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10 Best Quiet Fans in 2021

Published 09:41pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 09:41pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Jhua Handheld MiniFanWeighs just 65g, uses a 500mAh battery, comes with a USB cable.£
Pro Breeze Professional 6" Mini Clip FanWeighs 1kg, uses 15W motor, has two-speed settings, 360° rotating hinge, 100° tilting fan head.£
Generic Electrical 16-inch Oscillating Pedestal Stand FanWeighs 2kg, three-speed settings, adjustable height, adjustable tilt angle.£
HOKEKI Portable Desk FanBattery-powered, weighs 0.8kg, adjustable tilt angle, four-speed settings.£
Igenix DF1655 Pedestal FanWeighs 2.7kg, 40W power, three-speed settings, wide tilt angle range, adjustable height.£
VOXON TurboForce Air Circulation Table FanWeighs 1.22kg, two-speed settings, maximum noise level of 55dB, adjustable fan height.£
Igenix DF0020 Mini Tower FanWeighs 0.9kg, two fan speed settings, ultra-quiet operation, 60-degree oscillation.££
Honeywell HY254E Quietset Tower FanAdjustable noise level, adjustable thermostat, comes with remote control, 75° oscillating angle.££
MeacoFan 1056Weighs 4.24kg, 9.5W power, maximum noise level of 20dB.££
ANSIO Tower FanWeighs 4.12kg, 45W power, three-speed settings, 7.5 hours timer.££

Best Quiet Fan UK

A fan is a very useful household item to own. It helps to diffuse heat and increase ventilation, providing cool relief and creating a fresh atmosphere at the same time. Unfortunately, most fans make loud buzzing noises that are both annoying and simply noisy. It is as a result of this that ‘quiet fans’ are in high demand on the market. Quiet fans provide the refreshing breeze that fans are valued for without ruining it with noise. When it comes to quiet fans there are numerous options, including standing, tabletop and tower quiet fans.

Quiet fans tend to come with onboard settings control features along with remote control features as well. This way operating the quiet fan is very convenient for the user. They have adjustable speed settings that produce several breeze variations to suit the users’ unique tastes and preferences. This review provides a list of the best quiet fans available on the market, based on factors such as total noise production, speed, oscillation, size and the remote control

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The satisfaction derivable from a portable and mobile quiet fan should not be underestimated. In the case of the Jhua handheld fan, there are only two-speed offers. However, this pocket fan still remains moderately quiet and provides an efficient cooling effect.

Apart from it its lightweight design, the Jhua Handheld Mini Fan is very compact and portable and can be easily folded in half. Besides, its battery capacity of 500mAh enables you to readily use it during yard work, hot days, on the beach, as well as outdoor without the liability of unnecessary baggage

A round switch on the right is positioned distinctly on the body of the mini fan and asides from being handheld, the Mini-Fan can also be placed on a smooth surface for use.

The Jhua Portable handheld mini fan can be charged within an hour can be recharged by the use of a powerbank. It also comes along with a USB cable.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Strong battery
  • Easy to use
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The Pro Breeze Professional 6″ Mini Clip Fan is a powerful Portable mini fan with a 15W motor and a 360° rotatable hinge. This rotatable hinge, coupled with the 100° tilting fan head, allows for effortless coverage of airflow in all possible angles and directions thereby ensuring optimum air circulation.

This fan consists of a strong clip which allows you to use it while being hung. Suitable locations of use include by the bedside, on tables, desks as well as shelves.

It is best described as a strong yet subtle device and is equipped with two-speed settings for use. The high-speed setting can be employed during hot days when rapid cooling is essential while the low speed, low power setting is optimal and efficient for night time use.

The Pro Breeze Professional 6″ Mini Clip Fan also comes with a one-year warranty. For more type of fans check out our guide on bladeless fans.

Key features:
  • 2-speed settings
  • 360 rotatable hinge and 100° tilting fan head.
  • Mesh grill for safety
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The white-coloured Generic electrical 16-inch Oscillating Fan is a low-budget, low-noise standing fan which scores points on easy assemblage and flexibility in use. It rests moderately well on the floor and is equipped with features such as the ability to adjust both its height and fan head angle, all of which contribute to effective direct cooling and air circulation.

The Generic electrical16-inch Oscillating Fan also has several useful features that enhance its versatility. It is made of Plastic and steel and provides the ability to allow the choice of 3 different speed settings. This is a great addition and is particularly important for easy personalized use of this product. This is aided by simple button controls. 

Equipped with a 240V Mains 3 pin plug, this relatively lightweight and compact fan packs a punch and manages to combine all of its features to great effect. For more ways to keep cool in your home, check out our guide on portable air conditioners.

Key features:
  • Oscillating and tilting features.
  • 3 Speed settings with simple button controls
  • Easy to assemble
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The HOKEKI Portable Desk Fan is equipped with four different speed settings to suit your preferences. The low, medium, high and rapid speed settings all function to great effect with vertical adjustment angles and horizontal 90° rotation contributing to wider coverage in all possible directions.

The HOKEKI portable Desk Fan is white in colour and produced from ABS plastic, hence it is extremely lightweight. Moreover, its compact design makes it highly portable. It is also recharged by way of USB and can maintain optimal functioning for 15-16hours when fully charged. Another wonderful feature is the Night light which may be flashy or static, a detachable front grille and the child lock feature which is thoughtful and protective.

The portable hook allows you to hang the device thereby making it suitable for use in homes, offices, living rooms, and so on.

Key features:
  • Child lock feature and detachable front grille
  • 4-speed settings
  • Compact and foldable
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The Igenix DF1655 Pedestal Fan is relatively low-cost. Its efficiency belies its price and it is perfect for use in outdoor and indoor scenarios, in homes and offices. It measures 16 inches in height and comes with a two-year warranty. This white-coloured Pedestal quiet fan is equipped with three different speed settings that allow for variability and easy selection of preference, high, medium or low.

Igenix DF1655 Pedestal Fan oscillates and tilts through a wide range of angles that enable it to cover wider areas and effectively circulate air. Also, the fan neck height is adjustable. It has a voltage and power level of 240V and 40W respectively. It also consists of a mesh structure that protects you from its spinning blades. Pair it with an air purifier to keep your air clean and cool.

Key features:
  • Lock feature allows for a fixed direction during operation
  • Oscillating feature affords multiple flow directions
  • Two-year warranty
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With a maximum noise level of 55 decibels, the VOXON TurboForce Air circulation Table fan creates a level of noiselessness appropriate for a standard reading environment. The adjustable fan head and small size both allow for flexibility in locations and mode of use, with the attainable 90° angle greatly contributing to overall efficient use. This fan is compact in design and is therefore suitable for use in locations such as on tables and being mounted on walls.

As the name implies, the VOXON TurboForce Air circulation table Fan is efficient for use in direct cooling as well as general air circulation. With the three-speed options, there is increased flexibility for the personalization of the product in order to create whatever effect is pleasing as well as satisfying.

All of this is capped off with an 18-month warranty period.

Key features:
  • 3 Quiet blades
  • Adjustable Fan head and small size
  • 18-month warranty period
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Compact, easy to carry and portable, the Igenix DF0020 Mini Tower fan combines its simple features to satisfying effects. It is quiet and built with manual dial control for two different fan speed settings. The cylindrical tower design of the Igenix DF0020 Mini Tower fan coupled with its 60 degrees oscillating features both ensure compactness and moderate air circulation.

The black and silver-coloured tower fan is compact and can be utilized in homes and offices, placed beside bed tables, on shelves, as well as desks.

Key features:
  • 2 Fan speed settings
  • 60 degrees oscillation 
  • Manual dial control
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The Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan functions with a quiet set system. Its 5 levels of quiet control and easy to use control panel are additional features that make it distinct. Levels of quiet control are perfect for eliminating all kinds of sound distractions which is necessary in order to have a pleasant night rest.

The Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan also oscillates at 75° allowing for maximum air circulation and coverage. Another unique feature of the tower fan is its timer with pre-planned time periods for automatic shut off and its adjustable thermostat which allows for temperature preferences to be registered.

This space-saving device also functions with remote control and has recorded values of 40dB and 52dB for lowest and highest sound levels respectively. Made of high-quality plastic, this fan is lightweight yet sturdy and durable. It is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Key features:
  • 75° oscillation
  • Adjustable thermostat 
  • Five noise control settings
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Stylish with a faux leather handle and easy to carry, the MeacoFan blends portability with a high degree of functionality. It is a quiet fan that makes use of DC technology for energy efficiency. The Meaco Fan is equipped with light control feature that allows you to turn the light on when required. 

With a maximum noise level of 20dB and multi-directional oscillation features that allow for wider coverage and better air circulation, optimal satisfaction is easily derivable with this fan. The noise level maximum proves that the Meaco Fan would be the perfect fan after a long day at work, a key ingredient in a bid to have a beautiful night’s rest.

The remote control feature also contributes to ease in use and the off timer option allows for flexible use of the fan. The portable fan is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms and offices.

Key features:
  • Multi-directional oscillation
  • Preset off timer function
  • Remote control enabled
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The ANSIO Tower fan is a slender, beautifully designed tower fan with a sturdy base. It is a certain premium pick because of its multiple features and optimal functioning. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use in homes, offices, etc. Its slender design also allows for the opportunity of use in small enclosures. The ANSIO Tower fan is also quite easy to carry, with a sleek black and white design and is made from ABS plastic, which is quite durable.

The ANSIO Tower Fan boasts of a multi-mode control system as it can be operated both manually and by way of remote control. It is made with three different speed settings low, medium, high and three other different wind mode settings, normal, nature, taper to suit speed and wind preferences. 

All of this is achieved noiselessly with the oscillating feature allowing for wider coverage. The unique timer of the tower fan also times when the fan automatically goes off (7.5hours).

Key features:
  • Multi-mode control
  • Has three fan speed settings
  • Two-year warranty

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