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10 Best Air Coolers in 2020

Published 02:00pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 02:00pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Honeywell Evaporative Air CoolerDimensions 118 x 38 x 37 cm, weight 10 KG, Power 120 watts, 3 speed settings, honeycomb filter pads, water tank capacity 30 liters.£££
OneConcept CTR Air CoolerPower 65 Watts, water consumption 1 liter per hour, honeycomb structure, 400-meter cubes per hour air throughput, 2 ice packs, humidifier, and ionizer.££
Beldray EH3139STK Portable Air CoolerDimensions 16.5 x 15.7 x 16.2 cm, tank capacity 600 ml, weight 1.06 Kg, USB powered, replaceable filter, 3 speed settings, 7 colored lights.£
Klarstine Skyscraper Air CoolerDimensions 28 x 95 cm, cable length 1.75 m, weight 6 KG, cooling pack weight 275 grams, water tank capacity 6 liters, power supply 220 – 240 volts.£££
Igenix IG9703 Air CoolerDimensions 26 x 27.5 x 67.5 cm, weight 6.45 Kg, water tank capacity 6 liters, power 55 watts, energy efficiency class A+, 3 speed fans, caster wheels, water gauge, 7-hour timer.££
Evapolar evaCHILL Air CoolerDimensions 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm, weight 748 grams, power 7.5 watts, voltage 110 volts, noise level 10 dB, color opaque white, cooler, purifier, humidifier.££
Pro Breeze 5L Air CoolerDimensions 26.5 x 28 x 70 cm, weight 8.12 KG, water tank capacity 5.6 liters, color white, remote control, cooling packs, timer, night mode, 2 fan speeds.££
JML Arctic Air CoolerDimensions 26 x 20.4 x 20 cm, weight 907 grams, USB powered, runs 8 hours per fill, air filter, 7 LED colour option.£
MYLEK Large Air CoolerDimensions 86 x 41 x 34 cm, weight 7.3 Kg, water tank capacity 10 liters, 2 ice packs, remote control, 8-hour timer, oscillation function, 2 speed types, humidifier, ionizer.££
HoMedics MyChill 2 CoolerDimensions 22.5 x 20.6 x 26.2 cm, weight 1.8 Kg, power 2Kw, color white, fan throw 1.2 meters, 2 fan speeds.£

Best Air Cooler UK

Summer is great for many reasons but not for the heat, the best air coolers for the UK make the heat bearable and summer enjoyable. There are a ton of advantages of summer, longer days, clearer weather, and some epic fruits. The heat, however, is not ideal and not a lot of people enjoy being in it. This is why you need a good quality air cooler to keep you comfortable during the endless summer days.

The biggest advantage of an air cooler over the air conditioner is the cost, a great air cooler will be significantly cheaper than an air conditioner. Most of the air coolers are also portable so you can move them around your place easily. Some of them are small enough to be taken on camping trips as well, all you need is some clean water supply and you are golden.

The best air coolers for the UK use water vapors to keep the temperature down inside a room or a hall. This means they are ideal for dry areas with low humidity. You can still use them in humid areas, but they won’t be able to cool down that efficiently. So if you are living in a super humid area, you can check out the best portable air conditioners or the best dehumidifiers.

Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler

The Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler is a great air cooler that is not only easily moved but also uses very low energy. A traditional window or even a split AC is costly and can be out of your budget, but the Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler comes at a fraction of the price and is capable of some really strong cooling. If you have a large room and require hours of cooling, this is the best air cooler around.

The unit is also well-designed with its lightweight chassis and castor wheels that make it a highly mobile unit. We also like how big the water tank is, coming at 30 liters. This removes the need to refill the tank multiple times a night. The fact that it is super energy-efficient and cools down rooms as big as 262 meters in a few minutes makes it one of the best air coolers for the UK.

Key features:
  • Only uses 120 watts of power
  • A large water tank of 30 liters
  • Good highly maneuverable design
OneConcept CTR Air Cooler

The OneConcept CTR Air Cooler does a lot of things and all of them while being an affordable unit. It is a highly moveable air cooler that you can place anywhere without much effort, there are three colors to choose from as well. The air cooling part works well enough thanks to the slight evaporation of water. There is an 8-liter tank that can last for a good while but you can also place included ice packs for better cooling.

The OneConcept CTR Air Cooler also works as humidifier in winter. If you have exceptionally dry winters, this will keep the air humid and allow you to breathe easy. There is even an ionizer that turns the OneConcept CTR Air Cooler into a practical air purifier. If you have dust or pollen allergies and don’t want them to circulate in the room, this air cooler can help with that.

Key features:
  • Included ice packs kick off cooling fast
  • The ionizer is a good addition
  • The humidifier is great for winters
Beldray EH3139STK Portable Air Cooler

If you are in the market for a small and portable air cooler that you can move around easily, then the Beldray EH3139STK Portable Air Cooler is the best one for you. It is small, surprisingly powerful and it can significantly cool down your temperature when you are roaming around. This is a great air cooler if you want to camp or just want to lay in your car without the engine running.

The design of the Beldray EH3139STK Portable Air Cooler is also pretty neat. There are 7 color changing lights on the unit and it looks remarkable in a dark environment. The three speed settings and it’s easy to use nature makes it an easy recommendation. The air cooler can run on USB power as well, they even include a main to USB adopter in the package so you can use it virtually anywhere. Of course, it cannot be compared with heavy-duty units, but if you need an inexpensive cooler, this is one of the best ones around.

Key features:
  • A stylish and neat design
  • 3 speed settings
  • The unit is small and can be moved easily
Klarstine Skyscraper Air Cooler

The first thing you’ll notice about the Klarstine Skyscraper Air Cooler is its unique design. The air cooler can be placed on any skyline and it will look like a building. We even photoshopped it on a photo of San Francisco’s skyline and it didn’t seem out of place.  Apart from looking amazing, there is a potent air cooler, a fairly respectable fan and a great humidifier inside the Klarstine Skyscraper Air Cooler.

There is a 6-liter water tank that is dispersed on a honeycomb filter, making the air pleasantly cool. The energy-saving features of the unit are also appreciated. You can set the fans to three different speeds as well, and even make the fan oscillate. The cooler comes with a timer as well, so you can simply set the time and go to bed knowing it will automatically turn off.

Key features:
  • Easy to clean filter
  • A futuristic design
  • Night mode is a good addition
Igenix IG9703 Air Cooler

In the market for a sleek and traditional looking air cooler? Then check out the Igenix IG9703 Air Cooler, which is not only affordable but also an extremely efficient cooler as well.  The unit has an ice cooling chamber that is capable of dispersing cool air in the room almost immediately. If you have a small room, it can be cooled down in mere minutes. There are multiple fan settings as well, allowing you to adjust the speed exactly how you like.

We also like the removable water tank, it allows easy refills without the need to move the whole unit. The tank is of 6 liters capacity. Not that the Igenix IG9703 Air Cooler is not easily moveable, it has easy to grab handles on the sides and wheels underneath. The air cooler for the UK also comes with a 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

Key features:
  • Removable 6 liter water tank
  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Good cooling speed
Evapolar evaCHILL Air Cooler

If Wall-E girlfriend robot was an air cooler, it would look like Evapolar evaCHILL Air Cooler. That’s how sleek and stylish the design on this small, personal air cooler is. The unit can look amazing in any environment, even if you use it in your office. The 3-in-1 air cooler is capable of cleaning dust particles from the air and humidifying if the weather is dry. The cooling is also quite potent, not on the level of other big units but it gets the job done.

The cooling area is a bit smaller when it comes to the throw, however, this is exactly why Evapolar evaCHILL Air Cooler is labeled as a personal cooler. There are no non-organic materials in the cooler and it uses new evaporative materials to avoid any germ or bacteria buildup. The system is also leakage proof.

Key features:
  • A stylish and small design
  • A respectable water tank
  • Included humidifier is great
Pro Breeze 5L Air Cooler

The Pro Breeze 5L Air Cooler is perfect for a professional environment or if you want your cooler to look simple and functional. The cooler can fit in any house, room, office, or even dormitories. The advanced cooling system uses a honeycomb waterfall to provide the room with cold air. You can use it as an air cooler, or a simple fan.

The Pro Breeze 5L Air Cooler also comes with a remote control that allows you to easily change the settings without having to move around. There is also a traditional control panel on the unit as well. The 7-hour timer is perfect if you need a full night of cooling without the worry of turning the unit off.

Key features:
  • A strong and sturdy chassis
  • The water tank is of 5 liters
  • Comes with 2 cooling packs
JML Arctic Air Cooler

Small, affordable, and portable, the JML Arctic Air Cooler is a wonderfully designed air cooler that you can take anywhere. There are three fan speeds on this unit and you can easily switch between them thanks to the control panel. While it is not super quiet, it is still silent enough to make it easier to sleep. The unit efficiently evaporates water to keep you cool and comfortable.

There is a built-in colored LED light that can double as a night light as well. You can power it via mains or USB, both work perfectly fine. As the unit is so small, you can place it next to you on the side table. Now you just need a comfortable pillow for a good night of sleep during summer.

Key features:
  • Small portable design
  • 3 fan speeds
  • The light is a good addition
MYLEK Large Air Cooler

The MYLEK Large Air Cooler comes with a standard air cooler, an air purifier, an ionizer, and a humidifier. There is also a nifty remote control that allows you to control the unit from bed. The cooling is powerful and the large water tank helps keep the cooling run for multiple hours without the need of any refills. 

Overall, the MYLEK Large Air Cooler is a great cooler that only consumes 65 watts of power and provides great cooling. Combine that with a humidifier and ionizer and you have a compelling device. Now you can invest in a better mattress for even better nights of sleep.

Key features:
  • Comes with a humidifier
  • The ionizer helps keep the air clean
  • The unit has a good capacity water tank
HoMedics MyChill 2 Cooler

The HoMedics MyChill 2 Cooler is a small and portable air cooler. It can drop the room temperature by 7 degrees with ease. It has a shorter throw of 1.2 meters but that’s to be expected from such a small unit. The design is simple and pleasing to the eyes. It can run for around 4 hours before needing a refill as well. There are two speed settings on the fans. Overall, if you are in the market for a small and portable air cooler, this is the one for you.

Key features:
  • 2 fan speeds
  • 1.2-meter fan throw
  • Can cool down the room fast

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