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8 Best Upright Vacuums in 2024

Published 04:05pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 04:05pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Shark upright vacuum cleanerConvertible and duo gliding motion££
Tooltime upright vacuum cleanerBagless and 600w motor£
Dyson upright vacuum cleanerWashable filter and 1.8L dust cup££
Vax Mach air upright vacuum cleanerMulti cyclonic and 2 in 1 brush£
Paldin upright vacuum cleaner22V power and detachable head£
Bosch upright vacuum cleanerMotorized brush bar and 60 mins of performance££
Hoover upright vacuum cleaner2.5L dust cup and feather-light body£
Neo corded upright vacuum cleanerThe quick-release button and 5m long cord£

Best Upright Vacuum UK

Upright vacuums are undoubtedly on trend these days and need a thorough discussion to ponder over the truth and myths about it. If you are fed up with all that stuck dirt and dust that just won’t go away no matter how hard you try, then this could serve as a savior for you.

Nothing can beat upright vacuums when it is about fighting all that old dust and shaggy look of your carpet that you loathe. No worries even if you have a giant living room, this one is specifically for you as it is designed to have a big suction mouth for large rooms and their carpets as well.

Upright vacuums are distinctive from the traditional ones because they can sum up all your pending cleaning in no time as compared to those lazy and heavy vacuums which prove to be no less than a Herculean task. The manufacturers have brought multiple innovations and modifications to the world of vacuums in the form of an upright vacuum.

The best thing about them is that they, unlike their ancestors, aren’t only for the floors, but also for your carpets, costly furniture and even that professionally designed staircase. You can use it just like your old vacuum cleaner and with just a press, it can transform itself into a lighter version.

Upright vacuums are more reliable, easy-to-use and the biggest achievement is that they consume less power, so it is the time you get rid of all that dusty and dull home to live in a better place than ever! For more vacuum guides see our top picks for vacuums for pet hair and handheld vacuums.

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Shark was the first name that brought the concept of upright vacuum cleaners to the market that is the reason it is on top of the list. It is a complete package that not only cleans your home but also makes it look trendier than ever.

Let us start with the first feature which is known as duo gliding, it is ideal for those homes which have different kinds of floors. You got carpets or hard floor, it is a piece of cake for this one when it starts its magic.

Do you know those crevices and nooks that God knows how to tackle? Well, here is your solution. This upright vacuum cleaner is amazing when it’s about dealing with all those cracks and corners of the wall that act as a perfect shelter for dust particles to hide and eventually start giving both your floors and walls, a gloomy greyish brown look.

With a whiter look than before, your home starts shinning in no time. We do realize how touchy you are about the flexibility of vacuum cleaners, and that is why Shark manufacturers have come up with the most flexible wand that can blow clean even your home’s ceiling and tall windows.

Now let us tell you a little secret about it, by pressing a button you can turn it into a handheld vacuum in no time and it also carries a 10m cord to support this innovation. With a guarantee of 5 years, it is worthy of your blind trust and those calculated budget investments.

Key features:
  • Convertible
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Duo gliding motion
  • Versatile
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We would love to start explaining this one by mentioning the 600W motor that is just super-strong to remove even that tinniest dirt particle that just won’t go away no matter what.

The strong motor means a high suction power which is the central idea behind any sort of vacuum cleaner. Most of the time manufacturers completely ignore this basic necessity to compete in making the best-looking vacuums while the Tooltime Company believes in making the best-working vacuum cleaners for your home.

The biggest difference between a traditional vacuum cleaner and an upright vacuum cleaner is their weight. While an upright vacuum cleaner is supposed to be lighter, this one does obey the same rule as well. It is lighter in weight that you can easily carry it for a long time without fearing the sore arm.

Similarly, the most annoying thing about vacuum cleaners is that when you have to empty the dust bag repeatedly while you are busy cleaning your home. Now you don’t have to do it anymore, as the Tooltime upright vacuums are bagless, with such an innovation it appears eye-catching.

Did we tell you that they are also convertible, just use them as an upright vacuum and when you are in dusting mode rather than the vacuuming, just transform it into a handheld vacuum through a button?

Key features:
  • Bagless
  • Light in weight
  • 600W motor
  • High suction power
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Dyson is a name that needs no introduction, and when everyone is indulged in the race of upright vacuum cleaners, why should they stay behind? That is the reason Dyson has also come up with their upright vacuum cleaner that depicts the power of 90AW. This is the power that can help you in vacuuming all those long-forgotten rugs and carpets that once were your topmost choice.

The most important thing while dealing with any type of vacuum cleaner is the filter that needs most of your focus. It is because all that dirt that it vacuums targets the filter directly, and the outcome is that filter reaches the stage where it is better to get rid of it or hire professional help.

This upright vacuum cleaner saves your money because all you have to do now is just to give its filter a good wash, all by yourself, and voila! You are good to go! This isn’t something that you would come across in most of the upright vacuum cleaners out there.

Furthermore, how can we continue this discussion without mentioning the dust cup? Those days are over when you had to change the dust cup repeatedly and this intermittent cleaning just spoiled the charm. That is because Dyson brings for you a huge dust cup of 1.8L which you can clean when you get free at the end of our household chores. For more must have home appliances see our guides on steam generator irons and ironing boards.

Key features:
  • 8L dust cup
  • 90AW motor
  • Washable filter
  • Saves money
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This one is specifically for those that are ready to experience a whole new era of vacuum cleaning. This upright vacuum cleaner brings for you a whole different feature which they call us multi-cyclonic.

This addition enables you to clean every sort of floor no matter if there are carpets, tiles or even those complicated designer ones, this vacuum cleaner has got your back.

One great advantage of having a vax upright vacuum cleaner is that it prevents loss of suction which means you can save that excess of power expenditure which surely is a big deal for vacuuming fanatics.

The second adorable aspect is that it comes with a dust cup of almost 1.5L which is huge. It is for the reason that people usually don’t appreciate the emptying of dust cup every alternating hour which is both mentally and physically tiring. The 1.5L dust cup saves you from all this chaos and makes the home cleaning stuff an enjoyable activity for you.

When upright vacuum cleaners reached the market, they were disliked because of one sole reason that they were too heavy to carry and blow clean the stairs. This problem exists no more because of the light-weight of vax upright vacuum cleaner that you can use even for your stairs, ceilings or windows.

It comes with a one year guarantee and this doesn’t end here. You can get a 2 in 1 brush which acts as both dusting brush and crevice tool to clean all those little dusty nooks and corners.

Key features:
  • Multi cyclonic
  • 2 in 1 brush
  • 5L dust cup
  • Best for staircase
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This vacuum cleaner can help you if you are looking for something that makes you free from all that cord stuff because it is cordless. Yes, you read it right. The manufacturers have given it a strong battery that can last for good 20-25 minutes which is more than enough even when it is a hall that you are cleaning.

All you have to do is just to recharge it for like 20 minutes and that is all. This is the super mechanism that they have presented to save the extra time and power spend on recharging.

The motor it carries is 22V which means you can get the most efficient suction power out of it. With all these features, the enhanced suction power helps you in everyday dusting too so it is the high time you say farewell to those dusty layers waiting for you to vacuum them.

The next characteristic is that its head is detachable which lets you reach all those corners that you always ignored because they weren’t easy to approach. The detachable head modifies itself according to the location it is put in, and this, in turn, makes your task way easier for you.

Key features:
  • 22V power
  • Detachable head
  • Cordless
  • Long working time
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How is it possible to discuss vacuum cleaners without highlighting the importance of sensors? Yes, this one has got sensors that can help you in targeting the dust particles no matter how hard to reach they are.

It is also a cordless upright vacuum cleaner that is specifically for the picky noses who are so fond of high maintenance. The posh design brings out the elegant appearance of your living room. Just as it looks just like the ones that you witness on your TV.

Did you just laminate your floor and now you are out of the ideas regarding the right sort of vacuum cleaner? Well, this one got your back because it is for all the types of floors even for the recently laminated ones.

It has got such an efficient battery that you can enjoy almost 60 minutes of high-end vacuuming. It takes less time to recharge unlike the other ones available in the market. The motorized brush bar serves as the cherry on the top because it increases the versatility of this upright vacuum cleaner by making it perfect for every floor type. See our top picks for power showers for more great home items.

Key features:
  • Motorized brush bar
  • 60 minutes of performance
  • Sensor technology
  • Elegant design
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Forget the 1.5L dust cup capacity because we bring you the hoover upright vacuum that consists of a whole 2.5L capacity dust cup, which is astonishing. The manufacturers have realized the aptest need of the hour and modernized it.

Just because it possesses this huge dust cup doesn’t mean that it has increased its weight. No, with all this it still weighs less than 4kg. Hence, it surely is way better than most of the big names out there.

The lightweight lets you carry it as long as you want without worrying about the straining of the arm. You can also take it up and down the staircase easily, thanks to the feather-light body. The 2.5M hose length is just as praiseworthy which also counts as its prominent aspects.

The list doesn’t end here, with this package you also get those tiny little dusting brushes. You can use those to clean the crevices and nooks as well.

Key features:
  • 5M hose length
  • 5L dust cup
  • Feather-light body
  • Free brushes
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Let us start explaining this one by introducing the 600W motor. It can make all that dust just a deal of one good vacuuming session. The motor power is directly proportional to the suction strength itself. So it is clear that there is some high-level vacuum performance of all the time.

Also, it is a modern upright vacuum and deals with all the contemporary demands. Hence it is bagless so you don’t have to worry about the dust bag gets full or any overloading issue. On another side, it also saves you from all that extra time and power spend on a bagged vacuum.

Yes, it is corded but you won’t feel any such thing, credits to the 5m long cord. You can take it anywhere with you because it isn’t bulky, unlike the traditional ones that we all have come across once in our lifetime.

Do you also suffer from trauma when you want to dump all the mess but it scatters as soon as you release it? Neo solved this problem too by introducing the quick release features. So the dump reaches directly the bin as soon as you press the quick-release button. No scattering or clumsy outcomes. See our guide on electric showers for more great home items.

Key features:
  • Bagless
  • 600W motor
  • 5m long cord
  • Quick-release button

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