10 Best Cat Deterrent in 2019

Commander Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repellant

Solar powered, with excellent ultrasonic capabilities to keep pesky cats off your property, the Commander cat repellant is a sleek and uniquely designed cat deterrent that will help keep your garden looking great all the time.

Get Off Cat and Dog Repellant Crystals

Budget-friendly and highly effective, these crystals can also be used for puppy and kitten training. The crystals disappear naturally over time and cannot be dug out again.

Silent Roar Cat Repellant and Fertilizer

Excellent fertilizer cum cat-deterrent, the Silent Roar uses pellets washed with lions dung to create an overpowering smell that territorial cats get scared of. Excellent for nutrients, this cat deterrent also helps the plants grow better.

Best Cat DeterrentKey FeaturesPrice
Get Off Cat and Dog Repellant CrystalsAffordable crystals to be mixed with soil. Successfully deter cats from venturing on to the property£
Neudorff Super Strength Cat RepellantBudget-friendly mineral pellets dipped in garlic oil to create an unsavory smell for cats£
Vitax Cat Repellent GelA budget-friendly gel that helps keep cats away by confusing their sense of smell and territory marking£
Defenders Prickle Strip Dig StopperBudget-friendly strip to deter pets from digging the soil and pooping on it£
Silent Roar Cat Repellant and FertilizerExcellent plant-friendly fertilizer pellets infused with lion dung to keep cats away££
Fence Wall Spike Cat DeterrentGood quality fence spikes that do not cause harm to animals and birds££
Primrose PestBye Jet Spray Cat RepellantExcellent budget-friendly motion sensored jet spray££
Defenders STV 415 Jet Spray Cat RepellerHarmless but effective, budget-friendly jet spray cat deterrent£££
Voss Sonic Cat and Pest ScarerAn excellent ultrasonic sound system that can be adjusted for different animals£££
Commander Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat RepellantExcellent solar powered cat deterrent with 180-degree radius and ultrasonic sound£££


Best Cat Deterrent

Cats are gorgeous animals. Feline, graceful, and highly independent, are just some of the adjectives used to describe them. Some negative ones are flighty, un-trainable, and vicious. However, no matter how beautiful an animal is, it does need to relieve itself every now and then. This can create quite a mess, especially when a cat comes trooping into your garden or lawn to poop and pee.

Going to the toilet in your garden is sure to upset and dismay you since you would have to clean up after it. Apart from the mess that cats create after they’re done, the resultant smell is nauseating.

Many people believe that faeces of any kind can provide manure and nutrition to plants. This widespread belief is not valid for cat refuse. Cat faeces is not a good fertilizer and can harm your plants instead of helping them grow.

Cats also return to a region based on their own smell. In this manner, a cat will keep coming back to the same spot, again and again, to relieve itself irrespective of how many times you try shooing it away.

Why do cats like to use the garden?

Domestic cats, like all creatures in the large cat family, use their sense of smell to track and locate objects and things. Their sense of smell is so acute that it blindly guides them to places they have been before. Due to this extra keen sense of smell, the cat will keep coming back to the same place again and again.

Cats do not prefer fresh smells like humans do. Instead, they prefer the scent of their own bodily refuse instead of a clean smelling space. They do not like their smells being removed or cleaned after them, and this causes a renewed sense of urgency to mark their property or territory again. Marking a property is also their way of ensuring other cats and animals know that this location is taken and is not to be used.

The Get Off Crystals bottle uses biocide crystals to create spaces that are difficult for cats to habituate. These crystals have to be mixed into the soil and flowering beds to ensure that cats and dogs do not venture on to the area. Extremely cost effective, these crystals and man-made, so should not be used near water bodies like ponds and lakes. The crystals are incredibly harmful to fish and can contaminate the water.

Aquatic life can turn unhealthy and cause issues later on. These crystals are also extremely useful for puppy training and can be used to your advantage while creating a secure space for your dogs to learn how to use the toilet outdoors. Since these crystals can get dissolved over time, you might need to reapply them.


Key features:

  • Budget-friendly cat deterrent
  • Can be used as a training aid
  • Crystals will disappear naturally

The Neudorff Super Strength Cat Repellant is a natural and organic method of keeping cats away from your property. This natural repellant can easily mask the territorial markings of cats by emanating a strong odor that is a deterrent for animals. Once cats realize that they cannot ‘mark’ their area, they lose interest in it quickly and take their dirty business elsewhere.

This product from Neudorff uses garlic oil in food grade mineral granules to aid users in keeping pesky cats away from the lawn and garden. 5 gm of the product is useful when mixed with 2 sq. m. of soil. This product lasts for approximately 2 weeks and usually does not require remixing.


Key features:

  • Food grade garlic oil mixed with mineral pellets
  • Repels cats
  • Masks the territorial marking

The Vitax Cat Repellant Gel works similar to the Get Off Cat pellets, but with gel. It easily discourages cats and dogs from revisiting the same space again and again by confusing their sense of smell. The malodorous gel sends mixed signals to the animals and deters them from coming to your garden or lawn. This gel provides almost 4 weeks of coverage and can be reapplied as and when required.

The Vitax Gel Repellant methyl nonyl ketone which is a popular cat and dog deterrent. It is safe to use in the lawn around children but should not be used on herbaceous plants. It can also be mixed around flowering beds and at the edges of your property.


Key features:

  • Malodorous gel
  • 4 weeks of coverage
  • Confuses the sense of smell

The Prickle Strip prevents animals like foxes, cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife from digging into your garden or lawn. Cats have a habit of covering up their refuse behind them. This habit means that they tend to dig the soil and throw it back over their poop and pee to cover it up. The Defenders Prickle Strip Dig Stopper keeps pets off the flowerbeds, soil, seedbeds, containers, pots, vegetable patches, and other areas that have been planted.

If animals try to dig, they feel a tingling on the pads of their feet. This feeling does not hurt, but it deters them from revisiting the same place to do their business. The Prickle Strip can be cut according to size and comes in rolls to cover a large area. It also allows plants to grow around it without any harm.


Key features:

  • Causes a tingling sensation
  • Covers a large area
  • Allows plant life to flourish

The Silent Roar Cat Repellant and Fertilizer is actually quite an ingenious way of keeping domestic cats away from your garden and lawn. The Silent Roar, 2 kg packet, is made up of small fertilizer pellets that have been soaked in lion dung and then dried to provide manure and nutrition to plants. The reason why this is such a fantastic deterrent is that cats use their sense of smell to guide them. Suddenly their senses let them know that a lion has moved into their area.

Since cats are wary of others in the feline family, the smell of the lion dung causes havoc to their mind. They quickly learn to stay away from the supposed territory of the large predator (lion). Thankfully, the human sense of smell is not as advanced as animals, and we do not smell anything unnatural. To use the Silent Roar Fertilizer and Cat Repellant, just spread the pellets around your property and in flower beds.


Key features:

  • Acts as fertilizer
  • Naturally deters cats
  • Humans cannot perceive the smell the lion dung

The Cactus Fence Wall Spikes Cat Deterrent is one of the most popular yet safe wall spike chain available in the UK market. A real quality product, these spikes can be fastened to the top of your fence or wall boundary. They can easily stop cats from entering your property perimeter. The spikes work well for birds and other animals that have a habit of venturing on to your land.

These spikes from Cactus come in 4.5 m length and can be easily installed for safe usage. The spikes do not harm pets or birds but can make it uncomfortable for them to stand without losing their balance. Cat are creatures of comfort and do not like places that make them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. The higher you set them, the tougher it becomes for animals to jump over them.


Key features:

  • Harmless to animals
  • Easy to install
  • 4.5 m length

The Jet Spray and Motion Detector from Primrose PestBye is a fantastic option for scaring cats away. With a motion sensor, this cat repellant can quickly detect when unwanted cats and dogs venture on to your property. It works on a set of 4 AA batteries and is easy to install and replace. The cells easily last 6 months at a time and so are very cost effective. It can quickly be hooked on to a water pipe.

When the Cat Repellant senses an animal, it accurately turns towards the animal and sprays a small spray that sends them scampering away. When this happens a few times, cats and dogs stop coming to your property and start avoiding your land perimeter.


Key features:

  • Motion sensor
  • Jet spray
  • Long lasting battery life

The Defenders STV Jet Spray has a 10-meter coverage and a 120-degree radius. With a motion sensor, it detects if a cat or a fox is in its path, and releases a jet spray of water directly at the moving feline. Cats naturally hate water and run away as soon as the water touches them. It is harmless to the cat since water dries off very quickly, but is extremely useful in ensuring the cat or fox does not return.

This cat repeller is a plug-and-play model. All it needs is a water hose and a few batteries. AA batteries or rechargeable ones will do the trick quite easily and help you in keeping the pesky cats away.


Key features:

  • Inexpensive
  • Harmless to animals
  • Runs on batteries

The Sonic Cat and Pest Scarer from Voss is a remarkable invention. Easy to use and install, it comes in a dark green color and looks very natural in the garden or lawn. Aptly named, the Cat and Pest Scarer is solar powered and ecological in the long term. This feature means that it keeps charging even while it is working.

It helps repel cats and pests using a patented ultrasonic sound system. A great benefit for users from Voss is that the ultrasonic sound system is adjustable and allows you to set the frequency according to requirement. What this means is that you can customize the frequency to suit a different variety of pests. It also has an impressive 22-ft range for maximum coverage.


Key features:

  • Solar powered
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic sound system
  • A 22-ft range for full coverage

The trigger field of the Commander Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat Repellant is 180-degrees. Once it detects a cat within its radius, the cat repellent from Commander emits a light, ultrasonic sound that can only be heard by cats. This device features a solar panel for automatic charging when the sun is out, but also has a USB charger for cloudy days. The material used is durable plastic and can withstand scratching and biting from cats and dogs respectively.

The flashing lights on the Commander Cat Repellant have 7 sensitivity control settings and one very bright light (LED) that gets aimed directly at the pesky feline invader. Cats do not enjoy going to the toilet in full view, so this helps deter them further. No installation is required for this product, and it can just be stuck into the ground.


Key features:

  • Solar powered
  • LED light feature
  • Easy installation