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10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2020

Published 04:23am

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

Published 04:23am

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Westinghouse turbo II fanA ceiling fan that has all the features that a flagship brand offers at lower prices£
MiniSun metal brushed fanAn elegant fan available in three colours and is inexpensive£
Westinghouse Turbo swirl ceiling fanA small and compact ceiling fan that is affordable and energy efficient££
MiniSun Modern silver chrome and dark wood fan A ceiling fan with four blades and exclusively classy design££
Westinghouse Portland Ambiance Ceiling FanA fan with sleek and compact design for best output and excellent results££
AireRyder ceiling fanA ceiling fan that has a built-in LED light and helps save energy££
Westinghouse Jet plus ceiling fanA product that is energy efficient and offers modern design with attractive looks£££
H&fun ceiling fanA cleanly constructed ceiling fan that is energy efficient£££
Melton white ceiling fanA safe-to-use fan with an incorporated motor for optimum utilization of energy£££
AireRyder ceiling fanA perfect product for those who love to show off their classy living style£££

Best Ceiling Fan UK

Ceiling fans not only provide fresh air but also offer a complete look to the ceiling. With attractive designs and sleek look, ceiling fans are a must have for every room. There is a wide range of varieties available for ceiling fans that you can purchase, and can also customize as per the décor of your home and specific rooms.


Things to consider before buying a fan:

Before you finalize your purchase, you must keep in mind the following characteristics or else you might end up shopping for an inappropriate product at higher prices.

  • It should be energy saving: Ceiling fans are useful to improve the convenience of the space while saving energy and costs at the same moment. Homeowners have higher energy expenses, and it will only get worse.
  • Larger rooms need bigger fans: Select the correct fan to suit your space for peak efficiency. Choose a 29″supporter in an area up to 50 square feet.
  • Fan blade pitch and size: Fan blades determine the amount of air being circulated throughout the room. Thus you must buy one that will offer you maximum output
  • Always look for maximum warranty: Looking for an excellent warranty or the fan’s lifespan when you buy a ceiling fan. Some producers provide a lifetime warranty and delivery at home.
  • Look for different brands: always try to buy a product after comparing brands. High price does not indicate the performance of the product.
  • Motor: whenever you buy a ceiling fan, pay particular attention to the motor and its durability and also look out for its reviews before bringing it home.
  • Installation: Always buy a product that is easy to install and will not consume much time.
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The Westinghouse turbo II fan provides outstanding performance and adaptability. The small magnitude of this fundamental black ceiling fan makes it ideal for a tiny space. Versatility arises from the package’s two full pairs of reversible handles. One collection is a delightful 12-colour blend, perfect for the area of any child. The other collection involves regular and different black and maple paints for adults. The Turbo II is charming and flexible, featuring an energy-efficient engine and an embedded light fixture with frosted opal glass. The best part of this ceiling fan is that it can be customized as per your preferences and can easily blend with your interiors. It is a perfect product for any season and will keep the humidity away from your home.

Key features:
  • Outstanding performance
  • Efficient
  • Classy features
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In a modern painted chrome, propeller impact structure, modern MiniSun labelled four blade ceiling fan has all the colours of grey steel knives. This ceiling fan is ideal for most spaces and has a magnetic engine so that it can be used in both hot and dry circumstances. Equipped with beautiful remote control, this fan comes complete with guidelines for item manual and setup.

It utilizes less energy and thus is very economical. You can also shop for this product in three different colours for a perfect look to your rooms. It is one of the best selling products in this price range and has 100% positive reviews by previous users. Also, MiniSun is a well-known brand and has created excellent goodwill. This ceiling fan will keep you fresh in cold weather and will also help keep the humidity away to give you a perfectly relaxed feel. See our other home guides including one on portable air conditioners.

Key features:
  • Sleek
  • Economical
  • Utilizes less energy
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Use the Turbo Swirl ceiling fan to add convenience and comfortable design to any space. The Turbo Swirl is elegant yet flexible with a titanium texture, asymmetric handles in a smooth dark maple colour, and an embedded light fixture with frosted opal glass. This ceiling fan is ideal in a tiny bathroom or a child’s bedroom. In terms of efficiency, this small fan is your best companion, especially with its energy quotient and affordable budget.

The Westinghouse Turbo swirl ceiling fan has a built-in high power motor, strong magnetic field, high-density copper wire, strong core, and smooth and smooth current. The air displaced is continuous and fast air supply is particularly suitable for families who do like getting sweaty. Overall, the Westinghouse Turbo swirl ceiling fan is a long-lasting product at an affordable price. Check out our guide on wireless doorbells for other great home items.

Key features:
  • Affordable
  • Small and compact
  • Embedded light fixture
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The MiniSun Modern fan has a silver shiny chrome surface, along with four modern MiniSun labelled blades. Additionally, this variant from MiniSun is a 3-speed ceiling fan. The product includes an embedded colour of frosted glass ceiling glow. It comes with a fully integrated remote control that allows you to change settings according to your choice. The fan features reversible handles in a texture made of silver or black wood, enabling you to choose the most suitable one for your interior.

It also features a hydraulic engine (forward and backwards) to allow hot and fresh use of the ceiling fan. The product is perfect for spring as well as winter use. A dedicated motor adds up to the durability of the product and also keeps the fan spinning on its axis for a longer time and gives full value for money.

Key features:
  • Sleek and shiny
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Four blade fan
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The Westinghouse Portland Ambiance Ceiling Fan is a 26-inch fan along with adjustable light that also supports LED. It is a perfect product for small rooms and also consumes less energy. The ceiling fan can adjust the speed from low to medium and high. This silver fan has a directional motor that can be used for changing the speed of the product. It is perfect for all climates and will be your best companion during hot and dry days.

The Westinghouse Portland Ambiance Ceiling Fan is built of wrought iron and has a lacquered lamp body with a reliable and stable structure that offers durable wear and tear resistance. The ceiling fan gives static operation, comfortable sleep, along with quiet and peace, for satisfactory and gentle results. It has an intelligent LED light source that is energy saving and also offers high brightness with low light delay. For more great home items see our guide on mini fridges.

Key features:
  • sleek and compact
  • energy efficient
  • directional motor
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AireRyder ceiling fan adopts a fresh energy-saving LED glow generator that can save more than 80% of the power. With remote control, the fan light can be dimmed. It comes in three colour ranges: hot air 3000 K, white light 6000 K, and natural light 4500K. The furnace roof lamp is designed for rotating airflow, ultra-low sound < 50 dB, 4-stage smart timing, and can run 1/2/4/8 hour schedules. The range of speeds is smoother and more stable, decreasing air resistance efficiently and producing a calm and steady natural wind. There are three low / medium /high-velocity choices.

With a diameter of 112 cm and rates of 150, 220 and 260 cycles per minute, the AireRyder ceiling fan offers a draft-free motion. With 18 to 45 watts, it consumes comparatively less energy and operates quite efficiently. You can change not only the speed but also turn the lamps on, off and dim using the included digital module. See our guide on water softeners for other great home items.

Key features:
  • Built-in LED
  • 3 different speeds
  • Energy Saver
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The Westinghouse Jet plus ceiling fan is defined by smart design. A sleek contemporary look, the Jet Plus offers a three-light lamp with a distinctive modern layout, plus a remote control for extra comfort. The ceiling fan is ideal for tiny spaces in your house. The fan incorporates an energy-efficient engine that delivers reliable efficiency, smooth activity, and a pleasant atmosphere.

Westinghouse ceiling vents provide all year round convenience and peak power efficiency. During the warm summer months, you can enjoy a refreshing wind and save up to 30% in winter storage expenses. The brand provides a broad range of appealing ceiling fans that are perfect for small ceiling spaces. Install ceiling fans without an expansion cord that fits close to the wall or vents. A dedicated motor and precise angle placement of fan blades make this a most excellent product in this category.

Key features:
  • Smart design
  • Contemporary look
  • Energy efficient engine
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A small fan with contemporary looks is a must buy for your room. The H&Fun ceiling fan is a fabulous fixture for any environment with its round rows and angled ABS needles. Three corresponding propellers create a beautifully streamlined ceiling fan that will look gorgeous in any room. It is a perfect product for every room and can also be placed in your bathroom. The chrome finish of this ceiling fan will remain for long durations.

With a lovely design, this ceiling system also provides various speed configurations, 1/4/8 hour timing feature, distinct attachment choices and a silent engine.

Key features:
  • Cleanly constructed
  • Energy Saver
  • Lovely design
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The Pepeo Melton is a state-of-the-art, high-class AC engine ceiling fan. It works efficiently and quietly forward and backwards at all speeds. With the included remote kit, the 132 cm internal lamp is also regulated. Melton is a well-known brand that offers excellent value for money. They also have a dedicated base of customers who have used this product previously.

The remote has controls for display function configurations as well. The Melton is appropriate for LEDs or other energy-efficient lamps with up to 80 Watts thanks to its contemporary R7 foundation. Also, this Pepeo device consumes only 60W at high speeds and circulates air in spaces up to 25 sq.m without any effort. Do not forget to oil it every month to keep it in a functioning condition for a longer time. For more home stuff see our guide on dehumidifiers.

Key features:
  • Safe to use
  • Remote controlled
  • Integrated motor
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The entire fan blade length of the AireRyder ceiling fan is made of thick material, and the fan blade thickness is up to 3 mm. The design improvement in the airflow technology helps reach the corners of the room and enhances the aerodynamics of the room.

The AireRyder ceiling fan has perfectly angled wings that discourages interference in high speeds. This improvement also ensures sound and decibel levels are kept to a minimum.  The product features a slender embedded fan motor. It offers full value for money with 100% positive feedback from the previous users. Perfect for relaxing in your recliner chair.

Key features:
  • Noise-free
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Affordable
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