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10 Best Halogen Ovens in 2020

Published 02:05pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 02:05pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Best Halogen Oven UK

Halogen ovens offer a great convenience to any kitchen, cooking at around 40% faster than a conventional oven whilst using much less energy. Also, by the use of infrared heating and closed cooking, food retains more flavour and nutrients.

They are great for people looking for an alternative way of cooking or for use in small spaces. However, there are many on the market varying in price, features and quality and we’ve handpicked our top 10 so you can make an informed purchase.

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The Andrew James Digital is a 12-litre halogen oven, uniquely it has a hinged lid which is great considering when the oven is incredibly hot you don’t have to find a place to put the lid while you attend to the food inside. However, notably if its place below a unit this can could be more of a nuisance.

It features a digital display showing a timer and the temperature of the oven for convenience. It’s also able to clean itself, after cooking just add some cold water and let it run for 15 minutes to achieve a clean oven.

It comes with a host of accessories including a high rack, low rack, tongs, replacement bulb, rice/cake dish, baking and steamer trays, toast rack and skewers.

The Andrew James also ships with an extender ring, increasing the capacity to 17L should you need it, this is great if you have to cook for more heads than usual! If you’re looking to upgrade your whole kitchen check out our top hot water dispenser picks.

Key features:
  • Hinged lid
  • Self-cleaning
  • 12 Litres, expandable to 17L
  • Multiple accessories
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The Daewood Deluxe is another 12-litre halogen oven this time with a detachable lid, great for under counters. It features a physical timer up to 60 minutes and a temperature dial varying from 125℃ to 250℃. It also features a self-cleaning function, which if you plan to use it often can be very handy.

Being the lowest priced oven on our list, it still ships with all the necessary accessories including: oil bottle, 2 mesh trays, high and low rack and a set of tongs. Notably it also includes a lid rack which means you have a place to put the lid when it’s hot and an extender ring for extra capacity if you need.

Key features:
  • Low price tag
  • Self-cleaning
  • Great accessories
  • 12L extendible up to 17L
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A well-known brand though not necessarily our favourite halogen oven comes from Russell Hobbs, it has 11L capacity with a detachable lid. It features physical dials for time up to 60 minutes and one for temperature.

This oven is a good size and stylish, it ships with an extender ring which increases its capacity up to a decent 16L. It also comes with a reversible rack and another to rest the heater on following cooking.

Key features:
  • 11L extendible up to 16L
  • Good accessories
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The Breville VDF122 doubles as an air fryer, using only half a tablespoon of oil to cook 1Kg of chips, with no oil required for frozen food. It’s a slick looking oven with an illuminated digital readout for timer up to 75 minutes, sound alert and automatic turn off features. It can hold up to 1.2kg and can fry, roast, bake, saute and grill like many halogen ovens. The grill is ideal for only fish and bacon in which the excess oil drains off onto a roasting rack.

It ships with a measuring spoon, cooking guide and recipes. It also features a DuraCeramic coating which works as a non-stick layer for all methods of cooking allowing the use of little oil. If you’re a kitchen fanatic check out our water softeners guide for limescale free water.

Key features:
  • Multi-application oven
  • DuraCeramic coating
  • Timer up to 75 minutes
  • 2Kg capacity
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Another multifunction halogen oven is the Cooks Professional, doubling as an air fryer it’s great for baking, frying, roasting, steaming, grilling and spit roasting. This means minimal oil is required to cook meals offering a healthier alternative to regular frying.

It features a non-stick bowl removable bowl for ease of cooking and cleaning and the lid is hinged so you don’t need a place to store it when hot. It ships with a multitude of accessories, including tongs, grilling rack, fryer basket and rotisserie forks/skewer.

The oven has a pause button so you can check your food and return to the time setting when finished. It has buttons as opposed to physical dials and a digital display to see remaining cooking time.

It is slightly smaller than the other fryers on our list at only 10L and doesn’t come with a means of expansion.

Key features:
  • Non-stick coating
  • Multiple functions including rotisserie
  • Pause setting
  • 10L capacity
  • Great accessories
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The Sentik Premium is a much simpler halogen oven but also comes with a very low-price tag. At 12L it holds a good amount of weight so no problems with capacity, though there is no means for expansion.

The lid is detachable but you will have to find somewhere to put it when it’s hot as it doesn’t ship with a lid holder. It features a physical timer and temperature setting for ease of use. The Sentik Premium also ships comes with a high rack, low rack, tongs & manual.

Overall, it’s an option for a cheap halogen oven, ideal for those not looking to spend much on this bit of kit. By comparison for a little bit more you can get the Daewood which has higher reliability, more inclusions and an expandable capacity, it really depends on your budget. For more great kitchen appliances see our guide on bread makers.

Key features:
  • Lowest price tag
  • 12L Capacity
  • Accessories
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The VonShelf oven is a great all-round halogen oven, well priced and great value for money. They have a reputation for producing reliable appliances and this is no exception with 4.5 stars reviews. It features a decent 12L capacity with an expansion ring of up to 17L, self-cleaning bowl and It’s suitable for baking, steaming, grilling, roasting, baking, frying, barbequing, broiling, reheating and defrosting.

It comes with a host of accessories including; steamer, frying pan, bread rack, high and low rack, tongs, skewers and a lid holder so you have a place to put the lid when it’s hot. It also ships with a 2-year warranty so you can be sure they are confident in their products.

Overall it is a middle range great oven, containing everything you need for cooking. It’s a great size, ideal for those who want a decent halogen oven for a decent price.

Key features:
  • 12 Litre capacity, expandable up to 17L
  • 2-year warranty
  • Great accessories
  • Self-cleaning
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The ElectiQ is another good all-rounder oven, boasting a  decent price and good reviews. It features a standard 12L capacity with an expansion ring up to 17L. It has a clear see-through bowl great for watching food without having to open it and it’s good for roasting, boiling, frying, grilling, baking, and sautéing.

It also has a 15-minute self-cleaning function and since the bowl is clear you can see how well a job it does. It sports physical dials for time and temperature and a removable lid.

It comes with cooking racks, but doesn’t specify any other accessories. Overall it is a good middle range halogen oven with good reviews. If you need a good kitchen knife to cut your food after cooking check out out guide.

Key features:
  • 12 litre capacity, expandable up to 17L
  • Self-cleaning
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This higher price tag halogen oven, from JML holds up to 11.37L and works as an air fryer and a rotisserie holding up to 8 skewers at one time. It features a digital screen, physical button controls and is self-cleaning. Though the main feature that separates the JML from other halogen ovens is its “delay” feature, so you can set a cooking timer and one for when to start the cooking timer. This is great for people who want to eat later but have time now to prepare.

It ships with a high/low rack, spindle, forks, air-frying basket, tongs, basket hook & stand, recipe guide, oil sprayer, frying pan, steak rack, skewer drum and roasting pan. It also has a hinged lid so there are no worries about where to put it when attending to food.

It’s an ideal oven for someone who would take full advantage of the delay feature as long as you are happy with the size as it has no means of expansion. Following cooking consider a new kitchen bin to sort your rubbish efficiently.

Key features:
  • Delay feature
  • Self cleaning
  • Great accessories
  • 37 L
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Like the other Andrew James oven on our list the Andrew James mini also has a 12-litre capacity, however it does not have a digital screen or a hinged lid. It’s perfect for those looking for a smaller oven with a good capacity.

The Andrew James Mini features a 60-minute timer with a removable lid which is relatively easy to clean. It ships with accessories including a high grill rack, low grill rack, baking tray, streamer tray and tongs.

It also comes with a replacement bulb saving you the hassle of finding a new one if it blows. Though it is mini it also comes with an extender ring which increases the capacity to 17L should you need the extra space.

Overall a great purchase for someone who wants a good-sized halogen oven, taking up minimal amounts of space with room for expansion. See our guide on stove top kettles for more great products.

Key features:
  • 2-year warranty
  • Small in size with expansion possible
  • Multiple accessories
  • Up to 17L

Halogen Oven Buying Guide

We’ve been consuming food since the day we were born, and most home cooks enjoy finding ways and means to cook food in a shorter period with the same or better results. Halogen ovens are one such godsend. Halogen ovens are the quick and easy ways to quick meals in a few minutes. Whether you are cooking for yourself, a couple, or a family of four, Halogen ovens can help you make tasty, delicious, and nutritious food in a fraction of the time it takes a regular oven.


What is a Halogen Oven?

The Halogen Oven is an electricity-run product. It is made of a large transparent Pyrex-like bowl. It is attached to a stand (to take the heat off the base), a lid that houses the halogen bulb element and a fan that helps heat transfer to different parts of the bowl. Halogen Ovens run on a core of halogen element that lights up to produce immense heat with a fan that distributes the heat throughout the bowl to cook the food. The light in the halogen element is created inside a glass tube that is pre-filled with a halogen gas (inert gas) and produces substantial amounts of heat. The Halogen Oven is quite simple to use, and with a few tries, most cooks can quickly get the hang of it.


How are Halogen Ovens Different?

Halogen ovens are different from conventional ovens since they do not produce their own heat. The only heat comes from the halogen element. Halogen ovens tend to heat up much faster than traditional ovens, and because of this, the fan is able to spread heat more quickly throughout the bowl causing the baking, roasting, and cooking of food to happen faster. The high speed of the fan helps distribute the heat evenly. Halogen ovens are different from microwaves since microwaves use radio waves to heat food through a rapid movement in the molecules of fat and water content in the food. This constant movement inside the food products causes a rise in the temperature of the foodstuff. Halogen Ovens do not use short radio waves to heat food.

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Tips to Buying the Perfect Halogen Oven

Each kitchen has different cooking needs based on the number of people consuming meals and the types of food they eat. Based on your requirement, we have drawn a list of things you should consider before buying the perfect Halogen Oven.

Money saved through halogen ovens: All home cooks prefer saving money when it comes to cooking and baking equipment. Halogen ovens are cheaper than conventional ovens and cook the food in lesser time. Most households have a long list of expenses like electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, mortgages, car loans, school fees, rent, and so on.

At such times, a cheaper alternative like the Halogen Oven that even cooks frozen foods without defrosting is a definite boon. Halogen Ovens save money on preheating, cooking time, and warming time, and help curb the electricity bills by making a monthly decrease in the family expense budget.

Halogen ovens with latest features: Before buying a Halogen Oven, select a newer version that comes with the latest technology in Halogen tubing that saves time and money. Ensure the lid design is a newer version that promotes lesser splattering on the halogen element.

Newer models have longer shelf lives than older products. Purchase a Halogen Oven with a quiet fan and increased circulation of hot air that helps bake and roast food faster than ever before.

Replaceable lamp unit in halogen ovens: Older versions of Halogen Ovens have short life spans on the halogen tubes. The old tubes were expensive and difficult to replace. The new Halogen Oven tubes come with better lifespans, but make sure your brand has easy installation setups for your Halogen Oven.

While making your purchase, check the cost of the tubing with the brand manufacturer to ensure you are able to get a new halogen tube at a low price.

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Are Halogen Ovens Safe?

Halogen Ovens are safe to use even with young children. Ensure that the Halogen Oven you purchase comes with an automatic switch off as soon as the lid is lifted. This helps prevent further heating and the air trapped inside gets dissipated instantly to avoid burns.

Are Halogen Ovens Dishwasher Safe?

Ensure the Halogen Oven you buy comes with a self-cleaning option for grease. Also, the halogen oven bowl is dishwasher safe, so you do not need to inhale noxious fumes to clean the fat out. The lid cannot be put in the dishwasher but can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth.

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