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Best All-In-One Printer in 2021

Updated 04-08-2021 – Mia Cohen

Printers play such an important role in our lives that we are always searching for the best one in the market. You would agree with this regardless of whether you are a student or an office worker, printers are just irreplaceable.

What if we tell you that the time has arrived when you don’t have to hunt for a multitude of options when it comes to printing, faxing or copying because the all-in-one printer does all of this for you. Manufacturers have made it a complete package, you just name it and they have it.

Remember that phase when you had a different device to scan, copy, receive and send the fax, and how much of a mess it made, but now you don’t have to face any such chaos. The all-in-one printer is just so efficient at all the tasks mentioned above that once you start using it, you just can’t resist it anymore.

The most exciting thing is that if you are thinking of furnishing your office, we would suggest you go with an all-in-one printer because this way, your office won’t look that much full of wires and all that cable stuff. No more dealing with wires, as extra machinery is replaced with this one giant.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the versatility. You can control it with your PC, laptop or even with your phone with the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth option, just like the best wireless printer,  which is just another great innovation from the manufacturers.

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The Best All-In-One Printer UK

Premium Pick – Canon all-in-one printer
Value Pick – HP all-in-one printer
Best Pick – Epson all-in-one printer

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Canon all-in-one printer
Canon all-in-one printer
Multifunction and works with every Windows version£
Epson all-in-one printer
Epson all-in-one printer
Cartridge-free printing and super-sized ink tanks££
Xerox multifunction printer
Xerox multifunction printer
Multiple printing features and the huge main tray£££
HP all-in-one printer
HP all-in-one printer
Minimum noise and vibrant color-correction££
Canon TS5050 multifunction printer
Canon TS5050 multifunction printer
4800 x 1200 dpi and user-friendly£
Epson 2710 all-in-one printer
Epson 2710 all-in-one printer
Multipurpose connectivity and saves 90% ink££
Brother all-in-one printer
Brother all-in-one printer
3000-page high yield toners and 30ppm£
HP Officejet Pro printer
HP Officejet Pro printer
60 sheet output tray and automatic dual-sided printing££

1   Canon all-in-one printer

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Canon is the biggest name and probably the most trustworthy one in the all in one printers’ race. This company has always come up with some of the best printers so how was it possible to not add it in our list. Their all in one printer is perfectly suitable for both office work and home job.

Firstly, this printer acts as a scanner, copier and of course printer so that extra space in your office belongs to you. With this one printer, you can send, receive and even copy the entire document without any trouble.

The biggest misconception about such printers is that they don’t produce that much of good quality photos, but with the Canon all in one printer, there would be no compromise on your pictures anymore.

They keep the vibrant colors of the photos intact so not only for office work but even for your children’s homework projects, this is the best option to go with.

Now let us discuss the internet options it carries. You can control it via Bluetooth, USB cable or even with the Wi-Fi option so connectivity is just phenomenal and should be the least of your worries.

The disturbing concern that printer lovers have is would this work with the Windows version they use? No need to worry, we got you. This printer is super-suitable for windows 10, 8, 7 or even with windows vista, so even with the oldest version, this printer works just fine. Canon is the best option for digital artists or photographers who want to print their works from the best drawing tablets.

Key features:
  • Multifunction
  • Works with a range of windows version
  • Versatile
  • Enhanced connectivity

2   Epson all-in-one printer

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This all in one printer is surely going to get you on the edge of your seat once you start exploring its features. The manufacturers didn’t stop just after making it a multifunction printer but added so many innovations that even if you are a layman to all this printing stuff, this one is perfect for you.

Let us tell you a tiny secret, do you know the biggest fear you have when you start trawling for the best all in one printer is the fortune that will spend on buying the printer ink.

Yes, this problem exists no more, thanks to Epson printers because they come with already installed ink which can print almost 6500 black/white pages and 5200 color pages. This is huge when you think about all the money that would have been spent on the ink otherwise.

This is equal to almost 80 sets of ink cartridges which is unbelievable. No matter how much you hurt, you don’t come across such printers every day.

The next aspect is the huge ink tanks which are the low-cost replacement bottles and save up to 80 percent of printer’s ink. From an economic point of view, we adore this option and it is certainly worth investing in.

The list doesn’t end here, readers. The most impressive feature is that you can control it either with your phone or tablet because it is wireless. You don’t even have to leave your seat just connect your phone and start printing without any delay.

The user-friendly feature provides you easy navigation through the buttons.

Key features:
  • Wireless
  • Cartridge-free printing
  • Super-sized ink tanks
  • Easy-to-use

3   Xerox multifunction printer

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This option on our list is all about the quality. With a printing resolution of 600 x 600 x 80 dpi, you surely are going to have a lot of fun with this one.

Xerox is known for its high compatibility with almost every version of Windows. From the old heavy desktop version to your latest smartphone, the Xerox printer works smoothly with all the devices. In this way, you need not worry about conventional printing problems, those days exist no more.

Coming to the connectivity issues, just because Xerox has produced some of the earliest printer versions, it doesn’t mean that it would lag in this race of modern printing. That is the reason they too have come up with super-fast connectivity features, so you can select any mode let it be Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable, and voila! That’s all.

The printing feature also includes duplex printing or even the booklet printing, so yes, with such a diverse range, you may get confused, that’s why we loved this one.

No worries, because they realize that using such high-end printers isn’t a child’s play, that’s why they provide you an easy instruction booklet, so you can set it up all on your own.

The main tray deserves your attention too because it can carry 550 pages but is expandable to almost 1250 pages. With all these features, we recommend you to broaden up your list with this one. For more tech products check out our guide on the best netbooks.

Key features:
  • Multiple printing features
  • High compatibility
  • Impressive connectivity
  • Huge main tray

4   HP all-in-one printer

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HP always wins the race when it is about the bigger displays and this time too with a 5.5 cm display, you can finish a greater amount of task in no time as compared to other printers available.

The gorgeous color-correction of HP needs no introduction. It is praised on a great level across the globe for this feature so this time they have doubled the magic they always perform with the color-correction. You can enjoy the same vibrant colors in the printed form without any effort.

How can we forget HP instant ink which saves almost 70 percent of ink, so you don’t have to refill it repeatedly, in such way, you can save both your time and money from wasting.

The connectivity is just as per the HP’s standard, you can connect the printer to your WIFI, Bluetooth or even the USB cable and it would work just fine. Leave all this behind, even without any internet, you can directly connect the printer to your phone, and this would do wonders.

Now let us shed some light on the elephant in the room, which is the concern about the noise that printers make on the working model. This company claims that you don’t have to move into your study room to complete your work. You can use it anywhere because it produces such a minimum sound that you won’t get any complaints about the clichéd printing noise.

Key features:
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Great display feature
  • Minimum noise
  • Vibrant color-correction

5   Canon TS5050 multifunction printer

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Forget all the printers with high-end resolution power because this one provides you a whole resolution power of 4800 x 1200 dpi, which makes your printer so out of this world.

This canon multifunction printer can scan, copy and print which means you don’t have to go for separate devices for each specific function. This is no less than a blessing because excessive big machines not only ruin your office’s charm but also emit suffocating vibes.

Why should you suffer when you can get all these options in-built in one printer? This printer has broken all the stereotypes with the 12.6 ppm for black and white printing and 9 ppm for the color one.

The wide range of connectivity means that you can connect your printer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even the USB cable, so no extra effort in this aspect.

Pursuing this further, did we tell you that if you go with this one, you won’t have to withstand all that noise that usually printers make while working. The navigation feature is also very easy to adjust so you don’t have to cram all the instruction manual to learn its usage.

Key features:
  • 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • 6 ppm for black/9 ppm for the color printing
  • Amazing connectivity
  • User-friendly

6  Epson 2710 all-in-one printer

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This printer saves 90 percent of your ink which means you can easily put aside all that money which you spend on buying monthly printer ink.

Similarly, the cartridge-free system means that you don’t have to refill the ink repeatedly and in this way you can save almost 88 cartridges of ink which is completely astounding.

The versatility of this printer makes it perfect for both office life and home projects. With the immediate printing feature, you don’t have to wait even for 30 sec, as it starts the printing right away when the button is pressed.

The ultra-low printing costs help you print almost 4500 black and white pages and 7500 color pages with just one installment of ink cartridges. This may sound confusing but when you start using it, you would realize that it is such a life-saving feature.

You can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even that USB cable, and it would start printing without any hitch. Now with this latest version, you can easily connect your phone to the printer even without any internet involved.

Key features:
  • Saves 90 percent ink
  • Cartridge-free system
  • Multipurpose connectivity
  • 3 in 1 printer

7   Brother all-in-one printer

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The Brother printers are unmatchable when we talk about the printing speed, as it can print as fast as 30 pages per minute. The paper remains crisp and with high resolution, each word is printed in a crystal-clear manner.

The exciting feature is they provide you with 3000-page high yield toners, which means that you can save your money every time you print any document. The lesser ink expenditures make it the most pocket-friendly printer you can find in the market these days.

The 250 sheet paper capacity makes this printer, an ideal one as it reduces the refilling troubles which is a godsend for all the office workers because we know this is the least favorite thing one can have.

The compact size and elegant silhouette make it just so perfect for both office and home purposes. It’s so small you can place it even on your table and use all the extra space after your heart.

This all-in-one printer works with a maximum of the windows versions even those from the year 2008. All these features make it a compulsory name on your list.

Key features:
  • 30 ppm
  • 3000-page high yield toners
  • 250 sheet paper capacity
  • Compact size

8   HP Officejet Pro printer

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This one saves 70 percent of the printer ink, through which you can print more pages than ever.

The printing speed of 22 pages per minute for black and white printing and 18 pages per minute regarding the color printing is very rare, it is the best time to put your hands on this one before it goes extinct.

The 60 sheet output tray is the new feature that HP introduced on its launch. Such an output tray perfectly complements the 250 sheet input tray. No problem even if you are a beginner, this is the easiest option you can go with.

Let us tell you that it not only prints, copies, scans and receives for you but it can also do all that dual-sided printing with just an automatic sensor. You don’t expect lesser than this from HP and they always try to magnify your printing experience with such innovations.

With all these features, they seal the deal with a 3-year warranty.

Key features:
  • 60 sheet output tray
  • 22ppm
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dual-sided printing

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