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Best Leisure Batteries in 2021

Published 10:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 10:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
SuperBatt LM110 Leisure BatteryDimensions LWH of (354x175x190) mm, capacity of 12V, 110Ah and 800A, uses advanced calcium technology.£
TravelBatt TB25MF Leisure BatteryMeasures 354mm(L)x175mm(W)x190mm(H), capacity 110Ah, voltage of 12V, uses advanced calcium technology.£
Numax Dual Xv27Mf Leisure BatteryMeasures 257mm(L)x172mm(W)x220mm(H), capacity 95Ah, voltage of 12V, amperage of 690A, left polarity, demineralized electrolyte.£
Platinum SD6110L Leisure BatteryMeasures 330mm(L)x172mm(W)x242mm(H), capacity 110Ah, voltage of 12V, twin terminals, dual purpose.£
Lucas LX31MF Leisure BatteryMeasures 330mm(L)x172mm(W)x242mm(H), capacity 105Ah, voltage of 12V, amperage of 800A, 500 recharge cycles, left polarity, dual-purpose.£
Yuasa L36-100 Leisure BatteryMeasures 353mm(L)x175mm(W)x190mm(H), capacity 100Ah, voltage of 12V, amperage of 900A, 1380-watt hours, 160 recharge cycles.£
Banner 95751 Box Energy Leisure BatteryMeasures 350mm(L)x175mm(W)x190mm(H), capacity 110Ah, voltage of 12V, semi-traction technology.££
Hankook XV110 Leisure BatterySet of two, measures 354mm(L)x175mm(W)x190mm(H), capacity 100Ah, voltage of 12V, durable, sturdy casing.££
CaravanExpert AGM BatteryDimensions of 350mm(L)x175mm(W)x190mm(H), capacity 140Ah, voltage of 12V, tilt-proof, maintenance-free.££
MarineGel 140Ah Leisure BatteryDimensions of 350mm(L)x175mm(W)x190mm(H), capacity 140Ah, voltage of 12V, GEL technology, tilt-proof, maintenance-free.££

Best Leisure Battery UK

From powering appliances in your recreational vehicle to protecting your electrical appliances by correcting irregularities in your power supply, leisure batteries have become indispensable in our modern world. A vital element of camping in this era is luxury, and that means lights, TVs, heater, and other electronic devices that would make your shed or motor house comfortable. This need inadvertently means much power and that, for a long time.

A poor choice of leisure battery could leave you with an unpleasant camping experience. Leisure batteries vary in type, and so do the factors to be considered in choosing which is best for you. Some technicalities are involved in choosing a good leisure battery. These include frequency of usage, purpose, discharge rate, battery capacity, and cycle. We know that all these factors to be considered could be overwhelming for you. As a result, we are bringing you the best leisure batteries to make an informed decision.

1   SuperBatt LM110 Leisure Battery

SuperBatt LM110 Leisure Battery

Do you hope to enjoy the sea breeze by embarking on a ride with your boat or perhaps relax in your caravan or motor home catching up with the outside world on your TV set while enjoying a chilled drink from your low watt fridge? The SuperBatt LM110 Leisure Battery has you well covered. The high battery capacity of 110Ah means more time for leisure and less need for frequent charging.

Besides, this battery employs an advanced calcium technology. This makes it virtually maintenance-free. Therefore, you can rest assured that it would serve you for a long time. The battery is very sturdy and has no preference for any weather in functioning. The tight sealing also ensures that there is no leakage from any point, when conveying it from one station of use to another or when placed on a vibrating surface.

The SuperBatt LM110 Leisure battery comes fully charged and ready to use. The self-discharge rate is inconsequential, and so you can have it still usable after a long time of unuse. Surprisingly, the price is amazingly low when compared to its performance. It also comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Key features:
  • High battery capacity
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Usable as starting or auxiliary battery
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

2   TravelBatt TB25MF Leisure Battery

TravelBatt TB25MF Leisure Battery

As a camper, you need more than just the best trail camera. You also need a power source to charge it when out camping. Hence the need to get the TravelBatt TB25MF Leisure Battery. It is suitable for people who frequently use their caravans or motor homes away from electrical hook-ups due to its 110Ah storage capacity and power-optimized design. The Advance Calcium+ Silver Lead Alloy Technology used in the grid system causes an improvement in the battery life and sustenance of high starting power for a long time. Consequently, it is suitable both as a startup battery and an auxiliary source.

Thoroughly sealed, the TravelBatt TB25MF Leisure Battery promises no leakages of fluid and gas as well as regular high performance regardless of the weather condition. There is also no need for topping fluid as it is structured to be maintenance-free while terminals are also guaranteed not to corrode under any condition. More so, it is covered by a two-year warranty.

Key features:
  • High storage capacity and performance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Weatherproof performance
  • Two-year warranty

3   Numax Dual Xv27Mf Leisure Battery

Numax Dual Xv27Mf Leisure Battery

From the purchase price to the applaudable service it offers, you will find the Numax Dual Xv27Mf Leisure Battery as a good buy. Doubling as an auxiliary power source and startup battery, you will get the satisfaction you desire from this battery. It is unarguably durable and is sure to serve you for a long time. The full-frame grids and plates help to eliminate occurrences of short-circuiting, hence prolonging battery life.

The presence of dual terminals allows you to connect multiple appliances at the same time, and the ease of charging is commendable. Also, terminals are forged from stainless steel to ensure that they do not corrode easily. When it comes to delivery of power-per-round, the high-density plates ensure that more power is delivered compared to other batteries. Water loss is reduced by the use of demineralized electrolytes, ensuring that it has a longer life.

Key features:
  • Dual-purpose flooded lead-acid battery
  • Dual terminals for multiple connections
  • Easily charged with solar panel
  • Long-lasting and sturdy

4   Platinum SD6110L Leisure Battery

Platinum SD6110L Leisure Battery

There is much to be appreciated in the Platinum SDL110L leisure battery that has a battery capacity of 110Ah. This NCC certified battery caters to all leisure and marine auxiliaries, and by implication, suitable for start-up and auxiliary. Much attention is paid in the design to its cyclic ability, ensuring that it doesn’t break down in the continuous cycle of charging and discharging. Its heavy-duty plates and glass fibre separators provide it with maximum power, durability, and deep cycle strength.

Maintenance wise, there is no need for topping electrolytes. Also, a charge level indicator helps to monitor the battery’s charge and acid level. The battery uses a Labyrinth Lid technology employed that averts flashback and spark occurrence

The Platinum SDL110L also boasts of stainless steel non-corrodible dual top terminals that allow for multiple appliance connections and more flexibility in installation. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has magnanimously included a three-year warranty that covers all faults and manufacturing defects.

Key features:
  • High battery capacity
  • Anti-flashback and anti-spark technology
  • Deep cycle strength
  • Three-year warranty

5   Lucas LX31MF Leisure Battery

Lucas LX31MF Leisure Battery

When it comes to durability, the Lucas LX31MF Leisure Battery is the real deal. With a recharge cycle of 500, durability and longevity could not be better spelt. Having a high storage capacity and low discharge rate, it can operate away from an electrical hook point for a long while. Should you choose to use it continuously or occasionally, its low self-discharge rate is an assurance that it would always be at your service when needed.

Also, the Lucas LX31MF is portable and very handy with its centrally placed reinforced single handle for carrying it. It is tightly sealed to eliminate dangerous gases and leaks and does not require topping up of its fluids. The battery’s relatively high weight testifies to the electrode content.

Other great features of this battery are the charge indicator that ensures you know when it is due for charging and the dual terminals it possesses, by them easing installation and hook up.

Key features:
  • Requires no maintenance
  • 500 recharge cycles
  • Dual terminals
  • High storage capacity

6  Yuasa L36-100 Leisure Battery

Yuasa L36-100 Leisure Battery

You will feel at rest with the Yuasa L36-100 leisure battery. It boasts of an impressive 1380 watt-hours, which is more than enough power for a boat ride and running of electrical lightings and appliances in your caravan. Moreover, it works for both starting and deep cycling. The specially designed plates can withstand the detrimental consequences of frequent deep discharge and recharge.

Asides the fact that this battery requires no maintenance at all, it has been structured to withstand vibrations from the environment or surface without harming the cells. Your safety and that of the battery are taken care of by the incorporated flame arrestor and two carrying handles.

You would find the Yuasa L36-100 leisure battery to be very durable. The battery casing is of Polypropylene material, which is known for its good heat and chemical resistance, toughness, and flexural strength. The NCC certification that comes with it is no small advantage to attest to the standard guaranteed by it.

Key features:
  • Polypropylene parts
  • Dual-purpose (starting and deep cycling)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Resistant to vibration

7   Banner 95751 Box Energy Leisure Battery

Banner 95751 Box Energy Leisure Battery

The Banner 95751 Box Energy Leisure Battery is a worthy choice for campers and owners of recreational vehicles. The dual-purpose adaptability means it is suitable for use as a startup battery and auxiliary. The 110Ah battery engineered with thick plates and a special envelope separator has a long life. The Banner 95751 Box Energy Leisure Battery has a spill-proof and valve regulated design that prevents acid leak and terminal corrosion.

The external casing is sturdy and can withstand intense weather conditions and pressure without a negative impact on internal elements. The reduced height allows it to fit into less spacious platforms for installation. The semi-traction technology gives it a high resistance to deep and repeated discharge cycles without compromise.

Lastly, the Banner 95751 Box Energy Leisure Battery is NCC certified, which gives it an added advantage in verifying its accuracy and performance.

Key features:
  • Dual purpose
  • High battery capacity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust casing

8   Hankook XV110 Leisure Battery

Hankook XV110 Leisure Battery

The Hankook XV110 Leisure Battery with a 110Ah capacity is a heavy-duty, deep-cycle, and dual-purpose battery. Thanks to the full-framed grid design, the battery won’t short circuit at any time, thereby prolonging its life. Heavy-duty calcium coated grids and high-density oxides provide it with maximum power, durability, and life. An impressive attribute is that the battery can still be charged full even after a 50% discharge.

Also, an adopted optimized power grid allows more energy to get to the terminals for a high startup. The battery casing has a vibration-resistant design and a strong handle for carrying it. The battery monitoring point helps you know the condition of your battery. To cap its already impressive features, the Hankook XV110 is maintenance-free and sealed to prevent the escape of fluid and gases.

A four-year warranty on this battery is a strong statement of durability by the manufacturer.

Key features:
  • Dual purpose and deep cycling
  • Vibration resistant container
  • Battery monitor
  • 4 years warranty

9   CaravanExpert AGM Battery

CaravanExpert AGM Battery

The CaravanExpert AGM battery is sure to win your heart by its attributes. With a storage capacity of 140Ah, it has over 25% more storage capacity than most other batteries, and so you can rest comfy in your caravan or cruise that boat to your satisfaction. Every camper would surely appreciate this heavy-duty and high-power battery. 

Due to the glass separators used, the valve regulated design and the tight sealing; it is impossible experiencing gas and electrolyte. The use of stainless steel for its terminals ensures that corrosion would not occur.

Maintenance-free construction means that you don’t ever have to be nervy about when to add water. And, in terms of safety, a safety relief system ensures that both in operation and charging, there are no sparks or other reasons to worry.

Key features:
  • 140Ah storage capacity
  • Anti-leak and vibration resistance
  • Safe charging and operation system
  • Maintenance-free

10   MarineGel 140Ah Leisure Battery

MarineGel 140Ah Leisure Battery

We do know you will look no further for a high capacity, heavy-duty, and dual-purpose battery after buying the MarineGel 140Ah leisure battery. It is perfect for camping, caravan, and boats. The 140Ah storage capacity means you do not need to worry about charging it frequently. An excellent output rate makes it a favorite for those who have a lot to power on their campsite. Talking of camping, you might want to check out our review of the best camping heaters. They are power-saving and quite suitable for camping.

It would be unfair not to mention that the reinforced plates used, which makes it charge fast and also provide very high cycle stability. You would not need to bother about water level because it is maintenance-free and sealed tight to prevent spillage and escape of dangerous gases into the atmosphere no matter the angle or place it is situated.

When it comes to downtime, a self-discharging rate of less than 1% per month guarantees you that damage due to being unused is impossible.

Key features:
  • 140Ah means more energy
  • Maintenance-free
  • Anti-leak and sturdy construction
  • Fast charging

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