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Best Water Softeners

Premium Pick   The Monarch Midi unit has a high flow rate of 83LPM and is designed with a self-protection system that detects when there are issues with your plumbing system, stores your data in the event of a power cut and remembers your water usage.  ...

Best Kitchen Bins

  Most people love having beautiful well-designed homes. After all, the home is where the heart is. You spend time, money, and effort building your house from scratch to look and feel beautiful. The kitchen is no exception. Well planned kitchens with clean...

Best Kitchen Knives

For the home cook, investing in a well made Chef’s knife is a great idea. Many who choose a knife like this find it quickly becomes the only blade they need in their kitchen, and with proper care these kinds of knives can last up to 30 years. There are so many options...

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Kitchen Storage Ideas

As the store of appliances, stoves, small jars, cookware, flatware, and everything in between, the kitchen is one of the most terrible places in the house to keep organized and maintained. Organizing the kitchen and maximizing it for space and utility can be a...