10 Best Chainsaws in 2020

Husqvarna Petrol Chainsaw

Husqvarna Petrol chainsaw uses 38 CC petrol engine with a net item weight of 4.4 Kilograms. It works on logs of wood and wet and dry timber. The maximum chain speed is 17.1 m/s.

Black and Decker Black Corded Chainsaw

It has Oregon high-quality chain and rail that ensures an optimum cutting performance. It also has an ergonomic handle which provides an adjustable chain with kickback protection and instant chain brake.

Parker Brand 62CC Petrol Chainsaw

62 CC chainsaw has 20″ bar length with chains. It gives an average output of 3.5 HP. It has an automatic chain lubrication system that you can enjoy for trouble-free and comfortable performance.

Best Chainsaws Key FeaturesPrice
Black and Decker Black Corded Chainsaw1800 Watt corded chainsaw with up to 35 cm cut capacity£
Einhell Electric Chainsaw2000 watt chainsaw for cutting small trees, with 40 cm Oregon bar£
BU-KO Top Handled Petrol ChainsawLightweight with incredible torque and throttle with automatic chain lubrication£
ParkerBrand 58cc 20" Petrol Chainsaw58cc powered Chainsaw with low pricing, high performance, tackles challenging work ££
Bosch AKE Electric ChainsawEasy to put together, not as heavy as expected, easy to tension the chain ££
Parker Brand 62CC Petrol ChainsawDelivers value for money and performance, perfect for slicing ££
Makita Electric ChainsawOperates with the power of 1800 watt, mechanical chain brake, has kickback brake£££
P1PE Petrol ChainsawSafe, efficient, and comfortable to use with a weight of 6 Kilograms£££
Makita Cordless ChainsawComfortable and efficient to use with new adjusting lever£££
Husqvarna Petrol ChainsawMulti-purpose Chainsaw with a professional efficiency and range£££


When you are in the market to buy a chainsaw, you cannot possibly find the best one for you. With so many chainsaws available in the market today, they could be gas powered, corded electric, and battery powered. Since technology has changed in recent years, there has been a marked improvement in chainsaw models available now. Most of the things have changed, and you may want to brush up your knowledge before investing in one.

We are here to reduce your work with pre-assembled reviews of the best chainsaws in the market presently. With this, you can get an in-depth understanding of chainsaws and things to look for before purchasing. If you feel you have found the right product, then you need to know what aspects you must pay attention to while shopping.


How to buy the best Chainsaw?

The best Chainsaw is robust and brings effective results. It should be able to cut hard and thick logs of wood with relative ease. The cost of the Chainsaw also depends upon the type you want. It depends upon how robust you want the product to be.

If you are using a Chainsaw occasionally, then you should opt for a corded electric one. However, for frequent use, select a petrol chainsaw. Chainsaws with high prices will give you better results, help you cut wood quickly, and will also remain handy in the long term. The efficiency, durability, and performance of high-quality Chainsaws will make your life easy.

The Black and Decker Black Corded Chainsaw has a high torque motor with the chain speed of 12.5 m/s and a bar length of 35 cm. It can handle 35 cm cutting width for large cutting tasks along with a low kickback chain for smooth and fast cutting through wet and dry timber. This Chainsaw has an integrated auto oil system that lubricates the machine for reduced wear and tear.

The hard steel bumper of the Black and Decker Black Corded Chainsaw has improved the stability for controlled cutting of wood. This Chainsaw also has a brake system so that the power cuts off automatically within 0.15 seconds if the Chainsaw kicks back. One can use the tool with confidence because of its in-built safety features, which prevent injury or accident. If you need to trim a bush before, instead of ruining the bade use a long reach hedge trimmer or cordless hedge trimmer.


Key features:

  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • The best tool for large cut tasks
  • Has integrated auto oil system

The Einhell Electric Chainsaw has Oregon high-quality chain and rail, which ensures one of the best wood cutting performances. It has a powerful 2000 watt motor with robust metal gears. It has kickback protection through a mechanical instant chain brake. This Chainsaw has an ergonomic handle, and sturdy stop claws made up of metal. It is the most efficient and reliable tool for sawing firewood that thins out shrubs and cuts down small trees.

The chain on the Einhell Electric Chainsaw can be changed without the use of tools. Its sound power transmission improves its long life, making the Chainsaw robust. There is perfect kickback protection such that the chain brake will stop instantly if the GH-EC 2040 rears up very suddenly. It has a large oil window to check the availability of oil in the tank.


Key features:

  • Oregon bar ensures optimum cutting performance
  • Kickback protection facility to stop the chain
  • Large window to check oil presence

This Chainsaw has a 2- Stroke engine which offers a powerful performance along with a 10″ bar and chain, which makes cutting easier. It has a heavy-duty air filter, which helps to add longevity to the engine. It can reduce 210 mm diameter accidents. The BU-KO Top Handled Petrol Chainsaw has both chain tension adjustment and chain brake system with the oil tank capacity of 0.16 litre and a fuel tank capacity of 0.23 litre.

Its ergonomic design makes the BU-KO Top Handled Petrol Chainsaw balanced and easy to operate. It is a petrol chainsaw which has a smooth startup, and reliable and secure usage. It can work fast with both wet and dry timber. It has both front and back vibration handles for the smooth operation of the Chainsaw. For safety purposes, it has the best starting system and quick stopping control. For smaller branches, consider using a pruning saw to avoid any danger with the chainsaw.


Key features:

  • Full safety gear and assisted starting system
  • Easy to start, use, and overall reliable
  • Cuts wet and dry timber smoothly

This high 58cc powered Chainsaw has 20″ bar complete with chains. Parker Brand offers a free carry bag, bag cover, tool kit, and chain. It gives 2.3 KW or 3.1 HP Engine Output. It is budget-friendly with high performance designed for tackling challenging jobs. It also features an air cooled engine. It is a powerful Parker Brand petrol chainsaw that works fabulously on thick logs and timber.

The ParkerBrand 58cc 20″ Petrol Chainsaw has an enhanced automatic lubrication system, which has, in turn, extended the life of the blade and guaranteed an optimal performance every time. This Chainsaw has an anti-vibration system, dynamic chain brake, and side mounted tension that provides long term use without any discomfort.


Key features:

  • Reliable and strong 58cc engine
  • 20″ bar complete with the chains
  • Free bar cover, carry bag, Tool kit, and Chain

This Chainsaw works with the power of 1800 watts and has a quality chain. The Bosch AKE Electric Chainsaw is easy to use and has an SDS system for changing the tension of the chain. This Chainsaw is very lightweight and handy with an ergonomic handle for sawing and felling of small trees and logs. It is a budget-friendly chainsaw and is best for gardening purposes. It also has a rapid reaction kick back brake system.

The Bosch AKE Electric Chainsaw gives an efficient performance with clean cuts. There is a chain-adjusting screw present to redo the chain according to the need. It has many useful safety features. A tiny amount of oil is required for the working of the chain. Wear a helmet while working with it because it may give a sudden kickback. For other great garden tools see our guide on cordless strimmers.


Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Very lightweight and handy
  • Ergonomic handle present for sawing and felling

The Parker Brand 62CC Petrol Chainsaw has a very high power motor of 62 CC along with 20″ Bar complete with chains. The output of the engine is 3.5 HP or 2.6 KW. This Chainsaw comes with a carry bag along with a bar cover and tool kit. If you’re looking for a good quality product that is known for its efficiency, you do not need to look any further. This Chainsaw delivers an excellent performance, is value for money, and features two strokes, an air-cooled engine, is lightweight and with comfortable construction.

The Parker Brand 62CC Petrol Chainsaw is perfect for slicing but slightly challenging to cut timber and large logs of wood. It delivers a smooth and fast cut every time thanks to the automatic chain lubrication system present, which helps with trouble-free performance. It has an anti-vibration system; side-mounted chain tensions and fast acting chain brake which provides excellent safety features.


Key features:

  • Best Safety features
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Good for lightweight constructions

The Makita Electric Chainsaw has an adjustment lever for easy tool-less saw chain adjustment. It has an adjustable automatic chain oil pump. It has a massive separate metal spike bumper along with a spiked-grip work-piece to provide more control. The Makita Electric Chainsaw has a mechanical chain brake and provides an ergonomic soft grip.

It has an automatic chain oiling system, which makes the Chainsaw easy and comfortable to use. It gives a kickback brake which provides excellent safety during use. The weight of the chain is approximately 7.30 Kilograms and requires 240 Volts to operate. It consists of an 1800 Watt motor that delivers a chain speed of 14.5 m/s. For other garden items see our guide on garden hoses.


Key features:

  • New adjustment lever for tension adjustment
  • Has adjustable automatic chain oil pump
  • Has large metal spike bumper

It has easy to start 62 CC 2-stroke petrol engine with 20″ bar to tackle towering trees or small clearance jobs. The P1PE Petrol Chainsaw has an anti-kickback safety brake in case of emergencies. It uses a popular 3/8″ saw chain for easy access to replacement chains. This P1PE Chainsaw comes with automatic chain lubrication for extended shelf life. It has an easily accessible side-mounted chain tension for quick adjustment of the string.

The P1PE Petrol Chainsaw has an anti-vibration ergonomic handle to reduce the vibration for longer usage times. It also has a total weight of 5.70 kilograms and is fuel powered. The P1 is a heavy duty chainsaw that deals with strict sawing requirements. For more garden tools see our guide on edging shears.


Key features:

  • Operates with the 62 CC power
  • Anti Kickback safety brake
  • Automatic chain lubrication for extended shelf life

The Makita Cordless Chainsaw has both variable and constant speed control. It has an adjustment lever for an easier tool-less tension-adjustment chain along with the electric chain brake. For safety measures, this Chainsaw also has a kickback brake.

The Makita Cordless Chainsaw has a brushless top handle chain saw which is best for the tree surgeons. A fully charged battery can last almost two times more than the standard motor. This Chainsaw works with the chain speed of 0-24 m/soil. It has a tank capacity of 140 ml, and the approximate weight is 3 kilograms.


Key features:

  • Uses 18 V Li-Ion batteries to operate
  • Variable speed control by the trigger
  • Has electric chain brake and kickback chain brake

Husqvarna Petrol Chainsaw works with a 38 CC Petrol engine and has a 14″ bar with a net weight of 4.7 kilograms. The length of the chainsaw blade is 40 centimetres, and the motor operates on 150 Volts. This Chainsaw does not require a battery for its operation. The oil tank capacity is 13-13 ml/min, and maximum chain speed is 17.1 m/s.

The ergonomically designed throttle of the Husqvarna Petrol Chainsaw can easily handle asymmetric actions. The air filter present in the Chainsaw cleans well and acts as the replacement for the screen. The idling speed of the machine is 2900 rev/min, and the maximum speed is 9000 rev/min. The maximum engine speed can reach12000 rpm/min. Whilst you cut trees consider a robotic lawnmower to cut the grass at the same time.


Key features:

  • Operates on 38 CC Petrol engine
  • 14″ Bar length and chain speed 17.1 m/s
  • Idling speed is 2900 rev/min