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8 Best Slide Scanners in 2021

Published 10:57pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 10:57pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide ScannerSlide scanner that can convert a film to JPEG file in little time with an instinctive user interface£
Magnasonic All-in-One High-Resolution 22MP Film ScannerA slide scanner that can convert a 35mm film or a negative to a JPEG file in pulsating full colours£
KODAK Mobile Film ScannerA scanner that can convert mobile images into JPEG files that is compatible with 35mm Color and black & white Film Negatives£
DIGITNOW Film ScannerA stand-alone Slide scanner that does not require a computer and can convert 35mm along with other slides and Negatives into JPEG format£
Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo scannerIt can eliminate dust and scratches effect from films and produce great extensions from film£
Kodak Scanza Film ScannerSlide scanner that can convert slides and negatives of a film into a JPEG file in seconds and store them on an SD card and USB££
Canon CanoScan 9000F Color Image ScannerSlide scanner with fading besides backlight correction and less warm uptime££
Epson FastFotoA slide scanner with extremely easy connectivity and can scan both slides as well as handwritings£££

Best Slide Scanner UK

There are many types of scanner available out there; while the main motive behind all of them remains the same; however, the type of scanning that they have to do might vary. Slide scanner is a special type of scanner that is explicitly designed to scan 35mm slides along with film negatives. The material that needs to be scanned is implanted into a particular slot or a tray that is present in the machine. They are used especially for this purpose, something that not many flatbed scanners are most often seen doing.

There are countless benefits of using a slide scanner for scanning slides and film negatives. It produces great image value even if they have to scan thick samples. You can scan with similar device cytology, histology or blemished molecular tissues with fluorescence mode and bright field. It also saves time of scan and storage space

Since there are numerous options available out there, it might be difficult to choose which best suits your requirements. Our compilation of the top 8 products that are based entirely on the performance and durability of the product can help you reach your conclusion more efficiently and effectively. You can go through the list and choose the product that fulfils all of your requirements.

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The Kodak Scanza is one of the best products available in the market, preferred by numerous customers it can convert any image into a JPEG file in little time.  The potent scanner can convert Old 35mm, 110, 126; Super 8 along with 8mm Negatives and Slides pretty efficiently. However, any films apart from this, the scanner will not be compatible with it.

It has a large high definition LCD with Integral Color output characteristics and modifiable Brightness along with Convenient Tilt for Stress-free Operation.  The device is delivered with several Film Inserts and Adapters for speedy, flexible Processing.

The scanner is pretty easy to use and Comprises of Useful Tray and Insert Manual. You can conveniently edit images and resolutions. It is also compatible with both Mac and PCs and comes with several cables that make its connectivity easier. It also has an excellent sensor that can scan pictures in up to 14 megapixels giving it clear and stunning intelligibility. The elective setting improves image lucidity up to 22 megapixels. It has three slide inserts and adapter trays for inserting and scanning old films. If its on an old disc and you don’t have a reader, check out our guide on external CD/DVD drives.

Key features:
  • Huge 3.5’’ LCD screen
  • Three slide inserts
  • Three adapter trays
  • Sensor with 14 megapixels
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The Magnasonic High-Resolution Film Scanner can smoothly transform your 35mm, 110,126KPK, Super 8 and Negatives into exceptional great resolution 22 Megapixel digital photograph JPEG files. It can successfully convert your old slides and negatives into a JPEG file, but additionally, it also fixes any colour demarcation and present this clearer view of the picture.

The device does not require a computer to convert your slides as it has an integral, lively full-coloured, 2.4 inches LCD screen, you can easily use it to edit your picture and change the resolution, brightness and make other changes to it. You can also view it directly on your television screen with the help of the TV cable that you get with it.

The scanner has 128MB of integrated memory that can store 100 images straightaway, and you can also use an SD card to increase the memory if you want.  The scanning also takes little time as the scanner is pretty fast so you can convert all your slides and negatives in no time at all.

Key features:
  • Compatible with an extensive range of slides and film
  • LCD for Immediate Viewing
  • Tremendous Storage and memory potential
  • Quick scanning capability
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The KODAK mobile film scanner is one of the most useful devices if you want to bring your old photos back to life. Unlike many slide scanners out there the KODAK mobile film scanner can be used to scan photos easily through your Smartphones, It can scan the photo and save it.

The scanner is compatible with Color Film Negatives of 35mm and 35mm negatives of white & black Film. It also works exceptionally well with 35mm Color Slides. It is also pretty easy to use and can scan your photo in no time at all. The base contains an in-built lamp for enlightening films from beneath.

The KODAK also comes with a free android APP that can be used to edit images. It is one of the most favourite features among customers since it lets you make changes to the images effectively and you won’t need a separate editor for the purpose. It is pretty easy to use, and the connectivity is also pretty straightforward. Furthermore, it has a portable design that can be easily carried around if required

Key features:
  • Easy Portability
  • Compatible with colourful and black & white films
  • Stress-free operation
  • Free Android Companion application
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The DIGITNOW Film Scanner is an exceptional choice for people on a budget. Apart from being very useful and easy to use the device, it is also available at a pretty affordable price. It can transform 110, 126KPK, 35mm/135, along with Super 8 films, Negatives and slides in the digital JPEG layout in a few seconds.

The scanner is stand-alone, which means it does not require a computer for functioning since it has its build-in LEG screen that can be used to scan the photo. You can watch the scanned pictures straightaway on the build-in 2. 4 inches colour LCD screen you can also connect it to television for bigger screen show, and It can relocate your old slides and films to colour or white and black images to SD card and aids adjusting the brightness or pigmentation of the image.

The DIGITNOW has software exclamation that can efficiently digitalize the quality of photos up to 22 megapixels. It is compatible with both PC and Mac and can transmit high-resolution pictures to your desired device.

Key features:
  • 22/16 Megapixels Resolution
  • Bright LCD
  • One-touch operation
  • Stand-alone Scanner
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The Epson Perfection V600 colour photo scanner provides exceptional quality scans from photographs, slides, films along with other daily documents. The Scanner has a 6400 x 9600 dpi resolution; that guarantees accurate film scanning for clear and vibrant imitation of photos up to 17 x 22 inches. It can scan numerous things from bills and receipts to photographs and 3D items

It features a digital ICE for prints and films; Single touch colour repair along with ArcSoft Photo Studio, this scanner delivers a whole photo restoration answer to all your questions. The Epson V600 has an integral Transparency component to scan negatives, slides in addition to medium layout panoramic film equal to 6 x 22 cm.

The Scanner has an Optical Character Recognition operating system; you can transform scanned papers into text that can be edited. The scanner has four customizable keys that can be used to scan, copy and produce PDFs directly. The V600 Photo Scanner also characterizes Epson’s special Ready Scan LED expertise for enlarged efficiency and energy productivity making it an exceptional product and one of the best on the list. Perfect for all the snaps you caught on your trail camera.

Key features:
  • Exceptional resolution for brilliant extensions
  • Inclusive Scanning
  • Digital ICE to scan prints
  • Digital ICE for scanning films
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The Kodak Scanza Film scanner is an exceptional product with countless useful features. It assists you in transforming 35mm, 110, 126, Super 8 along with 8mm negatives and slides to JPEG digital files. However, the scanner goes more than that and provides further features as well.

It can also easily connect to your smartphone for producing fabulous 4 x 6 inches prints; it is compatible with both ios and android. The scanner has a 16GB SD Card and a reader that can store all of your files for you to share online easily. Its ability to both scan and print makes it a popular choice since it provides the solution to all the problems at once.

The Kodak Scanza is also pretty easy to use, as the unit has pretty large and soft buttons that can be used to slide through several applications making the scanning process stress-free

Key features:
  • Can convert several films and slides
  • Easy to use
  • Large LCD screen
  • Produces high-quality photographs
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The Canon CanoScan 9000F colour image scanner provides self-activating scratch and dust eliminating technology along with diminishing, backlight and grain rectification presenting a much vibrant version of the scanned image. It can provide an astonishing complete film scanning with resolution up to 9600 x 9600 dpi.

The innovative Automatic Document Fix characteristic instinctively evaluates and fixes both images and texts, so the text of your document persists unblemished, and your photographs will preserve colour tone and divergence. It has seven buttons that allow the user to copy, scan or create a PDF in little time.

The Scanner also provides gutter shadow rectification it is the elimination of the shadow usually observed when you scan a book page moreover the Fare level 3 is an in-built restoring technology that provides automatic adjustment to films and photos confiscating most of the scratches and dust whereas reinstating its colours simultaneously.

Key features:
  • Gutter Shadow Rectification
  • Auto document repair
  • EZ buttons for automating scanning
  • FARE mode 3
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The Epson FastFoto scanner is one of the best and fastest scanners available in the market. Widely regarded for its extreme processing speed that can go as high as scanning one photo per second, this scanner is unlike any other out there.

It can scan up to 8.5 inches wide, cards, along with Polaroid photographs and panoramas making it all in one solution for countless scanning problems. Its interface can Scan, organize, restore and Share valuable moments and provides smart file organization instruments. Compliant Scanning provides multiple modes for stress-free sharing (300 dpi) along with archiving (600 dpi TIFF) and Expansion (1200 dpi) with the capacity to handle several sizes in a single batch. It also provides Document scanning that can scan just about any document whether it’s a bill, records, and wills that are equal to 45 ppm/90 ipm.

The scanner is pretty easy to connect to as it provides both wireless and USB connectivity for adaptable settlement Impeccable Picture Imaging Method. It also provides pretty easy uploading and storing images within seconds making it an amazing choice for all the photos you have on your action camera.  The single-step expertise allows for both handwriting and pictures to be captured in a single scan pretty efficiently.

Key features:
  • Scans images and handwritten notes in one scan
  • Provides smart file organization instruments
  • Flexible scanning modes
  • Easy to upload and backup photographs

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