10 Best Car Alarms in 2020

Carlock Anti-Theft Device

The device sends alerts on the smartphone if there is any danger in starting the car at odd times or any vibrations. This device also sends signals if it is disconnected from the vehicle. Since teens like to drive vehicles at high speeds, a message is posted to the smartphone in case of harsh acceleration.

E-Tech Flashing Red LED – Dummy Alarm To Deter Thieves

This device flashes light in bursts, which helps keep the thieves away from the vehicle. It can easily be attached to the car and can be positioned anywhere. The self-adhesive pad helps connect it easily.

Sunsheln TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and Car Alarm System

The device comes with four sensors, which can be installed on the tyres. The digital monitor helps to check the tyre temperature and pressure. It further reduces the chances of accidents as it informs the driver about low or high pressure.

Best Car AlarmsKey FeaturesPrice
E-Tech Flashing Red LED - Dummy Alarm To Deter ThievesThe device can be positioned anywhere on the body of the car, the light keeps flashing red£
Powstro Car Alarm LED LightThe car LED device flashes all night and can be charged through solar energy£
Onerbuy Solar Power Simulated Car AlarmThe flashing LED light will let intruders know about the alarm so they may not touch the car£
EasyGuard EC004 Smart Rfid Car Alarm systemKeyless entry, extra cautionary alarm system££
Technaxx Car AlarmThe siren sounds for two minutes to warn the user about danger££
Sunsheln TPMS and Car Alarm SystemThe device will keep the owner and the family safe by detecting the temperature and pressure of the car and displaying it on the monitor££
Viper 3400V 3-Channel 1-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security Keyless Entry SystemThe car alarm system will protect the car through siren and starter interrupt£££
Carlock Anti-Theft DeviceThe device can easily be installed, it helps keep the vehicle secure even if it gets disconnected£££
Cobra G193 modular alarm/ immobilizer systemThis alarm system works on modern ultrasonic waves technology, featured with mini-modular design£££
Viper 3100V 1-Way Security SystemThis car alarm provides boot, bonnet, and door security£££


Best Car Alarms UK

All cars, whether cheap ones or premium ones, come with a door locking anti-theft system. Yet people involved in car thefts break these locks easily. To secure the vehicle, a car alarm system needs to be installed. Modern cars have alarms installed during manufacturing, yet an extra-alarm will help provide additional protection to the vehicle.


What are the Things to Look for in a Car Alarm System?

  • Alarm Type: Users should be aware of different types of alarms produced by a device. Some devices have one or two tones, while others have up to six tones for various purposes.
  • Battery: Some car alarm systems come with a battery that needs to be charged regularly. Users must ensure that the battery is fully charged at all times. They must also be aware of the life of the battery.
  • Sound: Users must check the shrillness of the sound, which should be loud in case there is an attempted robbery. The duration of the sound should also be taken into consideration.


All the products in this review are arranged in increasing price points from lowest to highest and have been reviewed on the basis of quality, shrillness, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

This anti-theft device is black in colour and flashes a red light. The device can be positioned anywhere, and it will help deter the thieves who try to steal the car. The device has a self-adhesive pad, which helps in sticking to the vehicle.

A battery is needed to operate the device. A good battery can provide a backup of 1000 hours.  Besides cars, the device can also be used for homes, gardens, and other parts of the property.


Key features:

  • The device can be attached and positioned in any way.
  • Battery and self-adhesive pad are included in the alarm.
  • It can be used in cars, boats, vans, homes, etc.

This LED device can be easily installed, and no batteries are required for its operation. The Powstro Car Alarm helps detect intruders and thieves who try to steal the car by breaking the lock or through other means. Besides vehicles, the device can also be installed inside houses, boats, vans, etc.

The light produced by the Powstro Car Alarm prevents intrusion and theft at night.

The alarm can easily be installed on the roof of the car with some glue. This variant has solar cells, which absorb sunlight. The switch of the device is tiny, and users need to switch the alarm on or off with the help of the pointy end of a ballpoint pen.


Key features:

  • The device is available at an affordable price.
  • It can be installed in all types of vehicles. Besides vehicles, people can also install it inside their house.
  • It can easily be charged by solar light.

The Onerbuy Solar Power Simulated Car Alarm is powered by solar light and works when in the dark. The device has a red light that flashes all night. The alarm can easily be installed, and no wires are needed for the purpose. When the intruders and thieves see such a light, they do not try to steal the car as they have a fear of the alarm ringing.

The switch of the Onerbuy Solar Power Simulated Car Alarm is tiny, and users need a ballpoint pen to switch it on and off. The device is useful for cars, bikes, houses, vans, boats, etc.


Key features:

  • Solar energy is needed to operate the device, so there is no need for batteries.
  • Flashing lights force intruders to ignore the vehicle as the alarm may be raised if they try to steal it.
  • Can be easily placed with the help of tapes provided along with the product.

This device comes with a transponder that provides additional safety to the car. The device can be started and stopped with a button. People also have the option of keyless entry to start and stop the vehicle. With this feature, there is no need to start the car using keys.

The EasyGuard EC004 Smart Rfid Car Alarm system is available for petrol cars. Installing the device is a complicated process, and car owners will need a professional to accomplish the task. You will need to flip the alarm to arm mode when exiting the vehicle. The device will start functioning within 50 seconds. To disarm and unlock the car, the responder should be kept at a distance of 2.5cm from the antenna. After a beeping sound, users can start their vehicle. For other car items see our guide on bluetooth transmitters.


Key features:

  • The alarm is compatible with most cars
  • The device is available at an affordable price
  • The car alarm comes with an installation manual

The device comes with PIR motion detection sensor. An alarm is raised when the device detects motion.  The 450 mAh battery provides a standby time up to six hours. The battery on the Technaxx Car Alarm can be charged with the help of two USB charging ports. The battery takes three to four hours to get fully charged.

The siren in the device produces a sound of 110dB. Remote control is also available to activate or deactivate the alarm. The alarm is raised for two minutes to warn the owner about the danger.


Key features:

  • Two USB are ports available for charging.
  • Battery life is 21 months.
  • The battery takes only three to four hours to get fully charge

This device helps to detect the pressure and temperature of the tyres of the car. It can be charged using solar energy or through a USB connector. The Sunsheln TPMS and Car Alarm System comes with multiple alarms, which help reduce the chances of accidents. It also consumes less power and is feasible for all types of weather conditions.

The four sensors of the Sunsheln TPMS and Car Alarm System can easily be installed with the help of a spanner included in the package. An LED screen can be installed on the console, that will display the temperature and pressure of all the tyres. If there is an abnormal condition, it raises the alarm.

To install the device, the monitor should be turned on, and the sensors should be installed on all the tyres. As soon as the car picks up the speed of 9mph, the pressure and temperature of the tyre are displayed. For other car items see our guide on dashboard cleaners, for a pristine look.


Key features:

  • The pressure reading is displayed in the LED monitor.
  • The driver has the option to increase the pressure of the tyre if it is low.
  • The owner can carry the maximum load allowed in a car.

This device includes a keyless entry system and can be controlled with a remote control that comes with four buttons. It comes with a shock sensor, which raises the alarm when the car is in motion. The Viper 3400V has a blue LED status light that warns car thieves away.

The driver can park the vehicle safely as the device comes with a parking light alarm. The device also has a panic mode, that triggers an alarm in case of emergencies. Another unique feature of the device is a starter interrupt. If the thief ignores the siren, the starter interrupt prevents hot-wiring, and the thief is unable to drive the car. For other car guides see our one on led headlight bulbs.


Key features:

  • The device is available at an affordable price.
  • The starter interrupt feature available in the device helps in preventing hot wiring.
  • It comes with a parking light alarm.

Users can rest easy knowing they have the Carlock Anti-Theft Device installed in their vehicles. It helps in alerting owners by sounding an alarm in case of movement in and around the car. A warning will be raised even if the device goes offline and gets disconnected.

The Carlock monitor rings an alarm in the phone if the vehicle is moved, the device is disconnected, or if the car is in motion. Since teenager’s love driving fast and rash, the Carlock Anti-Theft Device also monitors sudden bursts in speed and acceleration. The device further helps in tracking the health of the vehicle.


Key features:

  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Global quick and fast service available
  • Installation is easy.

This Cobra G193 modular alarm/ immobilizer system operates through ultrasonic waves. It comes with a remote-controlled system. The installation guide provided with the device comes in two formats, one as a printed manual and the other as a .pdf file which can be downloaded online.

The Cobra G193 modular alarm/ immobilizer system provides protection to the door, boot and bonnet of the vehicle. The ultrasonic alarm sensors are waterproof. It has a mini modular design which looks classy and fits easily inside the car. The Cobra G193 modular alarm/ immobilizer system comes with square plastic brackets, which makes it easy to install. It is equipped with an automatic door locking and anti-hijack facility. If you need a new aux cable for your car, see our guide.


Key features:

  • The sound of the alarm is loud enough to be heard from a long distance
  • The installation process is easy, such that it can be done by the user
  • It operates through ultrasonic waves

This product offers a door, boot, and bonnet security with shock sensors up to two stages, one exceeding the other. The alarm is quite loud and works at 12V. It comes with a 2x3 configuration remote with two auxiliary channels. The Viper 3100V provides connectivity for the central locking system too. This alarm works with 1 nonstandard battery and also provides users with a parking light flash facility. While this is a costly car alarm system, the efficiency of the product entirely makes up for its cost in the long term. See our guide on android car stereos for other great car items.


Key features:

  • This is equipped with a two-stage shock sensor
  • Provides the facility of keyless entry
  • The installation process is easy and can be done by referring to it’s manual