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10 Best External CD/DVD Drives in 2020

Published 09:29am

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

Published 09:29am

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Lenovo 4XA0E97775 ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD BurnerInstalled PowerDVD software, compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, works on Windows and Mac devices, 0.75MB memory buffer.£
LG Storage GP65NB60 External Slim DVDRWSlim and portable design, CyberLink software, up to 8x DVDR and 24x CD Write Speed.£
Rioddas External CD DriveIntegrated USB cable, high speed, stylish design, supports several formats, compatible with Windows and Mac OS.£
DELL DW316 - DW316 Optical Disc DrivePreloaded CyberLink Media Suite, reading and writing speed of 24x on CD and 8x on DVD.£
ASUS LITE Portable USB 2.0 External DriveMulti-purpose drive, drag and burn feature, reliable data encryption, sleek and portable design.££
Apple USB SuperDriveIntegrated USB cable, maximum write speeds of 24x on CD-R, 6x on DVD-R, compact, lightweight and portable.££
Pioneer BDR-XD05B Slim External Blu Ray WriterInstalled Cyberlink software, supports USB 3.0, PowerRead™ for fast reading/writing, very portable.££
ASUS BW-16D1X-U Blueray DriveData backup software installed, Latest USB technology, Cyber Link Power2Go 8 disc-burning process.£££
Verbatim External Slimline Blu-ray WriterComes Archive software and M-Disc software, compatible with virtually all CD and DVD formats.£££
Pioneer BDR-XD05S Slim External Blu Ray DriveComes with Auto Quiet mode, PowerRead ™ and PureRead 2+, super light and compact.£££

Best External CD/DVD Drive UK

It is increasingly difficult to find computers that have a wide variety of components and peripherals. In recent years we have seen how Ethernet connections, SD card slots, traditional USB-A and CD / DVD drives have been gradually dispensed out of the window. Most can be retrieved with adapters or hub. While it is true that flash storage, external hard drives, and the cloud are comfortable options to share and save our files, CDs and DVDs are still widely used, as music and movies are still marketed in this format so that they can be played on a wide variety of devices, such as computers.

With a whole range of new technologies coming out every two days, many old-school devices have become obsolete. For this reason, the new generation of trendy laptops these days are not equipped with drives that allow the use of CDs and DVDs. The need to download material has not gone out of fashion, but with thumb and hard drives as well as phones, CDs are simply a thing of the past. For those who still love this old school atmosphere, all hope is not lost. With the use of an external optical drive, CDs and DVDs can easily be used and our handy guide offers some of the best external optical drives that exist.

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Made with quality design and barely 9.5 mm thick, the Lenovo 4XA0E97775 ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner is designed so that you can take it everywhere no matter what. Also, it gives you a good speed of data transmission thanks to its USB 3.0 connection, although of course, it is also compatible with USB 2.0 systems.

It is capable of burning and reading virtually all types of CD and DVD formats that you may need at speeds of up to 24x. As for its compatibility, it can only be used with systems such as Microsoft Windows 7 or later. It is not compatible with Mac OS.

About the software, it includes the Power DVD tool that allows you to create, capture, edit and record your videos, as well as being able to play videos from DVDs.

Key features:
  • Works on Windows and Mac devices
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports
  • Fast reading speed
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The LG Storage GP65NB60 External Slim DVDRW is a slim and compact DVD device and a perfect companion for the modern individual who appreciates a good shot of the past. With its impressive writing speed and first-class software, the product is the ultimate DVD drive to beat. Its versatility knows no limits and, thanks to the USB feature that comes with it, it can be connected to PCs, laptops and even Android TV boxes. So, you can enjoy your files on any medium that suits you. 

Convenience is increased a notch, thanks to the silent play function of this product. This technology makes it possible to reduce or even eliminate the noise present during the reading. This is only possible because it can differentiate a range of multimedia and reduce the speed of reading according to each specification. Also, the LG Storage GP65NB60 External Slim DVDRW can be used comfortably on both MAC OS and Windows 10. Though if you have some foreign DVD you’ll probably need a multi region DVD player.

Key features:
  • Elegant design
  • Cheap price
  • USB is compatible
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As for the Rioddas External CD Drive, it is a very functional drive. This multifunctional design can be used on a wide range of devices and operating systems, making it the best option for the modern individual. This external drive offers a wide range of features, but the most remarkable is its ability to provide high-speed data transmission.

 Thanks to its compatibility with USB 3.0 and its backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and 1.0, the Rioddas External CD Drive is not only faster but also more efficient. Its overall design, which reeks of comfort, is not only elegant, slim and portable but also its USB cable is integrated into it. Another special feature of this external optical drive is its functional eject button. So, the risk of disc jamming in the drive is instantly eliminated. To top it off, this device is powered by a USB port, so there is no need for batteries or an external power source.

Key features:
  • Equipped with a practical eject button
  • Fully powered by a USB key
  • Compatible with several devices and operating systems
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Do you have discs lying around? They may be out of date, but you don’t need them. With the DELL DW316 – DW316 Optical Disc Drive and its convenient USB port, you can easily burn and play multimedia files. Thanks to its slim and light design, this USB DVD player can be used in many environments. Once connected to a given device, it is set to start the burning or reading process. 

Whether you are at home, at work or in your car, the DELL DW316 – DW316 Optical Disc Drive can be useful. On one level, this external disc player is equipped with preloaded CyberLink Media Suite software. Thanks to this, you can easily install and use programs on disk on their different systems. It can also be used to read and burn DVDs and CDs. The best part is that it is powered by your device’s USB port, and as such, there is no need for batteries or power cords.

Key features:
  • Fast reading and writing speed
  • Compatible with laptop, notebook, PC, etc
  • Lightweight and portable
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This ASUS LITE Portable USB 2.0 External Drive is compatible with Windows and Mac and allows a pretty good speed: it can read, write and rewrite CDs at 24x speed while reading DVDs at 8x and burning them at 6x. It also offers a simple burning process that makes your task easier and faster, since the Drag-and-Burn system allows you to burn discs in three easy steps.

However, the main innovation that differentiates this product from other models has to do with data protection. This computer can encrypt data in two different ways, doubling the protection of your discs and files. The ASUS LITE Portable USB 2.0 External Drive is capable of setting passwords and hiding files, which offers a double shield against theft or loss.

Key features:
  • Impressive reading and writing speeds
  • High-quality data encryption
  • Compatible on multiple OS
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Like Apple products around the world, this Apple USB SuperDrive offers an unparalleled level of performance. It provides everything you need in a DVD player and more with its sleek, compact style combined with a high level of functionality. Apple USB SuperDrive can be used in many roles. Whether you want to watch a movie on a DVD or install essential software, there is very little you cannot do with this player.

Its size is another winning feature. The Apple USB SuperDrive itself is roughly the same size as a CD case. Therefore, it can be a trusted companion in any given environment. It may be small, but it is best to believe that it can do a variety of things. Its functional design is by far one of its best features. Thanks to the presence of an integrated cable, the problem of lost or lost cables is eliminated. Plus, it uses your Mac as a power source, so there’s no need to use a separate AC adapter. Convenience now comes in small packages.

Key features:
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices
  • Reading and burning on DVD and CD
  • Compact and portable design
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Anyone looking for something light but high performing is in luck because the Pioneer BDR-XD05B Slim External Blu Ray Writer delivers that up and more. This external disc drive is one of the smallest portable BD / DVD / CD burners supporting BDX in the world today. Big things come in small packages and this external optical drive is no exception. It can read and write to all BDXL discs. This includes 100 GB BD-R triple-layer media, BD-RE 100 GB triple-layer media and even your good old Blu-ray discs. Also, its playback software is exquisite and will even offer standard definition content updated to high definition quality.

This Pioneer BDR-XD05B Slim External Blu Ray Writer also has unique features that make it the crème de la crème of readers. Its PowerRead™ function smooths the reading in case the disc has spots or scratches. With its Auto Quiet mode, the rotation speed of the disc is adjusted to reduce noise. Overall, there is nothing better than this.

Key features:
  • Elegant clamshell design
  • Supports BDXL, Blu-ray, DVD and CD media
  • Extremely light and portable
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It can be built on the precepts of what some consider old technology, however, this ASUS BW-16D1X-U Drive is one of the most reliable backup solutions on the market. Its unrivalled speed among a range of contemporary features makes the ASUS BW-16D1X-U Drive one of the best options on the market. This powerful external Blu-ray drive uses the 16X BD-R format coupled with USB 3.0.

On this basis, it can provide the fastest possible burning speed for an external disc drive. The fact that it is not picky is also very important, whether users work with a MAC OS or Windows, a smartphone or a tablet, this player has everything you need. The best part is that it doesn’t require a separate installation, just plug in the USB and get started. Its highlight is its impressive backup function, thanks to software known as Cyberlink Power2Go 8, the burning process is interrupted. As a bonus, it also offers optional encryption functionality for protecting sensitive files.

Key features:
  • Exists in the form of an aesthetically pleasing diamond
  • Support for a wide range of operating systems
  • USB 3.0 for fast transfer
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There is no limit to what can be done with the Verbatim External Slimline Blu-ray Writer. Its elegant and efficient design is characterized by an authentic metal case that is not only there for aesthetic reasons. Verbatim being at the forefront of data storage technology, it is not surprising that this product is equipped with first-rate features. For convenience, it is powered by USB, so there is no need to carry an adapter. This, added to the fact that it is portable and light, makes it a very user-friendly device.

The Verbatim External Slimline Blu-ray Writer operates at maximum speed, with a write speed of 6x for Blu-ray, 8x for DVD and 24x for CD. This in collaboration with the M DISC makes it a very efficient device. Storage is not a problem, small and large files, as well as sensitive information, are supported in this device. It is an ideal electronic gift for technology lovers.

Key features:
  • Powered by a USB port, no need for an external power source
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Protected by a two-year warranty
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When it comes to Pioneer products, this one certainly lives up to the standard. Based on the principle of being small but powerful, the Pioneer BDR-XD05S Slim External Blu Ray Drive offers an average punch compared to most external DVD burners. This compact USB 3.0 drive is ideal for Mac users. However, it does not discriminate, it can work well for anyone who already owns the software. It is undoubtedly one of the smallest outdoor records, but there are so many other things it has to offer. Also, it is one of the fastest and has recorded a speed of up to 6 × 2 on BD-R and BD-R DL media.

Since this is a Pioneer product, it would undoubtedly be incomplete without its most valuable additions. The Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu Ray Drive is equipped with PowerRead ™, Auto Quiet mode and PureRead2 +. All these elements and many others work hand in hand to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Key features:
  • Very fast reading speed
  • Super light and compact
  • Supports a wide range of disc formats

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