10 Best Cordless Strimmers in 2020

DEWALT DCM561P1 Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer

The largest cutting swathe of 33cm means you don’t have to move it as much, a variable speed trigger and two settingsallow  for precise power and quick loading,

Trueshopping ET2505 Cordless Strimmer

Lasts 45m-1h on a single battery charge, spins at 8000rpm and has a 23cm cutting width. This is all at a very reasonable price with good reviews.

BLACK+DECKER ART 30-36 Cordless Grass Strimmer

Cuts up to 3750 linear metres on one charge with a cutting swathe of 30cm and a power selector button for eco or power mode makes it a top choice.

Best Cordless StrimmersFeaturePrice
BLACK+DECKER ART 30-36 Cordless Grass Strimmer3750 linear metres on one charge, 30cm cutting swathe, 8500RPM.££££
DEWALT DCM561P1 Cordless Brushless Line TrimmerVariable trigger and speed settings, 33cm cutting width, fast loading££££
VonHaus Cordless Grass Strimmer50m-1h lasting time, telescopic handle, 2-year warranty.£
BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless Strimmer 2500 linear metres on one charge, weighs 998g, power select runtime.
Flymo Contour 18V Cordless Strimmer25cm cutting width, 25 min runtime, shrubbing mode.
Flymo Contour 24V Cordless Strimmer25cm cutting width, 25 min runtime, shrubbing mode.
Xceed EX18CGT Cordless Grass Trimmer2 wheels, 25cm cutting width, 2.1Kg, telescopic handle.
Trueshopping ET2505 Cordless Strimmer45m-1h use, 3Kg, 23cm cutting width, no load speed of 8000rpm.
Terratek Cordless Strimmer25cm cutting width, 2Kg, interchange Terratek batteries.
WORX WG169E.2 Cordless StrimmerTwo batteries & works with other WORX 20v batteries, 3.6Kg.

Buying guide to Best Cordless Strimmers

Cordless grass string trimmers, also known as strimmers, a typical british name, are great for tidying up your garden without need for an electric socket. They have an onboard lithium battery which makes them easier to manoeuvre than corded strimmers combining the qualities of electric corded strimmers and petrol strimmers.

However, there are many cordless strimmers available on the market varying in price, featuring, cutting width and more. We’ve handpicked our favourite 10 grass trimmers and compared them so you can pick the right one for you.

This cordless strimmer from BLACK+DECKER is powered by a 36V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery capable of cutting up to 3750 linear metres on just one charge. It features E-drive technology, a high-torque gear system which can cut through even the thickest overgrowth without getting stuck. It has a 30cm cutting swathe and a speed of up to 8500RPM which is great for larger gardens. A power selector button allows you to choose maximum run time (ECO mode) to save battery or turbo mode to cut through thick grass. It weighs 3.5Kg which is relatively light for a strimmer and can hold its charge for up to 18 months while idle.


Key features:

  • Capable of cutting up to 3750 linear metres
  •  30cm cutting swathe and speeds of up to 8500RPM
  • Power selector button for different jobs

This strimmer from Dewalt is powered by a brushless 18V 5.0A lithium-ion battery offering extensive runtime and reduced maintenance. It features two speed settings with a variable trigger so you can cut at your desired speed between 0 and 6000rpm. It features a cutting swathe of 33cm which makes it ideal for larger gardens or thick grassy areas.

The fast-loading 2mm dual line bump feed string gives absolute control of line size. The battery lasts between 15-30 minutes depending on the speed you’re using and is incredibly quiet compared to petrol strimmers. However, it does weigh 7.24Kg which is on the heavier side of the strimmers on this list. If you want to finish off nice edges manually just use some telescopic edging shears.


Key features:

  • Two speed settings with a variable trigger ranging from 0-6000RPM
  • Cutting swathe of 33cm making it ideal for larger gardens or thick grass
  • Fast loading 2mm dual line bump

This strimmer from Vonhaus sports a 20V battery which lasts 50 minutes, though the great part is that charging time is only 1 hour and it can be used with any other Vonhaus 20V battery meaning little to no down time if you have two batteries. It features strong nylon blades, complete with 12 in the box and a 180-degree adjustable trimmer head and telescopic handle for hard to reach areas.

It has an ergonomic design with soft grip handles so it doesn’t get uncomfortable for long use. It is relatively lightweight at only 3.7Kg and like all VonHaus products it ships with 2 years manufacturer warranty.


Key features:

  • Lasts 50 minutes and battery charges in 1 hour
  • Telescopic handle and 180 adjustable head
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty as standard

This strimmer from BLACK+DECKER looks very similar to the first one on our list, though this is slightly less powerful it is significantly lighter and cheaper. It features an 18V motor powered by a lithium ion battery which will cut up to 2500 linear metres on one charge. It has a power select run time extender where you can increase the power for tougher areas or for lighter tasks switch it to eco mode. The cutting swathe of the BLACK+DECKER 18V is a good 28cm for good coverage in larger areas. It flips easily to a wheeled edge mode when necessary and is powered by E-Drive which is a high torque gear system ideal for overgrowth. It weighs a ridiculously light 998g making it ideal for longer use without strain on the arms. If your grass looks a bit thin try using a lawn scarifier to let the ground below breathe so grass can grow back thicker.


Key features:

  • Cuts up to 2500 linear metres on one charge
  • Weights only 998g great for long use
  • Power select run time where you can increase power or run eco

Flymo has always been a well-known brand in the lawn mower industry and this strimmer is no exception, it has no wow features but you know you are getting reliability. It features an 18V motor which runs for 25 minutes on one battery charge in which you could edge two full football pitches in that time.

It has a trimming and edging feature in which the head rotates 90 degrees easily to do either job. It is relatively lightweight at only 2.4Kg and has a cutting width of 25cm which is on the lower end of this list so will require some moving about. It is ideal for anyone looking for a low to middle end strimmer from a trusted name, though for price I wouldn’t say it’s great in terms of features.


Key features:

  • Runs for 25 minutes on one charge enough for edging 2 football pitches
  • Cutting width of 25cm
  • Lightweight at only 2.4Kg

Offering more power than the 18V Flymo strimmer mentioned above, this 24V motor strimmer offers more power making it ideal for thicker lawns. It features a telescopic handle so you can adjust it to your height or needs. A plant guard protects against trees and plants and it switches easily to a wheeled edge for edging.

It has a 25cm cutting width similar to the last which isn’t massive and lasts 25 minutes on one charge. The shrubbing mode and large foot pedal make it easy to reach awkward areas such as under benches, trampolines or bushes. It weighs slightly more than the last Flymo at 3.2Kg, this is probably due to the bigger battery and telescopic handle. For other garden items see our picks for the best chiminea and stove fans for a great centre piece for any sitting area.


Key features:

  • Telescopic handle so you can adjust it to your needs
  • Shrubbing mode and foot pedal make it easy to reach awkward places
  • 25-minute battery and 25cm cutting width

This strimmer from Xceed sports a 18V motor which can cut a decent amount before requiring charging. It features an adjustable, telescopic handle which can be adjusted to suit height or needs giving more comfortability when using it. It has two wheels to increase stability and when flipped into edging more they allow for more control.

A flower guard protects your plants, flowers and ornaments from any damage so you can be carefree when using the strimmer. The Xceed strimmer has a cutting diameter of 250mm, a non-load speed of 8500/min and is lightweight at only 2.1Kg.


Key features:

  • 2 wheels for stability and control when edging
  • Cutting width of 25cm
  • Lightweight at only 2.1Kg

This 18V strimmer from Trueshopping offers a 45 minute to 1 hour use time at a very cheap price. It features a telescopic handle so you can adjust to it your height or needs. The cutting width is slightly small at only 23cm so will require a bit more moving around when using. It has a charging time of 3 hours, weighs only 3Kg and a no load speed of 8000rpm.

It has been purchased a lot and sports very good reviews with people saying it is very easy to use and they’re impressed, though some suggested buying a second battery. The Trueshopping strimmer is great budget purchase though it does not have an edging wheel but can be used as an edger. If you want to take away the effort from cutting your lawn check out robotic lawnmowers.


Key features:

  • Lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour on a single charge
  • Has a no load speed of 8000rpm
  • Popular strimmer with good reviews

The Terratek Cordless Strimmer has a powerful 18V motor at a decent price and is ideal for most lawns. It features a cutting width of 25cm which is pretty standard based on the rest on our list. The battery is interchangeable with other Terratek products so is ideal if you have any, otherwise it requires 3-5 hours for a recharge.

It has quick change blades, just snap the replacement blades in and it is ready to use again. It can be used for edging with the rotating head however it does not have an edging wheel so you will have to hold it. The Terratek weighs only 2Kg making it one of the lighter strimmers on our list at a good price.


Key features:

  • 25cm cutting width ideal for most lawns
  • Quick change blades for quick reuse
  • Weighs only 2Kg and batteries from other Terratek tools can be used with it

The WORX WG169E.2 is powered by an 20V lithium battery, less power than the BLACK+DECKER however it comes with two batteries so you can charge one whilst using the other. However, a battery lasts 30 minutes whilst the charging time is around 3 hours so they can’t be used one after the other continuously.

It features a telescopic shaft so you can adjust it based on your height and posture for comfortable use. It converts easily from a trimmer to a wheeled-edger or mini-mower in a couple of simple motions depending on the use it’s for. The 20V power share battery platform means that batteries of other 20V WORX tools can be used on the strimmer and it weighs only 3.6Kg. If you’re aiming to make your garden look nice, find an easy win with a greenhouse heater to make your greenhouse flourish.


Key features:

  • Ships with two batteries
  • Other WORX 20V tools batteries can be used with the strimmer
  • Telescopic handle and transform it into a wheeled-edger or mini-mower