10 Best Kitchen Chef Knives in 2020

ZELITE INFINITY Bread Knife 8 inch

Slicing bread was never more comfortable than with this bread knife. Made of a single piece of metal, it has no hinges or joints to reduce the strength of this blade.

Sabatier Professional All Purpose Knife

Made of superior quality steel, this knife is which is built with razor-sharp technology and can serve multiple purposes.

SKYLIGHT Chef’s Knife Professional Kitchen Japanese Santoku Knives

The Santoku knives are one of the most exceptional qualities of knives, made with top-class German steel. It is made of high carbon German stainless steel X45 CrMoV15 at 58 Rockwell Hardness.

Best Kitchen KnivesKey FeaturesPrice
Sabatier Professional All Purpose KnifeIt is light in weight but does not bend£
Kitchen Knife, Chef Knife 8 Inch - Professional Chefs KnifeExtra Finger Clearance under the Handle for Faster Cutting£
Richardson Sheffield Stratus Essentials 6 Piece Knife Set Stylish and comfortable to use£
Black Kitchen Knife Set with Covers 5 Professional Miracle Blade Knives They are light and therefore, fast to use£
Cooking Knife Kitchen Knife Chef Knife 8 Inch Professional Chefs KnifeDesigned to reduce fatigue of the arms£
SKYLIGHT Chef's Knife Professional Kitchen Japanese Santoku KnivesThe blade has been cooled with Nitrogen for enhanced hardness££
Santoku Knife-MAD SHARK Pro Kitchen Knife 7 InchThe angular edge makes it easier to handle££
Tansung Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef KnifeEasy to maintain and clean££
Fillet Knife - PAUDIN 6 Inch Boning Knife Sharp and FlexibleThe blade is water and corrosion-resistant££
ZELITE INFINITY Bread Knife 8 inchIt boasts of the stunning triple-rivet rounded handle£££


Kitchen knives are an essential part of any household. There are 11 different types of kitchen knives- the Chef’s knife, the utility knife, the Santoku knife, kitchen Shears, the Boning Knife, the Bread Knife, the Cleaver knife, the Paring knife, the steak knife, the Nakiri bocho, and the fillet knife.

All the knives serve different purposes, and they demand different techniques to be handled. It is not as complicated as it may sound. Spend a little time with these kitchen beauties, and you would know how to use them and when to use them. Usually, these knives are a must-have at a professional chef’s kitchen because they like precision and perfection in the food they make.


Things To Consider Before Buying Knives

  •     Hold each knife individually to check the grip. It is not necessary that what is comfortable for others would be suitable for you.
  •     Ensure that the knife has little or no steel at the joints. Remember, this is a weak point of the knife, and a little pressure can bend or break it. The best knives are made with a single piece of steel and are a bit costly but durable.
  •     Feel the weight. A heavy knife is difficult to handle and can also cause some pain in your hands. A light, durable knife is faster and easier to handle. However, the prerequisite will change with solid food, which would need heavier knives.
  • Keep your knives sharp by getting yourself a knife sharpener.

Made of superior quality steel, this knife is built with razor-sharp technology and can serve multiple purposes. It has a laser-tested, tapered knife edge, which is ground to form an exacting angle to ensure maximum cutting performance and durability. Crafted from Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium Stainless Steel, it is harder than standard knife steel and holds the sharp edge for longer. Made from a single piece of metal across the entire length, it offers superior durability and flexibility.

A Full tang knife usually weighs more than a regular knife and is less likely to bend. It also distributes the weight better, allowing for more excellent knife balance and higher leverage capabilities. Apt for shallow meat cuts, incisions, and chopping small vegetables and herbs, this knife offers greater control. See our guide on electric carving knives for big meats.


Key features:

  • Hand Wash and dishwasher friendly
  • Made from single metal piece
  • Durable and flexible

Cooking becomes more relaxed and fun with this knife. Made from the best available material, it has been designed with the latest technology. Together with its Premium Case and Protective Sheath, this is truly a thing to possess. This 8-inch knife promises of an UltraSharp 4116 ThyssenKrupp German Steel Blade at 55 Rockwell Hardness, producing extraordinary cutting performance.

The edge is also Hand Sharpened to 16-18° per side to maintain the Perfect Balance between Blade Sharpness and Toughness. It has been specially designed for Cutting, Dicing, Slicing, Chopping and Mincing. Owing to its perfect design, it effortlessly Cuts Meat, Fish, Fruits, Vegetables and much more. For other great kitchen guides see our one on kitchen bins.


Key features:

  • Comes with a premium case and protective sheath
  • Extra sharp edges for a smooth cut
  • Zero maintenance

Made of high-quality steel, these kitchen beauties are durable and sharp. Made of martensitic stainless steel blades, these knives are best for cutting almost anything and everything around the kitchen. They have rigid three rivet bolsters for structural strength and comfortable handling. The set comprises of 4 paring, five utility, six cooks, eight carvings and eight bread knives. The brand of the knife speaks for itself, offering excellent grip.

These knives need to be sharpened on a timely basis and are not dishwasher safe. The ergonomic design is meant for ease of use and durability. There are no hinges and welding, which makes the knife even stronger. A must-have kitchen accessory, these knives make cutting and chopping more comfortable. Be it vegetables or meat; these knives make cutting faster even amid cooking. They save time because you do not need to plan your schedule ahead of cooking.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Light
  • Easy to handle

Made of premier steel, all knives have been designed to stand extreme temperatures. Comprising of Chef, Bread, Carving, Paring, and Utility knives, the set is complete in itself. A safe and quick way to cut, chop and mince, the knives are nonporous and antibacterial, preventing any foodborne diseases. These are accompanied by sheath pieces so that the blades and the user’s fingers are safe when they are stored. Easy to handle, these knives are light and therefore fast.

The blades are made of top quality miracle blade and are ergonomically designed. These knives are easy to maintain because they are nonporous. They also do not corrode or tarnish like ordinary steel blades available in the market. See our guide on soup makers for more great kitchen items.


Key features:

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Made of nonporous material
  • Easy to maintain

Cutting and chopping are made easy with this chef’s knife. Made of German steel – from the design of the blade to the handle of the knife, everything speaks of technology coupled with master craftsmanship. Extremely sharp because of its make, this tapered knife edge is ground to form an exacting angle. The high carbon stainless steel has been heat-treated for extreme sharpness, which makes it durable and offers maximum cutting performance.

German stainless steel 1.4116 has been used in the making of the knife, making it more sharp and durable and most of all perfectly balanced. The ergonomic design of the handle aligns the wrist and forearm, thereby reducing fatigue. This reduction provides better stability and control while chopping vegetables. This knife is suitable for cutting vegetables, fish and meat, and it is a multipurpose knife designed to cut smoothly.

Key features:

  • Made of German steel
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multipurpose

The Santoku knife is one of the finest quality of knives, made with top-class German steel. It is made of high carbon German stainless steel X45 CrMoV15 at 58 Rockwell Hardness. The quality of the steel makes it rust-resistant, durable, and stain-resistant. The design ensures that there is no wastage of the material being cut. The hollowed design at the edge of the blade ensures that there is enough air circulation between the material and the blade.

It is therefore great for slicing, dicing and mincing. The Ergonomic Handle of approximately 23.95 inches makes it easy to handle. The angular side makes it easy for slicing, thus making it a masterpiece by artisans. The handle is made of a military-grade high polymer which is highly impervious to heat, cold and moisture.

Key features:

  • Superior quality German steel
  • Angular sides
  • Ergonomic handle

Made of premium-quality German steel, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to handle. No fatigue of hands, no strain on the forearms. The 7-inch blade is extremely sharp and can make fine cuts on vegetables. It is easy to maintain since it does not rust. You only have to wipe it dry once used. Manufactured by Mad Shark, the knife has been designed with the latest technology that makes it adept for slicing, cutting and mincing.

The Santoku Knife has a triple rivet design that attaches the handle to the blade. The ergonomic shape enables the right balance between the handle and the thin blade, ensuring ease of movement. Best choice for home or kitchen, the knife makes for the first choice of both homemakers and chefs. Light and easy to handle, the design does not damage your fingers at all. For more must have kitchen products check out our guide on popcorn makers.


Key features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to maintain
  •  7-inch sharp blade

You know a knife is best when it is carved out of a single piece of metal. The make, quality and the look, everything has been designed for ease of use and glee for your eyes. Ultra-sharp, the knife is hand-finished by experienced craftsmen who are familiar with the science of making knives. It is a stable and durable knife, which is best for its streamlined design. Easy to clean, the fish-shaped handle has an ergonomic design, and the curved tail prevents the knife from falling off.

Made from high-quality carbon stainless steel, the 8-inch knife is highly durable and has a beautiful Damascus pattern on the surface. The well-balanced weight and size of the blade are meant to make elegant slashes while protecting your hand from injuries. It offers a varied experience of slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing. See our guide on slow cookers for more must have products.


Key features:

  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Made of high-grade steel
  • Extra sharp blade

Don’t go by the small look of this knife. It can do much more than its size. An excellent boning knife, it can slice through bones of lambs and beef. Excellent for deboning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming and butterflying, this knife is a great multipurpose option for any household. Made of high-quality German steel, this knife is rust-resistant, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

It offers long-lasting performance because of its specially-designed wave-patterned blade. Its precision sliced blade with 15 degrees per side allows a cutting core of 56+ Rockwell hardness. This boning knife is also suitable for skinning fish and trimming meat with the flexible blade, which provides a more comfortable cooking experience. The soft and comfortable handle is made of pakkawood (a wood/plastic composite material), creating the perfect look and grip. The shape ensures ease of movement.

Key features:

  • Ultrasharp
  • Best for fillets
  • Exerts minimal to no pressure on the hands

Slicing bread was never more comfortable than with this bread knife. Made of a single piece of metal, it has no hinges or joints to reduce the strength of this blade. Offering minimal slicing resistance, it cuts through tomatoes or bread like a knife on butter. Made of premium Japanese steel, the blade comprises of 67-layer high carbon stainless steel with the company’s trademark – Japanese tsunami rose Damascus pattern – that incorporates a serrated edge at 18 degrees.

The blade does not require any maintenance and sharpening. It boasts of the stunning triple-rivet rounded handle. The Black Classic G10 Handle Triple Riveted to the Forged Full Tang adds extra strength and durability. Ergonomically designed, the rounded handles ensure a secure and comfortable grip. It is incredibly satisfying to handle with its rare tapered bolster. It promises a perfect balance, which creates no tension for the hands and the forearm. See our guide on halogen ovens for more great picks.


Key features:

  • Damascus patterned blade
  • Easy to maintain
  • No sharpening required