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Best Detail Sanders in 2024

Published 12:27pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 12:27pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Black+Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse SanderWeighs 948g, 55W-rated motor, 11000OPM no-load speed, dust collection port, corded electric source.£
Feidak Detail SanderWeighs 1kg, 130W-rated motor, 12000RPM no-load speed, dust collection box, corded electric source.£
VonHaus Palm Detail SanderWeighs 1.26kg, 130W-rated motor, no-load speed of 13000RPM, dust extraction port with a diameter of 35mm.£
TECCPO Mouse Detail Sander200W-rated motor, no-load speed of 15500 OPM, cooling vents, recyclable dust can.£
Tilswall Mouse Detail SanderWeighs 1.15kg, 200W-rated motor, 1500 OPM no-load speed, features a dust collection box, Velcro-type fastener.£
Meterk 200W Detail SanderWeighs 1.74kg, motor power rating of 200W, no-load speed of 12500RPM, dirt collection box, reduced vibration£
Bosch PSM 100A Multi-SanderWeighs 900g, 100W-rated motor, no-load speed of 26000, Bosch Microfilter System, corded electric source.£
JELLAS Compact Sander MachineWeighs 1.68kg, 220W-rated motor, 13000RPM no-load speed, 3m power cord, 75dB sound level, vacuum dust box.£
WORX WX822 Cordless Detail SanderWeighs 2.94kg, no-load speed of 13000 OPM, cordless, removable dust collector, minimized vibrations.£££
DeWalt D26430 Detail SanderWeighs 1.78 Kg, variable speed between 14000 and 20000RPM, features dust collector, 3m cord££££

Best Detail Sander UK

When small spaces and corners require smoothening, then a detail sander is the machine to use. They are sometimes called mouse sanders or thumb sanders owing to their small size. They are invaluable in creating beautiful pieces in woodwork. As a result, you would likely need one either for domestic purpose or for commercial use.

Before buying a detail sander, you’ll need to consider some factors. First is the intensity of work to be done. Some are better fit for heavy-duty functions than others. Closely related to this is the power rating. The higher the rating, the bigger the work they can do. Again, the type of design would determine the convenience of use over a while.

Another consideration is the waste handling. Detail sanders, like belt sanders and all other types of sanders, build up lots of tiny wastes that could litter your work area. However, some have integrated waste vacuum to tidy up wastes as it works. Ultimately, your budget would always speak. Therefore, we bring you the best sanders available for an informed choice.

1   Black+Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander

Black+Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander

The Black+Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander is one you should consider for light-duty works. At just 948g, it is super light and convenient to use. As a result, sanding for prolonged period won’t be strenuous. Also, the sander’s 13000 orbits per minute machine stroke make it ideal for smoothening bare wood, rust on iron and paints. 

Meanwhile, the sanding sheet of this device is easy to change as it features a hook-and-loop pad. Additionally, it has a dust channel with adaptation for connecting to a vacuum cleaner. With this feature, you can work neatly and breathe easy without the fear of inhaling wastes. The products we reviewed in the best table saws and best reciprocating saws reviews are similarly safe to use.

The Black+Decker BEW230-GB is very economical. Underscoring this fact is the provision of six free sanding sheets for you to get started as soon as possible.

Key features:
  • Hook and loop pad
  • Vacuum attachment
  • Rocker switch
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes with six free sanding sheets

2   Feidak Detail Sander

Feidak Detail Sander

The Feidak Detail Sander is compact and effectual for detailed sanding. Weighing just a kilogram, it wouldn’t strain the hand from weightiness. The ergonomic rubber handle makes sure that you have a good grip and less vibration effect on the hand.

More importantly, the sander has a power of 130W and a speed of 12000 RPM. It is therefore suited for both detailed and composite works. Meanwhile, the operation is neat as the intricate vacuum components suck up in waste and dump them in a dust box. The dust box fitting is also appropriate for connection to an external vacuum. Also, the plate design allows it to get into tight corners and angles for sanding.

Besides, the Feidak Detail Sander comes with six sandpapers of varying types. Thankfully, a change of worn-out ones poses no challenge. The pad’s design allows the sandpaper to stick to it by aligning it with its holes. Lastly, the dust-proof switch button ensures longevity as it prevents dust from entering into the motor.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Quick-changing sanding pad
  • Dust-proof switch
  • Efficient dust collection box

3   VonHaus Palm Detail Sander

VonHaus Palm Detail Sander

The VonHaus Palm Detail Sander is going to be a smart buy. The sander has a power input of 130W. Also, at 13000rpm, you can smoothen out surfaces and remove blemishes with ease. The ergonomic design makes sure that you won’t be exerting much strain on your hand when using it for a long time. Besides, it is lightweight and compact, making working with it easy.

Even more, the narrow tip design of the sander makes it reach difficult areas. The sandpaper hooking system is an easy one allowing you to change to different types with ease. Luckily, it comes with three free sandpapers for you to get started.

Meanwhile, the VonHaus Palm Detail Sander has a dust extraction system with adaptation for connection to an external vacuum. With this, you can maintain a clean work area. The 2-year warranty gives an assurance of its durability.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Three free sandpapers
  • 2-year warranty

4   TECCPO Mouse Detail Sander

TECCPO Mouse Detail Sander

The TECCPO Mouse Detail Sander would offer you a good value for money. It features a 200W copper motor that runs at 15500 OPM. By implication, it has sufficient power to finish a task in quick time. Its high power enables it to work on, glass, ceramic, wood, iron, and other surfaces.

Moreover, its power switch is dust-proof to prevent dust from getting into it. The handle has soft rubber padding for comfortability. The handle fits into the palm, reducing strains on the fingers. The sander has air vents for admitting air to cool the motor, making it suitable for prolonged operations. 

Additionally, the TECCPO Mouse Detail Sander has a vacuum system which collects waste in the dirt box. Meanwhile, changing the sandpaper is not onerous. The plate has a Velcro surface which aids quick mounting and removal of sandpaper. Thankfully, a 2-year guarantee covers the product, so you can’t lose buying it.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Copper-plated motor
  • Dust-proof switch
  • Free 12 pieces Velcro-sandpaper
  • 2-year guarantee

5   Tilswall Mouse Detail Sander

Tilswall Mouse Detail Sander

The Tilswall Mouse Detail Sander is compact and light but yet very powerful. The sander boasts of a copper 200W motor which runs at 15000 orbits per minute. Also, it has a 1.6mm working pendulum diameter. By implication, it can work on both narrow and wide surfaces in quick time. The ellipse shape of the equipment makes it access tight corners.

Additionally, the Tilswall Mouse Detail Sander comes with twelve sandpapers which are easy to fix. The Velcro-type fastening system makes mounting and removal of the sandpapers an easy task. Moreover, the dust collection box keeps the work area clean.

Furthermore, using the sander won’t prove to be strenuous. The ergonomic design allows for a firm grip. Meanwhile, the cooling system and rubber fitted handle make working with it for extended time possible. Both the hand and machine would not suffer strain from long and rigorous work.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ellipse shape to reach tight corners
  • Self-cooling system
  • Velcro-type sandpaper fastener
  • 12 free sandpapers

6  Meterk 200W Detail Sander

JELLAS Compact Sander Machine

The Meterk 200W Detail Sander is stunning and highly functional. It has a powerful motor with a power rating of 200W. Due to this, it boasts of a speed of 12500rpm, making it a tough worker. Able to polish metal, wood, paint and furniture surfaces, it is very versatile in application. Moreover, its teardrop design enables it to reach tight corners and angles during sanding. 

Furthermore, the ease of handling is exceptional. The handle is rubber fitted for firm grip and damping vibrations. These reduce strains caused by extensive usage. Also, it has a two-way grip feature for wide and narrow sanding. 

Meanwhile, it has a cooling system that prevents it from overheating. Hence, you can use it for a prolonged time without burning out the motor.

Besides, the Meterk 200W Detail Sander features a powerful vacuum. The plate has integrated vacuum holes which pulls in dirt and dumps them in the dust box. As a result, the environment is continuously tidy. Last but not least, it has a quick mounting and releasing system for changing sandpaper.

Key features:
  • Self-Cooling system
  • Dust-proof switch
  • Comfortable two-way grip handle
  • Features an efficient vacuum system
  • Comes with 20 free sandpapers

7   Bosch PSM 100A Multi-Sander

Bosch PSM 100A Multi-Sander

The Bosch PSM 100A Multi-Sander is easily likeable. The sander has a two-part sanding plate which enables an even and optimal use of the sanding plate and paper. Also, the sander has a low vibration. As a result, the hand won’t get numbed from prolonged use. The lightweight and compactness of the sander ensure it exerts little or no strain on the hand during use.

Also, the equipment is energy efficient as it connects directly to an electric supply with its cord. The Bosch PSM 100A Multi-Sander has a 100W motor and 26000 rotation-per-minute orbital stroke rate. As a result, it is versatile in function as much as it is easy to use. Additionally, its velcro-fastening system allows for easy fixing and detaching of sandpapers.

Furthermore, the sander has a dust extraction mechanism which gathers waste in its removable case. Moreover, it is durable and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Key features:
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Velcro-fastening system
  • Energy efficient
  • 3-year warranty

8   JELLAS Compact Sander Machine

JELLAS Compact Sander Machine

The Jellas Compact Sander Machine is one to fall in love with for several reasons. The copper motor with 220 watts and 13000rpm is suitable for more demanding works. It works well on hard materials and rugged surfaces. Also, its 3 meters long power cord offers only a little restriction to movement. Thankfully, the sander avoids the inconvenience posed by connecting to a vacuum cleaner with its dirt box. This feature helps keep the work area tidy. 

Also, the rubber handle and ergonomic design make prolonged use of the sander non-strenuous. Its cooling system also prevents overheating during long period usage. Besides the sander’s vibration does not emit much noise, so no one is disturbed during use. 

Meanwhile, this sander has a finger sanding attachment to allow it access areas that should be unreachable. It also features a LED light to help illuminate dark corners during sanding. Moreover, the Jellas Compact Sander Machine comes with 12 units of standard sanding papers and four more finger sandpapers. Its hook and loop design make changing the sandpaper a quick and easy operation.

Key features:
  • Hook and loop design
  • Attachable detail finger sander
  • Easy-to-empty dirt box
  • Self-cooling system

9   WORX WX822 Cordless Detail Sander

WORX WX822 Cordless Detail Sander

The WORX WX822 Cordless Detail Sander leaves you with nothing more to ask of a detail sander. The cordless feature is very much welcome as you don’t have to deal with the cord getting in the way or even tangling. Also, it eliminates restrictions caused by cord lengths. Another exciting feature is its unique shape. The shape allows it to sand corners and tight spaces. More interesting is the detail finger attachment. With this, nowhere is out of reach for the WORX WX822 Cordless Detail Sander.

Moreover, the soft-grip handle prevents you from straining your hand muscles, especially over a while. Its ergonomic design minimises vibrations which could cause numbness of the hand.

Thankfully, the WORX WX822 Cordless Detail Sander work surfaces can be tidy as it features a dust collection bag. Although lightweight, the sander’s 13000 orbit rotations per minute make it perfect for removing most debris types from different surfaces. Meanwhile, changing the used sandpaper is very easy.

Key features:
  • Portable and compact
  • Detail finger attachment
  • Ergonomic design
  • Soft-handle grip

10   DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander

DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander

You won’t mind the price of the DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander when you experience its stunning features. The sander’s high performing motor receives power from a 3m long cord at 240 volts. The length of the power cord aids its manoeuvrability. Also, it has a speed controller which makes it to function between 14000 to 20000rpm. This available option means that the sander is perfect for both heavy and light works.

Besides, the large orbit size allows for quick sanding, high stock removal and time-saving. The rotational disc plates allow for even sanding and more accessibility. Moreover, keeping the work area free from dust from wastes is easy. Its integrated waste collector does its job effectively.

The DeWalt D26430 Detail Sander makes use of velcro in attaching the sanding sheets, making it easy to remove and fix sanding sheets. Ultimately, it is sturdy and would serve for a long time.

Key features:
  • High power
  • Speed controller
  • Large orbit size
  • Velcro sandpaper attachment

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