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Best Headlight Restoration Kits in 2021

Published 08:11am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 08:11am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter
ProductKey FeaturesPrice
T-Cut Headlight Restoration KitRestores yellow and scratched headlights to crystal clear£
QUIXX Reliable Headlight Restoration KitCleans all yellowing matte areas and light scratches£
Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration KitRejuvenates yellowed and cloudy headlights to new£
Quixx 00084-us Restoration kitRemoves yellowed parts and provides protection layer from UV rays£
CLT Headlight Restoration KitSaves time & money and provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays££
Holts - 11750 - Headlight Restoration KitBudget friendly, easy to use, removes oxidation££
Meguiar’s One Step Headlight Restoration KitCleans all the yellowed parts on cloudy headlights and helps to rejuvenate them££
3MTM Headlight Restoration KitRemoves scratches and dullness, protects from stone chips£££
Autoglym Headlight Restoration KitImproves performance of the lamps, restores the unique look of the car£££
3M 39164 Headlight Restoration KitRestores, headlights, taillights, and directional indicator lights back to life£££

Best Headlight Restoration Kit UK

Everything fades with the changing time. However, that does not mean you should have half-vision while driving in the night. Headlights of the car fade with time, but you have to restore them. Older cars mainly use glass material for lights, and modern vehicles use plastic material. Plastic gets scratches very often and develop a yellowish colour over the years that turn the headlights blurry.

If the scratches are outside the headlamp, then one can use a headlight restoration kit to rejuvenate the light by polishing the head covers. With the help of a headlight restoration kit, you will not have to replace the entire headlight and spend much money.


How to Buy Headlight Restoration Kits?

The best headlight rejuvenation kit is one that consists of everything that is required to restore the headlight back from its yellowish colour. It must be a quick and easy to use, budget-friendly product. The Kit must include sandpaper, an excellent abrasive polish to make the lenses smooth, a sealant, and a special applicator pad. It must be quick to restore dull and cloudy lenses to their original form. The Kit must also include a microfiber cloth to ensure indirect application of the polish and abrasive material compound. The effect of the mixture on headlights must be permanent, so you do not have to keep restoring it every month.

All the products in this range are arranged in increasing order from lowest to highest price points with special focus on clarity, cleaning properties, and restoration of headlights.

1   T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit

T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit

It helps in the restoration of yellow, scratched headlights to crystal clear ones. This headlight restoration kit consists of the T-Cut Headlight Polishing compound, a microfiber cloth, and the T-Cut Headlight Restorer Sealant. The package is created to improve the clarity of headlights and improve visibility of light by removing abrasions and haziness from the plastic to reveal uncoated bright headlights. The compound and sealant work together to rejuvenate scratched and cloudy yellow headlights to look like new ones.

The perfect combination of the mixture with the sealant provides excellent treatment to the lights. The T-Cut Headlight Restoration Kit polishes and protects them. The Kit does not need any drill or tools because the powerful solution is good enough to do its work. It is practical and easy to use. You need to use gloves while using this restoration kit since it could harm the skin. You also need to keep it away from pets and children. If you need new led headlight bulbs as well see our guide.

Key features:
  • Removes residue from headlight utilizing a microfiber cloth
  • Leaves the area polished and protected
  • Removes Abrasions and haziness from plastic lights

2   QUIXX Reliable Headlight Restoration Kit

QUIXX Reliable Headlight Restoration Kit

QUIXX Headlight Restoration kit has the primary aim to remove all matte, yellowing areas, and light scratches to restore clear lenses of headlights. Along with this, it provides a durable layer so that it could increase the future resistance to the scratches and yellowing. The Kit improves safety with perfectly bright lights, thus improving the vision. The package also enhances the optics that retains the value of the headlight and automobile.

The QUIXX Reliable Headlight Restoration Kit includes all necessary components needed for application, like sealing, polishing, sanding, polish cloths, and abrasive paper. It has many superior effects, thanks to Plastic Deformation Technology. It is a permanent fix with a reasonable remedy for cleaning purposes. Now, you need not take your car to a professional mechanic. The QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit is the best alternative to expensive repairing of headlights. For other car repairs see our guide on carburetor cleaners.

Key features:
  • Consists of all restorer set materials
  • A great alternative to buying expensive headlights
  • Removes all damage and opacity of headlights

3   Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit

Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit

This restoration kit is best for the removal of medium oxidation. It has properties to seal headlights and protect them from future yellowing and cloudiness. This Kit is best to improve the performance of the lights and look new. The Turtle Wax kit has the power to restore dull, yellowed headlights to give a brilliant long-lasting shine. This rejuvenating product has properties to improve the appearance of the lens and improve visibility for safe driving. There is no requirement to use the power tools with this restoration kit to get superior results.

The Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit includes three steps for the restoration of headlights. First, you have to clean the lens and apply masking tape to protect other parts. Second, you have to apply the compound, and third, you have to use the lens sealing wipe to add a protective layer. For other car items see our guide on android car stereos.

Key features:
  • Removes medium oxidation
  • Seals headlights from future damage
  • Restores dull and yellowed headlights

4   Quixx 00084-us Restoration kit

Quixx 00084-us Restoration kit

Quixx Restoration Kit helps rejuvenate foggy and yellowed headlights with a sealer to prevent the recurrence of the dirt. No additional tools are required for the working of the compound. It provides an excellent dirt repellent coating. This Kit is one of the best alternatives to expensive treatments for headlight restoration. It is best in safety measures as the Kit offers clear visibility on congested roads.

The Quixx 00084-us Restoration kit’s sealer generates a long-lasting detergent proof protective layer against environmental influences. Its dirt repelling surfaces always keep lenses clean. When used regularly, the headlights are minimally affected by harmful UV rays. These rays increase yellowing of the lights. The Quixx 00084-us Restoration kit has properties to eliminate all unwanted scratches and increase resistance. For other car items see our guide on car alarms.

Key features:
  • Restores old cloudy and foggy headlights
  • Provides professional results
  • A budget-friendly and unique way to generate a protective layer

5   CLT Headlight Restoration Kit

CLT Headlight Restoration Kit

The CLT Headlight Restoration Kit helps protect headlights from the UV rays of the sun. It consists of three easy steps without the use of any sandpaper, masking, and other tools. It saves a lot of time and money. This Kit starts working in less than 60 seconds by improving the brightness and returning clarity to the headlights.

All you need to do is wipe the protective layer to get perfectly bright lights. It is best to apply a fresh coat for additional UV protection. With the rejuvenation, it improves visibility and thus increases safety during night time. It also includes polish and dry towels, instructions, and gloves in the gift box.

Key features:
  • Two-minute procedure for rejuvenation of headlights
  • No tools required for the process
  • Easy to use and budget friendly

6  Holts – 11750 – Headlight Restoration Kit

Holts – 11750 – Headlight Restoration Kit

Holts Headlight restoration kit restores yellow, dull, cloudy parts of headlights to maximum visibility and transparency. It brings headlights back to their initial brightness. This Kit also removes deep scratches and surface oxidation on the lights. This simple and easy to use Kit has one bottle of the abrasive polish, one headlight sealer aerosol spray, two microfiber cloths, eight sanding discs, one buffing pad, and one disc pad holder.

The process can take some time to rejuvenate the lights to the original product. Cleaned lenses look as good as new with the help of the Holts – 11750 – Headlight Restoration Kit. Once done, apply the UV protection spray to bring about the final results. For other car restoring items see our guide on dashboard cleaners.

Key features:
  • Easy to use to restore the transparency of headlights
  • Restores clarity for maximum visibility
  • Removes deep scratches and surface oxidation

7   Meguiar’s One Step Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar’s One Step Headlight Restoration Kit

The Meguiar’s One Step Headlight Restoration Kit provides a one-step solution for the restoration of headlights and improvement of visibility. It is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of scratches, grime, and oxidation from the lights. It is suitable to use for the motorcycle windscreens, headlights, taillights, and helmet visors. It consists of Plast-RX, that is safe and effective to clear the plastic.

Do not directly apply the solution to the headlights, use the microfibers for the same. There is a “Stubborn Defect Removal Pack” inside the Kit in case the microfiber is unable to remove the dirt. It could be unsafe to travel without headlights, especially during night time, and this Kit has solved the problem for several people.

Key features:
  • One step solution for restoration of headlights
  • Helps to get rid of scratches, grime, and yellowed part
  • Consists of Plast-RX

8   3MTM Headlight Restoration Kit

3MTM Headlight Restoration Kit

It is a DIY Headlight Restoration Kit that has a drill-mounted system and is easy to use. It consists of all the products for full lens repair and improves visibility during the night. It helps in the restoration of dull, faded, and discoloured headlights, that save your time and money. This Kit can also repair stone chips and road dirt. It helps in the removal of scratches and scuffs.

The 3MTM Headlight Restoration Kit consists of abrasives, masking tape, one mounting system, polish, and pads. The package brings about a cost-effective solution. Now you need not buy brand new lights for the car every time. There is a clear step by step description such that beginners can also carry out work themselves. If you’re looking for a new aux cable for your car see our other guide.

Key features:
  • DIY Kit with drill-mounted system
  • Consists of all products for headlight restoration
  • Used for restoration of stone chips and road dirt

9   Autoglym Headlight Restoration Kit

Autoglym Headlight Restoration Kit

The Autoglym Headlight Restoration Kit returns the original look to your vehicle and helps it get free from dull and cloudy headlights. This Kit is an effective solution for restoring clarity to the lights and is designed to work with an electric drill. It is a fast, effective, and safe to use Kit that renovates plastic headlight lenses.

The Autoglym Headlight Restoration Kit consists of everything that is required to rejuvenate the headlights. It includes a restoration compound, Drill bit backing system, sanding abrasive disc, sanding foam disc, white compounding pad, and a microfiber cloth. To keep your vehicle in amazing condition, check out our guide on windscreen wipers.

Key features:
  • Restores original look
  • Improves the performance of the bulbs
  • Renovates plastic lights

10   3M 39164 Headlight Restoration Kit

3M 39164 Headlight Restoration Kit

The 3M 39164 Headlight Restoration Kit works well on headlights, taillights, and directional indicator lights. It consists of a sanding disc and a polishing pad along with the compound. It improves the appearance of the car that turns them to the look with new headlights. It helps in the restoration of dull and cloudy lenses.

The 3M 39164 Headlight Restoration Kit consists of a four-step process to restore the quality of lights and protect them from debris. There are no tools required for the rejuvenation of headlight. The process is rapid to use, but it takes time to restore the original look. With the 3M Headlight kit, it is entirely possible to refresh your headlights without spending too much. If you want to make your car bluetooth see our guide on bluetooth transmitters.

Key features:
  • For use on tail lights, headlights, and directional indicator lights
  • Consists of sanding discs and polishing pads along with the compound
  • Restores dull and cloudy lenses of headlights

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