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8 Best Garden Shears in 2021

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Spear and Jackson Steel Edging Shears

This shear has tubular handles made of steel for high strength. It also won an award for British growing awards 2018.

KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair Clippers

Fiskars SmartFit Hedge Shear

Value for money shear as it has a relatively low price for the features it offers. It is known for trimming tall bushes and hedges.

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

Carl Kammerling International Shears

These stylish hardwood handle shears are ideal for professionals, they have a self-sharpening mechanism that helps save time.

Published 05:32am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 05:32am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
JEOutdoors Professional PrunerDespite being very lowly prices, this is a Professional tool made of Carbon Alloy Steel and has a Sharp Blade.£
Spear and Jackson Steel Edging ShearsThis shear has blades made of hollow-ground made of carbon steel and is lacquered.£
WOLF-Garten RIGC Professional Single Hand Grass ShearsThis professional-quality shear has a rotating head that can trim from any angle.£
Davaon Pro Garden Hedge ShearsThis is a low effort, very sharp and easy cutting shear. Ideal for Hedge Plants and is generally a long-lasting tool for gardeners.££
Jakoti Hand ShearThis shear is great for the garden and for sheep shearing, dagging and trimming. Thus, these are ideal if you’re a gardener and/or farmer.£££
Fiskars SmartFit Hedge ShearThis is a telescopic, high-quality blades shear with a non-stick finish coating£££
Carl Kammerling International Limited 5029 Shears This shear comes with wood handles and rubber buffers that prevent jarring.££££
ARS KR-1000 Ultra-Light Professional Multi-Purpose ShearEasy to adjust, ergonomic shear that comes with pivot bolt for adjustments to the blade££££££

Best Garden Shears UK

Garden Shears are one of the tools used by DIY and professional gardeners. They cut branches to almost three fourths in diameter. They’re suitable for smaller stems and branches and not ideal for larger branches. Garden shear’s blades will be ruined if you use them for stronger large branches. Picking out the most favorable one for your needs can be tricky.

There are usually two types of shears, which then have different variants in them. Bypass shears are similar to curved scissors. The lower blade holds the branch or stems in place while the upper one is sharp and thus cuts the branch. An anvil shear, on the other hand, is similar to a knife on a chopping board. The upper blade is sharp like the bypass shear whereas the lower one is flat.

Choosing from the two is based on one’s own personal choice but people generally opt for bypass ones for their gardening needs. Bypass Shears lead to a neater cut, easily get into tight corners and are better for cutting flowers and softer branches.

This review will guide you in which Garden Shear is most suitable for you based on its features and price.

KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair Clippers

This multi-purpose shear is an award winner. It is a model that takes the best features from the K-1000 L and K-1100 models. It consists of improvements such as 2 mm broader blade tips. The pivot cap too is in place of the screw retainer to ensure maximum accuracy in cutting. Moreover, the oval head of the screw makes it easily adjustable. The M4 screws are also larger for almost four times the torque. In addition, the pipes have ultra-light and durable elements. These pipes have an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and maximize comfort.  

Thus, this multi-purpose shear is ideal for a beginner considering it has shock-absorbing technology. It has been enlarged to minimize the burden on hands, ensuring a user-friendly tool. The blades are made of high carbon-steel which reduces the risk of scratches, wear and tear and marks. Unfortunately, instead of rubber grips, the handle is made of plastic grip though these do maker for good edging shears.

Key features:
  • 180 mm length of the blade
  • 3.8 mm thick blade
  • High Carbon steel blade, with a hard chrome finish
  • Pivot bolt to facilitate adjustments
ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

This is a telescopic shear that is perfect for trimming, shaping and pruning hedges along with bushes and shrubs of smaller size. It is perfect for both left and right-handed gardeners. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use because of its light and stable arms, which are of synthetic material. The handles also consist of buffers and non-slip grips ensuring a firm hold. The telescopic handles have a long reach with a length of the trimmer of about 68 to 93 cm. Moreover, it has a weight of almost 1.25 KG, which shows it is not too heavy.

The steel used for the blade is quite sharp, while the fiberglass handles reduce the risk of damage and wear and tear. The blades are of high quality that can be sharpened easily. It comes with a separate diamond file as well. Moreover, it comes with a 25-year warranty ensuring value for money.

Key features:
  • Item Weight: 1.25 KG
  • Telescopic shear for bushes and shears
  • High-quality steel blades
  • Lever’s arms are made of a synthetic material
Ceenwes Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

This shear features wavy blade edges coupled with hollow ground blades that do not require frequent sharpening. These blades sharpen themselves hence, saving time and have very minimal friction action. It comes with an adjustable blade with a dial setting system. The handles are hardwood lacquered, which adds to its aesthetic design and comes with rubber buffers to reduce jarring. This shear is ideal for professional gardeners.

The shears are of high quality along with chrome plating for additional strength and safety.  It has a weight of almost 1.34 KG, which makes them slightly heavy for long periods but is still worth it. Whilst chopping, throw some moss killer down to keep any unwanted growth at bay.

Key features:
  • Item weight: 1.34 KG
  • Chrome-plated blades
  • Blade tension adjustment mechanism
  • Wavy yet sharp blades
ELEHOT Hair Clippers

This shear is ideal for beginners as it requires low effort from the users and has a highly efficient cutting mechanism that does not tire your hands easily. It has bypass scissors that trim hedges and branches easily. It is an extremely sharp tool which has been hardened by SK5 steel made of carbon. It has a wavy blade for easy and strong slicing of shrubs, plants, hedges and bushes.

Moreover, the blade ensures uniform and even cutting to reduce any clumping. The lower blade is of a nonstick material, and reduces friction and maximizes smooth cutting. It is not only suitable for pruning but also for the Topiary. The shear features evenly balanced blades that do not tire arms easily. It is made of aluminum and is super lightweight to minimize arm fatigue and effort. In addition, it features, soft grips for maximum hand comfort and has a rust-resistant body to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Last but not least, Davaon offers a money-back guarantee, and their customer service is available 24/7 to ensure customer satisfaction. For smaller cuts, consider using some secateurs for more precise working.

Key features:
  • Carbon Steel Blades (SK5) is strong and easy to use
  • Blade Length of 210 mm
  • Perfect for shrubs, hedges, bushes, and plants
  • Blades ensure uniform and smooth cutting
Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

This razor-sharp shear is most suited for edging. This is because the blades are long and curved and thus do not require a trimmer. It is made of C50 hollow ground blades made of carbon steel, thus being extremely sturdy and tough. The blades are 230 mm in length. To prevent rusting the blades are polished and lacquered. Not only that, but this shear is lightweight and suitable for beginners with less experience in the garden.

This ergonomic shear with soft rubber grips is ideal for minimizing arm fatigue. Although, the shear may not be suitable for people with taller height, who need to bend in order to trim the hedges, plants etc. Besides that, this Spear and Jackson shear has won an award for “Grow your own British growing 2018” award which makes it a great buy. Make sure to water your plants and bushes after using a garden hose or bucket.

Key features:
  • Item weight: 1.39 KG
  • Lacquer polish for rust resistance
  • Tubular handles made of steel for maximum durability
  • Soft grips ensure ease of use
Kebor Hair Clipper

This shear comes with a 10-year guarantee and is of professional quality. It trims grass without getting the clippings on the borders because of its deflector technology. The deflector gets the clippings right back on the lawn thus creating a minimal mess. What’s special about this shear is that it has a 180-degree rotating head that can trim your lawn at whatever angle you need. This means it can trim the very difficult hedges and lawns.

The blades are super sharp that make sure the performance of the shear is smooth and unhindered. Furthermore, the blades are also made of nonstick material for efficient cutting and less maintenance.  The shear is amongst the most lightweight ones out there, with a weight of only about 431 grams. Lastly, these shears do not pinch your hand, which is quite rare when it comes to shears.

Key features:
  • Item weight: 431 g
  • 180 degree rotating head of the blade
  • Non-stick metal blades
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee
Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

The Jakoti hand shear is used by many celebrity gardeners and professional gardeners in the UK, such as Helen Yemm and Monty Don. The handles of this shear are ergonomically designed which ensures that the tension in the spring is minimal. This makes them highly easy to use as the low-tension aids to comfortable operating of the tool for a longer period of time. The blades are handcrafted and are made of carbon steel of superior quality. Another thing that sets this shear apart is that it has a self-sharpening mechanism of the blades so that each cut is clean and efficient. They are also used for Topiary such as spirals and balls however, they are not the best suited for bigger hedges and bushes. Furthermore, it weighs only 281 grams which makes it perfect if you are looking for a shear that does not tire at does not tire your arms. The blades are 4.5 inches in length, and are thus short and similarly better suited for tasks such as trimming of smaller hedges. It is recommended for people with arthritis or lower upper body strength. For more great garden tools see our guides on leaf rakes and grass strimmers.

Key features:
  • Item weight: 281 g
  • A self-sharpening system that requires little maintenance and cleaning
  • Blades are 4.5 in length
  • Comes with a 10-year guarantee
Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

This shear is of professional-grade and is ideal for cutting smaller and lighter branches and stems. Despite being low priced, it has many features that make it worth buying. The blade is made of high quality and from carbon alloy steel, which makes sure it, does not rust easily. In addition to that, what sets it apart is the fact that it comes with a safety lock feature that allows for easy open and closing and is ideal for you if you have young kids around the house.

The shear has a very stylish wood imitation design of the handles and is made of hard PC to maximize comfort. The pack does not only come with the pruning shears but also with replaceable springs thus being low maintenance. They are very lightweight and thus more suited to people with arthritis or arm injuries. However, because the handles are spring-loaded, they can be straining for the arm and wrists. The hard PC makes the item less ergonomic and uncomfortable to use. Finally, it has a lifetime warranty guaranteed by JEOutdoors, which makes sure that unsatisfied customers can be catered to.

Key features:
  • Comes with a replaceable spring
  • Alloy steel blade is quite sharp
  • Has a safety lock feature when not in use
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee

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