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10 Best Garden Awnings in 2020

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Waltons DIY Manual 2.5 x 2m Patio Awning

A retractable awning with a durable frame and canopy fabric.

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Cassette Awning Electric Awning

An electric awning that operates from remote control offering wide coverage.

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GREENHURST 2.5m Patio Awning

It’s a cost-effective and easy-fitting awning that offers 100% shade and protection from sun and rain.

Published 1:35pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 1:35pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Tidyard Retractable Manual Awning100% polyester made awning that is retractable to 150cm length£
Waltons DIY Manual 2.5 x 2m Patio AwningMade from 280gsm polyester that is water and UV-resistant£
Greenbay Retractable Manual AwningSteel torsion bar and roller with Polyester shade££
Garden Classics ADSTOCK WALL GAZEBO AWNINGA traditional polyester canopy with steel frame££
COSTWAY Manual Awning CanopyAluminum frame with 300g polyester cover with PU coating££
Primrose 3.5m Manual AwningA 300gsm polyester manual awning with 98% UV and UPF 50+ protection££
GREENHURST 2.5m Patio AwningEasy-fit 2.5m 100% polyester awning with adjustable tilt angle££
Aleko Half Cassette Retractable Patio AwningA half cassette frame design with polyester fabric£££
Cassette Awning Electric AwningMotor controlled awning with PA coated acrylic fabric£££
ADVANING Manual Luxury L Series awning6063-T5 grade aluminum frame with Acrylic fabric£££

Best Garden Awning UK

Keep your patio safe from direct sunlight and enjoy outdoor sitting even in the warmest months. All you need is a garden awning to add shade to the outdoor area and protect yourself and furniture from heat. The best and economical way to transform your patio or deck into an outdoor room for your family or friends to gather and relax is by simply adding a beautiful awing.

Since there are many different kinds and sizes of awning available on the market, it’s hard to choose the right one. To help you select the best garden awning, here’s a collection you’ve got to see!

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The Tidyard retractable awning fits the size of 250×150 cm constructed from high-quality 100% polyester material. This awning is resistant to water and flame. Also, this PA coated canopy offers resistance to harmful UV rays and protects your patio and furniture from sunlight.

In addition to protection from the sun, it provides warmth in winter weather to make your outdoor area comfortable for all the seasons. Talking about strength and durability, the powered coated steel frame adds to the longevity. Besides, it makes the opening, retracting and installation very easy. You can adjust the length (150cm) and slope angle for your comfort. Similarly, the yellow and white stripes give a very chic look to your outdoor area.

This manually operated awning is a perfect choice for your backyard, patio, and balcony. Overall, it’s a durable garden awing that is water and UV resistant. Plus, it comes at a very economical price, perfect for covering outdoor garden furniture or garden storage benches.

Key features:
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Robust
  • Easy installation and operation
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Create your new outdoor living room right in your own backyard with Waltons manual patio awning. This awing with the size 2.5 by 2m is designed to use over a deck, patio, terrace, and other related applications. It protects you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays as the cover is made from fine quality 280gsm polyester that UV-proof. In the same way, 1.5m long hand crank offers on-demand solar protection with adjustable coverage convenience. The shade filters the sun’s light creating a cool outdoor environment.

Likewise, a proper unit pitch also protects guests from light rains with a water-repellent finish on the shade. You get a 2-year warranty on purchase of this easy-fit awning. Add comfort, style, and safety to your outdoor living.

Key features:
  • 280gsm polyester
  • Shower and UV-proof
  • Durable frame
  • 2-years warranty
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Allow your family to safely stay outdoors longer without the worry of harmful effects of the sun and no one can do it more beautifully than Greenbay retractable manual awning. This quality product is one of the best garden awnings that offer great performance. The canopy is well constructed from durable aluminum roller and torsion bar in a bigger size than other awnings. Plus, it comes with an elegant looking cover that gives a complete and neat look. In this price tag, it is unlikely of other awnings to be this strong and hardwearing.

Talking about the fabric material; 300g/m2 polyester is UV and rain-proof that keeps you and your furniture safe. Similarly, to compliment your patio décor, this awning comes in a wide array of colors and stripe designs. The size of awning extends to a length of 2.5m with a width of 3m. In addition, the awning slope angle from the wall is adjusted to 35 degrees with the help of aluminum arms. However, this heavy awning needs a solid wall for fitting by two people and takes an hour for installation with DIY skills.

To sum up, Greenbay awning looks very trendy and offers great shade when installed.

Key features:
  • Water and UV proof fabric
  • Torsion bar and aluminum roller
  • Approved by GS and TUV certification
  • Dandy design
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Create an outdoor room to enjoy every day with the Garden Classics ADSTOCK wall gazebo awning. This awning has a powdered coated steel frame and aluminum roller with beige canopy for a classic look. With an innovative design, this wall gazebo awning is suited to almost any style of home.

The awning provides an outdoor living area with the greatest sun shading; thanks to the PVC coated polyester fabric that is UV-proof. Moreover, it not only provides protection from harmful sun rays, but it also lets you enjoy outdoor during rain as well. The fabric is highly durable and secured with the velcro tabs to frame.

The overall size of this awning is 244cms wide x 243cm deep. Overall, it is a great value for money if you are looking for something traditional. For more great garden items, check out our picks for swing sets.

Key features:
  • Durable build
  • Polyester UV-proof canopy
  • Greater coverage
  • Shade for Sun
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Block the sun in summer and allow it to enter in winter month with this manual awning by COSTWAY. It offers the shade when needed and retracts for a view of the sky, thanks to the wide and adjustable coverage. Long hand-crank 160cm allows easy opening and closing with its user-friendly design. Plus, the aluminum retractable arms are long-lasting and offer smooth operation.

This retractable awning can extend up to a length of 3m and width of 2.5m. To fully protect you and outdoor furniture from UV rays, the cover is made from high-quality premium 300g/ polyester that blocks sunlight and heat effectively. Moreover, the fabric is waterproof to enjoy outdoor during rainy days. It is constructed from high-grade steel with a powder coat finish offering enduring performance and strength. Installation is simple and all the gear like anchors and brackets are included.

With its easy maintenance and a broad selection of colors and designs, Costway awning makes your patio more beautiful. An ideal choice for shading your patio, balcony, and windows!

Key features:
  • Wide coverage
  • Long hand-crank
  • High-quality polyester
  • Top-notch quality colors
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If you want to convert your patio into a functional and inviting outdoor room and need protection from the sweltering sun, that’s where you want Primrose awning. This awning will not only provide shade and protection but also defines outdoor room architecturally. Plus, the six different stripes and plain designs will complement the outdoor furniture.

With its easy maintenance and fully waterproof from rainy days, this awning is made from 300gsm polyester fabric. As a result, it blocks 98% of the UV rays with UPF 50+ protection.  Talking about maneuverability, this 3.5m awning is easy to fit and install. It is manually opened and closed and offers a tilting slope angle of 35̊. The 68mm thick aluminum rollers with steel torsion and cables speak for its durability. In addition, longevity is added by finishing the awning fabric, expansion bolts, and wall brackets with electrostatic powder coat. Meanwhile, you also get a 2-year warranty.

Overall, the primrose awning is a durable product that provides maximum sunlight protection and offers compact storage in winters by comparison to cantilever parasols.

Key features:
  • UV and waterproof 300gsm polyester material
  • 35 degrees tilting slope
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Turn your deck or patio into extra living space to enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. You and your family can enjoy protection from the hot sun or light showers with a Greenhurst patio awning. There is a choice of colors, a choice of sizes, and are manufactured from hard-wearing 100% polyester fabric. This makes it easy to maintain and clean.

The Greenhurst awing protects your valuable furnishings from the damaging effects of fading, thanks to UV-resistant and rot-proof fabric. In addition, the installation couldn’t easier. No special skills or tools are needed and the awning fits in around 30 minutes. As it comes with a winding handle, the operation is made very simple. Winding the handle extends the 2.5m awning to the required length. On the other hand, winding in the opposite direction will retract the awning.

Moreover, the pitch of the awing can be easily adjusted with bolts on both sides. The slope of the awning from the wall has a tilting angle of 40 degrees. At the end of the season, easily remove Greenhurst awning for safe storage to prolong its life. Check out our handy guide on potting benches for more garden items.

Key features:
  • 100% polyester fabric
  • UV and rain protection
  • Durable and light-weight
  • 40̊ adjustable slope
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Aleko half cassette retractable patio awning is a retractable awning system that is popular for house outdoor environment applications. The awning roof can be stopped in any desired position manually with the easy-to-use hand crank that allows smooth and easy open/close with effortless turning action.

Awning fabric is made from weather-resistant 100% polyester that saves people a lot of troubles from rain and strong sunlight. When you want to enjoy outdoor activities during rain, the water collects into the gutter in the form bean and finally directed away. Furthermore, the half cassette frame protects the fabric when closed for long-lasting fabric vibrancy. Plus, the aluminum alloy frame features a powder coating that protects it from rust. The overall size of this awning is 3.9 x 3m.

Easy to install and easy to use, this awning comes with wall brackets and anchors for wall mounting. Moreover, you can also buy a remote accessory to open and close the device with the touch of a button. There are 12 different colors to choose from and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Key features:
  • 100% polyester
  • Half cassette frame
  • Aluminum frame
  • Vibrant colors
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Expand your outdoor living space for you and your family, Cassette electric awning by Four and More GmbH is an excellent way to go. It’s a beautiful electric powered awning that opens and closes with a one-touch remote control which is included with your purchase. The quiet motor is hidden into the roller bar. In addition, it also comes with an override that lets you close the awning in case of a power outage. Other companies charge extra for this safety feature but this awning package includes override at no extra cost.

This awning features lateral arm support tucked away under the awning fabric to give you an obstructed view. Moreover, this electric awning is available in your choice of luxurious colorful and water-repellent PA coated woven acrylic fabric.

The motorized model is easy to install as it comes fully assembled and requires a minimum mounting height of only 7’6’’. Speaking of versatility, it mounts on to any side of siding that includes brick, stucco, masonry, aluminum, vinyl, and wood.  Likewise, it is available in a size of 2.5 x 2m. An ultimate and elegant patio awning that lets you control the weather on your deck or patio all with push-button convenience!

Key features:
  • PA coated acrylic fabric
  • UV and rain protection
  • Motorized opening and closing
  • Elegant design
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Durable frame, a fascinating range of colors and adjustment features make the Advaning patio and balcony awning stands out from the crowd. The aluminum semi-cassette hood design protects the cover fully when closed against wind and weather. It can achieve a maximum projection of 3m at a width of 2.5m. The arms are made of 6063-T5 grade aluminum lateral for durability and strength. In addition, the fabric used here is acrylic that offers full UV-protection.

‏Moreover, to make extending awing durable and silent, the arm joints are equipped with the tendon. Adjust the angle of your awning with easy pith adjustment for front bar slope adjustment by hooking the hand crank. See our guide on trampolines for more great garden items.

Key features:
  • Acrylic fabric
  • Semi-cassette frame
  • Easy installation
  • Robust

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