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10 Best Solar Water Features in 2021

Published 10:31pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 10:31pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Ankway Solar Fountain Pump1.4W solar panel, max flow rate of 40 gallons/h, has six nozzles, 8 spraying styles.£
Solatec's Water FountainPowered by 1.4W solar panel, has four nozzles, max delivery height of 20 inches.£
Decdeal Solar Powered Water PumpSolar panel power 7V, 160MA, weighs 162g, max flow rate of 40 gallons/h.£
GOCHANGE 1.2W 180L/H Solar Fountain PumpUses a 7V/150MA solar panel, weighs 250g, maximum flow rate of 150l/h, flow height between 30 and 60cm.£
Cosscci Solar Fountain Water Pump1.4w solar panel, three nozzles, max flow rate of 150l/h, flow height between 10 and 15”.£
VITCOCO 6.0W Solar Fountain and Water Pump9V/6W solar panel, 400l/h flow quantity, six nozzles, 1200mAh backup battery.£
TEK HOME 2019 Solar Water FeatureFour spray nozzles, maximum flow rate of 160l/h, flow height between 30 and 50cm.£
Solaray Real Terracotta Earthenware Grey water Feature Produced from terracotta, built-in LED lights, back-up battery included, cascading water flow feature.££
Smart Solar Ornamental Umbrella Fountain Water FeatureWeighs 9.26kg, features an underwater integral solar panel system, has a built-in filter.£££
Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella FountainWeighs 9.2kg, features a dual solar panel system, UV and frost-resistant.£££

Best Solar Water Feature UK

In the fields of landscape design or garden architecture, water features refer to a range of items from ponds, streams, pools, fountains and artificial waterfalls. Archaic models were usually powered using animals, gravitational forces or humans. However, in modern times, solar-powered fountains have become a favourite.

Solar-powered features are ornate electrical fountains run by a solar panel which usually constitutes a part of the fountain or feature and may be mounted on its own in other cases.

A modern model of a solar water fountain includes a water pump attached to a solar panel. Some solar-powered set-ups will not work at night except there is a battery bank installed. This feature is advisable especially if the fountain is to be used in places with cloudy conditions, while some models work considerably well indoors.

The fairly high demand for solar-powered fountains has led to its proliferation on the market. Hence, it is now becoming harder to get quality and cost-effective solar water features. This is why we have decided to examine the solar water features on the market now for the best ones. Below is a review of the best solar fountains based on our assessment of the available models. Read through to get the best one for you.

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The Ankway solar fountain pump is equipped with six nozzles which display different spray water patterns and attract garden insects and birds, creating a beautiful sight and affording the flexibility to create varied effects. It functions well while floating on the water surface and is easy to use, clean and move. The pump is powered by an eco-friendly solar panel (7V/1.4W) that is 6.3 inches in diameter with a whopping 40 gallons/H maximum flow quantity and a maximum delivery height of 18″.

The Ankway Solar Fountain pump is suitable for multifarious purposes such for Birdbaths, Fish tanks, small-sized ponds as well as for use as scenic highlights in beautiful gardens. For even more magnificent garden consider buying garden arches.

Key features:
  • Comes with six nozzles of different sizes
  • Large flow capacity
  • Eight spraying styles.
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This solar fountain is suitable for small spaces such as birdbaths. Its small volume is perfect for giving passing birds some form of entertainment. This fountain does not contain a battery therefore there is no means for it to store power or a form of backup available. Hence, it functions only when it has access to direct sunlight. On overcast days, when the sky is cloudy and the sun is shielded or after sunset, the solar fountain will cease to work. Nevertheless, a couple of buyers have claimed that on overcast days, the solar fountain still proceeded to spurt water though this is nothing compared to the bursting jet that sunlight brings. 

More so, this solar fountain is a great option for little uses like a small pond or a birdbath. Solatec offers a 12-month warranty on the product and you can rest assured that the manufacturers will duly refund you or replace the item in the event of breakage. However, there is no need to worry about this fantastic water fountain getting damaged as the easy battery-less arrangement enables it to hold fast with each passing season. If you want to add warm atmosphere to your garden check our guide on the best solar decking lights.

Key features:
  • Water jet projects between 12’’ and 20’’
  • Comes with four different nozzles
  • Covered by a one-year warranty
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The highly efficient Decdeal Solar Powered Water Pump is a great pick. It is produced from polycrystalline silicon which is much simpler with less silicon waste produced. One strong advantage the Decdeal Solar Powered Water pump has is that it is quick to start and quite easy to use and operate. 

Coupled with a solar panel power of 7V, 160MA, this solar water pump is able to work efficiently for up to 10 hours while under direct sunlight with a maximum flow of 160l/h. 

Yet still, with its lightweight and very portable design, this water pump is easily one of the best water pumps around. You can also add squirrel proof bird feeder and hedgehog houses for your tiny friends.

Key features:
  • Quick to start and easy to operate
  • Very efficient solar panel
  • Environmentally friendly
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An apt description of the GOCHANGE 1.2W 180L/H Solar Fountain Pump would be “small but mighty”. It measures as 110 × 110mm but packs quite a punch when factoring in its high efficiency and low power consumption. The GOCHANGE Solar fountain pump works only with direct sunlight and is of the brushless type (Longer service life). It is equipped with 4 nozzles that provide variety in spraying styles and patterns. In addition, this device starts within a few seconds of exposure to bright sunlight. A pump power of 7V/150MA allows for a maximum pump flow of 180 litres in one hour.

The GOCHANGE Solar Fountain pump can be used in gardens, in small ponds as well as in aquariums, with a water height range of pump at of 30-60cm. Check out our picks for garden storage benches for more great garden items.

Key features:
  • Brushless water pump
  • Four nozzles provide variety in spraying patterns
  • Low power consumption
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The Cosscci Solar Fountain Water Pump is a runner up for best value owing to its good price and awesome reviews. In fact, it is amazing that its relatively moderate price has no bearing on the quality as it functions just as perfectly as any of the other products in this review.

The Cosscci Solar Fountain Water Pump has a solar panel that boasts of 1.4watts power. However, this solar fountain does not come with any battery and will stop working once its solar panels are not being hit by sunlight.

Nevertheless, the Cosscci is your best bet if you fancy an inexpensive fountain to enjoy on a brilliant day. Enjoy outdoor sitting to the fullest, even in the warmest months, under garden awning.  

Key features:
  • Very portable due to its compact and lightweight design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quick start and easy operation
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The VITCOCO solar fountain water pump is equipped with features that distinguish it from other solar water powered devices. A rechargeable 1200Ah lithium battery provides the possibility of backup with working time of 1.5 to 2hours under full power. A solar panel power of 10V/6W and a pump power of 9V/2.5W contribute to its high functionality.

The VITCOCO Solar Fountain Water Pump also has self-protective features, automatically powering off when it leaves the water source. It also comes with a circular floating board and is equipped with a tilting bracket that works to great effect. The high-quality solar panels allow for functioning even in weak sunlight and the target locations of use for the water pump include Fish tanks, ponds, Birdbaths as well as gardens.

Key features:
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Large flow quantity
  • Quite versatile application
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The TEK HOME Solar Water Feature is an excellent device that marvels its users with how easy it is to install and maintain. This solar water feature can be used in birdbaths, gardens, ponds as well as swimming pools. It is important to note that it doesn’t come with a birdbath bowl.

When spraying, only low noise is heard and with the aid of four different nozzles, a variety of spray patterns can be created. The power of the pump is 7V, 1.1W and it has a maximum water flow of 160L/H while attaining heights within the range of 30-50cm. There is no gainsaying that the TEK HOME 2019 Solar Water Feature greatly enhances the aesthetics of any garden and you won’t regret getting this fantastic product for your own garden.

Key features:
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Four spray pattern nozzles
  • Low noise operation
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Made from genuine Terracotta, the Solaray Real Terracotta Earthenware Grey Water feature is equipped with impressive features. It is a perfect choice for night use as it has a battery backup which is also quite great for function during cloudy days with minimum sunlight. The LED lights can illuminate gardens as well as other strategic locations during nighttime while evoking an aesthetic feel.

The Solaray Real Terracotta Earthenware Grey Water feature can be best described as a structure, 55cm in height and 32.5cm in width, possessing a large pot positioned at the bottom, with three other small earthenware bowls supported by a wire rack leading to its base. It is durable and sturdy and is powered by a solar panel which runs for 3hours daily and begins again the next day at exactly the same time period. However, if you wish to use the water feature at an earlier time than when it stopped the day before, restarting the water feature is the key thing to do.

Key features:
  • Comes with a built-in backup battery
  • LED lights enhances the beauty of the garden at night
  • Automatic start and stop time
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A beautifully carved ornament depicting two children and a dog with an umbrella being held on to in the middle, while serving both as an anchor and shield. This grey coloured fountain is surprisingly easy to assemble, (takes about 10-15 minutes) and is suitable for use in patios or gardens where it can be displayed while effortlessly being the centre of attraction.The Smart Solar Ornamental Umbrella Fountain is hard to miss and is made with a stone finished resin. When strategically placed, it is sure to attract birds as well as insects.

The Smart Solar Ornamental Umbrella Fountain is powered up by a patented double underwater integral solar panel power system which supports a low voltage water pump. It is constantly recycling and works only with direct sunlight. What makes this picturesque solar water feature a certain premium pick is how effortlessly it delivers in terms of premium quality with a flair for the scenic.

Key features:
  • Striking and exquisite design improves the beauty of the garden
  • Low voltage water pump
  • Built-in filter ensures the water is always clear and debris-free
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This exquisite bronze finished design depicts a mother duck underneath a dark-coloured umbrella sheltering her ducklings. The Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain has a dimension of 84 × 48 × 48cm and possess two solar panels on each side which need direct sunlight to power up the fountain. It would not work efficiently if hit by minimal sunlight and both panels have to be hit by direct sunlight to create that optimal effect.

The Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain is perfect for use in gardens as well as patios and is sure to stand when put it in these locations attracting birds as well as beautiful butterflies.

Key features:
  • Very attractive design
  • UV and Frost-resistant
  • Easy to install

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