Best Pruning Saws in 2024

Bosch EasyCut Pruning Saw

When it comes to pruning, the Bosch EasyCut is a marvel. Automated, Lithium-Ion battery run, this pruning saw sees that the work becomes easy, gets done in less time, and is extraordinarily precise. With the NanoBlade technology, the effectiveness of the blade is like that of a little chainsaw machine.

Draper Folding Pruning Saw

Value for money, and ultimately affordable, the Draper Pruning Saw can be folded away for safety purposes. It also has a rust-resistant blade, with an ergonomically designed handle.

Silverline Extendable Pruning Saw

Our Best Pick for this list is the Silverline Extendable Pruning Saw. Able to get into hard to reach places without a stepladder, and also adjustable pole length to work at eye level, this pruning saw has more advantages than a regular one.

Best Pruning SawKey FeaturesPrice
Draper Folding Pruning SawAffordable and lightweight easy to store pruning saw£
Wilkinson Sword Pruning SawExcellent quality value for money pruning saw for everyday gardening needs£
Bahco Laplander Folding Pruning SawMultipurpose pruning saw with reduced friction and XT toothing for clean and precise cuts £
Spear & Jackson Pruning Saw7-inch carbon steel blade to enable forward and backward pruning comes with a locking mechanism for the foldable saw£
Silverline Extendable Pruning SawFantastic value for money extendable pruning saw for quick and precise cutting£
Felco F600 Folding Pruning SawEasy to use lightweight pruning saw with chrome plated blade £
Fiskars Xtract Garden Pruning Saw
Easily transportable, strong pruning saw with serrated teeth and retractable blade£
Silky Zubat Pruning SawExcellent quality corrosion and rust free chromium blade for precise cutting £
Bosch PSA Pruning Sabre SawLightweight, easy to store, and does the job of pruning extremely efficiently£
Bosch EasyCut Pruning SawExcellent quality pruning saw with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries for clean cuts£


Best Pruning Saw

If you get irritated with tree branches that grow unattended and unwanted out of arms reach, then you need to cut them off. To do the cutting and hacking with ease, you need an excellent quality pruning saw. Pruning Saws are usually made of medium length blades with firm handles. They also come with curved edges and handles for cutting through thick branches. Pruning saws are mostly used for thick branches or overgrown bushes.

Pruning saws are of a few varieties:

  •   Handheld pruning saw
  •   Pole extended pruning saw
  •   Straight blade pruning saw
  •   Curved blade pruning saw
  •   Large pruning saws for commercial purposes

Pruning saws are made with serrated blades to cut through hardwood. They are either straight sharp blades or sharp curved ones. What is essential from a safety perspective is the handle.

A comfortable handle will allow you to grip the pruning saw with ease, use less pressure, and do an efficient cutting job. Pruning saws are ideal for branches that are 1.5 inches in thickness.

Pruning saws may be confusing to buy. Many saws look similar to carpentry tools in shape, style, and size. However, the made, model, use, and origin of the pruning saw differs from regular carpentry tools.

What to look for when buying a pruning saw?

The first thing to do is to assess the type of pruning saw you will need. For use on small gardens, a little manual pruning saw will do fantastic work. However, large loads and tree branches need electric pruning saws.

Next, check the construction of the saw. The pruning saw you select should be durable, reliable, and of good quality. If you are buying electric saws, check for easily replaceable blades.

For manual saws, ensure that the blades are serrated and rust free.

Apart from these points, remember to invest in thick gloves and eye safety goggles for your personal protection.

1   Draper Folding Pruning Saw

The folding pruning saw from Draper is a fantastic cost-effective option for small branches. The pruning saw blade is tempered with small and large serrations for a clean and precise cut. The edge can also be folded back into the handle for storage when not in use. It is rust-resistant and extremely durable.

The handle is designed in a manner that facilitates a hard grip with a slot to put your palm through and curl your fingers. While the opening in the handle is not very large, it does fit gloved hands of medium to large size. The blade safety lock holds the blade firmly in place when not in use. Lightweight, the Draper Folding Pruning Saw is easy to transport and store. For cutting off small thinner branches it would be worth trying some secateurs as to not blunt the blade of the pruning saw.


Key features:

  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Unique storage compartment in the handle
  • Sharp serrated teeth for precise cutting

2   Wilkinson Sword Pruning Saw

The pruning saw from Wilkinson Sword is one of the few models that offer a 10-year guarantee. The long 250 mm blade on the Wilkinson Sword is of Japanese origin and is excessively strong. Able to withstand heavy and thick branches, this pruning saw is widely known as one of the best and most affordable saws in the market.

The Pruning Saw from Wilkinson Sword makes clean cuts to the branches and does not get damaged with regular use. It has triple serrations that make it ideal for smooth cutting. This variant from Wilkinson Sword also comes with its own holder for additional safety.


Key features:

  • 10 years guarantee
  • Japanese origin
  • Triple serrated blade

3   Bahco Laplander Folding Pruning Saw

The Bahco Laplander Folding Pruning Saw is made with high-quality Sandvik steel. The thick blade is 7.5 inches long and ideal for cutting through branches. It also comes with a friction reducing coating and Bahco XT toothing for serrated tools. It is an excellent pruning saw with multiple uses like bushcraft and survival, pruning, and sawing twigs. The blade is coated with rust protection for ease of use.

The handle is rubber with a leather strap for a secure grip. Ergonomically designed, this handle can withstand strongholds. Tough jobs become comfortable with this lightweight pruning saw from Bahco. For tall bushes consider using a long reach hedge trimmer to remove the leaves so you can get to the branches.


Key features:

  • Rust protected
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The 7.5-inch blade cuts both ways

4   Spear & Jackson Pruning Saw

The Spear & Jackson is a 7-inch carbon steel blade with sharp serrated teeth and a hollow ground for excellent cutting precision and efficiency. The sharp teeth facilitate cutting on the forward and backstroke as well. The blade has a locking mechanism to keep it sturdy when in use or when folded. This feature from Spear & Jackson is a safety feature so that you do not injure yourself while using the pruning saw.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit in the fit. This design also helps get a firm grip and prevents slipping while sawing. We advise our readers to wear gloves while pruning so that the handles do not cause blisters on the hands. Another plus point of this pruning saw from Spear & Jackson is that it is incredibly lightweight and easy to hold and use.


Key features:

  • Locking mechanism for safety
  • Rubber handle for a firm grip
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

5   Silverline Extendable Pruning Saw

The Silverline Extendable Pruning Saw is an excellent choice for gardeners and arborists who do not like spending time on rickety stepladders. With this pruning saw, you do not need to climb tall trees and suffer an accidental fall. Sturdy and durable, this pruning saw from Silverline is lightweight for quick use. It also does not cause excessive strain on the arms and shoulders.

The pole on the Silverline can be extended up to three sections depending on the height of the branch. These sections can be locked for safety and can be unlocked easily. The blade is curved and serrated to reach difficult branches that are stuck between the tree growth. The hook end enables cleaning of the tree and can easily take off ivy and climbers. For other great garden tools see our guide on lawn scarifiers.


Key features:

  • Extended up to three sections
  • Curved blade for ease of cutting
  • Hook end helps clear climbers, and ivy stuck to the tree

6   Felco F600 Folding Pruning Saw

The Felco F600 is a folding pull-stroke pruning saw that is made for hard-to-reach branches. If you have a small garden, with a minimal storage facility, the foldable Felco F600 should be your go-to product. Lightweight and easy to use, this pruning saw from Felco is made with a chrome plated rust free blade with sharp serrations. This is one of the few manual pruning saws that do not need constant re-filing and maintenance.

The design of the blade helps in removing sap and fibers quickly and without much resistance. This foldable pruning saw from Felco can also be used with electric saws for DIY projects around the house. Multi-utility, this pruning saw has fantastic uses in carpentry and also for odd electrical jobs around the home. Consider using a cordless hedge trimmer to remove bushery to get to branches you want to cut.


Key features:

  • Lightweight
  • Easily stored
  • Sharply serrated chrome plated blade

7   Fiskars Xtract Garden Pruning Saw

The large garden pruning saw from Fiskars is a dream for most arborists and amateur gardeners. It features a 255 mm highly serrated sharp blade with a sliding and folding mechanism. This safety feature is excellent as the retractable edge is super sharp and can eat into the wood like butter. This garden pruning saw is large enough to cut near to the tree trunk and avoid snugs safely.

The pruning saw can be hung on a peg or a belt since it has a hole on the handle for easy storage. Lightweight, this pruning saw from Fiskars prevents exhaustion and arm fatigue while cutting for long periods. It is also a great camping tool and can be used for multiple options while away from the home and garden. See our guide on edging shears for other great tools.


Key features:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Extra serrated teeth for easy cutting
  • Comfortable handle for easy gripping

8   Silky Zubat Pruning Saw

An excellent manual pruning saw from Silky, the Zubat is a curved blade saw that comes with its scabbard. Loved by most arborists in the UK who like to work manually with their hands, the Silky Zubat cuts beautifully through branches and is exceptionally long-lasting. The 13-inch blade is premium quality chromium plated and is resistant to resin and corrosion. It also comes with a molded rubber handle for a sturdy grip. The rubber handle makes for a comfortable hold, and its ergonomic design facilitates the cutting of branches with efficiency.

The Silky Zubat curved pruning saw can be hung on pegs and mounted on a pole so that it is out of the reach of children and pets. You can also use this manual pruning saw for flexible branches that are difficult to cut with electric pruning saws. For other garden tools see our garden fork guide.


Key features:

  • Chromium plated
  • Rust and resin resistant
  • Has its own scabbard

9   Bosch PSA Pruning Sabre Saw

The Bosch PSA Pruning Sabre Saw is excellent if you need to do a lot of pruning in your garden. This variant from Bosch comes with 710 watts power to help you cut through tough branches with ease. Lightweight and easy to transport, the Bosch PSA Pruning Sabre Saw has an ergonomic soft grip that is great for gripping the tool tightly. This saw is not only useful in the garden, but also for DIY home improvement jobs that require carpentry work.

This pruning saw comes with replacement and other blades. These blades are easily interchangeable making this pruning saw an extraordinarily versatile and handy tool to have around the house. Consider using a garden shredder for waste then you can just placei t onto plant beds.


Key features:

  • Versatile pruning saw
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

10   Bosch EasyCut Pruning Saw

The Bosch EasyCut works on Lithium-Ion batteries and is a fantastic pruning saw for large gardens and trees. The battery is quite powerful and can last several hours between two charges. Quick to recharge, you can use this battery with other Bosch power tools to save on time and cost.

The NanoBlade technology from Bosch works exceptionally well and is similar to the mechanisms of large-sized chainsaws. However, since this is a pruning saw, the size is much smaller than that of a chain saw. This variant from Bosch comes with a soft grip, and the saw does not vibrate too much while working. It cuts cleanly through almost all branches and is widely appreciated by many users in the UK.


Key features:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
  • NanoBlade technology similar to chainsaws
  • Powerful battery life