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8 Best SDS Drills in 2024

Published 9:40am

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

Published 9:40am

This product review was written by Charlie Miller

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Bowose SDS Rotary Hammer DrillIt comes with six adjustable speed levels.£
MPT Heavy Duty SDS Hammer DrillIt has 1050W input power and three functions.£
VonHaus SDS Plus Hammer DrillIt has four functions and 1500W input power.£
Bosch Professional GBH 2-26 SDS Rotary Hammer DrillIt has 2.7 joules impact energy and weighs 2.7 kg.££
Ryobi R18SDS-0 ONE+ Cordless SDS Hammer DrillIt is cordless and has a 1.3 joules impact energy.££
MSW BOH-1800-1 SDS Hammer DrillIt has a 1800W motor, and 6 joules impact energy.£££
Dewalt DCH273N SDS Plus Hammer DrillIt has 1200 rotations per minute and an LED light.£££
Huepar Cordless SDS Hammer DrillIt comes with brushless motor and 2.2 joules impact energy.££££

Best SDS Drills UK

If you are searching for a hammer drill to work with hard materials such as wood, masonry, concrete, and steel, then you are at the right place. As you might already know, a hammer drill performs two tasks: rotation and hammering. Usually, it requires SDS bits to accomplish this task, and if you use regular bits, you might end up breaking them.

Now, various brands manufacture SDS drills with different specifications and features that might confuse you. There are corded and cordless hammer drills. Then you have to check their impact energy, their rotation, and most important of all their comfort. After all, you don’t want to end up with severe fatigue after a few hours of using the SDS hammer drill.

To aid you in resolving this problem, we have compiled a comprehensive list of eight best SDS drills for you to choose from and utilize. Let’s take a look at the comparison table first.

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If you are looking for an SDS drill on a low budget, then the Bowose SDS rotary hammer drill will be a perfect option for you. Despite being cheap, it can perform all the functions of its more expensive counterparts quite efficiently.

The Bowose hammer drill can perform up to three functions: drill, hammer, and chisel, which adds to its versatility. Furthermore, it has six-speed levels for the rotation that you can switch between depending on your task. Moreover, it has a control vibration system that, as the name suggests, helps keep the SDS hammer drill steady while using it and preventing fatigue. It weighs around five kilograms and comes with a three-meter long cord.

The Bowose SDS hammer drill has an impact energy of up to 5 joules. Furthermore, it has a maximum drilling diameter of 13mm for steel, 32mm for concrete, and 42mm for wood. It comes with a 360-degree locking rotary handle that will help you to drill at an angle that suits you best. It comes with plenty of attachments for you to choose from and work with convenience. Moreover, it is dual compatible with SDS plus drill bits and standard SDS drill bits sets

Overall, the Bowose SDS hammer drill is versatile and adapts to any situation that you might face.

Key features:
  • Three functions
  • Six adjustable speed levels
  • 360-degrees adjustable rotating handle
  • Comes with a durable carry case
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MPT is known for its excellent high-performance tools and has been manufacturing them for over twenty years. The MPT MRH2603 heavy duty SDS hammer drill is no exception.

It has an input power of 1050W and has an impact rate of 0-4500 per minute, thus giving it a comprehensive application on various surfaces such as wood, masonry, concrete, and steel. Furthermore, you can select between three modes, rotary, rotary plus hammer, and hammer only. The SDS hammer drill does not give you the option of controlling the speed or torque, so keep that in mind.

The MPT heavy-duty drill weighs around six kilograms, but you will adapt to it fairly quickly once you start using it. Furthermore, it comes with a 360-degree adjustable handle that increases its comfort level. It comes with a very sturdy storage box that you can use to store the SDS drill and its attachments. It comes with plenty of drill bits and accessories, and you have the option to purchase more separately, depending on your needs. 

Overall, the MPT heavy duty SDS drill provides exceptional value for money and versatility. Furthermore, it comes with a six-month warranty for your peace of mind.

Key features:
  • 1050W input power
  • Adjustable handle
  • Three functions
  • Six-month warranty
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The VonHaus SDS plus drill is an excellent heavy-duty drill that is very versatile. You can remove plaster, dig out old grouting, demolish brickwork, and take off tiles using the four functions that it provides. They are drilling, hammer drilling, rotation-chiseling, and chisel lock.

The SDS hammer drills also come with adjustable speeds that you can switch between through the speed selector of 0-800 RPM. A convenient feature that you can use to adapt to the task at hand. Furthermore, it comes with a control vibration system so that you can work with any hindrance and exhaustion. It is a welcome feature considering that the drill comes with an impact rate of 2000-4000 per minute and has a weight of around 5.8 kilograms.

The VonHaus hammer drill comes with three SDS plus drill bits (8/10/12mm), a hex point chisel, and two flat head chisel bits so that you can get to work immediately. Furthermore, it comes with a robust and sturdy carry case to store the tool itself and all the attachments. The length of the cord is two meters, which is a bit short compared to some of the competitors.

Overall the VonHaus SDS plus drill is an exceptional and versatile tool that comes with two years of warranty.

Key features:
  • 1500W input power
  • Four functions
  • Adjustable speed
  • 4000BPM impact rate
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Bosch manufactures some of the most excellent power tools in the industry and has been operational since 1886. Their GBH 2-26 SDS hammer drill is proof of their excellence. It is durable and will last you a long time.

The drill comes with an 800W motor and provides 2.7 joules of impact energy. It might seem low at first compared to the competition, but keep in mind that it weighs only 2.7 kilograms. Despite that, it will plow through any surface with ease, and you will not face any problems, owing to the build quality of the SDS drill. Moreover, it has a rotation speed of 0-900RPM, which further adds to its capabilities.

The Bosch Professional SDS hammer drill comes with a rotating brush plate that provides equal power for both the forward and reverse rotation. Furthermore, it comes with a ball grommet to prevent any cable breaks. Additionally, it has active air cooling, which prevents the SDS drill from overheating and damage. It also has an overload clutch for the protection of the user and the machine itself.

Overall, the Bosch Professional GBH 2-26 SDS plus hammer drill is robust, durable, and has exceptional build quality. It is light-weight and convenient to use in various situations. For more must have tools check out our guide on angle grinders.

Key features:
  • 800W input power
  • 2.7 joules impact energy
  • 2.7-kilogram weight
  • Active air cooling and overload clutch
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Ryobi ONE+ tools are well known for their portability and quality. The Ryobi R18SDS-0 cordless SDS hammer drill is among their ONE+ lineup of devices. It means that if you already own any tool of the series, you can use the batteries interchangeably. The Ryobi hammer drill itself doesn’t come with a battery, so you will have to purchase one separately.

The SDS hammer drill has a trademark Ryobi design and colors. It comes with an ergonomic handle with Ryobi’s Gripzone+ micro-texture for maximum control and comfort. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in LED light to illuminate the work area and make it visible to ensure precision and error prevention.

The Ryobi SDS cordless hammer drill comes with a selection of four modes: rotary drill, hammer drill, chisel, and chisel alignment. Moreover, it has 1.3 joules of impact energy and 0-5000BPM impact rate, which helps in quickly drilling through hard material such as concrete.

Overall, the Ryobi R18SDS-0 ONE+ SDS cordless drill provides portability with exceptional functionality. The only drawback is that you will have to spend extra cash to buy accessories for it, especially if you don’t own any ONE+ series of power tools.

Key features:
  • Cordless
  • 1.3 joules impact energy
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 4 modes
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The BOH-1800-1 SDS hammer drill by MSW is an exceptional tool that will last you a long time. It is ideal for professional work related to hammer drilling and chiseling. The tool provides multifunctionality making it extremely versatile.

The MSW SDS hammer drill comes with a 1800W input power and massive impact energy of six joules. Furthermore, it has 900 rotations per minute and 4000 impacts per minute, making quick work of even hard materials such as steel and concrete.

The design of the device is also exceptional. It comes with an excellent ergonomic handle that can absorb vibration during operation, thereby reducing fatigue. Furthermore, the handles are 360-degrees rotatable, so that you can work with ease and comfort. The SDS hammer drill weighs around 5.8 kg.

The MSW drill comes with plenty of accessories, which include three drills, point, and flat chisels, drilling grease, and two carbon brushes. It comes with SDS plus tool clamp so that you can quickly and easily change the accessories. Moreover, you get a robust and practical case to carry the tool and its attachments with ease.

Overall, the MSW BOH-1800-1 SDS hammer drill is outstanding and has high impact energy and rotation to handle various tasks with ease. Furthermore, it is quite durable and has extremely low vibration adding to its comfort.

Key features:
  • 1800W motor
  • 6 joules impact energy
  • 900 rotations per minute
  • Comes with a carry case
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Dewalt is a power tool manufacturer that doesn’t require any introduction. Their DCH273N SDS plus hammer drill is class apart when it comes to cordless drills. It comes with a low maintenance brushless motor that can last a long time.

The Dewalt SDS hammer drill has an exceptional impact energy of 2.1 joules, which is outstanding for a cordless tool. Furthermore, it comes with an electronic clutch for high torque. It has an exceptional 1200 rotations per minute, which helps it to drill anchors and fix holes in masonry, bricks, and concrete with ease. Moreover, it has speed control, so that you can select the speed depending on the task on hand. It also comes with a very bright LED light for maximum visibility and precision.

The Dewalt DCH273N SDS hammer drill weighs only 2.9 kilograms. It has best-in-class vibration, which means that user fatigue is minimal, and you can work for longer times with comfort. The Dewalt hammer drill does not come with a battery, and you will have to purchase it separately. Moreover, it does not come with attachments and drill bits, so keep that in mind as well. For more great tools check out our guide on stud finders.

Key features:
  • Brushless motor
  • 1200 rotations per minute
  • 2.1 joules impact energy
  • LED light
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The Huepar cordless SDS hammer drill is a complete package. Unlike most of the competition, it comes bundled with a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery that has cell protection against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. Furthermore, it comes with a battery charger as well.

The SDS hammer drill has an EC brushless motor, which is compact and light-weight and runs efficiently than brushed motors. Furthermore, it has an impact energy of 2.2 joules and 0-4600 BPM, which makes it a breeze to drill on hard materials. The tool has three modes that the user can switch between with ease.

The design of the Huepar cordless SDS drill is exceptional. It is compact and robust and has a very comfortable and ergonomic grip. Moreover, it comes with necessary vibration control to prevent user fatigue and ensure maximum usage time. The drill itself is pretty light-weight and weighs only 3.2 kilograms with the battery attached.

The SDS drill also provides a plethora of safety features. It comes with a torque limiting clutch, which disengages gears if there is any bit bind to prevent gear damage. Furthermore, the housing and the interior of the drill have double insulation, which prevents you from electric shock in case you accidentally drill through a wire.

Overall, the Huepar SDS drill is one of the most exceptional cordless drills that you can buy. It is compact and has a comfortable design. Performs up to par with the competition and comes with the battery and charger.

Key features:
  • EC brushless motor
  • 2.2 joules impact energy
  • User and tool protection
  • Three modes

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