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9 Best Log Splitting Axes in 2021

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Bulldog BHATCHETFG 1.5 lb Hatchet

A very simple yet straight to the point axe made out of fiberglass that comes with a 1.5 lbs axe head. It is very lightweight and is perfect for chopping wood.

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Fiskars Splitting Axe

This one is made with hardened steel that has a high-quality coating. The durable handle is weather and impact-resistant because of its fiberglass covered plastic.

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

Spear & Jackson Cutting Axe

Extremely durable and lightweight with a non-slip grip and available with 4 sizes. It also won the “Grow your own great British growing 2018” Award.

Published 9:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 9:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Spear & Jackson Cutting AxeMade with hardened steel, lightweight, available in four sizes£
Bulldog 1.5 lb HatchetLightweight, extremely cheap and reliable£
Draper 28756 560g 1.25lb Hand AxeCarbon steel head, Non-slip rubber grip with head sleeve supplied£
Roughneck Fibreglass ROU65640 AxeExtremely strongly constructed, comfortable grip and molded head£
Silverline 245034 HatchetUpdated standards pertaining to quality as well as safety£
Highlander Men’s Survival Axe KnifeDark finish on this axe knife gives it an alluring and stylish appearance£
Spear & JacksonCarbon steel head, Genuine spear and Jackson product, quality strength££
Estwing E14a Sportsmans AxeMade from American steel for ultimate durability and strength, genuine leather grip£££
Fiskars Splitting AxeDurable handle made with weather-resistant and hardened fiberglass. Made in Finland£££

Best Log Splitting Axe UK

Seasonal Woodcutting in the fall season is necessary if you wish to stay warm. Wood is crucial especially if you have a traditional fireplace. Log Splitting Axe is a tool that splits firewood into chunks that are manageable and can fit into, for instance, a fireplace. A versatile tool can also be taken on camping trips to start a campfire to keep you warm. Generally, it has one side that resembles a tack hammer, while the other an ordinary axe. A task needs to be done just right in order to make this activity easier and less draining. They come in various styles and by many different manufacturers. This review is useful for both beginners and professionals.

Are you tired of getting your logs stuck whilst splitting? Do you just wish for it to stop so you could easily cut them without any hassle?  Well say no more, we have a list of Log Splitting Axes that will not disappoint you and make your day go as smooth as you would like. Below are some of the Products we`ve gathered for you. All of them are unique in their own ways; you can find the best one for you with the given data.

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The Spear and Jackson cutting axe comes in four different sizes for the convenience. Hence, you can easily choose the size that suits you perfectly. Additionally, it is made from hardened and tempered carbon steel. And therefore it has immense strength and durability. You can guess its strength form the fact that the manufacturers claim that it will not detach even under a 1-ton pull. On top of that, it is lightweight which is definitely a cherry on the cake. It has hollow but at the same time strong handles made with 30% fiber and 70% nylon mix. The handle extends over and around the head.

Furthermore, the non-slip, soft-feel handle is an addition to your comfort. Moreover, it comes with a blade guard that you have to enable when not in use to ensure safety. Additionally, to ensure maximum safety it comes with a plastic case to store in when not being used. Last but not the least, it comes in varying weight options: 400g, 600g, 1kg, and 1.8kg depending on the size of wood you want to chop. Check out our guide on log stores for a place to put them.

Key features:
  • Lightweight
  • Nonslip handle
  • Made with carbon steel
  • Weight: 562 g
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Color: Blue
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm
ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

Fiskars splitting axe is one of the best axe available in market. It has a total length of 44 cm and therefore it is great for cutting small logs. It’s a wonderful choice for cutting logs for campfire, fireplace or grill that are over 10 to 20 cm. Moreover, for maximum swing power, the blade is balanced with a hardened sharp steel blade. For maximum comfort, the handle contains a non-slip grip coating and ends with a flared guard for optimum finger protection. Also, the handle itself is made out of impact-resistant fiberglass. This shows that with just one swing the axe will split the wood into pieces.

It is made in Finland. The best part is that the blade can be easily sharpened. The contents in the box include the following; 1x Fiskars Splitting Axe S X11, Storage, and transport case is also included. The Length of the axe is 44 cm whereas the weight is 1.16 kg. In addition, the colors include black and orange. Moreover, it comes with a blade and transport protection to ensure safe use. Last but not least, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key features:
  • Sharp blade
  • Perfectly balanced for maximum swing power
  • Inseparable PeraHead
  • Easy-open carry and hang sheath
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Bulldog has stylish looking axes. This axe comes in 2 sizes that are 1.5 lbs hatchet and 2.5 lbs felling axe. As a matter of fact, this axe might be lightweight. However, it’s extremely strong thanks to its strong ergonomic fiberglass handle. To add more to the handle head it is resin bonded. Moreover, the shaft is made of fiberglass, but it is also rust-resistant to account for humid regions. It also comes with rubber protection around the blade when not in use, which is ideal if you have kids in the house. It is thus, ideal for chopping small wood chunks for the home.

Not only that, but it is very long-lasting and the blade does not chip or dull with use. Moreover, it’s compact and can easily fit into backpacks, etc.

Have you ever wanted to chop wood but could not find the axe fit for you? Well, today might be your lucky day and this might be the wood chopping axe you need. The safe to use, strong with a sharp blade axe is definitely the best choice you can make. For more great garden tools check out our guide on chainsaws and pruning saws.

Key features:
  • Resin-bonded head
  • Soft-touch grip
  • Strong ergonomic fiberglass handle
  • Rust-resistant
ELEHOT Hair Clippers

Another best option is the amazing looking axe by Draper. It has a size of 1.25 lbs and its head is of carbon steel to increase durability. The manufacturers harden it and temper it with the faces ground and lacquered. Also, they supply the head sleeve within the box. Moreover, the plated steel shaft has the nonslip grip fitting and is suitable for use even when the hands are wet.

Furthermore, the weight of the axe is ideal. Also another good feature is that you can attach the sheath to a belt or harness. Moreover, it can split up to 25 cm logs with ease. It has the durability of a hammer and the sharpness of a butcher’s knife. Lastly, to add to your comfort it has a non-slip rubber grip. Moreover, it ships in certified frustration-free packaging. Summarizing all, this is a very comfortable and durable axe that you can use frequently without any pain.

Key features:
  • Nonslip rubber grip
  • Carbon steelhead
  • Head sleeve supplied
  • You can attach it to a belt or harness
Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

This beastly axe comes in 4 sizes; 4 lbs (370mm), 2 lbs (910 mm), 5 lbs (925mm), 6lbs. So you can choose your desired size easily. This axe has a strong construction for increased reliability. The handle has a beautiful shape and along with that it easily fits your hand. Thus, the grip is really very comfortable. It is industrial grade and the handle is of solid fiberglass core along with polypropylene cover.

So concluding all the best features this axe has to offer you includes the following. It features a soft-grip TPR handle for more comfort. It has well balance, additionally, has a good weight and is very sharp. The blade does not stick and is of shock-absorption design. For more great garden products check out our guide on cordless strimmers.

Key features:
  • Strong construction
  • Comfort grip
  • Shaped handle
  • Weight: 600 g
Kebor Hair Clipper

This Spear and Jackson Axe comes with a splitter. The axe itself has 4 sizes that are 1.5 lb, 2.5 lb, 4.5 lb and 6.5 lb. The splitter, on the other hand, has an international recognized DIN standard manufacturing with a carbon head. And hence it has perfect durability. The splitter can split the wood in 4 ways.  It is ideal for splitting logs, but not chopping down trees. The handle is shock-absorbing and is generally long-lasting.

The axe itself is of Carbon steelhead, also it contains quality hickory shaft for strength. Furthermore, it’s a genuine Spear and Jackson product. It also received an award for “Grow your own great British growing 2018”. After all, the best part about this axe is that it has the internally recognized DIN standard manufacturing.

Key features:
  • Hickory shaft for strength
  • Shock Absorption handle
  • Drop forged head
  • 885 mm shaft
Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

This American manufactured axe is forged from one piece of American steel for ultimate durability and strength. Want to chop logs, small trees or branches? Well, this axe is perfect for all that. As they care about the consumer there’s a heavy-duty nylon sheath that protects the hand. It absorbs the shock and does not let the user feel it. Moreover, the axe is made of tough steel and does not require a lot of force to split wood.

There`s a genuine leather grip that is also hand sanded and polished for a comfortable yet robust finish. The leather brace around the handle absorbs the impact out of the hatchet, proving to be very comfortable. It is perfect for cutting small trees, building campfire or chopping logs. Last but not least, it can endure rough and tough use. So conclusively if you have a lot of usage of the axe and you want a partner that can stay with you for long then going with the Estwing E14a is the smart decision. See our guide on garden shears for more great tools.

Key features:
  • Leather grip
  • Hand protection
  • Durable
  • One-piece to ensure safety
Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Silverline 245034 Hatchet is a dream come true for enthusiasts of the category. This incredible product is forged from solid steel and can take all the punishment that is thrown it’s way. This hatchet has been tested by the manufacturer thoroughly and is capable of surviving all requisite tests in regards to durability, toughness, and efficiency. 

In addition to this, Silverline 245034 Hatchet has also been tested by the company to be in accordance with the most modern and updated standards pertaining to quality as well as safety. This product comes with an unprecedented level of guarantee from the manufacturer and can quite effectively perform all the tasks expected from it. This single piece, solid hatchet that has been drop forged is not only firm in holding but precise in its cutting action as well. So, when going camping or on an excursion to the great outdoors, make sure you bring along this nifty and facilitating tool.

Key features:
  • This product contains a rubber handle that is nonslip and impact-absorbing in nature
  • The blade of this hatchet has been grounded with great precision
  • Can be utilized for chopping small bushes or limbs
  • The Weight of this product is about 567g
Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper

The Highlander Men’s Survival Axe Knife is a must-have for those users that like a bit of intimidation in their camping excursions. This product is qualitatively refined and comes with a guarantee unlike any other. It has been created from high carbon steel which, naturally, lends its immense durability and lightness in weight. This allows the user to use it with ease as well as finesse. The company has made a point about ensuring that this product conforms to the highest standards of safety and quality. 

For instance, the ergonomic and well-optimized rubber handle of this product allows it to be wielded with a firm and unwavering grasp. The blackened finish on this axe knife gives it an alluring and stylish appearance, one that appeals to the majority of the consumer market. If you are looking for a workable and potent tool for making your explorations and excursions into the outdoors a bit easier, then this is certainly the product for you. See our guide on cordless hedge trimmers for keeping your garden in shape.

Key features:
  • Weighs about 499g
  • Comes with an ax head that evinces measurements of 29x14cm
  • Made from high-grade carbon steel based one-piece drop
  • Allows for precision wood cutting due to chisel top edge feature

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