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Best Paper Shredders in 2024

Published 04:26am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 04:26am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Texet CC612N 12L Cross Cut Shredder(0.56x4.68)cm cutting dimension, 6-sheet loading capacity, 12-litre bin, powerful blades, 2-minute cutting time.£
AmazonBasics 5-6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper ShredderCutting dimension of (0.55×4.67)cm, 14.4L bin, 6 paper shredder capacity, reverse jam feature.£
HSM Shredstar ShredderCuts paper to 6mm, automatic stop and start, 62dB noise level, auto return to prevent jamming, 12-litre basket.£
Aurora AS800CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder5×47 mm micro-cut, 16L waste bin, 8 sheet capacity, 2-minutes shredding period.££
Fellowes Powershred M-8C Personal Shredder15-litre bin, powerful motor, safety lock, 5 minutes shredding time, perfect for home use.££
Duronic PS410 Paper Shredder10×4mm micro-cut pieces, 6-sheet shredding capacity, 3 minutes working period, 14L waste bin.££
Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Paper Shredder4 × 40 mm cross cut size, 22L bin capacity, low noise, 10 sheets per shred, anti-touch sensor.££
Swordfish 1000XC Paper ShredderLarge bin, almost noiseless at 69dB, infrared auto stop/start, highly portable.££
Bonsaii C149-D Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder23L bin, 12-sheet shredding capacity, (4×10)mm cutting size, ultra-low noise, 60-minutes operational timeframe, overheating cooling system.£££
Bonsaii C149-C 18-Sheet Paper Shredder23L bin, 18-sheet shredding capacity, (4×10)mm cutting size, ultra-low noise, 60-minutes operational timeframe, overheating cooling system.£££

Best Paper Shredder UK

We are not the era where throwing away documents can be fatal. Bad guys are always looking for means to scam people or steal their identities. To find a way to effectively dispose of crucial documents is to be conscious of your security. Documents bearing your names and address, bank account information and all other forms of personal security are dangerous to leave around.

A paper shredder is one of the best ways to erase the existence of sensitive documents, old paperwork and any other type of paper or old cards that you have in your house or your office. Thus, it is better to have on standby, your own paper shredder. This would help you save cost.

Paper shredders shred in different ways. There is the micro-cut which shreds papers to confetti sized strips, there is the strip-cut which cuts paper into strips, and there is the cross-cut that shreds paper diagonally. Read on to know the best paper shredder just for you.

1   Texet CC612N 12L Cross Cut Shredder

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First, this device is of great value for its money as with its price, it is easy to avoid jams. Although unlike some of the shredders reviewed here that have reverse switches or paper push backs, with the Texet CC612N 12L Cross-Cut Shredder, you must simply not feed it more than 6 papers at the same time. Also, you are advised to space your shredding as it has a 2-minute shredding time and a 30-minute cool off. 

You would have a blast with this shredder as it has an auto-start feature. Also, it comes with powerful blades which shred not only paper but also credit cards and pins. It cuts in a cross-cut style which prevents bad folks from finding any form of meaning information from the shredded remains. In addition, this machine comes with a 12-litre bin, which is enough to hold some shredded remains before being disposed of. You might also be interested in an all-in-one printer.

Key features:
  • Auto Start/Stop Control
  • Overload protection
  • One-year warranty

2   AmazonBasics 5-6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder

ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

The AmazonBasics 5-6 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder is a petite yet effective machine. It comes with a 5 to 6 paper shredding capacity. This desktop paper shredder is easy to use and it can be used at your office and your homeland fits in nicely with all in one desktops. This machine is also capable of shredding your credit cards which means you can feel secure with this shredder. 

This shredder cuts in cross-cut size of 0.22×1.84 inches, which makes it safer than strip-cut shredded and also faster than micro-cut shredders. In addition, the powerful machine blades can also cut up to 6 papers at a go and can even cut small stapler pins and paper clips. Thus, you do not need to go through the stress of removing your paper clips and stapler pins as long as they are small. 

Paper Jams are annoying to deal with but this shredder’s reverse features, unjamming your shredder is just very easy and even instant as you just set the switch reverse and continue shredding. Interestingly, you could also lift the and empty the 14.4-litre bin which could help you avoid paper jams altogether.

Key features:
  • 14-litre bin
  • 6 sheets shred
  • Reverse function against paper jams

3   HSM Shredstar Shredder

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We begin with the HSM Shredstar Shredder. This machine is very capable of shredding 6 papers without any issue. It cuts papers at the size of 6 mm and it is easy to use as it has an automatic start and stop with a light barrier. The auto stop function helps to prevent jamming as it stops when shredding is complete. Besides, it has an automatic return which reduces the risk of paper jams which can be very annoying. 

The machine has a quiet operating mode at 62dB which minimizes noise in the house or workplace. Thus, you are guaranteed that this machine would not constitute a distraction to fellows are work or a nuisance to your blokes at home. This shredder unlike the others in this list cannot cut cards and paper clips but it has a 12-litre basket which holds waste before disposal.

For more tech gadgets check out our guides on the best mini projectors and slide scanners.

Key features:
  • Strip shredder
  • Low noise operation
  • 12-litre wastebasket

4   Aurora AS800CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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This shredder has a jet back glossy finish which is appealing to the eyes and improves home decor or the look of an office. The Aurora AS800CD Cross Cut Paper Shredder can shred 8 sheets in one go. Also, it can shred credit cards but can only do so one at a time. 

Cross-cut is the shredding pattern of this shredder and it shreds documents automatically into the smaller sizes of 5×47mm pieces. Plus, it has a see-through fairly large 16-litre waste bin which makes it easier to know when to stop shredding and dispose of shredded papers to prevent jams.

Additionally, there is a section in the shredder machine which is good for cutting up discs. This makes this shredder versatile. One of the temptations you have to avoid when using this shredder is the desire to push past its normal two minutes shredding period. It is best to not go past the two minutes unless you risk a forced shutdown and a cooling period of one hour.

Key features:
  • Impressive sheet capacity
  • Reverse features for jam correction
  • Cuts into 5×47 mm pieces

5   Fellowes Powershred M-8C Personal Shredder

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

The Fellowes Powershred M-8C Personal Shredder is an investment. It is perfect for home use and perhaps a light use at the office as it has an operational period of five minutes and a cool-down period of 30 minutes. It is not the best for heavy-duty use but that doesn’t take away it’s effectiveness or capacity as this shredder can have a go at 8 papers at once. 

Also, the shredder has got a set of powerful steel blades to go with its powerful motors. Thus, it can crosscut papers, cards, stapler pins and clips. It has a reputation for quietness as it hums when shredding papers into 4×37 mm mini cut. Additionally, there won’t be any mess made as it has a spacious 15 lit bin fitted below it. Safety is assured with this device as it has a safety lock which is unique to it. The safety lock prevents accidental activation of this shredder and lifting the shredder top off the bin. 

To get the most of this beautiful shredder, it is best to lubricate each time you take out the shredded papers from the being.

Key features:
  • Powerful steel blades
  • Safety lock
  • Noiseless operation

6  Duronic PS410 Paper Shredder

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The Duronic PS410 Paper Shredder has 6 sheet shredding capacity and it shreds papers into a micro-cut size of 10×4 mm pieces which is a good source of confidence when it comes to your security. Shredding is made easy with the machine as it has a 530W with motor powerful blades that continuously work for about 3 minutes before requiring a cooldown of 30 minutes. In addition, the blades can cut up cards and can easily cut up paper clips and stapler pins. 

Frequent paper waste disposal is unneeded as it has a 14-litre waste bin which can hold more paper waste. Say bye to frustrating paper jams as this shredder comes with a forward and reverse function which would help clear out the occurrence of pesky paper jams.

Key features:
  • Strong and efficient blades
  • Large waste bin capacity
  • Relatively long shredding period

7   Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Paper Shredder

Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

The Fellowes Powershred 60Cs Paper cuts paper into 4×40 mm particles. So, you can be sure that your documents have been securely disposed of. It comes with powerful blades that can also cut staple pins, paper clips and credit cards. 

Furthermore, this shredder is designed to protect you and it comes with a tech that makes it automatically stop when your hand gets close to it. This machine cuts perfectly at a continuous span of 6 minutes. This makes it perfect for home or home office use. In addition, it has a cool-down period of 30 minutes which means you would have to shred in cycles if you have a lot of shredding to do.

Key features:
  • Low noise operation
  • 6 minutes working frame
  • Large bin capacity

8   Swordfish 1000XC Paper Shredder

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Swordfish 1000XC Paper Shredder comes complete with castors for ease of movement and it also weighs 8kg. It has powerful blades which cut away at papers remorselessly. It is also capable of cutting clips, card and small staples. 

This shredder cuts at a cross-cut size of 4×39 mm with a cut speed of 2.0 m /minute and it does this with a noise level that is unbearable for users. Its large bin adds to the ease of shredding as you won’t be looking to dispose of shredded papers frequently. This shredder doesn’t jam as much and in the rare occurrence that it does, fixing it is just button away.

Key features:
  • Large bin capacity
  • Shredding speed of 2.0 m/minutes
  • Casters for ease of movement

9   Bonsaii C149-D Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder

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The Bonsaii C149-D Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder is a superior micro cutter and it cuts papers into 4 × 10 mm micro-cuts. 

In addition, it is also effective for cutting up old credit cards. Staple pin and paper clips mean absolutely nothing to this highly powerful device. This machine is best for continuous shredding and delightfully, it has 60 minutes non-stop shredding work rate. Moreover, it has a cooling system that prevents it from overheating and also gives off very low noise when shredding.

Key features:
  • Solid steel cutters
  • 4 × 10 mm micro cutter
  • Jam proof system

10   Bonsaii C149-C 18-Sheet Paper Shredder

Remington Quick Cut Hair Clipper

If you are in a professional setting or wouldn’t mind splashing the cash, then you should be eager to get the Bonsaii 18-Sheet Paper Shredder, 60-Minute Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Credit Card Shredder Machine for Large Office and Home use. This superb machine can cut up to 18 sheets of paper without any fuss. In addition, it can work for even longer hours, the maximum being 60 minutes and not overheat as it has an advances cooling system which kicks allows it to cool just after 10 minutes of switching it off. 

You would expect with its capacity a machine that makes a lot of noise but at 62dB, you could call it library quiet as it makes nothing more than a soft humming sounds. The shredder is fitted with powerful and professional blades that cross-cut your paper making your shredded documents difficult to piece together. It cuts paper into 4× 10mm crosscut. Also, the blades are more than capable of shredding credit cards, pin and staples and with its 23l bin, it can hold more shredded papers in. 

Furthermore, it has a jam protection system which works perfectly with by an auto reversal which pushes the papers out automatically when the papers are getting too much to prevent jamming and improve the efficiency of shredding. Plus, lubricating the shredder with oil makes it work even smoother than most shredder machines out there.

Key features:
  • Auto Reverse Jam proof system
  • 60 minutes of continuous working time
  • Low noise level
  • Four caster wheels for mobility

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