10 Best Telescopic Ladders in 2020

Finether Portable Aluminium Telescoping Ladder

The 14 steps ladder reaches 5meters, and the sturdy aluminium alloy makes it durable to use for all kind of maintenance around the home or other places.

Nestling® Multi-Purpose Telescopic Aluminium Ladder

The 9 step safety approved ladder is 260 cm, hence convenient enough to use for all household chores.

Superworth Multipurpose Folding Telescopic Ladder

The A-shaped ladder is 5 meters tall but can be bend at 2.5 meters and has 8 secure aluminium steps on each side.

Best Telescopic LaddersKey FeaturesPrice
Nestling Multi-Purpose Telescopic Aluminium Ladder 56.99This ladder is made of robust aluminium with safety standards and has 9 steps to reach almost all places around the home£
Parkerbrand TELESCOPIC ALUMINIUM LadderThis is a robust and long lasting telescopic ladder with a height of 3.2meter. It functions without the risk of trapping one's finger£
Homdox Aluminum Telescopic LadderThis is a stable telescopic ladder with 13 steps that reaches 3.8 meters and is made of sturdy aluminium alloy£
Eueasy Todeco - Telescopic LadderThis is a 3.8m telescopic ladder made of aluminium with 13 firm steps that can smoothly retract and stack for ease of storage and transportation££
Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension LadderThe ladder folds just at one click and can also extend smoothly till 3.8m to accomplish various tasks££
Parkerbrand 3.8M TELESCOPIC ALUMINIUM LadderThe ergonomic ladder stands tall at 3.8m and contains an anti-finger trap to ensure safety during extraction and retraction££
Nestling Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium LadderThe ladder is mobile, reliable, and extremely durable. It is also certified for safety££
Superworth Multipurpose Folding Telescopic LadderThis product can be bent at 2.5m and has a robust and durable aluminium body££
WolfWise Telescoping LadderThis is a 4.7m sturdy ladder with anti-skid feet and can withstand a user weight of 150 kilograms to ensure completion of tasks£££
Finether Portable Aluminium Telescoping LadderThis 5m 14 steps telescopic ladder is robust, durable and safe to use with an ergonomic grip and anti-skid feet£££


Changing bulbs, and maintenance of closets and cupboards are hefty tasks that cannot be conducted without a ladder. Buying the traditional one is not an option since they need a lot of storage space and are also not long lasting. This con of the conventional ladder is what gave birth to the invention of a telescopic ladder. Telescopic ladders are the ones where steps can be stacked and extended only when needed. These are foldable, hence easy to transport. Every home needs a ladder, and to store a bulky one is a task in itself.

Telescopic ladders can be stored and carried from place to place without much effort. The retraction and extension function of the ladder ensures that the user can extend it only at the desired height and accomplish tasks. These are of varying lengths; hence, the user has to decide the maximum extent by roughly measuring the space where the ladder would be used.


Things to look for in a telescopic ladder –

  • Safety – A ladder is used to work at heights; hence, it should be safe to prevent tumbling down. Ensure buying one that is safety standard certified.
  • Height – Calculate a rough idea of the available working space and invest in a ladder that suits the space.


Each of the ladders reviewed below have been tested by our team. These products have been arranged in increasing price points from lowest to highest with considerations made for quality, sturdiness, material used, extendable heights, and quality.

The Nestling multi-purpose telescopic aluminium ladder is equipped with safe height locking latches and anti-skid rubber feet. The ladder is approved by safety standard EN131 hence it is a trustworthy product. The aluminium is sturdy and will last for a long time. The 9 step ladder is convenient to reach a height of 260m with a user weight of 150kgs. The steps can be extended smoothly, and they retract with an inward latch motion. The ladder is only 6.8 kilograms, so it can be easily carried from one place to another.

The Nestling multi-purpose telescopic aluminium ladder can be used both indoor and outdoor as the steps can be adjusted to 30cm and conveniently extended to the desired height.


Key features:

  • Standard safety approval of EN131.
  • Portable and convenient design
  • Used both indoors and outdoors.

The Parkerband telescopic aluminium ladder reaches a height of 3.2 meters that is enough for working at home or in shops. The aluminium alloy is lighter than other metals; hence, easy portability is a big plus, and it is also corrosion resistant. Moreover, the metal is also sturdy and meant to last. The 11 step ladder also has an anti-finger trap to protect one from scraping the fingers during extraction or retraction.

The Parkerband telescopic aluminium ladder is standard safety approved to EN131 and also has been CE certified that makes it highly trustable. It is only 8.6 kilograms and can be manoeuvred without extra effort. The ladder can be helpful for various jobs such as cleaning the loft, changing bulbs, decoration and maintenance.


Key features:

  • EN131 and CE certified.
  • 3.2 meter at completer extraction.
  • Anti-finger trap for protection.

The Homdox aluminium telescopic ladder stands tall at a height of 3.8 metres that is suitable for accomplishing household tasks. There are 13 steps attached to the ladder at an interval of 30 cms. The ladder, when wholly folded measures only 86cm hence is convenient to transport. The width of the steps is 46cm that is decent enough for a grown up to stand without inconvenience.

The Homdox aluminium telescopic ladder consists of pads in between rungs to ensure the finger doesn’t get hurt. The steps in the ladder also lock in place after complete extension and lend strong support to the user. The durable and robust aluminium is firm, lightweight and user-friendly. The design is EN131 and CE certified hence can be trusted for all kind of chores. For other great tool guides see our picks for heat guns.


Key features:

  • Pads between rungs for safety.
  • EN131 and CE certified
  • Steps width of 46cm

The Eueasy Todeco telescopic ladder is 3.8m tall and can withstand a user weight of 150kgs. It is an ideal ladder for multi-purpose uses at home, office or other such places. Maintenance, decoration, and designing can be carried out with ease thanks to this telescopic ladder. The ladder is made of aluminium that is robust, sturdy, durable and lightweight.

The Eueasy Todeco telescopic ladder contains 13 steps at a distance of 30cm. The steps are sturdy and will not wobble. It can easily be stacked with a push button and a lock. Moreover, the telescopic ladder is safety certified as EN131. It can be used with full confidence for all tasks without an inch of fear.


Key features:

  • 3.8m tall ladder
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The Ohuhu Aluminium Telescopic Extension Ladder can be used at a maximum elevation of 3.8m. It has 12 steps and a durable strap to hold them together when folded. The aluminium alloy is used to build the entire ladder that makes it sturdy and durable yet lightweight. A folded weight of 11kg and aluminium alloy makes it a breeze to move the ladder.  This ladder can be retracted with just one push of a button. A user weighing up to 150 kilograms can easily stand and work on accomplishing various.

The Ohuhu Aluminium Telescopic Extension Ladder contains locks to grip the steps and prevent accidents. This product is made according to the guidelines of ANSI(American national safety standards) that makes it trustworthy.

Key features:

  • Retraction by pressing one button
  • 3.8 meter high
  • The lock mechanism on steps

The Parkerbrand TELESCOPIC ALUMINIUM Ladder can be used up to the height of 3.8m. It consists of sturdy steps. The extraction and retraction process is smooth, without any friction. The premium quality aluminium makes it extremely strong. Moreover, the aluminium is also lightweight; hence, it enables easy transportation of the ladder.

The Parkerbrand TELESCOPIC ALUMINIUM Ladder can withstand a user capacity of 150kilograms. An anti-finger trap is provided for safety in case one accidentally inserts a finger, or there are kids around who love dangerous experiments. The folded height is merely 84cm, and that can be strapped with a belt. This ladder weighs 11kilograms and is exceptionally convenient to carry. The ergonomic ladder is built, keeping in mind the EN131 and CE norms. For other great tools see our guide on pillar drills.


Key features:

  • Anti-finger trap for safety
  • EN131 CE certified
  • 3.8m total height

The Nestling Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder can be extended to a height of 3.8m. It has 13 steps to help the user accomplish tasks. These steps can be adjusted to desired heights, and a secure lock ensures zero wobble or accidents while using the product.

The Nestling Multi-Purpose Folding Extensionable Telescopic Aluminium Ladder can bear a weight of 150kilograms. Hence the buyer can carry things such as a heavy-duty toolkit along to help with work. There is a  distance of 30cm between steps. The extraction and retraction process is smooth, and the ladder glides through the frame. It is made of aluminium; hence, it is sturdy and has less weight. This quality makes it easier to transport from places.


Key features:

  • 11.3 kilograms portable ladder
  • EN131 safety standard certification
  • Rubber pad at feet

The Superworth multi-purpose folding telescopic ladder stands tall at 5m, i.e. it is an ideal instrument to be used for all climbing purposes at home, office, or other places. The unique A-shaped ladder helps two people work simultaneously and ensures that the work is done faster. The maximum user capacity of this ladder is 150kilograms, hence, climbing it with some weight will not make it wobble.

The Superworth multi-purpose folding telescopic ladder is EN131 and CE approved. It is a tested product and can be used without any confusion. The foldable design is only 17kgs. This property makes it highly portable and convenient to carry. The height of the ladder when retracted is 92 cm while the distance between each step is set at 30 cm. Each step can be locked in for safety.


Key features:

  • Unique A-shaped ladder.
  • 5m in full length
  • EN131 and CE certified

The Wolfwise telescopic ladder stands at an altitude of 4.7meters, hence is helpful for all chores at home or office. The ladder is made of aluminium that ensures portability and longevity. The anti-skid caps hold the ladder firmly in place and lends safety to the user. Each step can be extended at the height of 1ft and locked at the desired elevation. The finger safety mechanism is highly helpful for the user and for children who might unknowingly play with the ladder.

The Wolfwise telescopic ladder lands can bear a user weight of 150 kilograms. When the ladder is fully retracted, it measures at 1.7m that makes it easy to move around. This device has a secure strap to hold the ladder in place during transportation. If you’re using the ladder to trim hedges, consider a long reach hedge trimmer for less movement of the ladder.


Key features:

  • Ladder height of 4.7meters.
  • Maximum user weight of 150 kilograms.
  • Anti-skid caps for protection.

The Finether portable aluminium telescopic ladder is approved by the standard EN131 and so can be trusted. The bottom of the ladder consists of anti-skid material with a plastic finger protection space for safety. The ladder weighs 13.4 kilograms and is portable and convenient to carry. It consists of 14 steps that reach a height of 5m when fully extended. This makes it an ideal instrument for all DIY tasks in and out of the home or any other spot.

The Finether portable aluminium telescopic ladder consists of a secure strap and grip handle for easy manoeuvring. The maximum user weight of 150 kilograms makes it the apt choice for all kinds of window washing, decorating, and maintenance work. The steps are retracted in inward latches.


Key features:

  • The total height of 5meters
  • European safety standard approved
  • Anti-skid rubber on feet.