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10 Best Potting Benches in 2024

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KCT Outdoor 3 Tier Garden Wooden Potting Bench

A compact 3-tier potting table for all garden storage needs

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HOMCOM Wooden Garden Potting Table

This modern potting bench has durable Fir wood construction and many useful features.

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Habau 695 Garden Table

A multi-functional potting table with galvanized top, storage shelf, and mesh metal back

Published 2:27pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 2:27pm

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
HomeZone Wooden Garden Potting BenchTop metal shelf with 3 retaining sides and lower storage shelve£
GEEZY Potting Wooden Planting TableWooden 2 shelves with a metal top shelves that has 3 hooks on the side£
KCT Outdoor 3 Tier Garden Wooden Potting Bench2 shelves with steel top tray and retaining sides£
Woodside Potting/Planting Wooden benchRemovable potting tray with one shelve underneath and top narrow shelve£
Christow Wooden Potting Table2 storage shelves softwood table with metal worktop££
HOMCOM Wooden Garden Potting TableSturdy Fir wood-built, top shelf with sink and blackboard££
Pureday Potting TableMetal top shelf with 3 drawers, bottom slatted storage shelf££
AIRWAVE Kew Wooden Greenhouse Staging Potting BenchSturdy metal top shelf with grid back for tool hanging££
Habau 695 Garden TableSpacious metal top shelf with bottom wooden shelf, mesh metal back££
Plant Theatre Hardwood Folding Potting TableSage colored table of solid hardwood with zinc top£££

Best Potting Bench UK

Investing in a good potting bench is a must for all the plant lovers and gardening enthusiasts. Make your garden job more manageable, easy, and pleasant even if you just a beginner. No more sore back and knees that occurs due to prolonged bending. The simple and cost-effective solution to this is a potting bench that saves unwanted joint strain. Plus, standing straight also helps with a better posture.

What’s more? A potting bench acts as a storage space for keeping seeds, plants, and tools tidy. For an additional bonus, a potting bench serves as indoor and outdoor furniture both. Scroll down to choose the 10 best potting benches in the market.

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A great suggestion if you are looking for one of the best selling potting benches. This HomeZone potting bench is an ideal choice for greenhouse, gardens, patios, and sheds because of its compact design. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight and sturdy. This potting bench comes with an advantage of easy fold feature allowing for convenient storage. In contrast, it folds out easily and assembly requires no tools.

Being so economical, quality is not compromised. It is built with the best quality fir wood which makes HomeZone potting bench highly durable in the long run. The bench features two shelves; a top tray of galvanized metal coating that is weather-resistant and sturdy. Also, it makes cleaning quick and easy. 

Overall dimensions of this bench are H 90 cm x W 70 cm x D 41 cm. To give you a sturdy and secure workstation, the top shelve features 3 retaining sides that protect materials from sudden slide off. Pair it with some nice garden furniture and a chiminea and you have a great seating area.

Key features:
  • Top galvanized metal shelve
  • Lower slatted storage shelve
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Sturdy fir wood construction
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If you have gardening passion but can’t take the constant bending for potting plants, then GEEZY wooden plating table is a must-have for you. Made to take away all the gardening stress, it features a worktop shelve of galvanized metal covering that measures approximately 37 x 77 x 89 cm. The many advantages of this metal cover are hardwearing, weather-proof and easy to clean the compost and soil. Talking about durability, it is constructed from solid wood for long-term use. Plus, the design offers easy access to all your gardening tools. Potting plants with minimum mess is made easy with metal top.

The table comes with three shelves to store or display plants and pots. Plus, there are 3 rust-proof hooks to hang tools. Metal feet and overall sturdy built design make it a great plant potting unit under all weather conditions. Moreover, the versatile, elegant, and stylish look makes it a great gift and plant decoration stand.

Key features:
  • 2 slatted shelves
  • Metal worktop
  • 3 hooks
  • Solid wood made
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KCT is a practical potting bench to keep things organized when working with plants. This 3-tier bench is lightweight and compact to fulfill all gardening requirements. Constructed from solid wood and featuring a beige color complements your garden. Being sturdy, it also comes with 2 shelves to store whatever you require during potting plants. More to this, the 3rd and topmost shelve is the potting table. This upper tray has a galvanized steel covering that allows easy work and cleanup of soil and debris. Besides, the 3 retraining sides of the top tray guard your plants and soil from accidental falls.  An ideal workbench and plant preparation station!

For added protection during all seasons wet or dry, the bench features 4 rubber feet with unit raised above ground level.  Shelter and secure storage are offered by the retaining backboard of each shelf. Having a work level height of 72.8cm allows you comfortable gardening with no back pain. The overall dimensions of this potting bench are 80cm x 37cm x 90cm which makes it a multipurpose garden bench.

Key features:
  • Steel top tray
  • 2 shelves
  • Sturdy construction
  • Weather-proof feet
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When it comes to garden supplies, Woodside has a remarkable name in providing one of the best potting benches. This planting bench is sturdy, portable and built keeping gardeners and plant enthusiasts in mind. Plus, the tough construction easily resists pots and tools weight. Organize your gardening tools like a watering can, seeds, buckets, pots, etc. in the lower shelve with the shade of top tray. To give you a clean, neat work station, this potting bench has a removable tray for trouble-free soil storage and removal.

80cm of the worktop is perfect to enjoy gardening with no need for bending. In addition to this, it features a top narrow shelf to keep seed sachets and tiny pots in place. Offering you extra storage space, this bench comes with two drawers on the front to keep towels, spatulas, dibbers, and others tools safe and prearranged. As it comes with full assembly instructions, the set up becomes very simple.

Key features:
  • Strong wood construction
  • Removable potting tray
  • Narrow top shelve
  • 2 storage drawers
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Potting for your home and garden couldn’t be easier, thanks to Christow wooden potting table. The 89 cm high is the standard countertop height which is right what you want for never over for too long. Do your planting and gardening a little longer because you won’t get tired. Talking about the size, it is compact and takes little space making an ideal choice for patio, gardens, and decks of all sizes.

Table made of softwood speaks for its durable and sturdy construction. Besides, the galvanized metal top and feet are corrosion resistant for added protection. This also makes cleaning super easy with just a wipe or brush. To reduce waste, the raised back and sides gather compost.

To make it more convenient for you, this potting bench features 5 hooks to hang dibbers, towels and other tools. For keeping pots, seeds, and plants, the table comes with 2 storage shelves underneath the metal top work. To sum up, it is a compact potting table that is sturdy, valuable and spacious enough to keep plants and accessories organized. For more handy garden items check out our guide on artificial grass.

Key features:
  • Hooks to hang tools
  • 2 storage shelves
  • Metal feet protection
  • Steelwork surface
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If you are a big fan of gardening, HOMCOM potting table is the best choice for you. This innovative style potting bench is made with natural solid Fir wood that is weather-resistant and durable for long time use. For this reason, it is best intended for outdoor use in patio, garden, garage, small porch, etc. The table is sturdy enough to easily carry the weight load of 20kg while weighing 9kg only.

Talking about the design, the worktop surface is spacious with a galvanized metal coating. For comfortable working, the tabletop height is 81.5cm. Plus, the top shelve features a removable sink for drainage. It also features a spacious slatted pattern shelve at the bottom to keep gardening gear or other accessories.

What’s unique about this potting bench is that it comes with a grid backboard with included chalkboard to take notes. Besides, there is a large drawer at the front that provides enough space. It folds flat for compact storage and appearance is customizable.

Key features:
  • Solid Fir wood construction
  • Removable sink
  • Grid backboard with chalkboard
  • Spacious worktop
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If you are looking for a classic design potting table that offers plenty of storage space, Pureday potting table is the solution. Organize and pot your plants in a mess-free way with this wooden built potting bench. The bench has wood-based large bottom and narrow top shelve to keep large-sized and small pots for display. Moreover, the worktop is of galvanized metal that allows easy and smooth cleanup of the soil and compost. However, all the other parts of the table are constructed from high-quality and sturdy pine wood.

The noticeable feature of this traditional looking potting bench is its ample storage space. You get 3 drawers plus 3 hooks on each side for keeping all gardening tools organized and secure. The overall dimension of the bench is 78 cm x 38 cm x 112 cm with a worktop height of 82cm and weighs 10kg.

Key features:
  • Galvanized top
  • Pinewood construction
  • 3 drawers
  • 3 hooks
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To ensure that your gardening activity remains comfortable and tidy, this AIRWAVE potting bench comes with many practical features. It is perfect to use in gardens, patios, sheds, garages as it has a natural wood color appearance. Moreover, the bench is well-built with Chinese Fir wood that makes it sturdy and durable for years to come. Also, this wood is pressure treated and safe from rust and rot.

The robust top shelf has a galvanized metal coating for easy cleaning and cutting. Its sturdiness and weather-resistant properties make it more functional. To offer you extra storage, this potting table has an integrated bottom shelf to keep anything you want. The overall dimensions are 101 x 54 x 116cm and weigh 17kg.

Keep all your gardening tools at one place for easy access, thanks to the metal grid back of this bench that allow easy hanging of gear. It comes with a 1-year warranty. For more cute garden items check out our guides on hedgehog houses.

Key features:
  • Metal grid back
  • Galvanized metal top shelf
  • Chinese Fir wood constructed
  • Plentiful storage
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The striking and elegant design makes this table a great addition to any patio, garden or porch. Habau 695 garden table has a spacious top shelf which is fully galvanized metal, it allows easy cleaning with damp cloth or brush. Bye to rusting! This table features solid wood construction that offers sturdy and long-lasting performance.

Not just a garden table, it also used for keeping utensils and prepared food during parties. The exceptional design of the bottom shelf allows the storage of plants, pots and other stuff under shelter. A worktop height of 80cm makes it a comfortable potting bench for many people. To hang garden tools and towels, the top shelf has a metal mesh back. Touch up your garden as well with a bit of exterior wood paint or masonry paint depending on the wall.

Key features:
  • Hardwood with galvanized metal top
  • Metal mesh to hang items
  • Multi-purpose table
  • Weather-resistant
  • Bottom storage slatted shelf
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A small and compact potting bench that doesn’t take a lot of space in your garden! However, it provides ample working space for planting and potting. Also, it folds flat for easy storage when the season is out using 4 security tumblers. Constructed from solid hardwood adds to the strength and durability. The Plant Theatre potting table comes with a zinc top that features retainer edges that provide a smooth work surface. Besides, the ideal height of 84cm allows you to work easily in a standing position. This saves you from knee and backaches from bending. A width of 82cm with a diameter of 40cm is best to keep almost all sizes of plants.

A middle slatted shelf is also there to provide you space for pots, seeds, soil storage. What is more? You also get 3 hooks on the one side for attaching gardens tools for convenience. Talking about the look, the sage painted table goes well with your garden and patio furniture. This potting table reflects a great balance of versatility, sturdiness, and design. If necessary, it acts as a portable bench. Assembly is very simple and requires little time.

Key features:
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Zinc top
  • Middle shelf
  • 3 hooks

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