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Best Log Stores in 2021

Published 08:16pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 08:16pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Easipet Log StoreBudget-friendly log store for amateurs£
Kingfisher Wooden Log StoreAffordable log store with detailed assembling instructions and color labels£
Charles Bentley Wooden Log StoreExcellent compact log store with kindling store and natural ventilation£
Waltons Wooden Log StoreExcellent compact log store with a sloping roof and elevated platform££
Garden Supplies Log StoreExcellent value-for-money log store with natural pine finish££
Rowlinson Log StoreHeavy duty large log store to store excess wooden logs££
Cottesmore Log StoreExcellent log store for long term use with premium treated timber££
Burley Wooden Log StoreLong lasting, pressure-treated timber log store with a lower rear panel for dryness£££
Dunster House Log StoreExcellent quality log store ideal for heavy duty storage£££
Normanton Log StoreSturdy, attractive, and long lasting log store for rainy and winter months£££

Best Log Store UK

Many homeowners now prefer to get wood burning stoves, and firewood to heat their houses.

One way of storing firewood is with the use of a log store. As the name suggests, log stores are used to store different sizes of logs after they have been collected for firewood. You can buy logs in small quantities for daily use, and save them with the help of a log store. With the weather changes rampant in the UK, many people prefer using log stores to avoid the extra hassle of buying weekly.


What to Consider When Buying a Log Store

Depending on the size of the logs, you should consider the length, breadth, and height of the log store. Considering your typical usage, it is crucial to ensure that the log store is elevated off the ground for easy water removal, and has slatted sides for ventilation to keep the logs dry during the rains and snow. You should also purchase treated timber log stores for longevity and durability.

Ensure that the log store you buy is designed off the ground, with an extensive overhead to keep logs dry from rain and snow. It should also have large slats to allow air circulation.

1   Easipet Log Store

Easipet Log Store

The budget-friendly Easipet Log Store is exceptionally affordable for first-time users who are new at using firewood and wood fire stoves. This log store delivers its value for money by being an extremely functional and efficient variant. While it is made from treated timber, the grade and quality might be different to the other log stores in this list, so it is advisable to paint it with a wood preserve at least once each year.

The Easipet Log Store is constructed from fir and plywood. It is raised off the floor and has 3 slatted sides to keep the worst of the British rain out. It is also finished with a waterproof stain to protect it from the snow and rain. The roof is also protected from water with the help of felt. This log store is perfect for placement beside a chiminea.

Key features:
  • Off the ground
  • 3 slatted sides
  • Rainproof

2   Kingfisher Wooden Log Store

Kingfisher Wooden Log Store

The affordable Wooden Log Store from Kingfisher is a durable one. It can store large quantities of wooden logs and is heightened to conserve space. Ideal for keeping wood dry in the monsoon and winter seasons, this Wooden Log Store from Kingfisher is quite a steal for the price point. It comes with a raised floor and has a slanting roof to quickly drain the water off. Additionally, it has slatted sides for air ventilation and circulation.

It comes in a green color and can merge effortlessly with the green foliage of the garden. The packing is flat but comes with detailed assembling instructions with full-color labels for ease of working. The dimensions of this Wooden Log Store from Kingfisher are H 38 cm x W 117 cm x D 52 cm. For an indoor electric log burner see our guide.

Key features:
  • Green color
  • Slanting roof for water drainage
  • Slatted sides for ventilation

3   Charles Bentley Wooden Log Store

Charles Bentley Wooden Log Store

The Charles Bentley Wooden Log Store is a budget-friendly purchase for people who are just started off with the use of wood stoves. Made from Nordic spruce with a silvery finish to the construct, the wood used is pressure treated to last for several years. This log store has slatted sides and is elevated off the ground to let water and snow pass unobstructed. This design improvement also helps ventilation flow smoothly throughout the structure keeping the log store airy.

Additionally, this log store from Charles Bentley features a kindling store that can be easily attached according to the required height. Having a kindling store helps you get to your separated kindling faster than having to retrieve it from another storage area. This variant from Charles Bentley also comes with a protective cover for bad British weather.

Key features:
  • Additional kindling store
  • Protective Cover
  • Slatted sides and elevated design

4   Waltons Wooden Log Store

Waltons Wooden Log Store

The Waltons Wooden Log Store is made from FSC certified timber and is pressure-treated for longevity and durability. It comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee which makes it a selling point for many potential buyers. It is robust and sturdy and can withhold heavyweights quite easily. Elevated off the ground, this log store can easily store all the wooden logs and firewood that you need.

The Wooden Log Store from Waltons comes with a sloping roof and over-ridge to help drainage of snow and rain. Rainwater does not trickle in quickly with this function. It is easy to construct and comes with detailed instructions for assembly. British made, this log store has a 16 mm matchboard and is built to last. For a bit of shelter outside see our cantilever parasol guide.

Key features:
  • Robust and sturdy
  • 10-year anti-rot guarantee
  • Sloping roof for natural rain runoff

5   Garden Supplies Log Store

Garden Supplies Log Store

The Garden Supplies Log Store is made from treated wood for added durability and longevity. With slatted sides, it enables natural circulation of air during the rainy and winter seasons so that the health of the firewood remains good. This raised log store from Garden Supplies helps keep the entire structure off the ground in case of adverse weather changes. This prevents it from catching rot, fungus, and mold.

The dimensions of this log store are W 150 cm x D 69 cm x H 129 cm. It can easily store approximately 1 cu. m of logs safely. Flat packed during delivery, this variant from Garden Supplies comes with detailed assembly instructions that are easy to follow. It also has a natural pine finish and looks pleasing to the eye. In time you could use some exterior wood paint to protect it and give it a fresh look.

Key features:
  • Slatted sides for ventilation
  • Can store approx. 1 cu. m of logs
  • Raised off the ground

6  Rowlinson Log Store

Rowlinson Log Store

The Rowlinson Log Store is heavy duty and sturdy log store. Excellent for keeping all your firewood in one place, this log store is built for capacity. It comes with an inbuilt shelf for kindling that rests above the firewood storage. It is pressure treated to protect against rot, mold, and fungus and comes with a natural timber finish to make it an excellent addition to your outdoor lawn or garden.

Not very elevated, this log store does have slatted sides that help with fantastic ventilation. Air circulation throughout the log store ensures that it remains dry even during the rains and the snow. It features two open fronted compartments to safely and securely store your logs. The fixings and detailed instructions are included with the purchase. If you are interested in more garden products and tools check out our review on the best rust converter.

Key features:
  • Large log store
  • Ease assembling
  • Pressure treated timber

7   Cottesmore Log Store

Cottesmore Log Store

The Cottesmore Log Store from Rutland Country Garden Furniture is British designing at its best. 4 ft, with a double bay, open fronted design, this log store is available in rustic brown color or light green to get camouflaged in your backyard. It also comes with the option to add extra doors. The Cottesmore Log Store is made from premium treated timber and can withstand the British weather. The treatment from Rutland Country also ensures that the log store would not rot or catch fungus in case of excessive rains. The timber is also sourced from environmentally sustainable sources.

This log store can easily last 15 years if maintained well. The design is 3”x3” post with slatted sides to ensure the rain and snow falls off outside the log store and not into it. All added fixtures are corrosion-proof and heavy duty to ensure the quality of the Cottesmore Log Store does not deteriorate over time.

Key features:
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Made from sustainable sources

8   Burley Wooden Log Store

Burley Wooden Log Store

The Burley Wooden Log Store measures 4 ft and is one of the smaller sized log stores. Affordable, and hassle-free, this log store is made from good quality materials. It has an elevated base to decrease the dampness, rot, and moisture that most log stores get when exposed to rains and snow. Mucky or wet gardens and lawns can also destroy the foundations of the log store to render them completely unusable. This log store also has a lower rear panel to help the wetness and moisture drip and escape.

The Burley Wooden Log Store is made with pressure treated timber to get long term benefits when kept in the open areas of your home. This treatment helps the log store survive for almost 15 years. It is available in rustic brown or light green and looks pleasant when kept in the garden.

Key features:
  • Treated timber for durability
  • Slatted sides
  • Elevated off the ground

9   Dunster House Log Store

Dunster House Log Store

The Log Store from Dunster House is hugely built at 6 ft length. It has a 3 ft depth and is able to store large quantities of logwood. It comes with a robust elevated floor and is ideal for people who use logs, firewood and kindling daily. The treated spruce timber of this log stores comes with a 10-year guarantee against rot, fungus, and mold. It is also low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

Front open, the back is enclosed, and the back and sides are slatted to improve air circulation throughout the store. Easy to assemble with detailed instructions and attractive to look at, this log store can also be used to store coal and other items apart from logs. The framework is thick at 75 mm and this log store from Dunster House can easily withstand a lot of weight.

Key features:
  • Heavy duty framework
  • Treated spruce timber
  • Slatted sides and back

10   Normanton Log Store

Normanton Log Store

The large sized Normanton Log Store is lightly colored and pleasing to look at. Rather attractive, it has 3” x 3” inch posts and is raised off the floor. It also has a featheredge board. With plenty of air circulation, the roof of this log store is sloping to ensure adequate water drainage. The wood used in the construction of the Normanton Log Store is pressure treated and certified for long duration usage.

This log store can house approximately 1.5 cu. m of logs for longer periods. The dimensions are H 125 cm x W 230 cm x D 75 cm. The slatted sides, elevated platform, and sloping roof made this log store an ideal one for the entire year. Easy to assemble, this log store is a definite must-have for the British weather. Consider storing wet logs in the greenhouse if you have a greenhouse heater to dry them out for burning.

Key features:
  • Can store 1.5 cu. m of logs
  • Slatted sides
  • Elevated off the ground