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The Best Dummy CCTV Cameras in 2021

Updated 08-01-2021 – Mia Cohen

Every burglar hates getting caught; more so on camera. The CCTV camera eliminates denials that could arise when you’ve got no proof of evidence. However, with the need for more prudence, it could be uneconomic to have CCTV cameras around your property. Then comes the idea – trying a dummy CCTV camera.

Numerous testimonies have followed the use of these dummy cameras. It functions as a scarecrow does to birds on a grain field. They look just like the real ones but come very cheap. With no installation or maintenance cost, it is a cost-saving form of security for your property. Thankfully, these dummy CCTV cameras are effectual alone and alongside with actual ones.

If you’re going to use one of these cameras, you’ve got to understand that wrongdoers are no dimwits. In choosing a dummy CCTV camera, the basic rule is – the more realistic the features, the better. You would find this guide helpful in choosing one convincing enough to keep the crows away.


The Best Dummy CCTV Camera UK

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ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Garsent Portable Digital TV9-inch screen, 1280X600 pixel screen resolution, rechargeable 1500mAh li-ion battery, USB connection.£
Bewinner 1080P 12-Inch Digital TV12-inch large, 1080p resolution, rechargeable 1500mAh battery, sensitive turner, 3mm round speaker.£
Manta 19LFN88L 50 Hz TV19-inch screen size, 1080p resolution, USB and HDMI input, playback function, powered by 12V or 240V main.£
RCA RB32H1-UK 32-Inch HD TV32-inch screen, 1,366x768 pixels resolution, ultra-slim design, built-in turner, HDMI and USB connection, hotel mode.££
Unispectra® 14D2T2 Caravan 14" LED Digital TV14-inch large, built-in FM tuner, built-in DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Freeview, USB PVR with time shift function.££
Ferguson F24RTS-12V 24-Inch Smart TVSmart TV, 24-inches large, 720p screen resolution, built-in WIFI, built-in Freeview DVB-T2.£££
Cello 12 Volt 24" ZSF0242-12V LED TV24-inches screen, 720p resolution ultra-slim design, Built-in satellite, built-in DVD player, HDMI input, 12v adapter.£££
Sniper 19″ SN-1903 HD LED Travel TV19-inch screen, built-in DVD player, built-in satellite receiver, 12V/42V main adapter, Bluetooth, record and pause function.£££
Cello C22227T2S1 22" LED TV22-inch screen, 720p resolution, solar panel/battery-powered, battery life indicator, two LED lamps, built-in satellite receiver, two USB ports.£££
Avtex L199DRS PRO 19.5" 12v/24v TV19.5-inch screen, 1080p resolution, multi-turner for recording, on-screen battery meter, ultra-slim design, 8GB USB recording stick.£££££

1   BW 1100B Dummy CCTV Camera

BW 1100B Dummy CCTV Camera

Buying the BW 1100B Dummy CCTV Camera is a much easier way to keep away the goons. The gadget has several realistic features that make it undoubtedly pass for a real CCTV camera. First is the red flashing light brilliantly imitates the infrared light of real cameras. Powered by 2 AA batteries, it flashes every two seconds, a potent way of saying-keep off!

Meanwhile, the battery space is hidden, being under the camera and blending well with the background. Moreover, it has a loose connection cable which you can hide into the ceiling or tape to a security light. This great feature helps it to achieve deception at its best. Besides, its mounting bracket is fully adjustable. You have the liberty to adjust its focus to any direction.

Thankfully, the BW 1100B Dummy CCTV Camera is weatherproof. Thus, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You can easily pair it with the best 32-inch tv.

Key features:
  • Red blink simulating IR light
  • Adjustable wall bracket
  • Weatherproof

2   kwmobile Dummy CCTV Camera

kwmobile Dummy CCTV Camera

You could fool even yourself with the KWmobile Dummy CCTV Camera. It looks as realistic as any professional camera can get. First and foremost, the gadget is portable and would fit into any setting. Installing the device breaks no sweat. The screws that come with the package are all you would need. 

Also, it has a red light which blinks to simulate the infrared light on a real CCTV camera. Besides, unlike some dummy cameras, the battery space is well hidden from sight. It appears behind the lens compartment. So stare all you want at it, it isn’t letting out its secret.

Again, although made from plastic, the KWmobile Dummy CCTV Camera is resistant to external conditions. Hence, it is suitable for both internal and external usage. For more handy tech products check out our review on the best Bluetooth transmitters and the best cd & dvd printers.

Key features:
  • Dome shape
  • Realistic professional features
  • Enclosed battery housing
  • Flashes red lR simulation light

3   Elikliv Dummy CCTV Camera

Elikliv Dummy CCTV Camera

You can’t regret buying the Elikliv Dummy CCTV Camera. It simulates the actual bullet type CCTV camera with great accuracy. Made from ABS plastic, the dummy camera is sturdy and weatherproof. As a result, you can use it within and outside a building. Again, it has a red light that flashes at intervals between 2-5 seconds. By doing this, it simulates a camera that is recording.

Although the dummy camera runs on two 1.5v AA batteries, it also has a solar panel. The solar panel blends well with the body and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It helps to charge the batteries, ensuring you don’t get involved in the hassles of frequently changing batteries.

Furthermore, a neatly placed cable makes the dummy appear to connect to a power source. Gratefully, a CCTV warning sticker accompanies the Elikliv Dummy CCTV Camera. If you like watches check out our top picks for the best men wristwatches.

Key features:
  • Inbuilt solar panel for battery recharge
  • Realistic bullet CCTV appearance
  • Blinking red light
  • Sturdy ABS plastic material

4   TOROTON Dome Dummy CCTV Camera

TOROTON Dome Dummy CCTV Camera

Buying the TOROTON Dome Dummy CCTV Camera is an inexpensive way of preventing a break-in. The first joy of purchase is the number of cameras. Four cameras mean you’ve got a considerably large area protected. The cheap cost has nothing to do with the quality of the dummy cameras. The plastic used is sturdy and resistant to weather forces. In essence, it is suitable for use indoor and outdoor.

Again, the concealed AA battery space won’t give out the nature of the camera. Funny labels and tags usually bring about suspicion of dummy cameras. These are absent, giving it a clean look and the appearance of a real one.

Moreover, the simulation camera lens looks too real to be fake. You would also appreciate its IR simulation with a red light that flashes every five seconds.

Key features:
  • Four dummy cameras
  • Simulated IR light
  • Sturdy plastic

5   OTHWAY DC-BLK Dummy CCTV Camera


The OTHWAY DC-BLK Dummy CCTV Camera is very stealthy in hiding any feature that may give it away. First, its AA batteries slot is not visible. No one, even the most observant and meticulous, can make out its position. Whereas this has been the give-away of many dummy batteries, it makes for a perfect look-alike in this camera. 

Again, it has a solar panel which blends well with the casing. As a result, the battery of the camera automatically recharges. Consequently, it saves you the stress of changing batteries regularly. Additionally, the camera’s angle is adjustable so you can focus it to the direction you want.

Furthermore, the OTHWAY DC-BLK Dummy CCTV Camera flashes a red light at 5 minutes intervals. By doing this, it simulates the infrared light present in an actual CCTV camera. The camera is also waterproof, therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Key features:
  • Realistic bullet CCTV design
  • 360° adjustable camera angle
  • Red flickering light
  • Solar panel

6  Tech Traders® Dummy CCTV Camera

Tech Traders® Dummy CCTV Camera

You’ll have a hard time believing that the Tech Traders® Dummy CCTV Camera isn’t real. It has all the exterior details that an actual` CCTV camera would have. The mounting bracket allows for focusing the camera in your chosen direction. Again, its red flashing light simulates the infrared light of a real CCTV camera.

Interestingly, the Tech Traders® Dummy CCTV has a mounted solar panel. It ensures that you don’t have to keep changing batteries when using rechargeable AA batteries. An extended cable adds to its realistic effects. Tucking it into the ceiling makes for a perfect look-alike to a real one.

Meanwhile, the dummy camera has a weatherproof structure as well as a rain shield. These features make the dummy camera fit for indoor and outdoor purposes. Thankfully, the dummy camera is easy to install.

Key features:
  • Bullet style
  • Inbuilt solar panel
  • Simulates the IR light

7   Ex-Pro Dummy CCTV Camera

Ex-Pro Dummy CCTV Camera

You won’t have anything but praise for the Ex-Pro Dummy CCTV Camera. Its ultra-realistic features make it stand out among other dummy cameras. Two AA batteries powers this cute dome-shaped camera. No one would possibly know because its battery location is not visible.  

Again, the camera shines multiple red lights rather than just one. However, unlike other dummy cameras, these lights don’t continuously stay on. The camera has light sensors that cause the lights to go off during the daytime and come on at night time. This feature also makes it battery efficient.

Thankfully, the Ex-Pro Dummy CCTV Camera comes along with a warning sticker. The absence of brand names and other labels on it makes it believable to a passerby. Ultimately, it is easy to install and comes with its mounting screws.

Key features:
  • Has daylight sensors
  • Battery-efficient
  • Comes with warning sticker

8   AlfaView Dummy CCTV Camera

AlfaView Dummy CCTV Camera

All criminals would think that the AlfaView Dummy CCTV Camera have them in view. The camera’s design is very realistic, making it look like a professional bullet camera. Although the camera gets power from two pieces of AA batteries, it also makes use of solar energy. The built-in solar panel recharges the batteries making sure you won’t need to change them often. Meanwhile, it has a red light that flashes at intervals to appear like though the camera is recording.

Again, the gadget has a rain guard which protects it from rainfall. The camera is also sturdy, making it fit for indoor and outdoor mounting. 

Also, the AlfaView Dummy CCTV Camera is easy to mount. After mounting, it has a cable which simulates its connection to a power source. It can also be adjusted up to 360 degrees to get a convenient angle of your choice.

Key features:
  • Looks like a professional CCTV camera
  • Built-in solar panel
  • Flashes a red light like it is recording
  • Easy to mount

9   Smartwares CDM-38103 Dummy CCTV Camera

Smartwares CDM-38103 Dummy CCTV Camera

Purchasing the Smartwares CDM-38103 Dummy CCTV Camera is a smart step to take. The dummy is very stylish and sleek, making it difficult to spot it for what it is. Another outstanding feature is the integrated PIR motion sensor. The sensor causes the camera to swivel, following the source of motion. Mischievous ones would think you’ve got eyes on them.

Meanwhile, it has a cable neatly tucked into the wall bracket. There would be no question on its authenticity. Its flashing red light would surely deter criminals from coming near as they would think it is recording.

Also, the Smartwares CDM-38103 Dummy CCTV Camera has an IP44 rating. By implication, it would do well come rain or shine without noticeable deterioration. It is easy to mount and comes with the necessary mounting kit.

Key features:
  • 3m motion sensor
  • Automatic swivelling function
  • Flashing red light
  • Weatherproof

10   WALI Bullet Dummy CCTV Camera

WALI Bullet Dummy CCTV Camera

The WALI Bullet Dummy CCTV Camera offers you quadruple protection through four cameras in a single pack. The cameras look so real that on careful examination, it would still be quite a job to make them out for dummies. It uses steel brackets, just like those of the real ones. Meanwhile, the cameras are plastic but coated with silver, offering a perfect camouflage.

Powered by two pieces of AA-size batteries, the camera flashes a red light simulating that is recording. Also, it has a cable, which when tucked away, further adds to its already realistic appearance. Moreover, the camera can tilt to any angle of your choice. You can focus it wherever you wish.

Thankfully, the WALI Bullet Dummy CCTV Camera comes with CCTV warning stickers as an extra deterrent to thieves.

Key features:
  • Security alert sticker
  • Realistic appearance
  • Flickering red light 
  • Steel brackets
  • Weatherproof

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