10 Best Hot Water Dispensers in 2019

Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser

Holding a whopping 4L its ideal for those who plan to use it a lot or have a big family. It has BRITA filter technology, adjustable temperature, adjustable dispense amounts and overall looks very stylish and high quality.

Breville HotCup Water Dispenser

Cheap and cheerful the Breville first generation Hotcup holds the lowest price tag, it doesn’t have any crazy features and basically does just what its designed for. It has thousands of near perfect reviews and is a great cheap appliance.

Breville BRITA HotCup Variable Water dispenser

Containing everything you could possible want in a one cup kettle is the third generation Breville HotCup. It has BRITA filter technology and adjustable dispense amounts, however at 1.8L its ideal for smaller families or requires more refills.

Hot Water DispenserFeaturesPrice
Breville HotCup Variable Water Dispenser2L capacity, 9 cup settings, manual stop button.££
Andrew James Hot Water Dispenser and Purifier4L capacity, variable temperature volume & dispenser amount, filter.£££
Breville BRITA HotCup Variable Water dispenser8L capacity, variable dispense amount, BRITA filter.££
VonShef Instant Hot Water Dispenser5L capacity, press and hold button, includes 1L filling jug.££
Breville HotCup Water Dispenser1.5L capacity, 250ml per dispenser.£
Russell Hobbs Brew & Go Filter Coffee Machine400ml Coffee maker, coffee when you schedule.£
Cooks Professional Instant Hot Water Dispenser5L capacity, manual stoop button.££
Cooks Professional Instant 4L Hot Water Dispenser4L capacity, variable dispenser and temperature settings.£££
Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser3L capacity, BRITA filter, variable temperature and dispense amount.£££
Vivo Instant Hot Water Dispenser5L capacity, double safety switches.££


Buying guide to hot water dispensers

Hot water dispensers can be a great appliance for any hot drink or filtered water lover if you opt for the feature. A hot water dispenser heats up small amounts of water as oppose to the whole tank, so you only heat what you need as oppose to a kettle which boils everything. This saves a lot of energy and also produces hot water a lot quicker, instead of trying to eye one cup level in the kettle. Some have features including temperature dials for other purposes such as pot foods, or if you just prefer your tea or coffee slightly colder.

If you are interested in getting a hot water dispenser, we’ve hand-picked our top 10 comparing price, features and reviews so you can make an informed purchase when buying.

The second-generation hot water dispenser from Breville has a large 2L capacity with an illuminated water tank and large window so you can see the water level clearly. It has 9 settings for cup sizes depending on how big a cup you fancy. It features a manual stop button incase you pick the wrong setting or just don’t fancy a full cup. It also has a permanent limescale filter but you will have to descale the inside. It is quick to boil, offering a cup of boiling water in 40 seconds. It’s a great middle range hot water dispenser, looks good, perfect for anyone who wants a decent dispenser but doesn’t want to fork out too much. It boasts near perfect reviews from over 2500 people so you know it is reliable. If you’re interested in other kitchen appliances check out our top picks for halogen ovens.

Key features:

  • 2L Capacity
  • 9 cup settings for dispensing
  • manual stop button for preciseness

The hot water dispenser from Andrew James doubles as a water purifier, at a massive 4L capacity you can choose the temperature of your water or even have un-heated filter water for drinking. You can enjoy boiling water in as little as 5 seconds between 55 and 100 degrees for your ideal hot drink, likely around 25-30 seconds for a full cup.

It features 5 heat settings, 3 volume settings and you can also choose dispense amounts of 100ml, 200ml, 300ml or manually control the amount dispensed for varying cup sizes. It shops with 2 Strix Aqua Optima filters but the machine will work with a variety of universal filters. It also comes with a 2-year warranty so you can shop confidently knowing you’re protected. If you’re interested in purifying all the water in your home check out our top water softeners.


Key features:

  • Variable temperature, volume and dispense amount
  • Filters water and can provide un-heated water
  • 4L Capacity
  • 2-year warranty

This third-generation hot water dispenser from Breville is similar to the second-generation dispenser from Breville at the start of our list in that it also allows variable dispensing. However, it also features Brita filter technology which filters limescale and chlorine.

It has a capacity of 1.8L with an illuminated water tank with an extra-large window so you can see how much water is left. You can enjoy a boiling cup of water in around 40 seconds with up to 9 cups before refilling. It has a removable drip tray like most of the others for easy cleaning. It ships with one BRITA Maxtra water filter so this will need replacing after some use.


Key features:

  • 8L Capacity
  • Variable dispenser amount
  • Filters water using BRITA technology

VonShef is a brand that features regularly on our kitchen items list and their hot water dispenser is no exception, at 2.5L capacity it offers around 10 cups. Boiling water is dispensed around 5-8 seconds after switching on, with a full regular sized cup in around 25-30 seconds. Like most other dispensers on our list the drip tray is removable making it easy to clean.

The VonShef has an easy to see water level and like many others a removable tank so you can fill it up at the sink or use the 1L filling jug that comes with it. Like most VonShef appliances it ships with a 2-year warranty and holds a middle range price tag and features.


Key features:

  • 5L Capacity
  • Press and hold button as oppose to set cup amounts
  • Included 1L filling jug

Another hot water dispenser from Breville is their first-generation model, holding a low-price tag and a 1.5L capacity. It dispenses a set 250ml cup of boiling water each use, around 5 in one fill of the tank so you will have to be careful when filling as it can either be too little or overflow.

Like the other Breville models the water tank is illuminated with a large window so you can see how much is left before you need to refill. The drip tray is removable so you can easily clean it when necessary.


Key features:

  • Low price tag with good reliability
  • 1.5L Capacity
  • Stylish for price

This Coffee Machine isn’t your standard water dispenser and only really has one function – making coffee. It brews coffee from fresh grounds or soft filter coffee pods inserted in the top into a 400ml stainless steel travel mug which is supplied.

What’s unique about it, is that you can program a time when you plan to have your coffee and it will prepare it for you at that time, especially good for those who don’t have much time in the mornings.

The drip tray is also suitable for mugs and standard cup sizes and adjusts to prevent splashing. It has a permanent coffee filter so no papers are required like many coffee machines. However, the capacity is quite low so it’s ideal for those who want the convenience.


Key features:

  • Cheap and small appliance
  • Makes coffee at any time you set

Cooks professional instant hot water dispenser is a reasonably priced, reliable appliance. It holds 2.5L of water, enough to make around 9-10 averaged sized cups. Like many others it starts pouring boiling water within seconds by heating small amounts of water as opposed to the whole tank.

Like standard it features a removable tank or you can fill it up with a jug and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. It also comes with a 2-year guarantee so you can feel safe from any problems. Overall, it’s a good priced, reliable machine with no real wow factors but does what it says on the tin.


Key features:

  • 5L Capacity
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Reliable and reasonably priced

Cooks Professional also do a larger version of the previous hot water dispenser this time a 4L model, averaging around 18-20 averaged sized cups great for bigger families. Hot water is boiled in small amounts and will start dispensing within 3-5 seconds. It also features a manual stop function if you want less of a cup or you’ve got too much which can be very handy.

You can also adjust the amount of water it heats up to 100ml, 200ml or 300ml depending on its purpose. It has a variable temperature setting spanning 55°C, 65°C, 75°C, 85°C and 100°C.

The Cooks Professional also has an LCD display with sensory touch buttons and a lock to stop your kids playing with it. Like the model above it comes with a 2-year guarantee so you don’t have to worry if it goes wrong. Check out our top kitchen bin picks for other kitchen upgrades.


Key features:

  • 4L Capacity
  • Variable dispense amounts and temperature setting
  • 2-year guarantee

Morphy Richards hot water dispenser offers a stylish design with a capacity of 3L, however at a higher price tag. It features a turn dial and LCD screen for clear display. You can adjust the temperature depending on the purpose of the water and you can also select the amount you wish to dispense up to 600ml or anything over just press again.

It features BRITA filter technology to remove limescale, metals or chlorine from the dispensed water, shipping with one filter. Overall, it’s a slick looking machine but holds a high price tag, making it ideal for those who want a large dispenser with all the features and looks nice.


Key features:

  • 3L Capacity
  • BRITA filter technology
  • Adjustable temperature and dispense amount

The final hot water dispenser on our list comes from Vivo, it has a 2.5L capacity and a stylish design. As standard water starts to pour within seconds with a full cup in around 25-30 seconds. It has double safety switches, one on the side and another on the top for ease in turning it off if necessary.

The drip tray removes for easy cleaning and the job at the back features a clear window so you can see how much water is left in the tank. Filling up is easy simply take the jug out or use something to fill it up depending on your preference.


Key features:

  • 5L Capacity
  • Full cup in 25-30 seconds
  • features double safety switches for over pour

Hot water dispenser Buying Guide

Most modern-day homeowners are searching for hot water dispensers to help reduce electricity wastage and produce boiling water at a fast rate. A Hot water dispenser is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. These appliances heat water extremely fast, saving you time and money. Another added benefit is that they are faster than traditional kettles that take longer and consume more electricity

For all those of you eager to buy hot water dispensers, here are a few buying tips to help ease your way. Most of the things you look for in a hot water dispenser will depend on your individual preferences, but many are universal options.

This list is not comprehensive but features some crucial things to look for in a hot water dispenser.


Temperature of Your Hot Water Dispenser:

Having adjustable temperatures in beneficial to almost everyone. You would not use your One Cup only to boil water for tea or coffee, and may occasionally need it for cooking instant food, ramen, or just for daily cooking. People making drinks or beverages for children or elderly individuals will also find the temperature setting a boon in case the drink spills over.

People with sensitive teeth can benefit significantly by buying a hot water dispenser that comes with a temperature setting. You can get your water at just the right temperature without causing harm or pain to your teeth.


How Quick is a Hot Water Dispenser?

In essence, this is the first thing everyone looks for but is taken for granted. Things like morning coffee and tea should be available in the shortest wait time possible, and the hot water dispenser is known for its high speed. Hot water dispensers are faster than regular kettles, but some take 30 seconds to heat up while some take 45 seconds depending on the brand that you select.

While this may seem like an insignificant period, it will make all the difference when you need to hurry and get to work in the morning. Research your chosen brand carefully, with special consideration for heating speed and temperature to ensure you are getting the perfect value for your money.


Hot Water Dispenser Drip Trays:

Some hot water dispensers come with attached drip trays for comfort and to catch spills. The novelty of your One Cup will soon wear off if it is a nightmare to clean every morning. You probably do not want to spend your time cleaning the kitchen counter every time.

Select a brand that offers you ease in removing and cleaning the drip tray. Most drip trays can be easily cleaned by emptying, washing, and drying off on a dishcloth. Some models also offer adjustable drip trays according to height. If this is something you would like, then be sure to change the drip tray to suit a small or large cup.


What Hot Water Dispenser Tank Size Should I Get?

Hot water dispensers come in a variety of brands with varying water tank sizes. Unless you do not want to refill your water tank constantly, you should opt for a Hot water dispenser with a substantial water tank. If you have fewer people in your home (alone or occasional visitors), then a one- or two-liter water tank capacity should suffice. If you live with family members, or host guests frequently, you should choose a larger size with three to four liters.

While selecting tank size, you should also consider the design of the hot water dispenser, as some brands allow the water tank to separate from the machine so that you can take it away to refill it.


Hot Water Dispenser Ease of Use:

Ease of use is a crucial aspect to any platform appliance that you might have in your kitchen. If you find it excessively complicated to use, there is a good chance you will not operate it. Doing this will be a waste of time, money, and a good piece of equipment.

Ensure you have a hot water dispenser that offers you a plug and play option, where you only need to do plug the appliance, fill water, press a button and start the flow of water. Some hot water dispensers require you to select the temperature and water levels every time. Select the best one according to your individual preference.

There are other features that you could also look at, which include dishwasher safe options, water filters to auto-clean limescale deposits, sensors on the tank to let you know that water levels are low, and also handles for easy dismounting. Whatever you select, ensure that you are getting exactly what you want in the least amount of money and least waiting time.