10 Best Dashboard Cleaners in 2019

Armor All Original Protectant 10-0z

It comes in a pump spray bottle which makes it the best. A small quantity is enough to clean the interior of the car. Thus, it lasts long. One product for cleaning various surfaces makes it a multi-purpose product. It is easy to carry as the nozzle is protected with a plastic cap that prevents spillage.

Meguiar’s G13616EU Quik Interior Detailer

T It is capable of cleaning all the interior surfaces, may it be, plastic, rubber, vinyl, navigation screen, LCD screen, and metal. It leaves the surface with a satiny finish without any smears. The sun blocking UV filter agents present help to restore the original appearance of the dashboard. Moreover, it is easy to apply to get the desired finish.

Aerospace Protectant Ray Protector Trigger Spray

It works great to remove dirt and help the dashboard regain its original gleaming look. The best part is that it offers UV protection for any sort of material in the car. It is free of silicon as a result of which the dashboard does not gets discoloured with regular use.

Best Dashboard CleanersKey FeaturesPrice
Meguiar’s G13616EU Quik Interior DetailerGood Performance, cleans better, offers improved and deeper cleaning£
Mer MASIC5 3676Non-sticky, long lasting finish in an affordable price range£
Greased Lightning Dash Devil 1 Ltr dashboard and Interior trim cleanerIt has a versatile formula which cleans multiple surfaces and provides natural matte-finish£
Chemical Guys ( All Clean+ Citrus Based) All Purpose Super CleanerEasy to use, impressive clean finish and it works for various surfaces£
Meguiar’s G19216EU Ultimate Polish Pre-Waxing GlazeIt cleans better, provides additional protection, and it is effortless to use£
Aerospace Protectant Ray Protector Trigger SprayThe performance is excellent, works with various surfaces, and it prevents dashboard cracking££
Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner Matted EffectIt is affordable, silicone-free and the performance is pretty high££
Dirtbusters cherry fragranceIt is an all-in-one product as it can be used on the car’s exterior and interior£££
Nextzett (Formerly Einszett) Flash All Purpose Cleaner/Cleaner 1000 mlIt is easy to use and works not only for cars but also for general home cleaning£££
Armor All Original ProtectantIt is easy to use, cleans with just one wipe, lasts long, and does not leave a greasy residue£££

Best Dashboard Cleaners

 Whenever the time comes to owning the best ever dashboard cleaners for a beautiful car, you need a product that can maintain the shine of the dashboard. The panel is likely to get dull with time because of the UV exposure combined with dirt and grime.

You can continue getting a newer and fresher look for the dashboard by cleaning it regularly, ensuring it is protected from dust and grime, and keeping it shiny at all times.


Things to consider before buying a dashboard cleaner for your car

  • Surface: Select the best cleaning agent according to the surface that has to be cleaned. Doing this will aid in selecting the product with appropriate components.
  •   Ingredients: Make sure that the elements used to make the dashboard cleaner are entirely safe for the vehicle’s interior and for the environment.
  • Quantity: A small amount should be enough to clean the surfaces. The whole idea behind buying a cleaning agent is to get the best value for money.
  • Ease of Use: While it is vital to keep the vehicle’s dashboard clean, don’t waste the entire day in doing the cleaning. Purchase something that will work best in a shorter period.
  • Cleaning Ability: It should be potent enough to clean the surfaces with few strokes, therefore, not letting one waste a whole day in that.


All the reviews below have been tried and tested for quality, durability, shine, and cleanliness. Comparisons, wherever needed, have been made according to cost and effectiveness. All the product reviews have been arranged according to increasing price points.

People are going to love the Meguiar’s G13616EU Quik Interior Detailer cleaner for the performance and the cost. This is because it can clean all the interior surfaces with so much ease. As a result, they will be comfortable right working with it to get instant results.

Meguiar’s G13616EU Quik Interior Detailer is one among the best options since it comes with sun blocking agents. As a result, it can preserve the original appearance or the feel of the dashboard. With the panel looking clean and shiny, one will feel it was worth buying the product in the first place.


Key features:

  • Contain sun-blocking agents.
  • Protects all interior surfaces.
  • Has a deep cleaning formula.

This is a unique product utilizing an “Auto Shine Technology”, that is formulated to give a deodorizing citrus fragrance. It provides a deep cleaning action to remove the annoying stains of chocolate and grease too. Mer Masic5 is easy to use and does the work in a short span of time. Just spray and wipe are the only two steps required. No usage of water is required.

This multi-surface cleaner works on carpets and chrome also. It  leaves behind a non-sticky finish on the dashboard. Mer Masic5 is a well established brand serving people since the last 40 years and is able to keep up the quality till date. It comes in a 500ml bottle and lasts long owing to its cleaning effect which is achieved with just one spray. For other ways to make your car look great see our guide on headlight restoration kits.


Key features:

  •  It cleans the surface deeply to provide a non-sticky finish.
  • A multi-surface cleaner which cleans all the kind of materials present inside the car.
  • No water is required for the functioning.

This is one of the best products that can be used for cleaning the interior of the car. It comes with some good features that make it the best. First of all, it is a multi-surface cleaner. This means that it is able to clean all the diverse surfaces present on the dashboard. It leaves behind a natural matte-finish surface rather than an artificial shiny one.

Dash Devil also helps clean the floor and rubber trims present around the doors and windows. The fragrance it imparts allow users to cherish the trip in their car.


Key features:

  • Restores the original shine.
  • Doesn’t contain silicon and solvents.
  • Suitable for all kind if surfaces present on the dashboard.

The Chemical Guys ( All Clean+ Citrus Based) All Purpose Super Cleaner product works great and delivers a fantastic performance. By using this product, you can easily lift the dirt and grime away from the car to leave it looking good. People can now replace all those chemicals that do not work from their cabinet.

This is because of the Chemical Guys ( All Clean+ Citrus Based) All Purpose Super Cleaner dashboards cleaner. This cleaner is known to be one of the best in the market currently, especially for the price it is at and is terrific in terms of performance. This fantastic cleaner should definitely be on everyone’s must-have list. See our guide on android car stereos for quality control whilst driving.


Key features:

  • Advanced cleaning formula.
  • Even after being diluted, it works wonderfully.
  • Formulated with natural citrus components.

Meguiar is known to make superior quality products that make a lot of our viewers happy. This is because it is capable of delivering on few good performance points that work for everyone. It can clean, penetrate, and further rejuvenate all the different surfaces in the car.

This kind of product is still useful from Meguiar’s G19216EU Ultimate Polish Pre-Waxing Glaze since it is incredibly durable and long lasting. This kind of protection is excellent for ensuring that the surface is not affected by the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun and overexposure to excessive sunlight. It is even capable of restoring life and colour to the surfaces while simultaneously offering the best protection.


Key features:

  • Eliminates fine swirl marks
  • Provides pre-waxing glaze.
  • Gives Hi-gloss paint finish

The next time anyone is looking to have a good time cleaning the dashboard, this is a fabulous solution. This is because it works excellently in removing dirt and then helps the panel regain its look. The best part is that it will offer you superior UV protection for any sort of material in the car. It Works best on coloured fibreglass, vinyl, clear vinyl windows, plastics, leather and rubber trim.

Treated surfaces repel dirt,  water spots, salt water and mildew. The Aerospace Protectant does not contain silicone.  This kind of product is excellent even when it comes to protecting the dashboard from fading and discolouration. As an added benefit, it protects the panel from cracking. For other great car guides see our one on car alarms.


Key features:

  • Full Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Does not contain petroleum distillates & no mineral oil.
  • It’s easy to use as only a few strokes give a shining surface.

The Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner Matted Effect is still one of the best and user-friendly products available in the market when it comes to cleaning the dashboards. It comes with a good formula that is capable of fantastic work. The product is solvent and silicon-free, making it one of the best in the market currently. It is definitely great when it comes to cleaning the various plastic parts in the car.

The next time you are looking for the best performance model at a cheap rate, this should be a one-stop solution for you. The Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner Matted Effect works great to deliver the best clean looking surface in the car. It works excellently to repel dust from the surface so that it will become a beautiful and neat dashboard. Another great feature is that it leaves a fresh scent behind. This will definitely make the car smell amazing. As a result, one can always find many more people going for it right now.


Key features:

  • Does not contain Silicone
  • Prevents electrostatic charges.
  • Suitable for use on fan nozzles

This product is an all-rounder with regards to cleaning the various surfaces. Despite the fact that it is intended for cleaning the outside, it functions admirably for the inside of the vehicle as well. This successfully works on the windows, dashboards, tech screens, and so on. It can trap the dirt and dust with one swipe and imparts a charming cherry aroma.

This is a 1-step answer for cleaning different surfaces. It can be used on diverse hard surfaces with ease. Extremely user-friendly, it will gives excellent outcomes without leaving an oily buildup. One will have a dashboard that looks great without having an oily or greasy look. See our guide on led headlight bulbs for other great car tips.


Key features:

  • Bestows a brilliant shine to the interior of any car as well.
  • Provides lasting protection in rain.
  • It is  water repellent.

It is great in terms of quality and in general usefulness. As it can expel the residue and light soil from all the surfaces of the vehicle. Unquestionably this incorporates the dashboard. Best of all, it gives a perfect look without appearing oily. The semi matte finish that this cleaner is known for is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. This product works well on the steering wheel, route screens, and much more.

The fragrance imparted is a citrus mix that is pleasing to the smell. The aroma is gentle, so can be used by people with sensitive noses. In addition, it also contains special components that have great sun-blocking capabilities. If you’re also looking for a replacement aux cable check out our other guide.


Key features:

  • Biodegradable in nature as it is made out of natural ingredients.
  • Imparts fresh citrus scent.
  • It cleans audio and navigation screen.

The Armor All Original Protectant comes with some excellent features that make it the best. First of all, one gets the wipes that are great in terms of convenience and functionality. Armor All original protectant comes in a handy nozzle spray bottle protected with an anti-spill transparent cap. The aroma is very refreshing, which makes the drive pleasant.

The Armor All Original Protectant works efficiently on different car surfaces. This includes plastic, vinyl, and rubber. In the end, you will have good long-lasting performance as compared to some extraordinarily expensive products on the market.

The cleaning wipes will also be able to remove the ground-in dirt, dust, and grime. There is no doubt that the Armor All Original Protectant is a product that works great. Check out our other car cleaning guide, carburetor cleaners to make your car run smooth.


Key features:

  • Pump spray original protectant.
  • Does not leave a greasy residue.
  • The nozzle is protected with a cap