10 Best Carburetor Cleaners in 2020

Profi Fuel Max Carburettor Cleaner

It is a carburettor and fuel system cleaner that prevents the problem of fuel storage. Profi Fuel Carb Cleaner is easy to use and works efficiently on every engine.

151 Products LTD Choke and Carb Cleaner

This LTD Choke and carb cleaner remove all the residual dirt and oil from the Carburettor. It increases the efficiency and performance of the engine by cleaning both the internal and external parts.

Silverhook SGCC1 Carburettor and Injector cleaner

Silverhook Carb Cleaner works effectively to remove grease, oil, and grime. It is a heavy duty carburettor and the injector cleaner. Prevents the building of Carburettor grime once cleaned.

Best Carburettor CleanersKey FeaturesPrice
151 Products LTD Choke and Carb CleanerHelp in maintaining optimum performance levels in all cars£
HYCOTE Maintenance Carb CleanerRemoves dirt and grease from carburetor and induction system components£
Wynn’s 181014 54179 Carb CleanerCleans carburetor, air intake system, and other small car parts£
STP Carb Spray CleanerKeeps Carburettor at peak condition cleans linkages, and automatic chokes£
Holts EGR & Carb CleanerBest Carburettor and EGR cleaner increases engine efficiency££
SPower Maxed Pmcc500Sc02 Carb CleanerPowerful spray jet for carburetor and intake system££
Silverhook SGCC1 Carburettor and Injector cleanerBest to remove residual build-up, and prevents new degradation££
CarPlan TMX611 Carb and Throttle CleanerRemoves dirt, grease, varnish, gum, and resins from Carburettor££
Comma CAC500M Carb Clean AerosolImproves the working of the engine, cleans remote parts£££
Profi Fuel Max Carburettor CleanerEasy and efficient to use, best for Carburettor and fuel system cleaning£££


Best Carburettor Cleaners UK

Till the late 1980s, combustion engines primarily relied on Carburettors for proper mixing of air and fuel. However, in the Modern World, cars use fuel injection. The Carburettor present in car vehicles ensures that an appropriate amount of fuel enters the engine such that combustion takes place successfully. 

Carburettors, over time, build up dirt, oil, and grease on small car parts. If you do not clean them periodically, there will be a decrease in the amount of fuel that gets to the engine. Thus it will falter engine performance, or it may die in the middle of running. Hence it is essential to remove this all dirt with the help of carb cleaners.


How to Buy the Best Carburettor Cleaner?

The best carburettor cleaner is one that removes all the dirt, grease, oil, and other residues from small parts of the carb in one spray. It must contain aerosol that prevents the rebuilding of waste on small pieces. The carburettor cleaner should improve the efficiency and working of the fuel engine. It must be safe to use on all parts of the car, including rubber and plastic. It is better to buy one that does not have a side effect on the catalytic converters.

The 151 Products LTD Choke and Carb Cleaner cleans all the oil and dust and helps keep the engine and Carburettor at optimum levels by cleaning its internal and external surfaces. It also removes oil deposits on the linkages and cables. It does not have any side effect on the catalytic converters and is best for petrol driven machines. You can even use it as an engine cleaner to bring about a significant improvement in the engine work.

The 151 Products LTD Choke and Carb Cleaner prevents jumping of the car so that the vehicle becomes responsive. This product is easy to use and easy to transport from one place to the other. It is a fast acting cleaner that helps the vehicle get rid of sludge, carbon deposits, gum, and grease. It comes in a spray pump form and does not harm any other machinery in the car. For other car restoration items see our headlight restoration kits.


Key features:

  • Cleans sludge, oil, dirt, and gums
  • Does not damage the catalytic converters of the car
  • Great for external and internal parts

The HYCOTE Maintenance Carb Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for carburettors and induction system components that helps remove all the dirt and grease deposits on small car parts. The HYCOTE Maintenance Carb Cleaner starts its work by softening the fuel deposits such that oil becomes easy to remove. This remarkable quality helps the engine perform better and leaves the Carburettor clean for more extended periods.

The HYCOTE Maintenance Carb Cleaner is easy and quick to use in conjunction with the catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. With the use of the HYCOTE cleaner, you will not have to worry about excessive grime and oil deposits. The filter is cleaned to a high quality that helps in an extended lifespan of the Carburettor.


Key features:

  • Dissolves oil and grease from the Carburettor
  • Softens and removes the dirt and oil deposits
  • Helps restore the performance of the engine

Wynn’s 181014 54179 Carb Cleaner is the best cleanser for small car parts that are difficult to reach by manual cleaning. Motor vehicles, boats, and lawnmowers get affected by grease, dirt, and oil very rapidly. The engine needs to be cleaned out regularly for them to operate at perfect conditions. Small elements, when cleaned, can alter the working of the engine.

Wynn’s air intake and the carb cleaner is the best solvent to remove and dissolve dirt very quickly from the Carburettor. It is comprised of an active power jet spray that provides support to the cleaning action and further dissolves gum, deposits, and lacquer. Wynn’s 181014 54179 Carb Cleaner is known to be a prime quality product that helps in keeping the engine alive for more extended periods. For other car items see our guide on android car stereos.


Key features:

  • Cleans motor vehicle carburettor and other car parts
  • Dissolves and removes dirt from air intake system without disassembly
  • A solution for all kind of vehicle maintenance issues

The STP Carb Spray Cleaner is the best Carburettor, linkages, and choke cleaner that keeps the Carburettor at its peak condition. Remember not to spray the filter on the car’s finish since it might cause streaking of the paint and wax. The STP Carb spray is a formulated blend made up of cleaning solvents that quickly removes gum, varnish, sludge, dirt, grease, and carbon deposits. It works on both, internal and external parts of the Carburettor, free sticking automatic chokes, and PCV Valves.

The STP Carb Spray Cleaner is an easy to use, fast acting spray that maximises the working power, efficiency, and performance of an engine. Regular use of the STP Carb Spray Cleaner can help you get rid of build-ups and harmful deposits. This product is specially designed to meet the requirements of a professional user. For other car guides see our one on led headlight bulbs.


Key features:

  • Best Carburettor, choke, and PCV Valves cleaner
  • Easy to use and fast acting spray
  • Maximises working power, efficiency, and performance of all engines

The Holts EGR & Carb Cleaner is very budget friendly. It also helps eliminate smoke from exhaust pipes. It will work well if you follow the instructions before using it. The engine will work as per your expectations. There is an increase in the performance of the motor after the application of the spray solution.

The Holts EGR & Carb Cleaner removes all carbon deposits effectively, but the solution works for a short time. It works directly with the intake valve to remove all unwanted particles from the Carburettor. It also acts as a general car parts cleaner. This cleaner provides highly efficient dirt, grime, and dust removal in comparison to others. For more car cleaning see our guide on dashboard cleaners.


Key features:

  • Improves the efficiency and performance of the engine
  • Removes all the residue and other carbon deposits
  • The best and general car parts cleaner

The Power Maxed Pmcc500Sc02 Carb Cleaner is a strong solvent that dissolves and removes the dirt very quickly. It has a powerful jet spray that supports the cleaning action. Power Maxed spray is made especially for carburettor cleaners, and intake systems without disassembly. It also works excellently on the carburettors of petrol engines.

The Power Maxed Carb Cleaner is best for easily seen parts of the Carburettor. It is an easy-to-use carb, Inlets, Sensors, and exhaust Manifolds cleaner. It is budget friendly and does its job well. This carb cleaner prevents further build-up of oil and grease.


Key features:

  • Strong solvent
  • Powerful jet sprays to support the cleansing action of intake systems
  • Easy to use and avoids disassembly of carburettor parts

Silverhook Carburettor Cleaner has the best and most effective grime, oil, dirt, and grease removal properties. It facilitates a smooth operation and improves petrol consumption. It also helps lubricate the linkages thanks to the powerful jet spray action.

The Silverhook SGCC1 Carburettor and Injector cleaner is a heavy-duty injector cleaner and comes as an aerosol can. This aerosol can prevent further build-up of residue in carburettor parts. It is even compatible with components that are coated. The Silverhook SGCC1 Carburettor and Injector cleaner removes all deposits in a single use. It is easy to use since it comes as a spray can and can be applied directly to the affected areas. For more car improvements see our guide on bluetooth transmitters.


Key features:

  • Easy to use carburettor cleaner
  • Helps improve the working of petrol engines
  • Heavy duty injector cleaner that is made of an aerosol can

The CarPlan TMX611 Carb and Throttle Cleaner is a specialised car carb cleaner developed to remove all dirt, grease, and grime. It removes residue and gum deposits from all small carburettor parts, automatic chokes, and linkages, and will not harm the catalytic converters.

The CarPlan TMX611 Carb and Throttle Cleaner is user-friendly and can be used by almost everyone. However, it must be kept out of reach of pets and children. This cleaner is useful for cleaning carbon deposits with a few sprays.


Key features:

  • Specially developed for cleaning Carburettors and Throttles
  • Removes oil and dirt and prevents a build-up
  • Does not harm the catalytic converters

The Comma CAC500M Carb Clean Aerosol is ideal for cleaning caravans and carburettors. Every part of the vehicle, from the engine to boats, and lawnmowers gets affected by grease, oil, grime, and deposits of dirt. These are small elements that can reduce the performance of the engine. Comma Car Clean is specially designed to provide superior quality cleaning to the areas of the vehicle that are challenging to reach like, choke jets, Carburettors, and linkages.

The Comma CAC500M Carb Clean Aerosol has a unique formula designed to help remove dirt. It also helps in the restoration of vehicles to their optimum effectiveness, which in turn helps in the improvement of vehicle fuel consumption to restore lost power. This easy to use spray-on formula can make carb, choke, and jets cleaning quick and easy.


Key features:

  • Cleans inaccessible parts of the vehicle
  • Improves the efficiency of a running engine
  • Restores vehicle to optimum effectiveness

Profi Fuel Max cleaner is a fuel system cleaner that stops the storage problem in fuel systems. It is easy to use since you need to add it to the fuel tank. It is perfect as a fuel and carburettor injector. It works with all engines and lawnmowers. Storing vehicles and engines for extended periods can decrease their lifespan and increase oxidation and recurring deposits. This action can further lead to faulty engines and running issues.

Profi fuel Max provides help remove all oil and carbon deposits. Cleaning the Carburettor is quite comfortable with the help of this carb cleaner. Fill the tank with the Profi Fuel Max and start driving. Over time, the running of the engine will improve substantially. If you’re looking for a new aux cable for your car see our guide.


Key features:

  • Fuel system and carburettor cleaner
  • Easily added to the fuel tank
  • Can work with any engine- petrol or diesel