Updated: 24/07/2020

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets

For most people, a kitchen is a place of experimentation, trial and error, refuge, and a place to create beautiful memories. Late-night snacks, popcorn fight, ice cream, coffee, all these things remind you of a satisfying end to the day. The kitchen is also widely known as the heart and soul of a home. 

Tantalising smells from pots of simmering pasta, sautéed garlic, hot oil, and mouth-watering aromas from the oven, are all familiar if you have a food enthusiast in your home. Most kitchens already have some handy gadgets like a food processor, blender, and kettle. Lesser-known products are also equally crucial to the functioning of the kitchen. Juicers, knives, spiralizer, can openers, and other gadgets make cooking and baking an experience worth sharing with friends and loved ones. 

Most people enjoy working long term with the gadgets they collect over the years. However, if you want to upgrade your kitchen and get some new tools onboard, we have a treat for you. The challenge is in always finding the right tools for your kitchen needs. Just buying something online is not good enough, using it to its full potential is also critical. 

 Let us look at the 10 best kitchen gadgets for your kitchen. 


1. Bread Makers:

There is nothing yummier than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread. Bread makers are excellent for regular loaves of bread since you can control the quality of the ingredients used to make your bread. They are also cheaper in the long term and are known to reduce costs in the monthly food budget. The bread machine is easy to use, does not need you to use your hands for kneading, and does everything automatically – including baking. It also comes with advanced features and functions that accurately measure ingredients, and autolyse times with different baking modes. The evenness in cooking along with the superior taste of the bread makes this gadget an extremely kitchen-friendly appliance. 


2. Electric Tin Openers:

The convenience of having an electric tin opener is unparalleled in the kitchen. Almost all canned and tinned products have to be opened carefully to avoid cutting and spillage. Electric tin openers ensure that the can is opened cleanly without causing any harm to your skin. Tin cans can cut through the skin and cause bleeding and deep cuts that may lead to infections.

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These electric openers are handy and portable and are lightweight to ensure ease of movement from one corner of the kitchen to the other. You also don’t have to apply any pressure while opening the cans and avoid breakage or damage to the product. With minimal effort, the can is opened in a lesser time than a manual opener and is done with relatively less mess. 


3. Air Fryer:

The best part about air fryers is the ease of access to low-fat meals. Air fryers require little to no oil during the fryer since the mechanism works on superheated air that is passed through food to cook it to perfection without needing additional fats and oils. It is also extremely quick and easy to clean. Another benefit of owning an air fryer is the complete absence of oily food smells that permeate the walls and curtains in the kitchen. Since there is no oil, there is no chance of getting oil burns and causing issues to the skin. Air fryers are known to consume less amount of time while cooking, and they free up other appliances in the kitchen. The meals take minutes to prepare, without using the entire oven, microwave, or hob. 


4. Hot Water Dispenser:

Hot water dispensers are a game-changer in the kitchen. One of the most useful gadgets you could need, these dispensers ease cooking times with readily available hot water. They are also extremely energy efficient and can keep large amounts of water at optimum temperatures to aid in cooking instead of electric kettles each time. They consume less electricity and help lower the electricity bill each month. Since kettles heat up and dissipate the heat once boiled, they consume more energy than dispensers and are not as energy efficient in the long term.


5. Knife Sharpeners:

Knife sharpeners, like the electric tin opener, are incredibly beneficial in the kitchen. You do not have to worry about the pressure or angle of the knife during the sharpening process, and can instead, concentrate only on getting the job done right. The angles and pressure used in sharpening knives with a manual sharpener may damage the knife and cause accidents. These knife sharpeners are extremely efficient and can protect the blade from damage and chipping. Professional services to sharpen knives are costly, and since knives have to be sharpened often, investing in a good quality knife sharpener helps save a ton of money in the long term.


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6. Slow Cookers:

Slow cookers are suddenly all the craze over social media. However, having a slow cooker in the kitchen is an excellent addition to your daily gadgets. While it isn’t ideal for all cooking tasks, slow cookers allow an equal distribution of flavour to the food. The extended cooking time ensures that the entire carbohydrate or protein is infused with all the flavourings and aromatics you’ve added to the mix. Lowered temperatures in slow cookers also avoid overheating food and losing nutrition. Another benefit is that food is rarely ever burnt, avoiding a charred greasy taste to the mouth. The slow cooker also frees up other appliances like the oven and microwave for different foods and is extremely convenient. 


7. Coffee Pod Machines:

Coffee pod machines are heaven-sent for people who love their daily cuppa. Extremely useful in the kitchen, and better than regular espresso machines, pods reduce coffee waste and are easy to clean. The flavour and aroma of espressos and other coffees are more dynamic and more robust than regular store-bought coffee. Coffee pod machines are simpler to use and can be operated with a click of a few buttons. Since it does not produce any coffee grounds, the coffee does not get a stale taste and stays fresher for longer. Coffee pod machines also automatically regulate the water temperature, infusion of milk, and quantity of coffee. 


8. Mini Hobs:

Mini hobs are ideal for safe induction cooking. Without flames, even children can learn how to cook safely. Mini hobs are easy to transport, and are relatively lightweight, making them portable. The mini hob only heats up when a pan is placed on the top, so there is no danger of leaving the hob on and causing accidents. It makes a fantastic addition to the kitchen since it is quick and easy to clean, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The food preparation is also faster since the temperature is automatically maintained.


9. Ice Makers :

Ice makers help make ice extremely fast. Many models of ice makers are portable and are ideal for outdoor activities where they can easily be plugged in. They do not need a water line or any draining pipes, and simply have to be refilled as necessary. They are straightforward to use, and can also store ice for regular usage throughout the day.

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If the ice melts, the recycled water is used to make more ice, thereby helping you save time and energy in the long term. Countertop ice makers are child and senior-citizen friendly and come in various sizes according to your individual needs.


10. Halogen Oven:

The halogen oven cooks food faster than regular ovens and microwaves. The food cooked in a halogen oven is tasty and nutritious. The food is cooked thoroughly with even spread of heat. Since it cooks food in less time, the total time taken in the kitchen is also substantially lower than average. The halogen oven is primarily known for cooking high protein foods like ham, beef, and chicken evenly and in less time. It also comes with a timer that allows you to set the cooking time according to preference. One of the most remarkable aspects of this kitchen gadget is the self-clean function. This means that you do not have to waste time and energy in cleaning out grease and food spills like in the oven. Additionally, it does the functions of grilling, steaming, defrosting, baking, roasting, and toasting. 


While this list is not exhaustive, there are other kitchen gadgets that you can use in your kitchen to ease your daily life. Remember that while choosing a kitchen gadget for everyday use, it should be easy to clean, maintain, and use for you and others in your house. Many homes with senior citizens, children, and pets, should also consider the safety implications before purchasing a new appliance. Also, always check the warranty and manufacturers guarantee before making a purchase. It is a good practice to only buy high-quality products to save money in the long term on repairs and spare parts. Always research and read online reviews before buying an appliance to check its suitability, quality, viability, and usefulness in your daily cooking experience.

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