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10 Best Android Car Stereos in 2020

Published 08:30am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 08:30am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Xomax Xm-R266 Car StereoHands-free Bluetooth function enables us to make a phone call using a microphone present on the front panel and loudspeakers in the car£
Polarlander Car StereoThe music quality is better than CD DVD player with retractable screens£
Panlelo Car StereoThe stereo is more stable with fewer bugs, lesser glitches and gives a high-tech feeling£
Parkomm Car StereoThe multimedia player is compatible with almost all cars which can be easily installed££
Pioneer Car StereoThe special karaoke feature is in itself a very unique feature which makes it outstanding££
Lexxson Car StereoThey offer a 30-day money back guarantee and also 1-year repair warranty with lifetime technical support££
Atoto Car StereoIt offers a screen lock option for the users especially when the vehicle is taken by others which will protect the user’s personal information££
Pumpkin Car StereoThe steering wheel input change the track and volume as per convenience£££
Panlelo Android 8.1 Car StereoThis illuminating stereo is universal and convenient and safe while driving£££
Pioneer Avh-Z3100dab Car StereoThe nonstop mix tracks help in keeping the party going with DJ effects and club style illumination£££

Best Android Car Stereo UK

Music is an art which sets the strings of mind, heart and soul on a melodious rhythm. Such that the listener indulges oneself in the lyrics. Music relaxes a soul inside out. On the contrary, it can be motivational too. And when it comes to a drive, music is a necessity. Without music in a car, the trip would be monotonous. Music keeps you awake during a journey. With the changing technology, stereos in vehicles have undergone a drastic change.

Nowadays, Android car stereos are in demand. These are in fact the most excellent add-ons in a car. They use the latest technology to provide quality sound. All android car stereos make use of the Android auto app to mirror the features of an Android device on the display of the vehicle. Moreover, it supports various apps like GPS, SMS, web search. These devices can be operated by touch screen or buttons on the head unit. Android Auto is a section of Open Automotive Alliance which is a joint effort of 28 automotive manufactures. The technical supported is provided by Nvidia. This amazing device is a bounty in itself. Here, in this article, we will discuss 10 Best Android car stereos.


How to Buy

  •        Video and sound quality- zero audio delay and high quality are to be considered.
  •        Formats followed- It should support all forms of media. Some can flawlessly play 4K videos.
  •        Storage capacity- Large storage capacity with expandable memory is always crucial to a good car stereo.
  •        Connectivity- secure internet accessibility with blue tooth and USB connectivity provides smooth functioning. Moreover, not to be forgotten is the GPS navigation.
Xomax Xm-R266 Car Stereo

Xomax XM -R266 Car stereo comes in DIN 1 format without CD drive, with MP3, buttons and ergonomic knob. It is designed with all the features at a little cost and a must-buy product with radio FM with AMS and 18 memory stations. Music can be played via Bluetooth A2DP. XOMAX XM –R266 car stereo makes driving safe and flexible.

One just needs to use the Bluetooth to connect the device with the car stereo which will enable making or receiving a phone call using a microphone on the front panel of the dashboard and the loudspeakers in the car. The SD slot and the USB port can be used with all the memory devices. Thus, it can play up to 256 GB music with 7 LED light colours.

Key features:
  • 18 memory stations and automatic tuner
  • SD support max: 128 GB
  • A USB port with charging function
Polarlander Car Stereo

In the Polarlander Bluetooth car stereo, the MP3 player supports hands-free calls with a USB TF card. It has 800 x 480 large HD screens which provide best-in-class video quality, LCD display with remote control. It gives an uninterrupted drive when the headphones are connected to Bluetooth. The Polarlander stereo consumes less power with 18 memory stations. The 87.5 – 108MHz FM radio not only helps to enjoy the music but also helps to change the route during heavy traffic. It supports multiple languages and is a must-buy product as it is pocket-friendly. If you need an aux cable for your car check out our other guide.

Key features:
  • HD upgrade version
  • 18 memory stations
  • Manual pull out screen
Panlelo Car Stereo

The Panlelo  S1 Android 2 DIN Universal  7 car stereo is user-friendly and very easy to operate. When Android is connected to Bluetooth, making calls becomes more comfortable and during heavy traffic congestion, answering calls becomes quite safe too. Panlelo has a brighter touch screen with colour balance which enables watching movies during any journey. The device can be connected through the hotspot and enjoy online shopping, watch the news and lots more. The 7-inch touch screen looks excellent while navigating even with ample data in the device. It has various inbuilt features like back camera input, power output, A/V input, Wi-Fi and steering wheel control. The Android 4.4 system is a good buy stereo while going on a trip which makes the journey enjoyable at a low cost. For other car guides see our picks for led headlight bulbs, for longer lasting vision.

Key features:
  • It has 16 GB ROM
  • The Android phone serves as a head-unit
  • The 7-inch screen helps easy navigation with voice guide and real-time traffic map data.
Parkomm Car Stereo

Parkomm 7-inch Double Din Bluetooth Car Stereo with HD touch screen, Android 7.1 is compatible with most cars. It can be connected to Android smartphone, link with dual control. The Bluetooth enables hands-free operation with streaming music maximising the joy of the ride. Parkomm car stereo has a high digital screen which supports Wi-Fi and GPS making the navigation hassle-free.

It supports 32G TF card with inbuilt FM with frequency range: 87.52 MHz and 30 pre-set FM stations. It is a multi-language stereo with DVD video and media format. A cost-effective product with many features. If you would benefit from just making your car bluetooth, consider a bluetooth transmitter as a cheaper option.

Key features:
  • Double Din car radio
  • Mirror link function enables enjoying exciting games.
  • Newest Android 7.1 system and GPS
Pioneer Car Stereo

Pioneer MVH – A 200VBT is the most affordable product in car entertainment. One can enjoy watching favourite shows or movies in a 6.2” high-quality touch screen while travelling on the dashboard of the car. The Bluetooth enables hands-free with streaming music over a wireless connection. It has a meshless display with FM/ AM radio with a rear USB, AUX In,3 Preouts and steering wheel control.

The Pioneer car stereo has a unique Karaoke feature which when connected with a microphone enables the user to mix his/her voice with the audio via Bluetooth. With its low cost and substantial built-in features, buyers will never regret their purchase. See our guide on dashboard cleaners for other car products.

Key features:
  • iPhone and Android audio control
  • Bluetooth and hands-free with audio streaming
  • Illuminating buttons with  6.2” touch screen
Lexxson Car Stereo

Lexxson Android 8.0 Double Din Car Stereo has a 7” digital touch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, 2GB RAM, 16GB Rom and  16 GB flash memory card. It supports multiple languages with a Wi-Fi connection. The FM radio has an auto-memory storage facility, and the multimedia player is compatible with all formats.

Lexxson stereo has a unique built-in Bluetooth 4.0 which enables hands-free to make or receive a call while driving. The built-in road navigation maps keep the journey hassle-free with a steering wheel control, and the seven colours LED backlight makes it more fascinating. The high-quality digital stereo enables hearing the music, news, travel information yet enjoying the ride. Value addition for all cars with innumerable specifications at an affordable price.

Key features:
  • Multiple inputs and output sources
  • The resolution of the screen is 1024 x 600
  • Android 8.0  with 2g RAM and 7’ screen
Atoto Car Stereo

Atoto A6 double din Android car navigation stereo comes with dual-Bluetooth with hands-free and streaming audio. The second Bluetooth works as a tethering internet and also allows it to easily connect to the gamepad. It has a GPS navigation facility which supports 3D maps and even voice guidance for both online and offline apps thus making the ride hassle-free.

Users can find the latest updates in the firmware version of Atoto A6 series. This android stereo is a perfect substitute to a tablet with USB cables, AUX audio/ video input and a unique built-in easy connect application for easy accessibility. It is a good choice as a not so expensive model with easy installation. To keep your view on the road clear, check out our guide on windscreen wipers.

Key features:
  • Higher brightness gives a better view.
  • Highly compatible for installation in all the vehicles
  • Hands gesture recognition
Pumpkin Car Stereo

The Pumpkin android 8.0 car stereo head unit has various specifications like Bluetooth, RAM 2GB, Core CPU processor, 32GB memory and a built-in radio which works worldwide. The integrated USB port/ micro SD card can support up to 128GB and comes with a Wi-Fi function.

The pumpkin Android stereo has auto-screen mirroring function which enables to view and control your smartphone on the stereo screen. Its GPS navigation facility supports 3D maps and voice guidance in both online and offline apps. It is a complete package of high-grade video and audio inputs. For other car items see our guide on car alarms.

Key features:
  • External 3G dongle
  • GPS navigation system
  • Hand free calls and high-quality audio streaming
Panlelo Android 8.1 Car Stereo

Panlelo S4 max Android 8.1 car stereo is the latest version with CPU Outscores processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM memory, 32 GB ROM, touch screen and can be installed in all cars. It has a voice guidance GPS support for both online and offline maps. It has a capacitive multi-touch screen with built-in Wi-Fi and a steering wheel control button. It has a built-in microphone which keeps the hands-free while making or receiving calls with a phonebook and has a call recorder too.

Panlelo stereo has an inbuilt Wi-Fi with FM radio and audio format like MP3, WMA, AAC, RM, LFAC. The stereo comes with a 1-year warranty and control on the steering wheel makes the ride safe and flexible. It is worth investing in this product. For other car items see our guide on carburetor cleaners.

Key features:
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Safe driving with reverse camera input
  • 7-inch display screen
Pioneer Avh-Z3100dab Car Stereo

Pioneer 2- din I stereo is a perfect entertainment to a car which can be connected to any device with a USB cable either to charge the device or listen to a clear sound. Users can also enjoy their favourite radio stations in crystal clear digital quality sound. A single USB cable helps to connect to an iPhone or Android phone. It plays DAB/DAB+ Digital radio, audio/ video content from CD’s, DVDs and USB devices.

Pioneer stereo is attached with a Bluetooth which enables hands-free for calls and high-quality streaming music over a wireless connection. The front display panel is highly illuminated with 210.000 colours which give the car’s interior an endless colourful effect. An important feature is the GPS navigation facility with the stereo which enables hassle-free travel by knowing the real-time traffic information. The product is one of the highest ranges of products with unlimited control buttons and functions. If there is a desire to spend little more to get much more, go for this product.

Key features:
  • Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming
  • Compatible for both Android and iPhone.
  • Second camera input to assist while driving, towing or parking

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