10 Best Dehumidifiers in 2019

Meaco DD8L Zambezi

The Meaco DD8L is definitely our Premium Pick of this list. It can dehumidify up to 8 litres of water with an extraction capacity at 20 degrees. It has an energy saving mode that allows you to run the machine at full or half power. It has a laundry mode and an automatic timer-off. Additionally, Meaco also donates some part of their earnings to an elephant orphanage if you buy this unique product.

De’Longhi DNC65 Dehumidifier

A fantastic model from De’Longhi, our value pick works in 1 to 35 degrees and has 3 levels of power. The resultant air after the dehumidifier from De’Longhi gets to work, is clean, moisture-less, and crisp to breathe. It also has a built-in ioniser and an anti-bacterial filter. The air swing allows an equal distribution of fresh air to flow throughout the room.

Pro Breeze 20L Portable Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze is a fabulous dehumidifier that can collect close to 20 litres of moisture throughout the day. The water tank has a 5-litres holding capacity. This variant from Pro Breeze has an LCD display and an automatic shut off option to save energy when not in use. It comes with a laundry mode and is extremely portable and versatile.

Best DehumidifiersKey FeaturesPrice
Duronic DH05 Mini DehumidifierGood quality compact dehumidifier with 500 ml capacity and automatic shut-off£
Meaco MeacoDry ABCEnergy efficient, lightweight, compact dehumidifier with child lock, and laundry options£
De'Longhi DNC65 DehumidifierWell made, versatile dehumidifier with anti-bacterial filter, air swing, and an ioniser to battle dank and dampness£
EcoAir Desiccant DehumidifierDesiccant dehumidifier with laundry mode. made for offices, warehouses, and homes in near-freezing temperatures£
Dimplex Glen DehumidifierGreat machine for rooms with severe dampness and humidity££
ElectriQ Low Energy DehumidifierGood budget-friendly dehumidifier with timer, laundry and continuous mode££
Pro Breeze 20L Portable DehumidifierGood quality dehumidifier with laundry mode, auto shut-off, and LCD screen££
Vax DCS1V1EP 10L Power Extract DehumidifierExcellent dehumidifier with inbuilt technology to control moisture and humidity int eh air£££
Ebac 3650e DehumidifierExcellent technologically advanced dehumidifier with auto shut, defrost, and timer off options£££
Meaco DD8L ZambeziExcellent dehumidifier with auto shut-off, laundry mode, and 8-litre extraction tank£££


Best Dehumidifiers

 Humid. Damp. Moist. These words instantly make you feel repulsed. They bring to mind images of mould, must, flaky paint, green walls, and greyish black splotches on the walls. These things grow when there are excess moisture and humidity in the house and the walls. Musty and mouldy environments lead to breathing issues, allergies, and may even lead to bronchial asthma. The damp also exudes a foul smell that can cause severe sinuses.

Dehumidifiers help to suction the excess moisture and humidity from the air. They are a stop-gap semi-permanent means to stop the excess flow of dampness and moisture in your home. For most Britishers, this is a perfect solution since there are very few times that the excess humidity gives them a problem. However, some people might face a more substantial threat with continued humidity. If this is the case with you, it would be ideal to consult a builder to check the leakages in the house and get them fixed immediately.

Waterproofing the roof and the walls of the house would also help tremendously as a permanent solution to dampness and humidity.


Will dehumidifiers work?

Yes, dehumidifiers work for everyone. They help decrease humidity levels in the air by sucking out the moisture and recycling the air to make it drier than before. A dehumidifier lowers the humidity level of the entire area and makes the air cleaner and more comfortable to breathe.


Are dehumidifiers noisy?

Dehumidifiers come in various brands. The decibel levels of each product and variant differ according to the manufacturer’s design. You get several nearly silent options that are ideal for children’s bedrooms and homes for the elderly. Quiet dehumidifiers are excellent for office spaces, and even houses.

The Duronic Dh05 is an excellent dehumidifier for small rooms like university accommodations, small studios, or walk-in wardrobes. While it may be small to look at, it can comfortably tackle visible signs of mildew, mould, and lingering moisture in the air. The capacity of this machine is 500 ml, and it also comes with an automatic switch-off. Smaller areas of moisture and mildew can quickly be cleared with the help of this portable mini dehumidifier.

It is lightweight, compact, and relatively inexpensive compared to the others on this list. To add to the benefits of this machine, it is near silent and excellent for small bedrooms or as a bedside unit for elderly citizens and university students.


Key features:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive

The new ABC range from Meaco is technologically advanced to reduce noise and sound levels for small flats, apartments buildings, and studios. Large spaces need bigger sized dehumidifiers which may be noisy, but smaller spaces need near-silent dehumidifiers to fit small areas. The noise levels of the MeacoDry ABC are even lower than desiccant machines.

MeacoDry ABC is energy efficient and lightweight. It is compact and can easily be transported from one room to another. It is available in 5 varieties of colours so you can select the best option for your home or office cabin. It also includes a child-lock to prevent accidents, laundry and auto-timer options. For other great home items see our guide on portable air conditioners.

Key features:

  • Near-silent machine
  • Child-lock
  • Lightweight and energy efficient

The DNC65 is one of the best dehumidifier models from De’Longhi. Extremely versatile, this dehumidifier works on 1 degree to 35 degrees with complete ease. It also comes equipped with 3 levels of power for total control. It recycles the air by sucking in the moisture filled dampness and leave behind clean and crisp air. Additionally, it has an anti-bacterial filter and a built-in ioniser that is perfect for the British weather.

The built-in ioniser emits negative ions to help counteract the positive ions in the air and make the air cleaner to breathe. This machine from De’Longhi also has an air swing to equalise the flow and distribution of clean air. The weight of this product is 5.5 kg and is sturdy enough to stand with minimal disturbance.


Key features:

  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Built-in ioniser
  • 3 levels of power control

Excellent for lower temperatures, the EcoAir Desiccant Dehumidifier is a versatile variant. The EcoAir is made to work in lower temperatures where the moisture in the air can become clammy and challenging to breathe. Desiccant dehumidifiers are known for working best in places that are close to freezing temperatures, and this machine is definitely worth a buy.

Slightly on the expensive side, the EcoAir dehumidifier can be placed in offices, warehouses, and homes for efficient removal of condensation and moisture. Additionally, it features a laundry mode for quick drying, is portable, and comes with an accessible water collector trough.


Key features:

  •  Laundry mode
  •  Quick drying
  • Great for near freezing temperatures

Unobtrusive, yet powerful, the Dimplex Glen Dehumidifier is an excellent machine for rooms up to 18 sq. m. It quickly lowers humidity levels to make the air cleaner and purer to breathe. Effective against mould, damp, and moisture, this powerhouse has been a hot favourite since quite some time.

The mechanics of the Dimplex Dehumidifier are simple. Air gets passed over a refrigerated coil that helps in condensing the moisture and collecting it in a tank. The air is then passed over a second coil that brings it to room temperature. The resultant dehumidified air is then circulated out into the room again. The tank is 2.3 litres, and the machine can collect almost 10 litres of water a day. A drainage hose may be attached for continuous drainage.


Key features:

  • Automatic shut off
  • Indicator for a full tank
  • 2.3 litres tank

While the ElectriQ Low Energy Dehumidifier may look like a basic model, it is anything but. It is affordable and easy to use. Highly capable in sucking the moisture out of the air and recycling it back, the ElectriQ can syphon almost 12 litres of water daily in a 4-litre water tank. Additionally, the ElectriQ dehumidifier is run by a humidistat to cover a large area.

The manufacturer claims that this machine can help you save almost 40$ of the energy bill and it runs off 180 watts power. The timer function available in this model further helps you control the electricity bills to your advantage. It has a 35 – 85% humidity control range allowing for moisture-less air to circulate. See our guide on water softeners for other home items.


Key features:

  • Timer control
  •  Energy efficient
  • Suctions 12-litres of water daily

This excellent dehumidifier from Pro Breeze can easily collect up to 20 litres of moisture in a day. Excellent for severe humidity conditions, the moisture collecting capacity of this variant is genuinely fantastic. The water tank has a 5-litre holding capacity that can quickly be emptied as the day progresses.

This variant further comes with an automatic shut off, and an LCD display screen. This machine from Pro Breeze is portable and comes with a laundry mode to merely shift it when it is time to dry the clothes off. It is larger than the others on this list, but the weight should not be an issue for most people. See mini fridges for other great home picks.


Key features:

  • Meant for severe humidity
  • 5-litre water tank capacity
  •  Auto shut off and LCD display

Compact and easily transferrable, the versatile dehumidifier from Vax is an excellent addition to all homes. It offers a power extraction that helps cleanse the home environment of mildew, moisture damage, and different types of mould. It comes with a digital display option that shows the indicative values of the humidity level and moisture content in the room and also a Smart Sensor.

Another added advantage is the automatic fan control that is present in this model by Vax. Automated control of the fan belt helps in keeping a steady flow of dehumidified air in the room. This variant also has an automatic switch-off button and comes with a moisture drainage tube.


Key features:

  • Digital display
  • Smart Sensor
  •  Fan control

The Ebac 3650e Dehumidifier is a robust and highly functional variant. It has a SmartControl patent to its name that helps with automatic shut-offs to save you time and money. Another smart option is also the Intelligent Defrost that helps to clear the air of unnecessary frosting to save you time. These unique patented technologies from Ebac help make the 3650e an excellent dehumidifier.

Made in the UK, this fabulous machine is designed for the British climate and for the British people. The dehumidifier works in temperatures as low as 3 degrees. The latest innovation in technology from Ebac also has this model with features like laundry drying modes which can be pre-programmed up to 8 hours and air pollen cleanse options. These fantastic advancements help cleanse and purify the air.


Key features:

  • SmartControl to shut off
  • Intelligent Defrost option
  • Laundry drying mode

One of the best dehumidifiers on our list, the Meaco DD8L Zambezi is an extremely versatile model that can work in any space it is put in. You can install it in icy places. It works better than most compressor dehumidifier models. This machine from Meaco can pull up to almost 8 litres of moisture from the surrounding air. It also can extract water at 20 degrees, very similar to compression machines.

You can run the Meaco DD8L Zambezi at full power, or at half strength to save on energy bills. This variant from Meaco also comes with a laundry mode to reduce power consumptions and helps clothes stay dry. The automatic timer enables you to set the time for a daily run. Meaco also donates to an elephant orphanage for every purchase made to their products. See our guide on recliner chairs for other great home items.


Key features:

  • Extracts 8 litres of moisture
  • Versatile
  •  Laundry mode and automatic timer