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Best Angle Grinders in 2021

Updated 04-08-2021 – Mia Cohen

An angle grinder is a versatile tool and could be used in cutting wood, metal, stone slabs, tiles and pipes. It is also used in polishing and finishing metallic objects. An angle grinder is a tool that features an abrasive disc which is attached to the main body of the device. The conventional type of angle grinder has a cord and needs electricity to work but new technology Lithium-ion grinders have started getting popular. The Lithium-ion grinders are cordless and can be used anywhere, giving the user complete freedom.

Either you are looking for the angle grinder for a “do it yourself” project at home or you have started a new small scale business and need the tools, we are here to help you so you do not end up buying a useless product for tens and hundreds of pounds.

Finding an electric tool online from a new seller always comes with huge risk, you never if the product you are paying for will arrive let alone be good enough. We have done all the research so you do not have to spend your time and energy. After reviewing as many products as we could find online we have made a list of the brands that stood out to us.

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The Best Angle Grinder UK

Premium Pick – Monarch Midi FreeFlow Water Softener
Value Pick – Bosch PWS 700-150 Angle Grinder
Best Pick – DeWalt DCG412N XR Li-Ion Angle Grinder

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Hi-Spec 500W Mini Angle Grinder
Hi-Spec 500W Mini Angle Grinder
Improved paddle switch, compact and light.££
YesUK Direct 900W Angle Grinder
YesUK Direct 900W Angle Grinder
Sturdy and Lightweight with a spindle look.££
VonHaus 750W Angle Grinder
VonHaus 750W Angle Grinder
Three-position auxiliary handle, safety lock with 2 years guarantee.££
Bosch PWS 700-150 Angle Grinder
Bosch PWS 700-150 Angle Grinder
Dustproof and protective guard adjustment system.££
Meterk 750 W Angle Grinder
Meterk 750 W Angle Grinder
Spindle lock and adjustable handles.££
Tilswall 860W Angle Grinder
Tilswall 860W Angle Grinder
2 grinding and 3 cutting disc along with 28 months of customer support.££
Black Decker KG911K-GB 900W Angle Grinder
Black Decker KG911K-GB 900W Angle Grinder
Slide and no-volt release switch.££
Makita DGA452Z 18V Li-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder
Makita DGA452Z 18V Li-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder
Cordless body, slide and anti-restart switch with dust removing ability.££
DeWalt DCG412N XR Li-Ion Angle Grinder
DeWalt DCG412N XR Li-Ion Angle Grinder
A cordless tool, lock off and quick wheel changing switch.£££

1   Hi-Spec 500W Mini Angle Grinder

KEMEI Men's Cordless Hair Clippers

If you want to get a small project done or you need a grinder for completion of a DIY project, you do not need to buy a full-size grinder. Hi-Spec Mini Grinder is the perfect fit for low maintenance projects because of its lightweight 1.4 kg  ( 3 lb 4 oz) and compact build of 28.5 x 7.5 cm.

The 500 W motor has a speed of 11,000 rpm and works for rough cutting, finishing metal, stone, and masonry. This tool could also be used for removing rust and excess amount of weld.

The manufacturers have improved the handle. The tool has upgraded from the thumbed switches to a paddle switch loaded with spring. This new switch cuts the power when pressure is released. The side support handle is adjustable and you can mount it left or right according to your preferences for comfortable use.

Hi-Spec 500W Mini Grinder has a sturdy nylon body and the cord length is 1.8 meter. The package comes with 2 abrasive cutting grind discs. Dimensions of discs are 115 mm across x 4 mm thick and one of the discs is has a depressed centre. For DIY enthusiasts we prepared this great guide on the best cordless drills.

Key features:
  • Improved paddle switch
  • The lightweight of 1.4 kg
  • Comes with extra discs
  • Compact body

2   YesUK Direct 900W Angle Grinder

ETEREAUTY Cordless Hair Trimmer

For the people who want a 900W electric angle grinder at a low cost, this option is the one. The voltage of this motor is 220-240 v with a power of 12000 rpm.

The machine has a lightweight build and is sturdy for comfortable use. This tool does not run on batteries, cord length is 2.1 m which is an average cable length for cabled angle grinder.

The package includes a set of grinding and cutting guards and lock pin spinner. 115 mm discs would work great with this tool and for easy disc change, a spindle lock button is present. Due to the small wheel length of 115/125 mm, the tool works great in small spaces. YesUK Direct electric angle grinder comes with not one but two handles for better application and comfortable experience. This tool is great for working on small renovating projects and home improvement. If you need a valuable tool for bigger projects and metalwork consider a plasma cutter.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and a sturdy build for comfortable use
  • Spindle lock button for easy disc change
  • Inexpensive and value for the price
  • Arrives with a set of grinding and cutting guards

3   VonHaus 750W Angle Grinder

Ceenwes Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

This small and lightweight 750W angle grinder from VonHaus works with a speed of 11000 rmp without having any load on the motor. The tool operates with a 115 mm disc and delivers smooth and precise cuts with no difficultly. The tool comes with only one grinding disc of 115 mm and you have to buy more separately but this one disc will last you for more than one project.

Moreover, the tool has a unique auxiliary handle that can be positioned at three different angles, this feature provides the user freedom and the ability to work with ease. VonHaus produces a tool that is safe to use, this VonHaus 750 Angle Grinder has a safety device in the mechanism. This safety mechanism ensures the blade is not already activated when power is reconnected. This feature saves the user from any accident.

With a 2 m long cable, the device offers the user to work freely. This tool works with 220-240 v, disc arbor size is 22.33 mm and shaft size is M14. The package includes a wrench so you can attach the disc and start working right away. The manufacturer provides 2 years guarantee with the product. Make the cutting work easier with a table saw.

Key features:
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Safety switch
  • Long cable for maximum freedom (2 m)
  • Three-position auxiliary handle for control

4   Bosch PWS 700-150 Angle Grinder

ELEHOT Hair Clippers

This slightly heavy (2.2 kg) Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder is not only best for grinding but for cutting and brushing too. Bosch PWS 700-150 is enough powerful to cut into water pipes, slabs and tiles. The speed of this tool is 11,000 rmp and does the job smoothly.

With the Bosch spindle lock system, changing grinding and cutting discs is easier than ever before. This model also has a tool-free protective guard adjustment feature which ensures maximum safety of the user. The Bosch brand includes a dust protective system in its products, this feature enables optimum performance and longer life because of the feature that prevents dust from collecting into the tool’s inner mechanism.

The auxiliary handle which can be mounted on either side provides maximum comfort and helps the user to control the tool better. With 2.5 m long cable you can move around freely. The brand provides the consumer with a 2 years guarantee but if you find the 2 years guarantee short, you can register your tool on MyBosch for a 3 years guarantee. You can get the extended guarantee only if you register within 28 days of your purchase. For more great tools see our wood chisel review.

Key features:
  • Easy to work with tough materials
  • Free 3 years extended guarantee
  • Dustproof system
  • Protective guard adjustment system

5   Meterk 750 W Angle Grinder

Wahl Colour Pro Cordless Hair Clipper

This product is an Amazon’s Choice and for the obvious reason. The tool is not only budget-friendly but is best for heavy-duty work. With a 6A motor and no-load speed of 12,000 rmp, this angle grinder cuts wood, metal, and stone-like butter.

Either you are right-handed or not, the removable and forward canted side handles provide comfort and enables you to use the device with optimum control.

The Meterk 750 W Angle Grinder contains a spindle lock that you can use to change the tool’s accessories quickly. The tool weights 1959 g which is on the heavy side for an angle grinder but a lighter tool can not do what Meterk 750 W Angle Grinder does. This tool even cuts into bricks with the right blade.

The package comes with a wrench that you can use to fit the discs. The user manual that comes with the tool is written in multiple languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Key features:
  • Cuts heavy materials easily
  • No-load speed
  • Comfortable for both left and right-handed users
  • Spindle lock for quick disc change

6  Tilswall 860W Angle Grinder

Kebor Hair Clipper

With the advantage of being compact, this product has an 860 W motor that produces up to 12,000 rmp speed. You can use it with ease for it is lightweight. The Tilswall 860W Angle Grinder has passed every endurance and temperature rise test. So the tool getting hot and burning off isis going to be the last of your concerns. This tool does not only work like magic but also has a long-term life.

Two barrel-style side handles and an additional front grip to provide control over the tool for longer projects. The unique vent system prevents debris and dust to clog into the motor, which gives the user a better experience.

This tool weighs about 1.5 kg and made with Polyamide plus glass fiber. Tilswall provides 3 cutting and 2 grinding wheels with the Angle Grinder.  The manufacturer included two protective guards, one for cutting and one for grinding. You will also find a wrench within the package to assemble the tool. Assembly is ready and you can use the tool right afterward.

The Tilswall offers customer support for 28 months in case the tool is not working properly.

Key features:
  • Works amazing with metal, stone and other heavy objects
  • 2 grinding and 3 cutting wheels
  • 1 protective guard for cutting and grinding each
  • 28 months of customer support

7   Black Decker KG911K-GB 900W Angle Grinder

Liberex Cordless Hair Clipper

This tool has a 900 W motor that produces 12,000 rmp no-load speed. This product is ideal if you want to cut metal pipes, remove unwanted rust or scrape off the excess weld. This tool works great with a 115 mm disc, the small and compact size gives the advantage of working in a confide environment. A convenient slide switch is added for easy use.

The Black Decker KG911K-GB 900W Angle Grinder has a safety mechanism in it. The “no-volt release” switch when turned on ensures that the tool does not start unexpectedly to prevent any unfortunate accident. The tool also has a two side comfortable handle for strong grip and extra control.

The spindle size is 5/8”-11 in. The tool comes with a metal grinding wheel for protection and a wrench for quick assembly.

Key features:
  • Slide switch for easy use
  • No volt release switch for extra protection
  • Compact and contoured body
  • Enough strong to cut metal

8   Makita DGA452Z 18V Li-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder

Hatteker Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Makita DGA452Z 18V Li-Ion Cordless Angle Grinder has a 4 pole motor. Dimensions of this model are 36 x 18.5 x 12 cm. The motor needs 18V Li-ion battery to power which is not included with the package. The Makita motor produces 11,000 rmp speed. This angle grinder is suitable for use with heavy materials, as wood and metal. The Makita DGA452Z Angle Grinder has enough speed to get the work done faster and quicker.

The side handle of this grinder can be mounted on either side of the tool for left-handed and right-handed users. This tool has a slide switch for easy usage and the spindle lock is use to change the disc with ease. Makita has also added an anti- restart option for additional safety. DGA452Z can also be useful in removing the dust but for this setting, the user should put the dust removing disc on the grinder.

Key features:
  • Anti-restart switch for additional safety
  • Slide switch for easy application
  • The handle can be mounted on either side
  • New dust removing the setting

9   Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper

Philips Series 5000 Hair Clipper

This new DCG412N contains an 18 V motor. The dimensions of this tool are 15.2 x 5.2 x 4.7 cm and weigh about 2.2 kg. This model features Lithium-ion technology which means that the Lithium-ion battery in the tool is going to power the motor and there is no need to connect it with an electric switch. This cordless device gives the user complete freedom to use the tool whenever and wherever the user pleases.

The Lithium-ion battery speeds up the motor and the build of the tool is strong enough to cut into tough and thick material. The tool is suitable for grinding and cutting wood, metal and stone meanwhile you can also remove excess weld.

DeWalt has added steel cut spiral bevel gear which is the reason for low vibration and optimum results. The tool also has a lock-off switch for safety. The handle is a two positioned which increased comfort and provides a strong grip. The quick-change wheel release feature helps to change the wheel efficiently.

Key features:
  • Lock-off switch for additional safety
  • Two-position side handles for optimum control
  • Quick change wheel setting
  • Cordless body for freedom

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