Updated: 08 May 2020

How to Upgrade your Car

Whether you want to sell your existing car or want to make modifications to your existing one, most people dream of driving a fantastic vehicle. You want your car and your money to work for you. However, most people shell out too much money in many car modifications that sometimes cost as much or more than the cost of a new car! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on upgrading your vehicle. It doesn’t need to burn a hole through your pocket. 

There are several ways that you can modify your car to look new. The plus point is that you have to spend very little money. There are several kits available online that help you clean your vehicle, like headlight restoration kits, carburettor cleaners, dashboard cleaners, and so on that help bring the shine back to your old car. Apart from cleaning, you can also upgrade your vehicle with a new android car stereo, some Bluetooth transmitters, or add a new aux cable to amplify the audio connectivity.

With most people opting for automatic braking, and blind-spot monitoring, there are new technological advancements that you can avail. One of these is an inbuilt car alarm that connects to your smartphone or tablet. Some people also have massage seats and in-car Wifi!


Why do I need to upgrade my car?

Most people purchase cars not just to travel, but to travel in comfort. Safety, security, and protecting loved ones from accidents are of utmost importance to almost all. In the UK, the increase in car breakdowns and accidents have risen in the past decade. While this is not necessarily an issue with the car itself, there are incidents when upgrading the vehicle, improving the shelf life, and taking care during driving could have prevented the accidents. 

A car that whines as you drive is a definite indicator that there is something wrong. Replacing or upgrading the car is an excellent way to fend off the high costs of buying a new one while ensuring your current one works at optimum efficiency. Purchasing a new vehicle is a hefty expense, and most people cannot afford to change their cars every alternate year. Upgrading the vehicle, installing a few updates, and keeping it well maintained and clean can help increase safety and security while driving. It can also improve the shelf life of the car.

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Benefits of upgrading your car

Reliability: Upgrading the car means increasing technology in the vehicle. Clocking in several kilometres daily will decrease the reliability of the vehicle if you do not improve and upgrade it. While this is not necessarily an expensive decision, spending a little money now and then can increase the reliability of your car. Small aspects include using carburettor cleaners to ensure your vehicle stays clean. Keeping your carburettor unclean and filthy will decrease the mileage and performance of the car in the long term.

Lower running cost: You need to renew your car insurance each year. A well-maintained car is a lesser risk to insurance companies, and the annual premium paid is substantially decreased. Apart from the insurance cost, maintaining and upgrading your ensures you spend less money on the regular maintenance of your car. Running costs increase with a decrease in mileage and efficiency. Upgrading your vehicle with small costs like maintaining your visibility with a headlight restoration kit, adding a car alarm to deter thieves, and installing a Bluetooth transmitter to avoid speaking on the phone will help you drive better, and decrease your running costs in the long term. 

Improved safety: Your current car may help save you big bucks in travel costs daily, but you may be compromising on your safety. Ensuring your vehicle has is serviced, well maintained, has all the needed safety gear like secure seatbelts, airbags, a spare tire, and more will help increase your safety when in the car. Upgrading your vehicle and ensuring you are taking care of your family can also reduce the chances of accidents, and save your medical and hospitalization bills. 


When should I upgrade my car?

Most of us have cars that are in good working condition. When your car works fine, you don’t usually want to upgrade your vehicle and add to your costs. However, as the years go by, not making the upgrades will result in a more significant loss for you than making small upgrades.

Warranty: if you’re unsure of when you should upgrade, look towards the warranty of your car. Most people opt for extended warranties with the sale of a new vehicle which can last for up to 5 years from the date of purchase. Most people like to change or upgrade their cars before their coverage is over. As you get nearer to the expiry date of your warranty, you should start improving your vehicle systematically.

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Always start below the hood with small changes that enhance the engine and running capacity. Once that’s done, start moving to the interior of the car. Upgrade the exterior and paint of the vehicle with a fresh coat to preserve the body from rust, and wear and tear. Making these upgrades closer to the expiration date of the warranty will help save you a lot of money.

Finance: Most British car owners use available finance to purchase new cars. Car loans and financing options from lending institutions help decrease the overall cost of the vehicle and make it easier to afford over a short period. Once you have paid the instalment amount on your car loan, you should start considering upgrades to your car. If you are considering a re-sale, then making small improvements to your vehicle could fetch you a higher value than the base rate of the model and year of your car. 

Added enhancements help drive the sale price of your car higher without making an actual dent in your pocket. If you plan to make an early termination on your current car loan and sell it at a premium, ensuring that you have the upgrades will help cover the initial cost of the car, the transferable amount, and leave a little extra for you to make a down payment on your next one. 

There are several ways you can upgrade your car. You can steadily increase the visibility of your night time driving with some led headlight bulbs, improving the displays of the in-car system, HUDs or Heads Up Displays that help you navigate smoothly, or even a seat massager. Let us look at some ways you can upgrade your car by increasing its functionality and efficiency without losing out on style. 


Car Alarms 

The first thing you should do to protect and upgrade your car is installing an alarm. Auto theft is an increasing reality in today’s world. Installing a car alarm will help deter and protect your vehicle from thieves. 

While most people park in their garages, many do not have this option and need to park in lots or parking spaces. A car alarm is a great way to ensure your car is protected at all times. It also saves you a lot of money in insurance claims or buying a new car.

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You could also install parking sensors and proximity sensors to protect your car while parking. Twisting and turning in small spaces, lanes, and parking spots can be incredibly stressful. Not parking correctly and having a proximity sensor can result in scratches and dents to the body of your car. Most parking sensors are activated when you shift the gear stick to reverse. 

Proximity sensors work even while moving forward in drive setting. Using sound waves, these sensors help identify surrounding objects and aid you in driving safely at all times. Installing these upgrades can help you save a lot of money in liability claims and premiums.


Audio equipment

If you want to increase the style and the efficiency of your car, you should consider upgrading the sound equipment. Most people enjoy listening to music during travel, but some also conduct their work while driving. Installing a new android car stereo to improve the sound quality in the car is an excellent way to start. Other notable upgrades are aux cables and Bluetooth transmitter. Bluetooth wirelessly connects your smartphone and other devices to the car stereo and allows you a hands free experience during calls or while listening to music. 

You no longer have to scroll through your playlist and get distracted while driving manually. The added advantage of a Bluetooth car kit is that you do not need to buy a new car; all you need to do is buy a small transmitter that connects your smart device to the vehicle. If you do not want to install a Bluetooth transmitter, you could also install aux cables to connect the audio devices and smartphones. High-quality aux cables have excellent sound output and enhance the audio in the car. 


Seat heaters

The British weather is an ever changing one. It can get sunny, rainy, and cold in the gap of a few hours. Seat heaters are ideal for wet and cold weather. You can upgrade the car seats with built-in heating pads. If your current car does not have the feature of heating the seat, you can ensure the comfort of your entire family by spending very little money. Seat heaters are an excellent way to ward off the chill and protect your family from breathing issues.

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Seat massagers

This fabulous invention is meant purely for comfort. While it is not necessarily an upgrade, installing a seat massager can help protect you on long drives. People living in the suburbs and driving downtown for work usually face a lot of traffic and stress. A seat massager can help ease the strain on your body while relaxing you and offering comfort. Latest models offer seats with massaging capabilities, but you can upgrade to a new seat instead of a new car. You also get some seat covers that are a mix of a seat heater and massager. If you are fond of this upgrade, you could buy one that offers both. 


Rearview cameras

Simply having a parking sensor is not enough. Most accidents are caused due to low visibility. Rearview blind spots while parking has become most common in the UK, leading to an increase in the road accident index in the last decade. Rearview cameras help you eliminate blind spots and reverse safely. 

Most suburbs have a high residential population. Reversing safely and ensuring you don’t run over small pets and children is a necessity. Install a rear view camera to drive safely and protect yourself and others. 


Fresh brakes

Installing a new brake kit is a great idea. Not only do tuners work excellent with sharp breaks, but the visual appeal is also fabulous. Before you start increasing the engine output with systematic upgrades, it is essential to improve your braking capability in emergencies. Handling your trajectory and improving braking is crucial for a safe driving experience. 


Performance tires

New tires can help get a lot of friction while driving. Sticky tires can make the difference on the road covered in ice or water. Skidding, toppling over, and getting caught in water pockets can cause serious accidents. There are plenty of great options to choose from, and finding one in your budget is usually not a hardship. Irrespective of the type of car you drive, installing new tires can increase the shelf life of your vehicle by four to five years. Ideally, you should change your car tires every three years depending on how worn out they are.

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