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9 Best Bunions Corrector in 2020

Published 12:40am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 12:40am

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
MASSNER Bunion correctorMedical-grade padded splint with adjustable strap£
YOGAMEDIC Bunion correctors6 piece Silicone toe separators, flexible and soft£
FEETFIX Bunion Corrector2 Splints with embedded metal toe stabilizer, strong straps£
AVIDDA Bunion SplintsSplints with a metal plate and velcro straps, 2 toe silicone separators£
Vive Bunion CorrectorTerry cloth adjustable splint with aluminium brace££
ZSZBACE Bunion SplintsSplint with riveted hinge joint, padded cushions, velcro straps££
Epitact Bunion CorrectorMetatarsal compression band, silicone tendon, epithelium patch££
Sports Laboratory Bunion Correctors2 breathable-fabric splints with aluminium brace, 2 separators£££
LLDY Bunion CorrectorSplint with air pressure ball for increased blood circulation£££

Best Bunion Corrector UK

Do you have a painful bulge on your foot’s side? It may be more than just a bulge, it may be a bunion! A bunion is the movement of first metatarsal bone towards the big toe and subsequent the big toe moves towards the smaller toes. Although in some cases, it may run in the families. Individuals with ligament laxity with more flexible joints and women are more likely to develop bunions. Some people with systemic arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis are also prone to get a bunion. 

If you suffer from bunions, you must be aware of the few common problems; feet hurt, shoes don’t fit, difficulty walking, and embarrassed to go barefoot. However, it is possible to resolve them naturally. Make the pain go away without surgery! We’ve listed the best bunion correctors on the market that include pads and splints to get rid of bunion pain.

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No more painful bunions, thanks to the MASSNER orthopaedic bunion corrector that gently realigns the muscles and tight tendons of the big toe. Recommended by most podiatrists, this professional corrector relieves discomfort, pain, and pressure on your big toe without the need for chemicals or surgery. Highly effective, comfortable, and safe, this features the same design used by orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists worldwide to straighten bug toe and eliminate bunions. Made from medical-grade foam and straps, the solid design is not only durable but also safe. It is treated with anti-microbial to prevent infections, foot odour, and itching.

Moreover, the adjustable foot strap from 13-18cm perfectly fits men, women, and even children. All you have to do is slip the cradle on the inside of the big toe and adjust the white padded band to cover the bunion. The strap under the bottom of foot wraps around the outside of the foot loop underneath the hook and fastens with the velcro closure. Increased pressure on the big toe overtime by gradually tightening the strap provides instant relief.

What’s more is that with this bunion splint pair, you get a free 10-page Ebook and money-back guarantee. Restore your foot to its healthy shape and get rid of bunions without any surgery. For full relaxation and improving blood circulation in your foot see our foot massagers guide.

Key features:
  • Medical-grade foam
  • Safe and durable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Easy to wear
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A painful bunion triggered by hallux valgus can prevent you from relaxing after a busy day. It not causes pain but severely limits the movement of the foot. The Yogamedic bunion correctors are easy and quick to get instant relief from a bunion. Made from soft, skin-friendly, and flexible silicone, the Yogamedic pack of 6 toe corrector helps in bringing back the natural position of your toes. It not only offers quick relief from hallux valgus but also helpful for pain alleviation during hammertoes, corns, foot blisters, and claw toes. The transparent corrector is easy to put on and corrects the misalignment of the big toe. For a fast and more effective correction, you can wear the silicone splint barefoot, with socks or shoes. Thanks to the flexible and soft silicone used, it adapts easily to your foot and one size fits both men and women perfectly.

For great long-time wearing comfort, the separators are BPA-free and 100% safe on skin. Moreover, these orthopaedic splints are reusable and can be easily washed with soap and water for hygiene purposes. No worries if you lose one, the pack of 6 keeps provides enough replacements. Besides, bunion protection reduces pressure and painful friction while walking by acting as a mild shield. If you want to treat your feet right check out our guide on foot spas.

Key features:
  • Silicone made
  • Flexible and soft
  • Provides natural toe alignment
  • Reduces pressure and friction
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Bunion pain makes walking very uncomfortable and can wake you up at night. The solution for these painful bunions is the FEETFIX corrector. This medical-grade bunion splint works effectively to relieve bunion pain and straighten your bend toes so you continue with your daily activities. It features a concealed and comfortable padded aluminium bar that can be bent to adjust the straightening pressure and slows the bunion progression.

Moreover, these 2 bunion correctors are ergonomically designed to provide comfortable and gentle realignment pressure throughout the night as you sleep. Extra-strong and secure strapping and toe wrap ensure the splints stay in place at night while you can also use these bunion correctors in the day time.

However, they are not designed for walking but great for sitting down and relaxing. They are made of ultra-soft, lightweight open-air cell foam for increased breathability and comfort. For hygienic and more practical use, the bunion correctors are machine-washable. It eases pain caused by Hallus Valgus, Crooked Toes, and Bunions. Additionally, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee with a full refund.

Key features:
  • Instant relief from pain
  • Adjustable realignment pressure
  • Embedded toe stabilizer
  • Comfortable and secure
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The AVIDDA splint is easy to wear can be worn on both sides. The mid-foot bandage supports the transversal arch while the toe bandage corrects big toe’s misalignment. Not only it restores the foot’s natural alignment, but the built-in metal plate also offers constant and gentle pressure to help correct alignment. Recommended by orthopaedic doctors, the AVIDDA splint applies to hallux valgus, bunion, crooked toes, and post bunion surgery to prevent reoccurrence.

Moreover, the dynamic splint with the movable hinge feature allows to worn during the day which results in a quick correction.  The built-quality isn’t compromised to provide you with extreme comfort; it features breathable non-woven fabric, ergonomic toe wrap, aluminium splint brace, and secure durable velcro. Plus, the lightweight splints are reusable with easy cleaning.

Overnight therapy reduces the bunion pain while corrects the alignment in no time naturally without any surgery. What’s more, is that is they come with 2 toe separators as well that alleviate pressure and friction between shoes and toes. Correct your bunion with the AVIDDA bunion corrector kit before it gets too worse.

Key features:
  • Easy to wear
  • Breathable fabric
  • Incorporated Metal plate
  • Restores natural alignment
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The Vive bunion splints relieve pain and discomfort due to Hallus Valgus, crooked toes, and bunions. It not only reduces pain but also alleviates pressure, friction, and inflammation. A built-in aluminium brace puts constant outward pressure on your toe for realignment and prevents the formation and progression of bunions.

To give a comfortable feel while wearing a splint for long hours, the breathable and lightweight terry cloth fabric offers day and night comfort and pain relief. The adjustable elastic straps fit almost every foot and prevent bunching and slipping which makes it easy to wear them with socks and shoes.

Moreover, an additional strap included offers increased arch support for adjustable compression. With the flexible sizing, the adjustable Vive splint accommodates foot arches up to 14’’ circumference for a snug anti-skid fit. Although the Vive bunion splints are proven and tested, they are backed by an unconditional 60-day guarantee.

Key features:
  • Flexible sizing
  • Realigns big toe
  • Increased arch support
  • Built-in aluminium brace
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Say bye to bunion pain with the advanced bunion splint by ZSZBACE. It has a rigid body moulded out of a high-quality durable polymer that easily conforms to your foot’s anatomy. Moreover, it’s unique and dynamic metal riveted hinge joint ensures an unhindered flexion of your toe while walking. For added comfort, the body features 3D inner cushion pads that are moulded from high-grade polyethene foam. This padding makes sure your foot has good cushioning and high comfort. Also, it provides proper air circulation so your foot remains dry and free from sweat.

Built with soft fabric, the splint is easy to wear with straps and fasteners which collectively offer a 3-point pressure on the metatarsal joint to the correct the bunion and Hallus Valgus deformity. Plus, it can be used a day or night splint and while wearing all kinds of shoes and slippers. Moreover, this versatile splint is also helpful in conditions like post-operative stabilization, big toe congenital deformities, arthritis, and inflammatory joint disease. 

To sum up, the ZSZBACE bunion splint is a lightweight and convenient solution for treating bunions without any surgery.

Key features:
  • Hinge joint
  • Padded for comfort
  • Breathable and durable
  • Restores foot’s natural alignment
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Unlike bulky and rigid orthopaedic bunion correctors, the Epitact has developed an extra-slim corrector that slows down the growth of the Hallus Valgus while corrects the toe deformity. To correct the first metatarsal deformity, it comprises of a very thin metatarsal compression band combined with an epithelium patch to counteract the shoe pressure. As they work together, the first metatarsal is pushed back which in turn reduces the squashing of the forefoot. Moreover, the external epithelium patented silicone flex support straightens the big toe.

Plus, the braces provide an immediate 14 ̊ correction of the Valgus deformity. To relieve the pain caused by deformity, the silicone tendon enables the absorption of bunion pressure and thus relieves pain. With its compact and flexible design, it comfortably fits all kinds of shoes. It is machine washable at 40̊ C using the washing bag included.

Due to its long-life and effectiveness, the Epitact Bunion Orthosis offers excellent value for money. However, the corrector should only be used when the big toe still has some sideways mobility.

Key features:
  • Epithelium disc
  • Compression band
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Relieves pain and pressure
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Bunion corrector splints by Sports Laboratory are an inexpensive and effective way to maintain the correct toe alignment during bunion, crooked toes, hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, and post-surgery for quick healing. Recommended by orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and sports trainers, the bunion corrector is designed to be worn in or around the house with bare feet or while sleeping to isolate the big toe. It’s made of skin-friendly 100% neoprene breathable inner core with nylon outer layer for a smooth and nice feel. Moreover, the splint features a solid aluminium brace inside that bends to form the outside shape of your toe. 

In addition to 2 splints, the Sports Laboratory bunion corrector kit also includes 2 toe separators that play a great role in reducing friction. With comfortable padding and great flexibility, you can wear the splints and separators with any shoe type and carry out daily activities without bunion pain. The unique brace design keeps toe and foot compressed while pushing toe back to its original alignment gradually. It is a unisex product so suitable for both men and women; one-size fit splint. Prevent your bunion from getting worse with the Sports Laboratory advanced splints.

Key features:
  • Adaptive and secure fit
  • Aluminium toe stabilizer
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable
  • Medical-grade soft silicone made
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A new and advanced way to treat your bunions is the LLDY bunion corrector that uses dynamic pressurization and decompression technique. Unlike other bunion correctors that block the blood flow to the toes due to reduced air pressure, this LLDY bunion corrector features an air pressure ball to increase the air pressure and blood circulation. This not only prevents the toes’ coldness but also offers the most effective big toe correction.

Moreover, the ergonomic design with inside padding easily adapts and fits your foot contours for maximum comfort and pain relief.

The skin-friendly, breathable, and durable fabric makes it safe to use, adjusts the ligament balance and restores the natural joint angle. Not only this bunion corrector is helpful and effective for bunions, but it can also be used during claw fingers, Hallus Valgus, hammertoes, and other toe deformities.

Key features:
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Air-pressure ball
  • Perfectly fits foot contour
  • Adjustable straps

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