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8 Best Garden Furnitures to Leave Outside in 2020

Britoniture Wooden Foldable Picnic Table

Britoniture Wooden Foldable Picnic Table

This is a classic set of garden furniture made from acacia wood. It’s foldable and highly resistant to decay

KEPLIN Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs

KEPLIN Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs

Does not have a table, but is extremely cheap and can complement other furniture in the garden. Provides a high level of comfort.

New Algarve Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture

New Algarve Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture

This five-piece garden furniture has its weatherproof cover. The cushions are also showerproof. High-quality furniture.

Published 9:41pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 9:41pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
KEPLIN Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity ChairsConsists of two reclining chairs; made from textoline material and quite foldable£
IntimaTe HELSINKI Wicker Rattan Outdoor Garden FurnitureConsists of two chairs and a table, fabricated with PE wicker with coated frame.£
YOUKE Rattan Wicker Garden Furniture SetMade from PE rattan with an aluminium frame, consists of two chairs and a table.£
Britoniture Wooden Foldable Picnic TableThis product is made of acacia. Has four chairs and a table. It’s foldable.£
Keter Rosario Allibert Garden TableMade of rattan wicker, has two chairs and a table, easy to assemble.£
Abreo 4-Seater Garden FurnitureMade from PE wicker rattan, has four pieces of furniture (two chairs, one sofa and a table).££
Britoniture Rattan Garden Furniture SetMade from PE rattan, consists of a single lounge sofa and a table.££
New Algarve Rattan Wicker Weave Garden FurnitureHas a three-seat sofa, a two-seat sofa, two seats and a table. Features exquisite rattan wicker weave.££

Best Garden Furniture to Leave Outside UK

Buying great garden furniture is oftentimes a tricky task for customers. You see an enticing set of garden furniture and you, being the aesthetic-oriented person that you’re, do not bat an eyelid before electing to part with your money in exchange for this attractive – and, presumably, functional – furniture. However, to your consternation, the furniture barely lasts the first week before breaking all apart. You try fixing it, but to make matters worse, it gets damaged almost as soon as you finish repairing it. Naturally, you feel deflated and disheartened. The garden furniture that you thought you got at a bargain has ended up being a waste. Your hard-earned money has gone down the drain.

Well, it’s normal to despair in circumstances like this. However, this experience is a quite common one. A lot of people have also gone or are going through the same ordeal. The question is, should you give up on getting exotic, yet high-quality and durable furniture for your garden? My straightforward advice is NO! The problem is that you have not been shopping at the wrong places. Otherwise, you have not been looking carefully for the right features.

In this post, I will talk about the best garden furniture to leave outside. You can discard that frown and go through this in-depth review to discover the best garden furniture to leave outside.

KEPLIN Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs

The KEPLIN Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs is a set of garden furniture consisting of just two reclining chairs. You can use it in tandem with other garden furniture. The package also comes with detachable pillows for each table.

This is a simple but highly functional set of garden furniture. You can simply leave it outside all year round without fearing that it will get damaged by the sun or rain. This is because it’s produced from textoline material. Textoline fabric is renowned for being strong and resistant to wear and tear. It’s therefore highly durable. it’s also easy to clean.

Furthermore, you can enjoy maximum comfort and relaxation when making use of the KEPLIN Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs. You can essentially change the style of the chairs from upright to reclining – or vice versa – by simply shifting your weight from one side to the other.

If you’re looking to conserve space, is also worth mentioning that the chairs are foldable. This makes them easy to store when not in use. Pair the furniture with a great charcoal BBQ or chiminea for the perfect sitting area.

Key features:
  • Made from strong textoline fabric
  • Guarantees maximum enjoyment and relaxation
  • Chairs are foldable
IntimaTe HELSINKI Wicker Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture

The IntimaTe HELSINKI Wicker Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture is one of the most durable garden furniture on the market today. It features a simple a minimalist design which makes it versatile as you can use it not only in the garden but also in your balcony and patio.

This set consists of three pieces – a table and two chairs – that are intricately woven to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for you. It features an ergonomic backrest as well as soft, spongy cushions which guarantee these. The cushions are highly permeable and allow a refreshing flow of air.

The material used in constructing the furniture is PE rattan wicker. This material is better suited to the weather conditions of the UK than the conventional wicker. In addition, its steel frame is coated with quality powder to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. The table also has a detachable glass to enhance its durability. With these attributes, you can rest assured that the furniture you buy will last for a long time outside.

As far as cleaning and maintenance is concerned, you don’t have to fuss too much when cleaning the IntimaTe HELSINKI Wicker Rattan Outdoor Garden Furniture. You only have to remove the cover of the cushions and wash.

It goes without saying that the entire furniture set can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes. As long as you follow the instruction that accompanies the product, you’ll finish this in less than 5 minutes.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic design guarantees your comfort
  • Minimalist design allows it to fit into tight spaces
  • PE rattan and anti-rust coating ensures longevity.
YOUKE Rattan Wicker Garden Furniture Set

The YOUKE Rattan Wicker Garden Furniture Set is made up of two chairs and a low, coffee table. The chairs are built with PE rattan and feature an aluminium frame. Likewise, the table also incorporates a 5mm thick tempered glass. All these are protective features that help to make the set long-lasting. They enable you to leave the set outdoors at all times.

The rattan used to produce this furniture does not require much maintenance; you don’t need to paint or treat the rattan. The rattan is resistant to UV degradation while the aluminium frame is resistant to rust. The furniture does not fade easily. Hence, you can use this product with peace of mind, and for a long time.

The YOUKE Rattan Wicker Garden Furniture Set is foldable, in case you’re looking to conserve space. Moreover, you can quickly assemble it back to get a sturdy set of garden furniture. It has cushions which enhance your comfort and convenience. These cushions have removable covers for easy washing.

There is no doubt that you’ll enjoy this product if you purchase it, though they will kill the grass below so whip out the patio cleaner or lay down some artificial grass.

Key features:
  • The aluminium frame is resistant to rust
  • It’s foldable
  • PE rattan does not require much maintenance
Britoniture Wooden Foldable Picnic Table

In a clear departure from the use of rattan wicker, the Britoniture Wooden Foldable Picnic Table is produced from high-quality acacia wood. Hence, this garden furniture is unique and differs from other models of garden furniture. The wood is well-oiled and you’re guaranteed that it won’t decay easily.

There are five pieces of furniture in all, a relatively large centre table complementing four chairs.

In fact, it seems that there is no downside to this wonderful set of garden furniture. The creative approach to the design of this likeable model also sees it feature a minimalist design which enables them to be folded to conserve space.

The Britoniture Wooden Foldable Picnic Table is flexible and fits perfectly into any type of atmosphere, be a contemporary or classic setting. It’s therefore not only suited for gardens but also for patios, and even cafes.

Moreover, this product is lightweight and can be easily assembled by simply following the clear instructions that come with the package. Your comfort and convenience is also adequately taken care of with its ergonomic armrests and backrest.

You’ll have no problem cleaning this garden furniture as a damp piece of cloth will effectively rid it of all stains.

Key features:
  • Made of durable acacia wood
  • Features a minimalist design
  • Very easy to clean
Keter Rosario Allibert Garden Table

This Keter Rosario Garden Table is a stylish set of garden furniture to leave outside. It’s lightweight but sturdy and is hugely functional. It consists of two chairs and a coffee table. The rattan weave is quite sophisticated and despite its sleek and attractive design, this garden furniture is extremely strong and durable.

It’s lightweight, a feature that enhances its portability. Furthermore, the whole set can be easily assembled with simple household tools.

All items, bar the cushions, a covered by a three-year warranty. You’ll definitely enjoy using this particular garden furniture, Though it may be worth getting a cantilever parasol just incase it starts raining whilst you’re enjoying the outdoors.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very strong and long-lasting
  • Has a 3-year warranty
Abreo 4-Seater Garden Furniture

If you’re looking for a long-lasting set of garden furniture that won’t give you any problem whatsoever, then the Abreo 4-Seater Garden Furniture is for you. This model has been certified by the UK Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety Regulations as a safe and top quality set of garden furniture to use.

It has four pieces of items which include two chairs, a two-seat sofa and a coffee table. Overall, the entire furniture can allow up to four people to seat at once, this means that you can enjoy your leisure time together with your family or friends.

Much effort isn’t required to maintain this furniture. It’s built with high-quality materials such as PE rattan weave and tempered safety glass for the table. Obviously, you don’t have to paint or treat these materials at all. Its cushions are resistant to dirt and rain. These cushions come with covers that can be removed easily so that they can be washed. Washing is straightforward and devoid of stress.

Furthermore, the furniture features an elaborate weave design which makes it attractive without appearing too flashy. It’s lightweight and can be moved easily. Assembling won’t be a problem because the package comes with simple and clear instructions that will guide you through the process.

In addition, the materials used in making the furniture are resistant to virtually all kinds of weather conditions. Further protection comes from the protective cover that you can use to protect the entire furniture when you’re not using it. As a result, the furniture is highly durable and you’ll have a very difficult task trying to find models that last longer than the Abreo 4-Seater Garden Furniture. If you don’t have a patio and the furniture kills the grass below, move the chairs and put some grass seed down to keep your garden looking great.

Key features:
  • Quality PE rattan material used
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly durable and suited for diverse weather conditions
Britoniture Rattan Garden Furniture Set

The Britoniture Rattan Garden Furniture Set is made up of just a single corner sofa and a table. It’s produced from PE rattan which is an upgrade on the normal rattan used in making old garden furniture. A tempered protective glass is also incorporated into the table for enhanced strength and protection. All these help to make the product durable.

As you’re well aware, it’s quite easy to clean rattan. Maintaining this furniture is, therefore, one of the simplest and most straightforward of tasks. All that is required of you is to simply wipe it with a damp cloth. 

The Britoniture Rattan Garden Furniture Set has a minimalist design which makes it versatile. You’ll also like the ergonomic attributes that the cushions offer. Moreover, the beautiful colours of the furniture do not fade easily. There is no gainsaying that this garden furniture is one that you can leave outside all year round.

Key features:
  • Consists of a single lounge sofa to conserve space
  • Cleaning is easy
  • It provides comfort and convenience
New Algarve Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture

The New Algarve Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture is another great option if you’re looking for a good set of garden furniture. The set is made up of a three-seat sofa, a double sofa, a pair of seats and a coffee table. The table is equipped with tempered safety glass for added protection.

The rattan material used to design the New Algarve Rattan Wicker Weave Garden Furniture makes it lightweight. Nevertheless, it’s sturdy enough to comfortably hold relatively heavy people. The wicker weave provides an appealing look and it will definitely enhance the beauty of your garden.

The cushions of this furniture are shower-proof. The weatherproof cover that comes with the product is also very effective. You can cover the entire set to protect it from extreme weather conditions when not in use. This will save you more than £40 that you would have otherwise spent to buy a cover.

Besides, this furniture is quite easy to maintain. Check out our handy guide on toddler trampolines to keep them busy whilst you chill.

Key features:
  • Comes with a weatherproof cover
  • Cushions are easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy