Updated: 09/17/2020

How to Clean a Kitchen Bin

The garbage bin is one of the most forgotten items in the entire kitchen. It is the least remembered in household chores, not because it is not crucial, but because it is usually a place to dump the waste and dirt. The issue arises when the trash can starts to stink. All the bacteria in the bottom and walls of the bin start multiplying and emanating a horrible stench. This bacteria can multiply to nearly 600 times its original amount, within a week. 

Keeping the bin dirty without regularly cleaning it could also result in little slimy maggots that creep all over the container and slowly make their way across the kitchen floor and on to your food. At this stage, most people freak out, yell a lot, throw the bin out, and purchase a new one. If you do not want to face all this unnecessary angst and save yourself some money buying a bin every alternate week, you could clean it instead. 

Let us show you how you can clean your trash bin, save money, and keep your kitchen tidy. 


List of Things required to Clean the Bin:

  • Hot water
  • Gloves
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Non-abrasive cleaning brush
  • Old newspaper
  • Essential oil (if needed)
  • Old Towel
  • Garbage Bags


How to Clean the Bin

Let us look at cleaning the garbage bin in a stepwise manner. Following these steps will ensure you do not forget anything and are prepared to clean the container out thoroughly. 

Get the Gloves On: The trash can contains a lot of organic and inorganic material that causes a rapid multiplication of germs and bacteria. Excess food, when left to mix with other foods, liquids, dirt, and dust, can cause an unearthly stink. It is best to protect your hands from bacteria and germs before touching any of the items in and around the bin. Always wear gloves when cleaning the bin and emptying the trash out.

Empty the Bin: If your bin is full and smelly, throw all the trash out in garbage bags, and remove any food and other waste particles stuck to the sides and bottom of the trash can. These particles can continue rotting and cause a rapid multiplication of bacteria. If you can, you should dust the trash bin once too.

How to Clean a Kitchen Bin Image

Wash the Bin: Carry the garbage bin outside your house and hose it down with clean water. Swirl the water a few times inside and ensure all sides of the bin are washed even at the bottom. Repeat the same step for the outside of the bin as well. Remember to wash from the bottom of the garbage can touching the floor. Once you are done hosing it down, use hot water, liquid detergent, and a brush and scrub the interior and exterior wall. Scrub the seals, the lining, the lid, and the bottom as well as the handles and sides. Clean the soapy suds with clean room temperature water. If you feel the bin is not thoroughly washed, you can repeat the hot water and liquid detergent scrub again till you are wholly satisfied with the result. 

Remove the Foul Smell: If after washing, you still notice a faint lingering garbage smell, there is a good chance you would have to air the bin out overnight. Fill the garbage bin with some hot water and add a few drops of a potent essential oil. The popular choice for essential oil is usually tea tree oil, but you could also use either eucalyptus or lavender depending on your mood. 

Once you add the essential oil to the hot water, shut the lid over and leave the bin for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, empty the water out, and pat the interior and exterior of the bin dry, or leave it overnight to dry out naturally. Many people also prefer leaving the bin out in the sun to remove any unwanted smells. Once the bin is dry, you could add a few drops of essential oil to the floor of the bin before you put the garbage bags to protect it from foul smells.

Add Garbage Bags: Before your line the bin with garbage bags, add a few old newspapers to the bottom. The papers will soak up any liquids and will also hold the grime while effectively keeping the trash can dry from the inside. You can easily keep 3 or 4 sheets of an old newspaper before adding the garbage bags. 

Clean the bin at least once a week to help keep it fresh-smelling, and to increase its longevity.

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