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10 Best Hedgehog Houses in 2020

Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home

Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home

It is a sturdy nesting and breeding box with a secure predator-resistant entrance.

Esschert Design Wood Hedgehog Basket

Esschert Design Wood Hedgehog Basket

This wicker basket camouflages the hedgehog house well and is made from natural materials.

Hutch Company Hibernation Shelter

Hutch Company Hibernation Shelter

The roof is removable with secure fixings, a fixed base, and a ventilation tube for airflow.

Published 7:17pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 7:17pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Esschert Design Wood Hedgehog BasketExcellent budget-friendly hedgehog house that camouflages well with the environment.£
Selections Wooden Hedgehog HouseThe house is made from bark wood that gels with the surrounding and creates a natural-looking habitat.£
Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House ShelterThis shelter offers a cosy environment to hibernate and is sturdy with wires to help provide support.£
Igloo Hedgehog HouseExcellent waterproof hedgehog house with felt lining and a brushwood exterior finish.£
The Hutch Company Hedgehog HouseThis shelter is waterproof with easy access for small animals and a fixed base to avoid toppling.£
Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog HouseThis hedgehog shelter comes with a removable partition to increase space for nesting.£
Hutch Company Hibernation ShelterThis shelter is completed insulated from extreme weather conditions and has a ventilation pipe for air circulation.££
Berk Wooden Hedgehog HouseThis house has a back entrance for cleaning and placing food away from the reach of predators.££
Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog HouseThe house comes with an attached feeding centre, and a waterproof roof provides extra protection.£££
Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog HomeThis shelter is made from organic, recycled plastic, which makes it durable, waterproof, and long-lasting.£££

Best Hedgehog Houses UK

Hedgehog houses are meant to shelter hedgehogs as they breed and hibernate. Hedgehogs love a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and start collecting leaves, grass, straw reeds, and so on to build their nesting place. There are plenty of readily available hedgehog houses in the market and online stores. 


Things to Consider before Buying a Hedgehog House

  • Hedgehog houses should be kept away from sunlight because these animals prefer cool places like sheds, under compost heaps, stacks of logs, etc. Choose a shady and quiet spot for the house. Hedgehogs like the quiet when they are nesting or hibernating.
  • Ensure that there is a tunnel entrance in the hedgehog house so that predators such as badgers or foxes do not reach them with their paws. 
  • Ensure that the homes are made of durable wood from trees like Douglas-fir or red cedar. Pre-treated wood is likely to have harmful chemicals like chrome-copper arsenate, which is detrimental to all animals. 
  • Ensure that the house is not made of polymer or polythene, which can heat the interiors a lot. The temperature inside the shed should be comfortable at all times. If you are purchasing one, make sure it has adequate ventilation.
Esschert Design Wood Hedgehog Basket

An ideal way to protect your little friends at night, this wicker basket hedgehog home camouflages well with the environment. Add a few leaves, grass and twigs to give it a natural appeal. It is ideal for hibernation and nesting. Easy to maintain, you only need to place the basket in a shady spot, under a pile of logs, or behind the garage. 

Made of wood, it is durable and resistant to all weather conditions. With a dimension of 26 cm x 53 cm x 38 cm, it is ideal for an entire family of hedgehogs. It can also be used as a feeding centre for the hedgehogs and proves a worthy protection shelter from cats and other animals.

Key features:
  • Made from wood
  • Protects from predators
  • Can be a hibernation spot
Selections Wooden Hedgehog House

Made from untreated wood and a roof made of bark, the house boasts of a natural environment that your little pet is bound to love. It has enough space for the animals to hibernate and keep warm during winter. The chemicals-free house offers a safe environment for your pet and its family to grow and prosper. The entrance of the home is large enough for the hedgehog to access its cosy enclosure and small enough to keep foxes and other predators away. 

The house is made of solid wood and emits no harmful fumes that can threaten the species. The bark wood roof gels with the natural surrounding and also maintains a cool temperature inside. Measuring 34 cm x 19 cm x 17 cm, it is easy to maintain as the door has easy access for cleaning and maintenance. You can stuff it will leaves, grass and tree bark to create a natural-looking habitat. For your other furry friends check out out guide on squirrel proof bird feeders.

Key features:
  • Spacious
  • Comfortable
  • Keeps predators at bay
Brushwood Hogitat Hedgehog House Shelter

Made of natural brushwood and with interwoven moss for added camouflage, hedgehogs love this shelter. The ideal place for hedgehogs to relax, unwind and hibernate during the winter, it can house an entire family. External wires add strength to the whole binding and framework of the house. However, the wires are discrete and do not stick out from the natural build of the home. The shelter camouflages well with the environment in the garden. 

The entrance adds extra protection to the build since it cannot be accessed by predators while giving easy accessibility to little animals. The doorway protrudes from the main body of the house. Measuring 50 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, the house should be placed in a sheltered location before October when they hibernate. It provides a cosy sanctuary for the animals, keeping predators, garden tools, and harsh weather at bay. If you have an issue with cats in your garden check out our handy guide on cat deterrents

Key features:
  • Waterproof roof
  • Great camouflage
  • Easily accessible
Igloo Hedgehog House

Well known among hedgehog lovers, this product is known for its thoughtful design. Designed in a unique Igloo shape, the house offers a safe retreat for hedgehogs who otherwise find homes in dangerous places like compost heaps and bonfires. These are particularly dangerous for these animals since they have a possibility of being forked or burnt alive. It also provides safety from predators and other pets of the house because of its build and sturdiness. 

The round painted steel frame is waterproofed with felted lining and camouflaged with a brushwood finish and strengthened with rattan bands. The small entrance tunnel offers extra safety for the entire hedgehog clan who are often subjected to attacks from other wild animals. Although the igloo is designed to be a shelter, it can also serve as a hibernation place if additional brushwood cover is provided over the igloo during the winter.

Key features:
  • Waterproof
  • Internal felt lining for warmth
  • High-quality natural brushwood exterior
The Hutch Company Hedgehog House

The designers have taken extra care in ensuring that the hedgehogs are not subject to predators or harsh weather conditions. This shelter is easy to clean and maintain before and after hibernation. All you need to do is wash the house with boiling water and then leave it out to dry. These structures respect the space that the animals need to feed and hibernate. With a massive area of 260 mm x 340 mm x 400 mm, it can accommodate an entire family. 

With a doorway width of 13 cm and a height of 12 cm, hedgehogs get easy access to their new retreat, while predators find it hard to access. The roof is waterproof and removable. It is affixed with sturdy fixtures and boasts of a fixed base so that it can’t be toppled while allowing air to circulate freely. It is twin treated with an anti-bacterial marcide coating to prevent the spread of diseases. For more great garden guides check out our ones on trampolines and shed bases.

Key features:
  • Waterproof roof
  • Spacious interiors
  • Anti-bacterial marcide coating
Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House

The unique design allows secure storage, maintenance, and use. Made from premium quality untreated wood, the house is indeed a natural getaway for hedgehogs. The 18mm waterproof insulated solid recycled plastic roof, hinged with a locking mechanism is known for its durability. 

The house has solid wood sides with a waterproof OSB rot proof floor and solid wood feet. The house is coated with an anti-bacterial colour-rich coating so that the animals do not get any diseases and do not spread them. Although the interiors are small, you can remove the inner partition to increase the space for nesting.

Key features:
  • Solid wood sides and feet
  • Anti-rot flooring
  • Anti-bacterial coating
Hutch Company Hibernation Shelter

The roof of this hedgehog home is secure but removable, which guarantees safety for your hedgehog and his family. The base is fixed, which helps avoid toppling or unnecessary relocation once the structure is fitted firmly. However, what makes the structure user-friendly and comfortable is the ventilator pipe that allows a natural flow of air in the interior of the shelter. The housing dimensions are 400 mm x 340mm x 260mm. The height of the access tunnel is 140mm x 190 mm x 360 mm. 

Although it has an added tunnel, you can further strengthen the fortress by adding a little more. Owing to the removable lid, the house can be easily cleaned. It is not merely a shelter for your little friends; it is also an excellent garden décor and will add beauty to your landscaped garden. Easy to maintain, this home is the perfect retreat for your little friends.

Key features:
  • Waterproof roof
  • Extended tunnel for protection
  • Camouflages with the environment
Berk Wooden Hedgehog House

The stunning house has been designed not just keeping wild animals in mind, but also considering your garden landscape. Made of solid wood and coated with natural oil, the structure and design are long-lasting and durable. The house has a sturdy floor and two doorways – one is the entrance for the hedgehogs, and the other is for you to put food and clean the house. 

It is a waterproof home and is extremely roomy with a good layout. All you need to do is add some hay, grass, or bark strips on the floor for a comfortable bed. With a dimension of 40 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm, the house is ideal for hedgehogs. It is predator safe because of the tunnel. It is also easy to maintain because of the back exit, which is lockable. For more additional garden items check out our great guide on potting benches.

Key features:
  • Two doorways
  • Coated with linseed oil
  • Waterproof and roomy
Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House2

This variant of the hedgehog house can double up as a feeding centre. Made for safety from predators, this is one house that all hedgehogs will love. Just add a little hay, some leaves, and twigs on the floor of the structure to make for a comfortable bed. It is also a great nesting and hibernating place. It is spacious and roomy and is excellent for small hedgehog families. 

This shelter also has a feeding centre attached outside. Although it is easy to maintain, it is best to add a little extra protection on the top to avoid the doorway from rotting in the rain. The lock-in system does not let predators enter the house, but provides access for cleaning and keeping food. The roof is waterproof and protects the home from rain and extreme weather conditions.

Key features:
  • Attached feeding centre
  • Waterproof roof
  • Secure lock-in system
Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home

This house can also double up as a sheltered feeding area. Owing to the design of the house, it is an excellent shelter for injured or healing hedgehogs. It allows for easy inspection and cleaning because of the swivel roof. The design has been made with a special recommendation from the Hedgehog Society and The Help, which is a Hedgehog hospital. 

Made from recycled plastic from agricultural waste, it is also eco-friendly and does not heat up in extreme weather conditions. It also has additional breathing holes on the sides so that there is enough air circulation inside. This hedgehog house has raised feet to help elevate it above the ground and prevent rotting. To treat the home for fleas, it is best to use only organic pyrethrum powder. For more unique additions to your garden, see our cool guide on garden clocks.

Key features:
  • Narrow tunnel-like maze
  • Durable build
  • Anti-rot design

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