-high tech bed​
  • Raised air bed
  • Compact and portable
  • Electric pump with 3 pin plug.

4   Intex Kids Travel Cot Air Bed

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Parents want the best for their children and prefer something comfortable and protective of their children. Intex Cot Air bed provides everything in one product. Product carefully designed for children age 3-6 years.

The package contains a separate pump that is used to inflate the Air Bed. This pool shaped bed has a protection boundary that protects the children from falling at night. Moreover, these raised boundaries provide support to the pillow. This has made travelling possible with minor children. The product is available in two colours; Grey and cream.

Key features:
  • For minor Children
  • The pump is used to inflate
  • Best for travelling
  • Protect from falling during sleep.

5   Sable Air Mattresses

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Want a good night’s sleep? Sable made this possible. They have designed a product that is best for family use but it is also the most viable option for adventurous people who love camping whether it’s indoor or outdoor. This modern home accessory is designed for a night of healthy and peaceful sleep. 

No extra effort is required as it can easily be inflated with an electric pump. This double-sized bed is spacious for two people that inflates to 203 x 152 x 48cm. However, the deflating size reduces the volume of this air bed to 35 x 17.7 x 43cm. This means that you can save a lot of space by keeping your bed in the closet when not in use. This mattress has an adjustable quality which increases stability.  The coil beam in the mattress is an excellent remedy for the back as well as neck pains as it naturally lifts the body while sleeping. Want a relaxing spa feeling while sleeping? Sable Air Mattress is what you need. 

Moreover, this 130W high powered air pump can fill the air in just 5 minutes. The mattress firmness can be adjusted by the customers themselves. A strong air bed that can hold up to 300 kg weight without damaging the product. 

This two-layered mattress provides exceptional comfort with flock top layer, non-toxic material layer and a 0.65mm extra thick border that makes the bed top soft for sleep.

Key features:
  • 2 layered soft bed
  • Adjustable inflation and coil beam support
  • Easy storage
  • For all kind of body masses

6  Deeplee Air Mattress

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Although it looks just like a traditional mattress, this bed is designed with all the essential health benefits. Due to less height, this mattress takes less than 4 minutes to shape up into an air bed. This queen size inflatable Air bed has a standard size of 203 x 152 x 23cm dimensions. This mattress is best for 2 adults or 3-4 children. 

A skin-friendly flock top, PVC waterproof stuff is best for sleeping as it is less slippery and does not irritate people during sleeping. Due to the waterproof surface, it can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth and all stains will vanish with just a blink. No scrubbing is required that saves a lot of time and effort. However, there is set back in this product. It may deflate during the first week of sleep, therefore, the company recommends filling this mattress 3 times more for the first few uses. 

Moreover, the fast and convenient air filling requires less time and effort by the user. This multi-function product can be used anywhere at any time whether it’s a picnic or office part, home or as an outdoor camping bed. Last but not the least, the company provides 100%  best quality products with a customer support service in case of any problem.

Key features:
  • Durable and portable
  • Perfect for outdoor as well as indoor activities
  • Customer support service
  • Spacious for 2 adults

7   Dreamcatcher Inflatable Mattress/Air Bed

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What can be more pleasing than having a dual purpose? The only product that has both manuals as well as built-in electric pumps. The product comes with a folding bag that makes carrying the product easier and efficient. 

The perfect product for guests and children because it is a hygienic approach to a healthy life. Spacious bed has 191 x 137 x 46 cm dimensions. To increase its customer base, Dreamcatcher facilitates its customers with a 2-year warranty. Moreover, a non-slip plush finish top layer does not compromise with customers’ comfort and allows easy folding of bed after deflation.

Key features:
  • Manual as well as Electric Air filling
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 years Warranty
  • Non-slip Soft finish top

8   Crystals Inflatable Air Bed

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Planning a weekend party and sleepover with friends? This double-sized Airbed is the only solution. A luxury bed that is ideal for classy and ideal home decorations and comfort. A double layer base with the best quality fabric and an outer bulge is a protective and comfortable sleeping space at night. 

The double sized mattress of dimensions 196 x 145 x 47 cm has an electric pump with 3 pin plug and operates at 240 volts built-in pump makes inflation quicker and easier. Neutral colours are available in this product that fits perfectly in any home decors. 

The product box contains one inflatable Air Bed, one carry bag for easy handling, one to two patches in case of any damages and one user manual that gives product information to customers.

Key features:
  • 2 patches available in the box
  • Quicker and easier inflation
  • Durable and portable
  • For indoor and outdoor use

9   Bestway Tritech Single Air Bed

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An attractive black Single bed that can add class and improves the standard of living at your place. The flocked surface bed that is adjustable and soft for a safe and sound sleep at night. This inflates to 191 x 97 x 46 cm dimension, having an ideal height for sleeping and getting up easily. The bed is also very comfortable for one adult. Due to these dimensions, it occupies comparatively less space than double beds. Moreover, it can be deflated whenever necessary to clear up space for work. 

In addition to the above, Bestway has a built-in Electric pump that operates at 220- 240 volts. Due to this, an average time required to fill this bed up is less than 4 minutes. Moreover, this air bed is a state of technology that has Tritech Internal beams. These beams are made up of polyester and strong PVC that provides durability to beds. The built-in pillow and surrounding frame are designed specifically to provide stability and harmony during sleep is best for neck pain and back pain. Lastly, Bestway provides a complete set that includes: one travel bag, repair patches for home storage and inflatable bed.

Key features:
  • Built-in pillow and surrounding frame
  • Polyester beams for durability
  • For single person
  • Best for travelling

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