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10 Best Wood Preservers in 2024

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Sikkens SIKCTHBPM5 Woodstains & Wood Preservers

This preserver has been dyed, hence it costs a premium. You won’t have to spend additional money on paint again. It lasts long.

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Cuprinol Ducksback Wood Preserver

The cheapest preserver in this list. It is a bargain at the price. Very efficient. Also odourless and health-friendly.

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Roxil Wood Protection Cream

A little expensive, but worth the money. Guarantees long-term protection for the wood. Also keeps dirt away and makes surface easy to clean

Published 9:03pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 9:03pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Cuprinol Ducksback Wood PreserverWater-based preserver, coloured (comes in a wide range of colours); virtually odourless.£
Roxil Wood Protection CreamIt is colourless, only one coating is required, suitable for softwood and weathered hardwoods.£
Timbashield Wood PreservativePrevents the growth of organic matter, dries quickly, and strongly adhesive to paint.£
Everbuild EVBLJCR05 Wood PreserverHas low odour, produce very great results for all types of wood and is non-flammable.£
Ronseal RSLUDONC5L Ultimate Protection Decking OilThis product dries quickly, provides lasting protection for wooden decks and serves as a strongly adhesive undercoat.£
Roxil Wood Protection LiquidThis product is colourless, requires two coatings for optimum results, prevents organic growth.£
Sikagard Wood PreserverColourless wood preserver, has good coverage, works well for all types of wood.£
Ronseal RSLWPCL5L Total Wood PreserverColourless, easy to use, dries very fast and is strongly adhesive to paint.£
Cuprinol 5L Wood PreserverClear (colourless) and odourless, two coatings produce best results, dries between 2 and 4 days.£
Sikkens SIKCTHBPM5 Woodstains & Wood PreserversColoured wood preserver (mahogany); makes the wood waterproof and resistant to the elements.££

Best Wood Preserver UK

Wood preserver, as the name implies, is any material that is added to wood to protect it from rot and decay. It is quite different from varnish, paint, wax and wood oil in that all these do not protect the wood on their own. A wood preserver serves as an undercoat. If you want your wood to last, it is advisable that you first add a wood preserver to the wood to preserve it. Following this, you can then add the varnish or paint, or any other decorative fluid on top.

If you can get a very good wood preserver, the longevity of the wood is guaranteed. However, getting an efficient preservative for your wood is not as easy as it seems. There are several wood preservatives on the market and you could end up buying substandard products if you are not careful. We have done the hard yards for you by scouring the market for available wood preservers, testing them and picking the best. Below is a review of the best wood preservers at the moment.

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The Cuprinol Ducksback Wood Preserver is a coloured wood preserver. In addition to the wax that preserves wood, this formula also contains dye that provides aesthetic appeal needed. It means that once you get this product, you don’t need to spend money on paint again. Therefore, it provides great value for money.

The Cuprinol Ducksback wood preserver is water-based and as a result does not give off a strong odour, unlike most wood preservers you will find. In addition, its waxy nature helps to enhance the waterproof ability of the wood while also making it resistant to dust. Moreover, the wood is smooth and easy to clean. It should also be mentioned that this product dries very quickly and can be done using a fence sprayer.

Key features:
  • Dries very quickly
  • Enhances the wooden surface’s waterproof ability and resistance to dust
  • Does not smell
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Another preserver that you should consider for your wooden fence, decking, furniture, shed or wall is the Roxil Wood Protection Cream. This preserver is relatively viscous. Due to its thickness, a single coating is enough to provide maximum protection for the wood. It is very effective when it comes to prevention of algae and mould. This product will also stem the growth of any algae or fungi that has been growing on the wood before application. Therefore, it is useful for both newly sawn wood as well as old wooden surfaces.

Its effectiveness means that it will protect your wood from the atmospheric elements for up to ten years. The Roxil Wood Protection Cream is colourless and does not change the colour of the wood. Therefore, it is the ideal wood preserver for you if you want to keep the colour of your wood. This wood preserver makes the surface more resistant to dust and dirt. This product will also make the surface easy to clean. A litre of the Roxil wood protection cream covers an area of about 4m2. For more must have garden products, see our picks for the best wood chipper.

Key features:
  • Maintains the colour of the wood
  • Prevents the growth of algae and fungi
  • Very easy to use
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The Timbashield wood preservative is a colourless, water-based protective undercoat for wooden surfaces. Because of its colourless nature, it helps to maintain the colour of the wooden surface that it protects. It is a strong preservative and performs well as a pre-treatment for non-resistant wood. It penetrates the wood and makes it waterproof. In addition, this preservative is very effective when it comes to preventing the growth of fungi and mould. It also does well to ward off insects. If the coating process is properly carried out, this product can protect the wood for more than five years.

The Timbashield wood preservative can also serve as an undercoat. It provides a surface that is strongly adhesive for topcoat, allowing you to paint your wood and make it more colourful. Moreover, this product is compatible with almost all kinds of paint, saving you from the stress of looking for specific types of paint and allowing you to use your preferred paint. 

Another benefit of using the Timbashield wood preservative include a fast drying time of fewer than 12 hours. And, to cap off all the amazing features of this high-grade preservative, all materials used in producing it are health-friendly and BPR-approved. Many wood preservers are also contained in fence paints and exterior wood paints so you won’t need to double up on this.

Key features:
  • Produced from health-friendly materials
  • Can be used as undercoat for all types of paint
  • Dries quickly
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The Everbuild EVBLJCR05 Wood Preserver comes in a five-litre can. It is a clear (colourless) liquid and does not affect the original colour of the coated surface. Moreover, the low-odour formula that this product is composed of makes it safe and healthy for you and your pets. Nevertheless, it contains fungicides and algaecides that are finely dispersed throughout to enhance their reach and effectiveness. This invariably helps to restrict any organic growth on your wooden structure.

This fantastic wood preserver dries quickly. You will also appreciate the fact that it is non-flammable and will still produce the same high performance if applied to wet wood. You are going to like the long-lasting protection that the Everbuild EVBLJCR05 Wood Preserver can provide for your wooden structure.

Key features:
  • It is non-flammable
  • Works fine on wet wood as well as dry wood
  • Odourless and health-friendly
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The Ronseal RSLUDONC5L Ultimate Protection Decking Oil is one great wood preserver that is specially manufactured for wooden decks. It offers great protection against foot traffic and decay. The result is increased durability for the deck.

The product is made from a unique formula that allows it to easily penetrate deep into the wood and enhance the wood’s waterproof ability. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when using the Ronseal RSLUDONC5L Ultimate Protection Decking Oil. It dries quickly, leaving a slightly tinted finish that makes the deck more attractive. Furthermore, it is strongly adhesive and you can also apply an overcoat on for a more detailed and colourful appearance.

This great product is certainly worth checking out if you are looking for a great preserver for your deck.

Key features:
  • Fortifies the deck against foot traffic
  • Enhances the waterproof ability of the wooden surface
  • Dries quickly
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The Roxil Wood Protection Liquid uses silicone as its active ingredient to make wooden surfaces waterproof. By ensuring that water cannot penetrate the wood, this product prevents rot and decay, thereby guaranteeing the longevity of the wood. It is particularly effective on softwoods that are susceptible to water penetration, helping to stabilize the wood and prevent it from warping. It is also health-friendly and safe to use.

You will encounter no problem when applying the Roxil Wood Protection Liquid as it is very easy to use. While a brush will coat the surface perfectly, you can also make use of a sprayer to make your job faster. As long as the wooden surface that you want to coat is clean, this product will stick fine and work well. Two coatings of this wood preserver are enough to guarantee optimum protection for the preserved wood.

It should also be noted that this protection liquid is colourless and does not affect the colour of the coated wood. For more touching up products see our guides on masonry paint.

Key features:
  • Maintains the colour and appearance of the coated surface
  • It is made from health-friendly materials
  • Dries quickly
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The Sikagard wood preserver seeps into the pores of the wood and protects the wood by making it waterproof. It has insecticidal properties that essentially prevent the growth of moss, liverworts and algae on the wooden structure. It works for all kinds of woods, including damp wood.

Moreover, the Sikagard Wood Preserver is compatible with all kinds of overcoat, should you choose to paint the wood. It has good coverage and a relatively fast drying time of about 24 hours.

Key features:
  • Fast drying time
  • Compatible with all kinds of topcoat
  • Has good coverage
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Another top-quality product that makes it into this list of the best wood preserver is the Ronseal RSLWPCL5L Total Wood Preserver. A colourless pre-treatment for interior and exterior protection of wood, this product is an ideal preserver for you if you want to retain the colour of your wooden structure while elongating its shelf life. Conversely, you can use it as a primer for the exterior of the wooden surface before painting it.

The Ronseal RSLWPCL5L 5 Litre Total Wood Preserver has strong insecticidal properties that ensure that destructive insects are kept away. This makes the wood durable, thereby providing you with several years of service. 

Coating is quite easy. You can do that by using a brush, roller or sprayer. Two to three coats will produce the best results. For more handy garden products see our guide on pruning saws.

Key features:
  • Retains the colour of the wood
  • Does well for both rough and smooth timber
  • Serves as a good pre-treatment before painting
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The Cuprinol 5L Wood Preserver (clear) is one of the best wood preservers available on the market today. This colourless wood preserver is suitable for all kinds of wood, irrespective of the colour. Moreover, you can use it for both interior and exterior protection. It will do well and is extremely resistant to virtually all kinds of weather conditions. 

With the Cuprinol 5L Wood Preserver, you can rest assured that your wooden shed or fence will last a long time. It not only protects wood against the elements but it is also good at keeping away insects such as termites. In addition, this product is a good base coat if you want to paint, stain or varnish the wood in the future. The paint will stick without any problem. It is easy to use and you can easily preserve your wood by yourself without requiring the services of a professional painter. Suffice to say that the use of a brush or roller is sufficient enough to produce an effective coating of the wood with Cuprinol 5L Wood Preserver. In the same vein, a litre of the product would adequately cover 5m2 of the wooden surface in two coats. It takes an average of three days for this preserver to dry. 

Its low-odour formula means that you are extremely unlikely to suffer from any form of allergies; hence it is safe to use.

Key features:
  • It is suitable for all kinds of wood
  • Virtually odourless and less likely to cause an allergic reaction
  • Can serve as a basecoat before painting or varnishing
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If you want to protect your wooden structure while enhancing its beauty and aesthetic appeal at the same time without spending additional money on paint, this product is highly recommended for you.

The Sikkens SIKCTHBPM5 Woodstain & Wood Preserver is a coloured wood preserver. Because of this, you can also use it as a woodstain. As for its wood preserving attributes, few preservers perform better than this great product. By preventing water from seeping into the wood, this wood preserver helps to prevent its untimely rot and decay. In addition, it repels insects that can cause havoc by boring into the wood. More so, by eliminating the need to buy paint separately, it helps you to save money.

Therefore, the Sikkens SIKCTHBPM5 Woodstain & Wood Preserver provides great value for the money spent. For more great garden tools see our guide on long reach hedge trimmers.

Key features:
  • Coloured wood preserver
  • Prevents water from penetrating the wood
  • Effectively repels insects

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