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8 Best Steam Press Irons in 2021

Published 05:35pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 05:35pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Swam Generator Steam Press Iron SI14310NWith its 6 bar high pressure, it can produce 100 gram of heat every minute and adjusts heat automatically while running on 2600W£
Tefal Ultimate Pure Steam IronIt provides 100% filtered stainless steam with the continuous heat output and Darilium air glide.£
Russell Hobbs 23780 Wind IronRussell Hobbs produces 45 grams of continuous heat with 145 grams of steam shot with the feature of self-cleaning and 320ml large water tank. Runs on 2400W£
Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron 333020It is made up of stainless steel and gives 100 grams of steam output with a 1-liter detachable water tank and attached spray.£
Bosch TDI9020GB Steam Generator IronCeramic made soleplate with internal motors for high heat and has an auto temperature adjusting with a 200-gram steam shot. 185£
Tefal SV6035 Fastoe Steam GeneratorRuns on 2200W with powerful heat performance, the separate water tank and easy access to cartridges 225£
Tower Steam Generator IronRuns on 2700W with 100 grams of heat exposure every minute. It has a feature of vertical ironing and a 1.5-liter water tank.£
Braun TS755A Variable Steam IronMade with sapphire soleplate, produces 200 grams of steam shot and has a feature of vertical ironing and auto shut-off.£

Best Steam Press Iron UK

So you think pressing clothes is a daunting task? Well! That’s because you steam iron is heavy. Due to that your arms get tired easily and you have no other choice but to waste your time pressing your clothes for a meeting, wedding, formal dinner or just for casual purposes. But what if I tell you that you don’t have to waste your time using that typical iron anymore. What if I tell you that you can get a steam press iron for your clothes that will press your clothes easily and your clothes will be dried faster than ever.  

A steam press iron makes you cloth easy to press and softens them like never before. The high pressure of quick heat to your garment will instantly remove all the wrinkles and folding lines and get your garments dried, soft and all in the best shape to wear. All of your worries about burnt clothes are now gone. Because with steam press iron, everything is calm and easy. What we provide you here is a comprehensive list of best steam press irons in the market that will help you select the best steam press iron for your garments.

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Pressing your clothes is now easy than ever before with The Swan steam generator Iron. This is not any typical iron machine but its features are all unique, different and best for your garments. It has 6 bar pump high-pressure steam which will quickly remove all the wrinkles from your clothes. Moreover, it has an option of vertical pressing which means no worrying about hanging the cloths after pressing. Now you can hang first, and then press. With its all-new automatic steam control feature, it produces 100 grams of heat in just a minute. Isn’t it good? It can smooth off all the wrinkles and creases. 

The Swan steam iron has a water tank of 1.2-liter capacity which is detachable and refillable. 1.2 liter of water can run for days so now you don’t have to worry about finding spray guns for pressing. With 2600W energy, it can easily press your trousers, jeans, jackets, delicate garments and all the toughest clothes. Furthermore, it has an auto-heat feature which will adjust the heat based on the type of fabric so you won’t have to worry about the temperature of iron. With all of its unique and high-quality features, it would be a good choice to have this steam press iron around your households.

Key features:
  • 6 bar pump high pressure
  • 100-gram heat per minute
  • 1.2-liter water tank
  • Auto-temp feature
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Next on the list is Tefal Ultimate Pure Stean Iron. Tefal Ultimate is an iron that has a variety of features. For a start, it has a unique 2-in-1 micro-calc filter which can produce a hundred percent filtered steam to prevent stains on your clothes. This iron is one of the most powerful steam irons available in the market. Pressing your clothes is now easy with its steam boost feature which can even remove the toughest wrinkles. The machine is made to be efficient and power which throws the continuous steam in order to remove all the creases and removes the need for an ironing board.   

Moreover, it has the easiest plate cleaning technique which can save your time. Tefal Ultimate iron comes with Durilium air glide for auto clean soleplate. Durilium air glide is the quickest and the most convenient glide for cleaning. With that much efficiency, this product deserves to be in your wardrobe.

Key features:
  • 100% Filtered steam
  • Steam boost for tough wrinkles
  • Continuous heat output
  • Durilium air glide
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Who would’ve thought that pressing clothes will become that convenient and easy? Russell Hobbs wind iron is all you need for quick and clean pressing. It comes with the features of dry air and steam which suits all the garments in your cupboard. To remove the tough creases, it has a burst of steam. Moreover, Russell Hobbs wind iron comes with a large 320ml water tank with the functions of anti-drip and self-cleaning. For the tough wrinkles, the machine provides 145 grams of steam shot which removes all the wrinkles in the quickest way. This iron runs on 2400 watt with 45-gram continuous steam. 

Moreover, with its temperature alert feature, you’ll know when to decrease and increase the temperature as required for your cloth. The product is corded with 2.5-meter cable and plug for easy storage. The iron has a ceramic soleplate which adds up to its durability and looks. Russell Hobbs wind iron is all you need to settle with an easy pressing solution.

Key features:
  • 45-gram continuous steam
  • 145-gram steam shot
  • 320ml water tank
  • Self-cleaning
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Next on the list is Morphy Richard Steam Generator Iron. This iron is, no doubt, the most durable and effective. It is made of stainless steel and has a soleplate that removes creases easily. With its 100 grams of high-level heat, it can press your pile of clothes in no time. Moreover, the water tank of this product has a capacity of 1 liter so you don’t have to refill it, again and again, every time you press. Along with the detachable water tank, it has attached water spray to help you go through those tough wrinkles.  

The Morphy Richards steam iron is corded with a 1.8-meter long cable. Furthermore, it has a replaceable anti scale cartridge which prolongs the life of this machine. All of its extraordinary features will help you in pressing your clothes more efficiently and quickly. It wouldn’t be a bad choice to be on your iron stand. For more great ironing products check out our guide on cordless irons and steam generator irons.

Key features:
  • Stainless steel
  • 100-gram steam output
  • 1-liter detachable water tank
  • Attached spray
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The next generator iron is of brand Bosch. Bosch steam iron is all the convenience you need for your clothes. This machine comes with Internal motor pumps that give an output of high and consistent steam. Moreover, this product has a feature of auto-temp, which means that it will set the temperature adjustable for the fabric you are pressing. Hence, no worries for you to look out burnt clothes and temperature problems. The Bosch steam iron runs on 3120W on the maximum level and produces steam shots up to 200 grams, which presses your clothes in a quick time.  

In addition to that, this iron has a soleplate made of ceramic that gives out the best version of steam for your garments and provides easy gliding. The feature which is best of all is that it has a unique combination of heat and temperature which makes all of your clothes easily press material, with all the delicacy it requires. With everything said, Bosch wouldn’t be the wrong decision for the household. For more great home products see our guide on bladeless fans.

Key features:
  • Internal motor pumps for high heat
  • Auto-temperature
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • 200-gram steam shot
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Tefal steam generator iron is the next on the list of best steam press irons. This iron comes with unique features and quality. For a start, it comes with powerful heat performance with long ironing technology so you can keep ironing your clothes for longer. Moreover, it comes with a separate water tank that has a large capacity. Pressing clothes is now efficient than ever because this iron provides you instant access to the filter cartridge, which helps in the maintenance of the machine.  

Tefal Steam iron is durable and designed to be run for longer use with the energy of 2200W. The machine is corded and comes with a separate compartment for an easy storage solution. The traditional look iron is all you need for ironing your pile of clothes.

Key features:
  • Powerful heat performance
  • Separate water tank
  • 2200W
  • Easy access to the filter cartridge
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Now comes the Tower Steam Generator Iron. This iron is notably the most energetic with the fastest heat output. Tower steam irons on 2700W with three bar pressure, along with producing 100 gram of heat per minute that allows you to easily go through the wrinkles and tough creases in very little time. 

With its large water tank with a 1.5-liter capacity, it reduces your worries about refilling the water every next time you iron your clothes. Pressing your clothes have become more efficient with its adjustable thermostat feature that permits you precise control over temperature. 

Moreover, this machine is designed to be durable with its ceramic soleplate that allows you with easy gliding and remove the wrinkles. Ceramic soleplate also contributes toward the feature of non-stickiness which means all your worries about the burning of the clothes are now gone. The best of all, Tower steam iron allows you to do the pressing vertically. With vertical ironing, you can press your hanging clothes, curtains, and upholstery, etc. With all of its features, this unique and efficient steam iron would not be a wrong choice at all to be among your households. Check out our guide on ceiling fans for more great home products.

Key features:
  • 100 gram of heat per minute
  • 1.5-liter water tank
  • Vertical ironing
  • 2700W
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Last but not least, Braun variable steam iron. Braun steam iron will make your pressing easier than never before. The iron is designed to be sapphire soleplate which is acclaimed 4x higher than stainless steel. Hence increasing its durability. This sapphire soleplate is proclaimed you to be the world’s number 1 scratch-proof soleplate. 

 No doubt, Braun steam iron is durable enough to be in your wardrobe. Moreover, this iron runs on the great output of 2400W with extremely powerful steam that will instantly remove all the wrinkles and tough creases quickly. With its variable steam, the machine produces 50 grams of heat every minute with the steam shot up to 200 grams every minute. Here comes the best part, the machine is designed to work vertically as well. It means you can steam press your already hanged clothes, delicate hanging clothes, curtains, shawls, etc.  

Braun steam iron has an automatically made machinery with a feature of auto shut-off to save your electricity. With its auto shut-off feature, it will be automatically switched off after 8 minutes in vertical pressing, and after 30 seconds in horizontal pressing. That contributes a lot towards its safety and saving of energy. With its unique efficiency, the machine is able to produce heat up to 50% closer to the edge of iron from where the tricky part of your garments can be pressed easily around buttons, shoulders, and motifs, etc. With its all time-efficient features, the machine is deserving to be the iron that presses your clothes.

Key features:
  • Sapphire soleplate
  • 200-gram steam shot
  • Vertical ironing
  • Auto shut-off

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