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9 Best Foot Spas in 2020

Published 11:47pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

Published 11:47pm

This product review was written by Mia Cohen

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
REVLON Pediprep Foot SpaAccunode basin and bubbling massage£
Sensio Foot SpaVibrations, bubbles, and removable rollers£
HoMedics Luxury Foot SpaBubble massage, accunode rollers, and angled base£
MaxKare Foot SpaHeat, vibration massage and bubble function with massage rollers££
Misiki Foot SpaBubble massage with shiatsu rollers and infrared lights££
Hangsun Foot SpaVibration, bubble, infrared, heat massage with active rollers££
Beurer FB50 foot spaVibration, bubble massage with infrared and magnetic therapies££
Arealer Foot SpaMultifunction; powerful bubble, roller massage, infrared light, and footstone££
OUTCAMER Foot SpaBubble and automatic roller massage with pebble rollers£££

Best Foot Spa UK

In today’s busy life, you don’t get time to visit salons too often. Plus, monthly or weekly visits to a salon or spa treatment are very expensive but that doesn’t mean you take your feet for granted. Bring your foot spa home to pamper your feet after a long hectic day. Show some love to the feet! If you want to treat your feet right, then a foot spa is a great investment. It’s the ultimate, economical way to take care of feet and prepare them to take on a busy day or week.

Moreover, a good foot spa can help overall health as well. Patients with arthritis in their ankle, feet, and legs find relief from aching joints. It also offers temporary relief if you suffer from cold feet. With so many options available in the market, it gets difficult to choose the best one. To save your time, we’ve listed the best foot spa.

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This foot spa from Revlon delivers invigorating massage with relaxing bubbles. It features massaging rollers and removable pumice stone, to keep your feet fresh while a 9-piece pedicure kit keeps nails polished and clean for a flawless finish. The footbath is ergonomically shaped to fit every foot size. Plus, the base is textured with an accunode massage pad to stimulate blood flow after a long day at work. It has a smart heat feature that maintains the desired water temperature for soothing relief. Another potential feature of this foot spa is the clever toe-touch control that allows you to control the foot spa with a touch of your toe. Moreover, the control button is 100% splash and waterproof to prevent damage by water.  Do your feet a favor by providing them with complete care! Pair it with a foot massager for the perfect feet.

Key features:
  • Additional nail care accessories
  • Variable temperature control
  • Bubble massage
  • Accunode pad
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The Sensio foot spa is a multi-function foot spa integrating all the best features of acupressure, shiatsu, heat, and hydrotherapy. It is a full suite of functions that are designed to target all your foot problems and aches. Featuring a bubble activation function allows you to enhance blood circulation towards the feet while the intense vibrations alleviate soreness and pains. 4 removable massage rollers let you focus on tired heels and balls of your feet. Plus, these rollers also stimulate blood flow and improve circulation.

To make a luxury foot spa, it comes with a free full pedicure kit that includes nail brush, nail file, nail clippers, toe separators, tweezers, cleaning brush, and more to give your feet a lavish treatment at home without spending much. All you have to do is fill water and add some salts or oil to get a relaxing feet spa. The 7.3 inches deep and 13.8 wide spa tub is spacious enough for all feet sizes. Moreover, it comes with a massage head attachment on top for enhanced comfort.

Key features:
  • Removable rollers
  • Additional pedicure kit
  • 3 inches deep tub
  • 2-year warranty
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HoMedics; the leader in massage technology, has a foot spa with powerful heat boost technology that heats cold water to 50̊C in just a few minutes. It also maintains the water temperature as long as you use it. The gentle soothing vibration massage and massage bubbles work together to relax your tired feet. Plus, the 4 bubble strips enhance bubble formation. The foot spa has 2 pedicure attachments; pumice stone to scrape off all the dead skin and massage roller for pressure relief. Likewise, 4 accunode rollers that are removable provide leading-class massage. For a salon-like pedicure at home, it comes with a luxury pedicure kit that includes all the tools to clean and polish your nails for a flawless look. An integrated splash guard helps prevent splashing and spills.

The 16.5 deep tub features an ergonomically angled base with 34cm width that is right for bigger or larger feet. Just sit back and unwind without paying the pedicure price! For a more intense foot spa experience, you can add essential oils or spa salts of your choice.

Key features:
  • 4 bubble strips
  • 2 pedicure attachments
  • 4 removable rollers
  • Ergonomic angled base
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The Maxkare foot spa is equipped with 4 massage rollers and an LED control temperature which you can adjust as per your need. The maximum water temperature possible is 48 ̊C and a minimum of 35̊ C. This 3 in 1-foot spa not only offers heating but also vibration and bubble massage. The heating function offers you a warm relaxing spa that alleviates fatigue and stress while the intense vibrations also take away all the tiredness. Plus, the bubble massage soothes your feet by reducing pressure. These 3 functions can work simultaneously or separately as well. Not to forget that it comes with 8.5 inches deep tub with 13.7 inches diameter so that you easily immerse feet, ankle, and lower calves into the tub.

Another amazing feature is the 4 message rollers that help in relaxing and increases blood circulation to the feet. Moreover, this foot spa features an additional box to enjoy different foot spa experiences with spa materials and fulfill your beauty needs. For added comfort, the bottom has accunodes to apply pressure on acupoints. For a complete body relaxation experience, grab yourself a recliner chair.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4 removable rollers
  • LCD control panel
  • 3 in 1 function
  • Non-slip surface
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This rejuvenating foot spa by Misiki uses vibration and oxygen bubbles massage therapy to relieve sore feet and reduce stress.

The bubble holes with footstone at the bottom provide oxygen bubbles during the massage to relax soles and increase blood circulation. A unique feature of this foot spa is the infrared lights that offer complete feet sterilization so your feet remain hygiene and clean. Plus, the infrared lights ease muscle tension and stimulate cell regeneration.

For added comfort and acupressure massage, the foot spa comes with 4 Shiatsu massage rollers that help alleviate muscle knots and are designed to support any type of foot arch. Plus, it helps relieve muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. It features accunode dotted patterns in its base design that help with the pressure relief. Plus, the massage rollers can easily be removed and washed. The fast heating mechanism heats the water to 35-48 ̊C temperature in no time with the temperature adjustment option while the desired temperature is maintained for therapeutic effect. Simply add water and enjoy a continuous relaxing massage on your feet.

Key features:
  • Shiatsu massage rollers
  • Fast heating
  • Infrared light
  • Bubble massage
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If you are looking for something to relieve foot fatigue and muscular soreness, then the Hangsun foot spa is what you need. It is a cost-effective way to enjoy a nice, relaxing, and rejuvenating spa home. This foot spa fulfills all your foot care and pedicure needs as it features multiple massage modes that can easily be chosen with rotator switch. The 4-inch 1-foot spa has a vibration massage function and bubble massage for ultimate relaxation. You will feel the base vibrating as well as bubbles being pumped into the tub from all ends. Moreover, it features one infrared sensor with infrared lightings for sterilization, cell regeneration, and pressure relief. To promote blood circulation and relax sore feet, you get the benefits of magnetic therapy as well. Plus, the effective heating system with the automatic thermostat not only heats the water but also maintains it when in use.

For added comfort and fatigue reduction from feet, the base has a massaging footbed with active 2 in-built massage rollers. No splashing or spills, this foot has splash-protection design with controls being IPX4 waterproof. You can also add massage oils, herbs, or rose petals to enhance the relaxing massage. So convenient to use and carry along; thanks to its portable design. Made to last, the foot spa is built from durable ABS material.

Key features:
  • Portable design
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Infrared lighting
  • Massage rollers
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To help relax tired feet, Beurer FB50 foot spa gives you a nice, heated, relaxing foot massage to relieve pains and pains. It helps you unwind and relax without spending money at the salon for a spa treatment. With the combination of reflexology rollers, vibrational, and oxygen bubble massage, your feet will experience the most relaxing, pressure-relieving spa ever. This foot spa is not restricted to these massage functions only, it features infrared light and magnetic therapy to stimulate blood flow and promote cell regeneration. Enjoy the benefits of warm heated water soak; the integrated 5-level heater heats the water from 35-48°C. With digital timer and temperature settings, it’s easy for you to set your desired water temperature.

You can choose between the 3 pedicure manual attachments provided with the machine. The acupressure massage attachment helps in increasing blood circulation by massaging the feet while the brush attachment stimulates the reflex zones. Plus, the brush attachment is also effective to clean nails and areas between fingers. The third corn and callus remover attachment removes dead skin to gives you soft and smooth feet.

Key features:
  • 3 pedicure attachments
  • Digital timer
  • Infrared light spots
  • Rolling removable massagers
  • Splash guard
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For the ultimate and luxury foot relaxation, pamper your tired aching feet with Arealer foot spa. It is specially designed for men and women who work tirelessly on their feet and offers a complete salon spa treatment at home. This multi-function foot spa delivers bubbling massage bliss to your achy soles and toes. Equipped with smooth glide 4 massage rollers and acupuncture points, the foot spa stimulates the soles of feet from front to back promoting blood circulation. Moreover, it relieves mental and physical fatigue through deep massage.

To get started, simply place the foot spa on a flat surface using the easy maneuver handle, fill the tank with water, and turn the power on. This device automatically starts heating and circulating the water, thanks to the powerful PTC heater. You can choose the preferred heat settings from the temperature button on the display panel while the temperature ranges from 35 to 48 .

Jets at the bottom of the bath produce a relaxing bubble effect and impact the acupuncture points at your feet base for improved tension and pressure relief. Plus, the infrared light eliminates and kills potential germs. The non-slip grip feet ensure your foot spa is firmly rooted to the floor for safe and comfortable relaxation. If you prefer a simple soaking massage, press the bubble and massage button to deactivate the Jacuzzi and heat settings. More to this is the in-built footstone that easily removes callus and dead skin.

To bring the whole salon system home, check our guide on home laser hair removal devices.

Key features:
  • Footstone
  • Infrared lighting
  • Roller massage
  • Powerful bubbles
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With this all-in-one premium foot spa by OUTCAMER, you can put your sore and tired feet in for a relaxing spa experience. It has 2 powerful bubble surging jet holes that comfort your exhausted feet. Plus, it features a total of 4 deep massaging auto-rotating rollers. Thanks to the digital accurate water control system, this allows you to set the precise desired water temperature up to 95°F to 118°F. You can also set the duration of the spa session with precision digital control.

One thing that is exceptional to this foot spa is the 4 pebble rolling auto massage rollers and auto-rotating pedicure stone so your stressed feet don’t have to do something manually. Moreover, it also features a convenient built-in automatic water drain, dust-proof full cover design, and a portable handle.

Key features:
  • Auto-rotating pedicure stone
  • Infrared disinfector
  • Electric massage rollers
  • Universal wheels

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