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8 Best Handheld Vacuums in 2020

Published 12:16am

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 12:16am

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
VonHaus Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner with UV LightAnti-allergenic corded vacuum with a 1.2-liter dust tank accompanied by UV light.£
Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [WV200UK]A cordless vacuum cleaner with twin batteries and a one-touch dust cap opener for easy cleaning.£
ONSON Cordless Vacuum Cleaner LightweightCorded stick convertible to cordless handheld is a lightweight vacuum with 1200PA suction power.££
AivaToba Portable Cordless Handheld VacuumsLightweight, cordless with 2 detachable filters and 35 minutes running time.£
VonHaus Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 600W Corded 2in1Stick and handheld with 5-meter cord and HEPA filtration system.£
DOFLY Handheld Vacuum Cordless 8500PAMade of stainless steel, cordless, perform wet and dry cleaning with an extra filter. 2500mAh battery with low noise technology.£
Jajibot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handheld12000PaWith 12000PA suction power, it’s lightweight, cordless and runs on low noise.£
Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum 4 in 1 Lightweight CleanerWith ultra-quiet noise, it’s cordless, lightweight and has 2 HEPA filters. Runs on 12000PA suction power with 40 minutes runtime.££

Best Handheld Vacuum UK   

The handheld vacuum cleaner has become an essential accessory for all the homes. No one can imagine the dirt around the house and in the life of hustle, one barely has time to use brooms and mops for cleaning. At this time of need, handheld vacuum cleaners provide you a perfect solution to clean your house floors, rugs, car seats, sofas and more in an efficient and smart way. They are easy-to-use and require very little effort compared to typical vacuum cleaners.  

A market is a wide place. And to select the best handheld vacuum for your household, you’re gonna need some information. We’re providing you a comprehensive list of the best vacuum cleaners you can find in the market so you can easily opt for the one. 

Before you go and get yourself a handheld vacuum cleaner, here are some tips which can help you select the best one. A handheld vacuum cleaner stays in your hands most of the time so it should be lightweight. A vacuum has to be cordless or a cord long enough for you to easily slide vacuum corner to corner. Filters should be detachable and easy to clean and should have a dust tank with greater capacity. Make sure the battery has enough volts to clean up your room at one switch with maximum suction power for instant cleaning.

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Clean your house with efficiency with the use of VonHause Handheld Vacuum Cleaner that is the perfect solution for multipurpose cleaning. It can dust off your upholstery, pillows, sofas, mattresses, carpets and more. This handheld vacuum cleaner is designed to be efficient with a feature of anti-allergenic. It means that it will kill off not less than 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria that are lying around your house. Moreover, it comes with a HEPA filtration system that catches even the smallest particles of dust hence giving your house an instant clean.   

Cleaning your house is now more easy with 2 in 1 combined upholstery and a crevice tool that allows you to do convenient and smart cleaning. The dust tank in VonHaus Vacuum is capable to hold 1.2 Litre of dust particles. In addition to that, this Vacuum embraces an 8W UV lamp and LED light for easy indication which also includes the feature of vibration. The convenient and easy-made design of this vacuum makes it worthy to be in your house. For more vacuum guides see our top picks for vacuums for pet hairs and upright vacuums.

Key features:
  • Anti Allergenic
  • 1.2-liter dust tank
  • UV Light
  • Multipurpose cleaner
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The Shark handheld Vacuum cleaner comes with twin batteries for longer and unstoppable use. The design of this cordless vacuum is sleek and easy to handle hence it won’t be tiring for your arms. Moreover, Shark Vacuum is a cordless device that allows you to slide from corner to corner, freely and for longer. The feature of twin batteries makes this vacuum different than others and uniquely impressive. That is why it can easily run for 16 consecutive minutes without a doubt of crashing or heating up. 

Furthermore, the Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has a one-touch dust cap opener to empty the dust tank easily. With a one-touch opener, you don’t have to worry about tiring service of the vacuum. In addition to that, this cordless handheld vacuum includes the service tool and pet tool which adds to the versatility of its usage.

Key features:
  • Cordless
  • Twin batteries
  • 16 minutes runtime
  • One-touch cap opener
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In the wide variety of vacuums, stick vacuums turn out to be more traditional and familiar. So if you’re looking for something traditional, ONSON Cordless Vacuum is for you. This Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner comes with 12000PA suction power. Its cordless feature allows you to roam around the house for cleaning and its 3lbs lightweight makes it easy for you to clean the corners. Furthermore, the ONSON Cordless Vacuum Stick can covert into a complete handheld vacuum anytime you want. 

The battery problems in typical vacuums are solved now. This Vacuum Stick comes with a lithium-ion battery and a motor that runs on low frequencies that doesn’t make too much sound hence less annoying. In its additional features, it comes with a full-size LED brush and a docking base for easy moving  The pack of ONSON Vacuum Cleaner has an attached 2 in 1 dusting brush, a service tool, and a charging adapter. Thus, you can have convenient and easy cleaning for your house. For more must have home products see our guide on mattresses for side sleepers.

Key features:
  • Stick convertible to handheld
  • Corded convertible to cordless
  • 12000PA suction power
  • Lightweight
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If you’re tired of using old fashioned vacuum cleaners that take up a large space in your storeroom, then this product is for you. Clean your house with AivaToba Portable Handheld Vacuums that requires much less effort. AivaToba Portable Vacuum Cleaner is handheld and cordless which adds to the efficient cleaning. This Vacuum Cleaner runs on 2500 mAh lithium rechargeable batteries with 6000Pa suction power which makes it unique and allows the quicker and deeper cleaning of your rooms. 

Cleaning your rugs, carpets, couches, car seats and mattresses are now easy like never before with 35 minutes running time of this Portable Vacuum. The best thing is, it can clean dry surfaces and as well as wet surfaces. This Handheld Vacuum is a lightweight of 756g  with 2 detachable cylinder filters that allow you to roam around the house while cleaning. It sucks up the smallest particles like debris, liquids, bread crumbs, paper scraps, etc. AivaToba Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be technically efficient which takes up to only 4 hours for a full charge. Its unique features make it deserving to be in your household.

Key features:
  • Lightweight
  • 2 detachable cylinders
  • Cordless
  • Wet and dry cleaning
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VonHaus Stick Vacuum is a compact design cleaner which provides you a targeted cleaning on hard floors, tiles, thick rugs and more. With its efficient cleaning power of 600W and versatility of 2 in 1 cleaning modes of handheld and stick vacuum, it is a complete fit for your house. VonHaus is a bagless designed vacuum with 0.2 liter capacity of dust tank which empties just a push of a button. 

Moreover, this 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filtration system that sucks up tiny and microscopic particles and allergens, preventing the bacteria to sit around your house. This Cleaner can convert into two modes i.e stick and handheld. If you want multifunctional cleaning for your household, then this is the product that provides you a service tool and upholstery brush. The vacuum cleaner is corded but comes with a long 5-meter power cable and a handle that adjusts easily, making it useful for your house cleaning.

Key features:
  • 2 in 1 (Stick and Handheld)
  • HEPA filtration system
  • 5 meter corded
  • Service tool and upholstery brush
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If dusting off with towels or brooms take forever of your time, so drop your worries now. Because DOFLY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a durable and easy-to-handle machine made up of which adds up to your efficient and comfortable lifestyle. DOFLY Vacuum is cordless which allows you to move from room to room while cleaning. Moreover,  this Handheld Vacuum runs on 8500PA super and powerful suction with 2500mAh high-power lithium battery which takes up only 2.5 to 3 hours to be charged fully. With its running time of 40 continuous minutes, it qualifies to be in your storeroom. 

The best of all, DOFLY Handheld Vacuum is extremely lightweight which can be easily carried without getting tired. In addition to that, it can clean liquid as well as dry surfaces. It can easily catch microscopic particles. This Portable Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile and multifunctional product with a long hose and brush nozzle that comes with an additional filter. All of these features allow you to efficiently clean the cornered and uneven surfaces of your house. Because this is the product that is made up of stainless steel which is prevented from corrosion. With the advanced technology, this Vacuum Cleaner makes way too low noise to disturb the whole house so you can enjoy cleaning without deafening sound. For more great appliance guides see our top picks for steam irons and cordless irons.

Key features:
  • Cordless
  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Stainless steel
  • Low noise technology
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For an effortless and powerful cleaning, Jajibot Cordless Vacuum is what you should be looking for. Jajibot is a handheld lightweight vacuum that is compactly designed as a stick and handheld. Its powerful suction of 12000PA allows you to clean your carpets, floors, rugs, and couches very quickly and deep. Due to the advance mechanism, this vacuum cleaner is designed to run on low noise hence avoiding the disturbance around the whole house. The total weight of the Vacuum is 1.8 kilograms which makes it easy for you to clean your place without tiring your arms. 

Moreover, this Handheld Vacuum comes with an efficient filtration system with a detachable, durable and washable HEPA filter. The vacuum is easy to charge and comes with service tools, brush, and roller for the floor, making it easy for you to clean the vacuum after you clean your house.

Key features:
  • 12000PA  suction power
  • Lightweight
  • Low noise
  • Cordless
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Tired of loud vacuum cleaners? No problem. Cordless Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with an ultra-quiet suction with extremely low noise that lets you have a peaceful cleaning. Moreover, Cordless Stick Vacuum is extremely lightweight, making it easy to handle. With its deep cleaning power, it can suck off small bacterias from thick carpets, pet hairs, car seats, and couches, etc. Furthermore, the Stick comes with 2 HEPA filtration system which is washable and durable.  

In this era of hustle, you don’t have to put extreme effort and time while cleaning. This remarkable electronic product provides 12000PA high-power suction which instantly catches even the smallest particle which allows you to save time. With a rechargeable built-in battery, the Cordless Vacuum works non stop for 40 minutes and the advanced cooling system prevents overheating. All of its unique features make is deserving to have a place in your storeroom. For more must have home appliances see our guide on dehumidifiers

Key features:
  • Ultra-quiet low noise
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight
  • 40 minutes runtime

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